This Is What Happens When 3D Timelines Collapse

This Is What Happens When 3D Timelines Collapse

The pinnacle of the Ascension Cycle marks the end of the 3D collective timelines on the earth. As the planet is moving into higher frequencies that are located in a future time-space, it is shifting the planetary consciousness into a future dimensional octave.

This skips the entire planetary consciousness field, therefore the collective human consciousness, into future timelines that resonate with much higher dimensional frequencies. Many of us on the ascension timeline have already transcended these lower dimensional timelines. What is important to discern is that this is a planetary event that is impacting everyone on the earth and beyond. At the end of 2017, the planetary body is shifting into the higher frequency band that is located in the next Harmonic Universe. This event will change the planetary coordinates, planetary timelines, thus changing where the planet is actually located in Universal space-time.

The collective consciousness in the planet has been shifting through dimensional frequency bands quite regularly, during the Ascension Cycle. However, what portends this will be a major collective consciousness shift, is that the planet is rolling up the lowest three frequency bands, 1D, 2D and 3D, into the higher frequency bands in the next Harmonic Universe. This means that the lower three dimensional frequency bands will cease to exist in the planet.

All that will remain is the frequency accumulation that the collective inhabitants generate in their own consciousness, which are the energies that form from their own mental beliefs, behaviors and actions. The people that remain in the 3rd dimensional consciousness after this shift will find themselves increasingly uncomfortable, extremely pressurized and unhappy. Thus, many will feel the squeezing pressure to transform rapidly through the alchemical theme of polarity synthesis, which helps to bring completion to these old karmic patterns from the past, if we are willing to let them go.

This purging process will add or subtract the required blueprint patterns that we may need to meet these new coordinates in the earth grid, and to help clear out the unstable or dark force influence in our lives. We are being purged deeply and the remaining content is processed into higher light and consciousness, to be stabilized and synthesized into the body, in order to improve energetic coherence and spiritual strength.

Our responsibility now is to practice unconditional love to all that we see, and to see everything and everyone around us as connected to the unified whole. At the same time, we make clear intentions of where we place our consent, in higher authority. This loving intention and compassionate practice will keep our heart open and aligned to the source field, and will make the transition much more comfortable. The deep reconfiguration that is transpiring within the planet’s holographic geography is effecting the operation of Stargates, Power Vortices, Ley Lines, and Ray force transmissions.

As a result, this trickles down into the collective consciousness of the human race, directly impacting the consciousness functions of the human Lightbody, spiritual identity and timelines. The macrocosm architecture is undergoing a radical shift, and this in turn manifests a chain reaction that profoundly alters the configuration of the human energy field and lightbody. Events that profoundly alter our energy field, produce radical changes in our life style and relationships.

Preparing for 2017

Many of us have been preparing for the planetary alignment into the next Harmonic Universe at the end of 2017, which has required many planetary gridworkers to clear out multiple timelines, devices and implant structures that are recorded in the collective consciousness fields, either from the accumulated past miasmatic energies, or that were created with artificial intelligence. This five-year window is very important in meeting the mission upgrade deadline, for the planetary anchoring into the new collective consciousness timelines at the end of 2017.

In order to meet this deadline, the planet is required to have an increase in the base threshold of frequency that is held within the consciousness of the people that make up the collective consciousness agreements on the planet. At the end of 2017, the planet undergoes a precise measurement of the quantum field, which directly impacts the future evolution timelines for all of the inhabitants when they move through the Consciousness Corridor.

Effectively, the earth body will be anchored into new time and space vectors in the future dimension, that is located within the 5D frequency band timelines. This shift in location will directly impact the collective consciousness agreement, although many of the population will be unaware consciously, that this major shift has occurred.

During the bifurcation cycle, the planetary body has gradually undergone subatomic shifting in the lower fields of the particle structure, which forces collapse in lower dimensions and rolls them up, as the entities are transited out and the leftover energies merge with the next octave of higher harmonic frequencies. As a result, the point in time and space where the planetary body is located, and the time continuum in which we exist as a collective consciousness, is being moved into the next harmonic universe. Therefore, the collective consciousness will be subjected to the laws governing the energetic fields in that new space-time.

Those of us on the ascending path have already made this consciousness shift beforehand, while we are coexisting on the planet with many people that are still maintaining the lower energies that descend with the third dimensional timelines. So the split in the timelines and frequency schism are existing in parallel to each other, yet each person that represents either the upward or downward momentum of the energetic spiral, is actually located at a different point in the timeline. Their station of identity is located at a different point in the time space continuum.

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The collective fields of planet are scheduled to move into the soul timelines of the fourth, fifth and six dimensional fields of the next Harmonic Universe.

For people on the earth that have not yet evolved to the point where they have dissolved their chakra membranes, the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional wave spectrum will gradually replace, and become connected into the lower energy centers where the first, second and third chakra previously existed.

The position of the Soul matrix will fully embody in the core of the human body, eliminating the barriers between the solar plexus and heart. Many of us don’t have the lower chakra configurations anymore, while we are existing on the earth plane. This planetary event changes the chakra energy center configuration in the earth and in individual people, based upon their spiritual integration and unique genetic arrangement.

Collapsing 3D Timelines

In the creational structure of Harmonic Universes there are two timelines per dimensional frequency band.

As the planet is moving into the next scale of the higher harmonic structure, the six timelines that existed within the lower three dimensions, are rolling up into the next harmonic, so they cease to exist in the same frequency band. This poses a variety of new consciousness experiences for people on earth that will impact memories, other identity lifetimes, and other historical recordings that were made to the past or future timelines.

As many different people on the earth are existing at different levels on the scale of spiritual evolution, where their base frequency stabilizes in their Lightbody, determines their timeline and future spiritual direction, whether they are consciously involved in that decision or not. People who are not yet on the ascension path, but are in spiritual agreement with the collective consciousness shift, if they stay incarnated on the earth, the move into the next harmonic universe will deepen their soul bond within their physical body, therefore, placing them on their soul timeline. This will be true for the majority of the current collective consciousness field.

However, the metamorphosis that occurs at the earliest soul initiation to open the heart, when there is unresolved pain recorded there, can be very confusing for people that do not have emotional healing tools or spiritual ascension context. This will thrust many earth inhabitants into experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul, and the planetary landscape in the earlier stages of this shift, may feel quite chaotic and dark.

As many people will be unexpectedly plunged into communing with the higher frequencies, in order to purify themselves of painful lower vibrations.

For those people that are already soul integrated, the new foundation to draw upon, will allow much easier access into higher Monadic frequencies, making it much easier to accomplish. The move will deepen the monadic bond within their physical body, therefore placing them on their monadic identity timeline.

At the time of full monadic body integration, the chakra membranes dissolve, and the lightbody structure begins to change into an orb body that accretes the source field or Plasma waves. When we energetically evolve and move up in dimensional frequency bands, we are exposed to more dimensional octaves, therefore more potential timelines.

However, in the range of polarities that may exist as potential consciousness experiences, there is only one timeline that is the highest expression of our spiritual identity and that manifests the fulfillment of our heroic probability. Within the future timelines are stations of identity, commonly called Soul, Monad, and Christos self. These spiritual identities comprise lightbody parts or whole spiritual bodies of our forgotten future selves. These are spiritual energetic bodies that hold our consciousness intelligence matrices, our mind matrices and that make up our spiritual identity.

We are designed to reclaim these spiritual-energetic pieces during the Ascension cycle. This is why those on the spiritual ascension path continually experience their energetic healing by meeting the cellular memories that surface for compassionate witnessing, at different stages of evolution in the multiple timelines.

As we move through the series of timelines in each dimensional octave, we reclaim our spiritual identity, while recoding and changing the artificial or false reality from interfering with our continued consciousness expansion. We connect with our lost aspects to merge with these timelines, which allow us to reclaim and re-collect our spiritual bodies, clear Negative Forms, Clones, and Artificial intelligence.

As we clear false identities and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our Consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming and clearing implants, in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit.

Planetary Chakra Reconfiguration

The Chakras that exist in the 3D earth’s energetic consciousness body are replicated in the 3D human energetic body at the point we incarnate on this 3D earth , as a result of coming here, we accept the planetary body imprint on our consciousness body, which configures itself into what we know as the main chakra cones. Each of these cones have an opening that directly interfaces with the same dimensional plane of the earth’s consciousness body and the 12 planets in our Solar System, that together, make up the total consciousness body of the original earth.

 Each of the chakras have membranes that separate the dimensions and the Ray forces that exist within that specific wave spectrum. As the planetary membranes collapse as a result of collapsing timelines and collapsing obsolete dimensional spaces (pockets of space time), so do the membranes dissolve that have created these separate compartments for the chakra cones.
What is happening to dissolve the chakras membrane and the chakra panel is a result of the Ascension cycle and is an evolutionary event. Yet, some of the masses are not ready to leave the chakra system because they are fully interdependent on the energy centers governing the life force to circulate into their bodes functioning, until they awaken to choose to go beyond the ego programming, it is nearly impossible to remove or clear these membranes, as they will be seriously impacted. Some people on this earth are going absolutely crazy from this change happening in the chakra fields, as they have not been prepared for what is occurring.
So it is helpful to comprehend that all beings that incarnate on the 3D timelines of earth, currently have this configuration in their personal energy centers, or through spiritual Ascension and developing their lightbody, they may have evolved past the chakra membranes that created the separation in-between the dimensional planes, that are represented as the chakra energy cones in an individual.

A person incarnating into this density, a very low vibration, will not be able to hold the necessary high frequency that allows them to join fully with all of their many stations of identities that had been split apart and sitting inside the dimensional access of their own chakra cones. The person through developing consciousness, gets their identities integrated, retrieves missing pieces, and those pieces reintegrate through the chakra cone, so this in itself is an appropriate function for the overall collective consciousness state that exists on the earth right now.

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The majority of people will not have the consciousness ability to be involved in what you are referring to in evolving out of chakras yet, and many of us here are not only here to develop our lightbody, but to hold the necessary energetic space for the entire planet, the human tribes in the collective consciousness, to be the prototype that allows future humans to continue where we have left off.

Cause and Effect

As we undergo the bifurcation of time during the Ascension Cycle, it is supportive to understand that the current planetary consciousness shift radically magnifies and speeds up energetic forces that are governed by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

As we move into the next Harmonic Universe, the Law of Cause and Effect manifests much more quickly, more accurately with the frequency being matched, and with more intensity on the material plane of earth than it ever did before. In every area of our life, when we generate belief systems, thoughts, behaviors, emotions and actions, this accumulates into energetic content that combines with the vibrationally matched consciousness fields that are in the environment.

Moving forward, the energetic content that we send out will return back to us with increasing immediacy, and even instantaneously. Whatever the quality of energy that we broadcast out into the Universe, it sets into motion the accumulative frequency of the energetic content that will be directly returned back to us.

This is why it’s crucial to be able to find our inner stillness in Meditation, and broadcast as much unconditional love, Forgiveness, peace and gratitude to the Universe, as possible. The third dimensional timelines to which we have been accustomed, are much more dense and infected with layers of Artificial intelligence, subconscious mind fragments, phantom spaces and dark entities.

As a result of the density, the return of the corresponding reciprocal energies that occurs in the process of Cause and Effect, is slowed down in the lower density, has less energetic concentration, and takes longer to manifest in the sequence of our personal timeline. It was harder for us to connect the dots between the causal event and the actual effect our thoughtforms and emotions had upon the environment, because it took much longer, required more energetic strength and willpower to bring it into manifestation.

Changing Planetary Laws of Structure

The planet has just completed its Magnetic Peak cycle, which discharged a massive amount of magnetic force into the earth. The Subatomic particles of elemental matter are rearranging to support the planetary body shift into the next harmonic universe. All communication systems connected to these levels of planetary architecture are undergoing fluctuation, reconfiguration and potentially re-building interstellar links that reconnect earth Portals to realign into multiple star systems and celestial bodies.

This massive shift at the quantum scale is changing the Law of Structure in the architecture that governs function over our matter body, as well as our consciousness bodies.

Quantic Field Impact to Space-Time

Currently, the planetary body is undergoing a space-time reorganization that ripples out many strange anomalies that influence the quantic field.

As a result, there are new patterns of electromagnetic disturbances, interruption or distortions in the collective field. The quantum field, also referred to as inner space-time, is rippling these effects into the unmanifest layers of the core manifestation template, otherwise known as the blueprint matrices that make up the layers of Morphogenetic Fields in the earth.

Gridworkers may feel the blueprint structure in the planetary field transforming completely with the Shifting Timelines, and this feels like something very different, extraordinary and even bizarre is occurring in the earth fields. It feels like it is a new design that is encompassing our Consciousness with the necessity to learn a foreign language, and yet it feels distantly familiar and vastly powerful. The Blueprint alterations impact the dark matter template, and this appears to have direct consequences to altering and changing the earth elements, and the elemental structure of the earth body.

Source: Energy Synthesis
Via: In5D


Integration of the Lightwarriors (Silver Solstice Series: Part Six) Magenta Pixie’s


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The Dimensional Barriers Are Not Only Dropping But Are Merging Together Archangel Michael and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell 12-10-17

Believing Is Seeing!


These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on December 10, 2017


I AM Archangel Michael. It is these times that we come together that are both wonderful for us as well as for you for it is a merging of our consciousness with your consciousness. We are all One together.

And those of you that have felt the separation from the Source Energy, from your Creator Being for so long, now many of you are coming to understand this sense of oneness that has eluded so many for so long. The remembrances or the memories are returning to you. Some slower than others some much quicker than others. But it is all a process that is in a continuing union of all of us together bringing consciousness together as One.

You speak of timelines. I have spoken of timelines. I have spoken of the merging of timelines and the splitting of timelines previously. And what is happening now is that there is a program running, you might say, a program that has created a mirrored world here. In other words a level of consciousness that is associated with all of you at one time. It is almost as if there is a new simulation that has been created to hold the place for those of you that are continuing on in this process which is the collective humanity at this time.

Whereas Earth herself, Gaia herself has moved on into the higher vibrations, is operating mostly entirely in the fifth dimension, she has opened a space for all of you that are still here held within this third dimensional illusion, although many of you have moved into the higher fourth dimension and even into the fifth dimension at times. And you are experiencing what is ahead and also what is in the now moment.

All is in a process of evolution and you are all moving through this evolutionary process. Some faster, some not quite so fast but all is in flux now. All is in motion. And that motion that you are feeling leads to continued awareness. And as you continue to increase your awareness your consciousness grows. So too then do the memories start to return to you.

So too does the other worlds, you might say, the other dimensional worlds open up to you so that wherever there is an opening in that dimensional barrier something may slip through. I do not speak here of something negative although that can be. But I speak of the opening of the barrier, of the veil that is really no longer there. And objects can slip through. Objects that are meant for you to bring you along to the next level of your being, to the next level of consciousness.

This is what is occurring now for many of you. And many, many, more to come here will begin to experience these things almost as if the dimensional barriers are not only dropping but are merging together. And you will begin more and more to experience what before had been called glimpses but now will be more than just glimpses. Now you will begin to more and more see into those other dimensionals/ dimensions.

Patience is still required at this point. But knowing that everything is in process, everything is in motion and that motion cannot be stopped at this point. That momentum cannot be stopped. It was given over your Advance that an avalanche cannot be stopped. And this is an avalanche now that is gaining momentum, moving down the mountain taking everything in its’ path, merging with everything in its’ path. And you can no longer stop an avalanche than those who would want to could stop this advancement of the Ascension.

You are all a part of this now and you are all becoming even more a part of this as you allow the process to happen within yourself first. Find that level of surrender within yourself, within your selves, and allow that to continue to move you along into the higher vibrations. It will be as if when you surrender more and more to the Source within you it will open up the higher vibrations readily and easily to you. It will be a seamless transition. That is what we are all working toward for all of you: a seamless transition as much as is possible.

I AM Archangel Michael. I do enjoy these times that I can be with you and look forward to those times yet to come where we will much more be with you in a way that you can appreciate so much more than what it is now.


Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you to continue on with this never-ending programming here that is happening here. And it is going to be never ending. The journey continues on and on and on for forever really, infinite infinity. And you will continue to move along this journey wherever it may take you. But for now the journey that you are on is a journey that is working together with each one of you all of you coming together as a unity, as a unity consciousness. I speak now of the group but we also speak of unity consciousness here on the entire planet. All of humanity coming together.

And what a miraculous and amazing … difficulty in some ways that this is for you. It is something that is, something that is very hard to continue to experience but you are all going through this. You are all moving through this transition and everything is going exactly as it is needed and exactly as it is planned.

Yes, as we have told you many times we have Plan A, B, C, D, E, and so on and we continue to move along through these different parts of the plan. And when one doesn’t work we move to the next and to the next and that is what has been happening with all of the things that are happening outside of yourself.

But always remember that for you to experience those things outside of yourself and those continuing things that you want to improve on you first need to find the improvement within yourself. So it is always So Within and So Without. But the within is always first. No matter what you may hear from others or anything of this nature it is always coming from within.

And this is where you need to continue to focus all of your attention, all that you can, to find that inner resolve within yourself and move through the inner discipline that is necessary for you to experience the changes that you need at this time to go through. Because as you move through these changes, as you move through this transition, you will be ready then to assist all of those others that will be beginning their own transition. You are much through your transition at this point and others have not even begun to even know that there is such a thing as a transition. So you will be there for them when the time comes. Okay?

You have questions here for one who serves?

Q & A

Q: I’m here with my 11-year-old son Valentino and he wants to ask the question but he is a bit shy. He wants to know if he can ask a question.

OWS: Either he can ask it or you can ask it for him. Either one.

Q: He wants to know if his higher self is on a ship at the moment, and if possible, would you tell him his higher self’s name so he can try and telepathically communicate with his higher self. He’s struggling going within yet because he’s quite young so basically if he has a name he can then start to speak to his higher self.

OWS: Valentino. My goodness. An 11-year-old that is coming into an understanding of such a thing here that there is even such a thing as a higher self is quite monumental here. And it is very … we admire you, the parent, here for bringing this process to this one, this young one, for there is so many times when the ones that are young see things, experience things, know things, but then when they tell their parents of this their parents say no, that is just your imagination. It is not real. But for you, you are making it real for this one. This is wonderful.

This is the, the ones that are coming now into the experience, into this illusion here. But they are the ones that are coming into now continue to break this illusion down. They are the ones that are in many respects the ones that you have all been waiting for are here. And they are going to make major shifts and changes.

But now directly to the question that is being asked about higher self, yes, you can certainly communicate with your higher self — we are speaking to Valentino here — you can communicate. He/she is there for you. We are not going to say whether it is a he or a she at this point. But that one, your higher self is there for you. And you do have a connection with being on a ship, certainly, as many of the light workers, the light warriors all have this connection at various levels. You are not all commanders but you all have some connection to many of those Galactic beings, our brothers and sisters in the skies. So if you can help him understand this, if he does not quite understand this, this would be helpful here.

As to name here, you know what we feel about names so we are not going to give any names here but certainly as this one, Valentino, you communicate with your higher self, a name will come to you. And then it is up to you to allow for this process to be. Allow for this name to come through and then believe that it is real. That is what is important for you will receive a name. Maybe several names and it is important for you to then allow for that process to happen and then believe in it as it does. Okay?

Q: What is the process that we should go to to truly surrender to source?

OWS: The process for you to do so has already been given in the idea of the Surrender Protocols that has been brought out by the one, the missionary here in a sense, the Charles. And this has been brought into the group here specifically and purposefully so that you can all begin to work with this process or something similar, if something works more for you, but it is a particular technique. It is one of the tools that has been brought to this group. And as you continue to work with these tools you will more and more find yourself preparing for that which is coming and that is to move, continue to move through this Ascension or rather through this transition through your Ascension process and finally, as many of you heard there at the Advance, the idea of Transfiguration which had not been spoken of before, but it was introduced purposely into this Advance as something that will be there for you. And those of you that are working through this process are the ones that are preparing to be in the first wave of Ascension and then also Transfiguration here.

Q: In terms of the, how should I say this, the negative things that we have experienced and we are letting go of, and we know that were letting go of them and that’s very clear, and yet at times we need to put a focus on them to heal them. (Not that we want to stare but we do need to put some focus on these things so that we can get them out of our way. Can you say more about that distinction between how much we need to look to just move forward and not give our attention to them, and how much we need to put the focus on to get them out of our way?

OWS: Yes certainly is a wonderful question and we would answer this by saying that you put all of your focus on positive things happening in your life. Do not focus on anything that is negative. They may come up but turn your focus immediately away from it. As you move into the higher vibrations and continue to find yourself in those higher vibrations therefore closer and closer into the higher dimensional frequencies, then you will not have the experience of any of these negative beings or negative entities or anything negative in nature whatsoever. This goes for all things here, even within your illusion. Those things of chemtrails, those things of interference, different kinds of radio interference, and anything that can harm the body and all of this electro … we are finding … electromagnetic rather, electromagnetic interference, and those things which can harm the body, this is nothing that you have to be concerned about as you continue to move into these higher vibrations. As you continue to find yourself in those higher frequencies then the lower frequencies cannot harm you. Okay?

Q: I have a Christ Light center here in South Dakota. I’ve lived in Payson for about 10 years up until about 2000 we had 100 light workers that sent the great invocation all over the world. In the meantime I’ve had this 100 pound crystal that was at one time connected to the Earth Keeper Crystal in Hawaii. It’s now with me back in my hometown of Rapid City in the Black Hills. I’m feeling that the Black Hills are very important. Under the hills are all these crystal caves and I’m seeing the Christ Light Center that I have becoming more and more important and the pieces are falling together. But my question is what am I going to be doing here? If the hills are important, is there anything more you can tell me about the Black Hills here?

OWS: That area is so very much important that you at this point do not yet realize just how much. But because of what is under there in terms of crystals and how you are all moving into more of a crystalline nature it is going to become more and more important that all of these crystals throughout the planet become enlivened once again. They bring their energy to the planet, to those here on the surface. All of this is coming. The return to the crystalline function you might say. Not only within yourselves but the Earth body herself will become much more crystalline. It is already doing so. So those areas where these crystals are located and formed and all of this is going to become more and more important as an energy portal you might say that will open up and make connections across the planet through these various centers here. And the center that you are speaking of can be one of those centers.

Please mute your phone. We can hear background noise. Please mute your phones.]

OWS: People do not realize when they are on their phones that you can hear everything that comes in their conversation that they are having in the room there. So that is something that you all need to become conscious of more and more here. It is happening though much more than what it was in the beginning yet. Remember we always used to say these crazy contraptions? We have not had to say that too much anymore for you are becoming more responsible about this.

Other questions here?

Q: I was just wondering if all or most negative will disappear off of the Earth on December 21st?

OWS: Now for those of you that have been here regular guests you might say on this program, you would know that when we would attempt to answer a question such as this we cannot. We are not allowed to answer questions about dates anymore with an exception of a hint here or there. But to say what is going to occur on a particular date as your December 21st as you are asking, we cannot give that because that is not yet written here, in terms of there is nothing written in stone. It is all based on probabilities and possibilities and that particular date is a possibility not a definite. So there is a possibility, maybe even a probability, but not a definite. But not to the extent that you are giving here as to what it means. You see?

There are many similar dates, you might say, time frames that are going to come up which are going to create possibilities more and more as you move along. But there will come a time — and we will give this more on the time of the New Year’s Eve here, as you call it — we will speak more on this as to what you can expect here in your 2018. And what kind of a year that is going to be, what it is going to bring and all of this. So it is going to be quite a show, we can say here, that is going to be had for your New Year’s Eve celebration. And yes, the one that you call the comedian one here will be with you very much so, maybe singing, we’ll definitely be celebrating with you and may even bring along another certain someone here. That is just a little hint for you. Does this answer your question at the best we can answer?

Q: I’m trying to think ahead of what I’ll be doing and what other light workers will be doing when we are working with people to help heal them, heal the Earth, heal all of nature’s kingdom. I’m wondering at what point, because it’s my understanding that physical and mental illnesses as well as addictions will be will cease to exist and people will be freed from them, and I’m just wondering is that something like at the beginning of our journey will happen or will we still need to be looking after people in those respects for a little while?

OWS: It will be part of the transition as you move through this Ascension process. So you will find in the beginning it will be an immediate turnaround, in many respects, once the Earth is pulsed here from the Source. And once that occurs there will be many immediate changes but it will also be a changes over a time period. So it will not be quite so drastic as what would have occurred on your December 21st, 2012, if that had continued on into completion as it was meant to at that time. But at this point it will be a little bit more gradual but there will be those intense periods that you will find where you are experiencing now a sense of bliss or a sense of wonderment or a sense of some type of change within you that is sudden. It will be sudden as well but even more pronounced at that time when this pulse of energy comes into the planet and consciousness shifts in many respects overnight. But it will also be a gradual shift over a period of time as well for many. For some it will be immediate. For some it will be a gradual shift over time. Okay?

We are going to release channel. Just continue everything that you are working on individually, going within yourself, finding that surrendering within yourself. It is very, very important at this point. And this is why it has been brought to you in various forms here. And it is important that you utilize these services as they are given to you and these techniques and tools that you are being given here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell


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“Believing is seeing!”

Nothing Can Stop This Avalanche Of Consciousness That Is Rolling Down The Mountain Now. OWS *One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell – 12/3/17

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group during the December Advance in Payson, AZ on December 3, 2017. (Much if not all of the sessions mentioned here during our December Advance are available as audio files on our website: under the channelings tab)
Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you!
Wonderful to be here and what a energy that has been created here! What a crescendo you have created.
You do not know, maybe, you may have felt it here yourselves but from where we are standing … no, maybe we are sitting but we are here anyway and we are experiencing the energy that you just created here as a group, as you are. And also all of those that are on the phone that have also participated in this. You have created quite an energy and quite a crescendo that you are building toward. Did not quite reach the actual crescendo but came very close. As you keep doing it and doing it and doing it who knows what would have happened here. You might have lifted this building right up off of the ground here. Maybe with a little help from us.
But anyway we are here. You are here. Everything is wonderful and you know what? You know what we’re going to do now? [What?] What do you think we’re going to do now? The James is over there saying, No, no! Please no, don’t do that. Don’t do that! [Sing!] Yes! And do you know what we’re going to sing? “Let It Be”!
Let’s go! Here, breathe. “Let It Be.” Start someone sing. Joanna, please.
[“When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be…”]
Yes! Yes! Wonderful! Oh my goodness. You have no idea what singing does. Well some of you do. Some of you do not. Singing is wonderful! Reaching out, letting go, singing, letting it be. Experiencing life and the joy of life. That is what many — not so much all of you, you are doing it more and more — but many are missing throughout the world are they not? They are not experiencing the joy of life. They do not find those … they only find those moments of joy; they are not finding the joy in the moment. In each and every moment.
And you know what? There is joy in every moment. If you look for it you will find it. It is there. You just need to allow it to be. You need to let it be. Okay?
We are so excited about everything that is happening now. We are so excited about everything that is coming in the very near now. Everything is now you see? Whether it is now now or whether it is future now it is all still now. [Laughter] And this is what all of you need to continue to understand.
Don’t … you can build for the future yes you can create for the future because every single thought that you have is creating your future.
You are creating the next higher dimension for yourselves. You are creating the fourth dimension you are creating that fifth dimensional experience even now as you are having your thoughts and your visions and your imagination running wild. You are creating what you will be in this fourth and fifth dimension. Just as you as a collective race have created the third dimensional illusion that is here you will create the fourth dimensional illusion and the fifth dimensional illusion.
But each time you create these higher vibratory illusions they become less and less of an illusion and more and more of a reality. You see? Even though from some point of view from a very higher point of views they are illusions but for you as they are a more of a reality and your reality is going to take on an entirely new understanding, an entirely new shift of consciousness is coming upon all of you on this planet.
It will begin, yes, with those things that have been held back, that have been kept from you, that have been covered up. It will begin with these secrets coming out being revealed. Many are coming forward now as you — yes we were eavesdropping on your discussion earlier and with all of these women and men coming forward now where they feel they are safe and they can do so they are coming forth in droves. And it is only the beginning. Only the beginning.
Many, many more are going to come forward. Many new whistleblowers are going to come forward. Many new intel Sources are going to come forward. All of this is in the happening now and you, those of you are the catalyst for all of this. You are the ones that are bringing this about as we say many times. And as Sananda so eloquently said it last night: ‘we cannot do it without you. We need your arms, your legs, your eyes, your ears, to bring about this awakening process throughout the planet.
Yes the energies coming into the planet help a great deal, certainly. These waves of energy; all of this helps tremendously.
And it has never been done here like this before ever. You have never had these waves of energy before as they are now.
When the Harmonic Convergence happened back in the ‘80s that was a beginning of this. It even began before that with your hippie movement you might say in the ‘60s and ‘70s and the music and the Beatles and all of this is what began this entire process, began to awaken the population. Even to just put the seeds out there. But now, these times now are the times when you, those of you that are already awakened greatly, you are the ones that are assisting. Yes, we love that terminology Charles. We love that you are assisting the ones that are drowsy now, that are coming awake, that are in that stage between asleep and awake and not sure yet which way to go. But all they need is a gentle little shove and then they will move toward the awakened state. And then they will realize, just as you have realized, who they are.
They may not be a part of the 144,000 – they may — but they may not be. But they are still connected to their higher God Self, their Source within them. They are connected and they will begin to realize that they are connected. And once all of this continues to move forward there is nothing that can hold it back.
As it is, there is nothing now that can hold it back, but even more so. As those of the dark forces, the dark, the shadow forces, the dark cabal, the illuminati, the deep state, whatever you want to call them, they are running for their lives now. They know their time is up. They are holding on for dear life and doing everything that they can, some of them anyway, doing everything that they can to go out with a bang because they know they are going out.
And as these things become more and more and more revealed it will be like an avalanche coming down the mountain and nothing … have you ever tried to stop an avalanche? It is not possible. Nothing can stop this avalanche of consciousness that is rolling down the mountain now.
You can un-mute everybody please, Moses. Un-mute. Everybody! [Saying Moses as in the Charlton Heston movie “The Ten Commandments”] Moses! Moses! (We love this!) Moses! [Laughter] Un-mute everybody please.
Very good. Very good. We will take questions now if there are any here. Lots of them have been asked previously but we always know that there are more and more questions. And there are more questions that are never asked as well. We hear them in your mind but you do not state them because of many reasons because you feel that they will not be accepted or they are stupid questions or something, and we tell you now there are no such thing as stupid questions. Everything is okay. You can ask it – we may not answer it – but you can ask it certainly. Okay?
Q & A
Q: I had an experience last night, late, late on the call. I was getting tired and maybe a little grouchy because it was 12:30 a.m. here and the call was still going on. It was great except I didn’t want to drop off but I also wanted it to move along so I could get to bed. Anyway I did have my phone muted but I think somebody actually heard my griping to myself. Somebody heard that even though my phone was muted. What I got from that afterwards in my conversation with my Higher Self was that maybe this is what Robin Williams and you, One Who Serves (or the other One Who Serves) was talking about when they say that we go out there in the five dimensional reality, or what we are being trained, how we are being trained is like that’s what they’re on top of.
No thought. Because your thoughts are going to go out there even if you’re muted. It doesn’t matter. So no thought can drag you back in the wrong direction. You have to learn, we have to learn, I have to learn the training is to learn how not to have our thoughts go in the wrong direction because that could start a big wave in the wrong direction. Is this correct would you say?
OWS: We can tell you, you know as Robin Williams was talking last night about eavesdropping. Do you remember this? And there is the idea that at any time we can look down and reach in and hear your thoughts and this type of thing. Although we do not do that, there is a line we do not cross so you know this.
But what you are describing is the beginning of understanding of telepathy. Because as your thoughts go out they are being picked up in the universal consciousness. So all of your thoughts, and we repeat that now, all of your thoughts whether they are good, bad, in between, upside down, it does not matter what they are, they go into the collective consciousness or the universal consciousness and then can be pulled down by anyone.
Now, to understand this and the idea of telepathy, this is part of your training because you are going to find that your thoughts are going to be picked up by those around you. Not only in the universal consciousness but directly by those that are near you, or they don’t even have to be near you. They can be far away from you, the other side of the world even, and they will pick up your thoughts in a telepathic manner. So you are training to do this, you are learning to do this, the beginning stages of this. It happened especially between those that you know and love that are close to you and you think something and immediately they say it. And that means you sent the thought to them, they picked it up, and now they have said it. You see? But this is going to happen more and more.
So what we are telling you in this long roundabout way of doing it, we are telling you to watch your thoughts!
Q: And is that a significant point of our training as we begin to step into the roles that you guys are now taking on for us. As we begin to step into that role for other people, is that what Robin Williams is talking about? Like, “they’re watching me like a hawk,” kind of thing. Is that what he’s talking about?
OWS: Very much so yes. We have to be careful with him to allow for this process to occur, you see. He is not as you would say an Ascended Master. He is one that has passed over and was given what you might call special dispensation here to be allowed to be a part of this group because he is already a part of this group as he spoke to you last night. So this is why this is being allowed and that he can be here and he will be here again with you just so you know. He is not a one-time show here. Not a one-time happening. He will be back again and possibly more at times when you least expecting him. So be ready for that.
Q: Can we have Elvis one time too?
OWS: Would we bring Elvis here? No we do not think so. Is not quite the same connection here. He is not one of your soul group here.
Q: Aww! It feels like he’s one of my soul group. [Background chatter]
OWS: Everybody now. Altogether: [Awwwww!] [Laughter] Did this answer your question here sister?
Q: I just wanted to ask One Who Serves, does that mean that every thought that we have actually affects the others in the collective consciousness?
OWS: Yes. Every … single … thought. Yes. You’ve heard of the butterfly effect? Your thoughts can change an entire world somewhere else. Think about that for a moment.
Q: So we have a responsibility then to ourselves and to others to keep in this love vibration.
OWS: Yes. Not only on this planet but on other planets as well. Did not think in those terms did you? Universal Consciousness Is Universal! … (someone says Oops!) Everybody now all at once: [Oops!] [Laughter]
This is why we have been saying for a long time now that your thoughts are so important. You are creating your reality and every single thought that you have is not only creating your reality here but it is creating realities across the galaxy. In other words, you’ve heard before there is nothing new under the sun. This is where inventions come from and new ideas and concepts and all of this. It is picked up from this universal consciousness that is available to all at any time. It is only a matter of learning to access it. There are ways that you can access this universal consciousness. Many of you already are and not even knowing that you are doing it. The one, Tesla, he was able to access universal consciousness where he received many of his ideas and concepts and is able to create those things that he did at that time. Wow! You did not expect this type of these things did you?
Q: I just want a very quick say I love you, thank you for supporting everybody. We love you. I’ve had a bit of chronic pain which I’m which has been keeping me up so I’ve been unable to join the evening calls. Your 8 p.m. is my 3:00 a.m. But in my dream, it looks like I sat at the table when the group was eating and chatting away. They couldn’t see me and I was around with other beings as well. And I felt really upset that I couldn’t join in and I said I really wish I could wake up. And Sananda said ‘your body needs to rest,’ or something like that and then he gave me a hug and he said not to worry about it, I’m doing what I meant to be doing even though I wasn’t there, technically, on the phone, but I believe I was in my astral body. So my question is: was I actually remembering myself being in my astral body with the group these past two nights or was I just dreaming?
OWS: [inaudible] … everyone. But you were also dreaming too. And they are one and the same very often. So yes and yes.
Q: Yes and yes. So yes I was dreaming but yes I was there with the group in the astral. And yes, Sananda did take me in his arms and said not to worry.
OWS: Yes and yes. [Laughter]
Q: Oh wonderful. I’ll be there again tonight in the astral with everybody, sending my love.
OWS: We would … hold you please just for a moment. We would suggest to you if it is possible, if you can do it for yourself to be on the phone tonight because … [inaudible] … going to be happening … [inaudible]. This is trying to talk over here is very difficult. [Referring to caller speaking at the same time as OWS.] Do you have the alarm clock? Do you have what you call smart phone? Your smart phone has a little app on there — you call it an app, right? A little app that will wake you up if you want to.
We will tell you that if you believe enough, if you come on the call this evening so that you are present here in this respect, you will receive even more healing from this. This is especially goes for every one out there. Not only this one who is asking this question. Everyone. If you are in need of healing of any type be on the call tonight. Okay?
Q: I walk my dog in the morning and later in the afternoon and this sun is so bright that I can even with my sunglasses I can’t look at it. Is it me or is the sun is bright?
OWS: The sun is getting brighter. The sun is going to continue to get brighter and brighter. And as the various pollution and all of that that is blocking the sun, as the chemtrails recede completely it will allow the light to come through fully. They have been doing, we have said this many times, they have been doing all they can to block the sun because they know the sun’s energy and the sun’s rays and parts of the sun’s rays are actually bringing about this ascension process. And they’ve known that; it is adding to it; and they have known this and they have done everything they can to hold you away from ascension. But again, it is like holding back the avalanche.
Q: James suggested that I ask you about this. I’ve been listening to the shows for about six months without any issues, but now I’m not able to stay awake during the meditations and the imagery. In September I had a heart attack and I’m recovering from a triple bypass and I’ve not been able to stay awake. So this is sort of like the earlier questioner. I was on the call last night and again, I can listen to most of what I would call the talk, but the minute we get into imagery or channeling I just go to sleep no matter how hard I try to stay awake. Does the fact that I’m on the phone help me and what’s happening? Why can’t I stay awake?
OWS: The fact that you are on the phone yes is definitely helping you because you are receiving it first hand, you might say, rather than secondhand in terms of reading or listening later. Although that is also very important and can be very helpful as well. But live and in person as much as you possibly can is of course the best. So the second part of your question please repeat here.
Q: The second part is what is happening to me why can’t I stay awake?
OWS: Oh yes why you cannot stay awake. And this is something that many are having difficulty with. It is not that you cannot stay awake. You are not going to sleep. Okay? Even if you snore you are not necessarily going to sleep. You are slipping into an altered state of consciousness in that moment and you are still, at a level beyond your consciousness, you are still receiving everything that is being said, everything that is happening, and you are participating in everything that is happening. It’s just that your conscious-knowing-self is not aware of this at the time. It is very similar to your dream state. But you are not sleeping in terms of it the same as in your dream state. Okay?
Q: So last night I don’t remember anything of Robin Williams; I don’t remember anything of finding a table consciously — it was like I was zoned out for that time — but I really did do it?
OWS: Yes what you will experience when you go back and listen to this recording is you will hear it and there will be a part of you saying I already heard that or a know that or you will even anticipate what is said before it happens as you listen to it. [Inaudible, caller talking over]
Q: We all know how important the sun is with the changes in the vibrations and I’m just curious about the moon. Tonight we have the first and only Super Moon for 2017, starting at 6 PM Mountain Time and peaks at about one or two in the morning and we’ll be doing our manifestation session during that time. Can we use the moon to amplify the manifestation?
OWS: You know what synchronicity is?
Q: Yes
OWS: You know what orchestrating means?
Q: It’s perfect timing. I know.
OWS: [inaudible]
Q: How can we use the moon’s energy tonight?
OWS: You will be using it. Like we say it is all being orchestrated. And when we gave James this date — he didn’t know we gave it to him. He thought he thought it up himself, but surprise! [Laughter] It is all coinciding exactly as it needs to. That will include the next one as well when that time comes. All is being orchestrated. You need to remember that. Okay?
Q: I have a question about the sun again. I think I asked this question once before and I don’t think you were able the answer it. I was just wondering if these things come out here and Disclosure happens and I was wondering, I’m pretty sure the sun has a binary star companion star and I was wondering if that is contributing to our awakening? Is it adding it’s energy to our sun and to what’s coming from the center of the galaxy and things like that?
OWS: So your question directly is, is there a binary star along with your sun here? Is that your question?
Then the answer to that is yes there is. And currently you cannot see it. It has not come into the dimensional status here and it won’t come into your three dimensional status but it will come when you have moved up in vibration into the higher dimension and it is destined so that you will have two suns. Very correct.
Just as in your movie, as we are finding now within the James, not the “2001” movie but the “2010” movie. The very end. At the very end it explains a great deal of what the first movie was about. Nobody knew what the first movie was about unless they were high, as we are understanding. And all of you out there that were smoking your weed and your pot and all of that back then, you know what we are talking about. And you watch that movie. Oh! You watched it one time and you have no idea what it was all about, and you watch it the second time after smoking some pot and everything became crystal clear. Any yeas out there? Anybody agree? We know [inaudible. Leads to laughter] did. Robin Williams is over there saying, Hell Yeah! [Laughter] Yeah, he’ll slip one in every now and then. He’s on the low rung of the totem pole now … he can try it after a long time but now he’s the new kid on the block!
OWS: [to earlier questioner] Does this answer your question? Very good, probably more than you were thinking it would.
Q: I was pretty sure it that it did exist. I was just wondering if it is becoming more powerful in causing our ascension and the solar flash to come about is really what my question was.
OWS: Yes. It most definitely is. In fact what we were you saying about that movie “2010,” it explains a great deal as you come toward the end of it exactly what we are talking about what happened. Okay?
Q: My question is do you want to know what we want for Christmas? [Laughter] [Peace on Earth!]
OWS: Isn’t that what were supposed to say here? [Guess again.] [Singing] ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeth’. (laughter)
[All we want for Christmas is the Prosperity Packages.] [I want abundance.]
Hold please. We are asking question. Real question now we think.
Q: What is the probability of we getting NESARA for Christmas?
OWS: The probability is not so hot. The possibility, yes. Don’t bet your lunch on it. Is that the way the saying goes? Don’t go to Vegas and put a bet down on this. I don’t think they’ll take your bet anyway though. They’ll say, NESARA? What the hell is NESARA? (laughter)
Oh! We just got reprimanded. We cannot use terminology such as that. We’re talking about the word hell, you see. Every once in a while though.
Q: For at least the last two weeks I keep hearing this song: Do you hear what I hear? I got the lyrics and I’m not kidding you, it has a great interpretation to me. When you hear it, it’s telling us what’s going to happen now. [Singing] ‘Said the night wind to the little lamb, do you see what I see? Do you see what I see? A star, a star, shining in the sky with at tail as long as a kite’.
Now I interpret that instead of stars, ships shining in the sky. With that tail as tall as a kite. And they fly and they leave a light behind them. That’s my interpretation.
OWS: Very good.
Q: Now the second verse says do you hear what I hear? Do you hear what I hear? A song, a song as high as the trees, and it’s blowing in the breeze. And then it says: the shepherd boy says to the little lamb, do you know what I know? Do you know what I know? [Lyrics included at end.]
Q: [Interjecting] May I offer something?
OWS: Please do.
Q: That has been one of my most favorite songs in the world and it always comes out my fingers on the piano. I don’t know the words very well but I believe that it is a song that is, what’s the word for it, it’s a metaphor but it’s also a prediction. It’s a prediction of where man is heading but it’s not about the external manifestation it’s about the internal manifestation of our ascension and how we are transcending this dimension. It’s about an internal change and it’s very dear. It’s a very dear interpretation of where man is going.
OWS: Yes and now take it even one step further if you would. It’s a vibration. It sets up a certain vibration, that particular song.
How many of you out there love that song? Many of you do. We hear it every Christmas. And every Christmas you hear it and begin to sing along. And as you sing along you feel it. It is a vibration that has been set into the world. Every single, once a year, 25th of December or thereabouts, and it sets up a certain vibration. Part of the vibration that is set up with the giving also at that time period. It is not about Christmas presents. It is not about Santa Claus it is not about any of that. It is about the meaning of Christmas and what it brings to you.
Q: [Original questioner] Now the last verse really stands out. I hope I do it justice. ‘Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king in his palace warm, said the mighty king. Pray for the people everywhere. Pray for the people everywhere. A child, a child, shivering in the cold. Bring him silver and gold. Said the mighty king to the people everywhere. Pray for peace for every people everywhere. Bringing goodness to everyone and peace everywhere.’
Now right as we are going to get our abundance … the silver and the gold, and we’re the child. And I tell you that song, I’d be anywhere and that would come in my mind.
OWS: This particular song was written by one that is very Christian, very religious in respects. He is not meaning any of what you are saying, at the time, but all of this is a part of this orchestration that we keep speaking of. There was a vibration put into this song that the one who wrote it was not even aware of but it is why so many have flocked to this song. Why it is one that is sung so often when you go around your homes what is it a choral? Caroling! Caroling around to house to house. It is one of the most favorite songs for this, is it not? You see? Along with Jingle Bells and all these other ones too but they are not the same vibration, although they bring joy as well. It brings happiness, joy and good times of the year at that point.
Now we will also say here since you have brought this up about ships and things of this nature. What do you think the three wise men followed? [Mars. No, the ship. The New Jerusalem.]
No they did not follow the New Jerusalem. They followed the New Bethlehem, Archangel Michael’s ship. That’s what they followed. Gabriel, or Gabrielle, however you want to put it, when he appeared to Mary and all of this, this was coming from a ship. You see? You are going to be amazed. We do not those that you call the Archangels and the Angels they don’t just fly around with wings everywhere. They are in space ships.
Q: Which is the ship that’s the size of a planet and has deserts and everything on it?
OWS: New Jerusalem. There are other ones as well. That is only one. That is the one of Sananda and Ashtar. While we’re at it, when Moses climbed the mountain top, (not the Moses we have here. He is not that one,) but when Moses climbed the mountain top and spoke to God, God was on a ship. That particular being. It was not Prime Creator as you know it, or Source as you know it, but it was a being that was able to be there and have this experience with Moses.
Q: The burning bush?
OWS: That also, yes. That was not a ship. That was a burning bush. [Laughter]
Q: Can you say who the being was?
OWS: What did God say? Everybody now: I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.
Q: I have a question about the 26,000 year cycle. Could you help our understanding of what that means.
OWS: It means that 26,000 years there are cycles and these cycles continue to repeat themselves. And through these cycles there is an energy and a rest. And during this current 26,000 year cycle it is at a rest. And this next 26,000 year cycle the universe is going into an energy. You are moving into this energy cycle now. You have been through the rest. You have been through these times. You have gone through the dark ages; you are coming back into the light ages at the end of these last 26,000 years’ cycle. It is ending. It coincides with the Mayan calendar as well.
All of this is a part of the ascension process that … the ascension rather that has been predicted for a very long, long time. And the cabal, as we have said, had taken it very seriously, attempting to hold it off as long as they could.
You are entering an area of the galaxy now that energies are going to become so strong, they’re already being so. And those of the Blue Avians that you know of, and the Spheres have been doing all they can to hold those energies off or filter them out little by little here because your central nervous systems were not quite ready for them. If it had happened in 2012, December 21st, 2012, when the ascension was going to happen at that time and all of you were going to be a part of that and many more (approximately 30-some percent) were going to be there for this, it did not happen because it was, you were, so many would not have been able to withstand it. You have heard before that two thirds of the world’s population were going to be eliminated. And that was somewhat true but it was being shifted and changed quite a bit though at that time so there would have been approximately 30% ascending and much of the rest would have found themselves in the other places.
But that was not to be because, as you know, the collective consciousness rose up in one voice and said we will wait. We will wait for the rest of our brothers and sisters. No one left behind. And here you are now. Five years later! Thinking it’s been an eternity but five years. [Laughter] Five years can you imagine five years in the trillions and trillions and trillions and billions and quadrillion and whatever the zillions are beyond that that creation has been in existence. And you are lamenting about five years! It’s a blink! Just a blink. You see?
That puts it somewhat in perspective does it not? Oh worries me! We’re never going to get out of here! [Laughter] We’re going to have to deal with this on and on and on. Help me! Help me! Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope! [Laughter]
Q: Thank you. About how we are rotating around the Galactic Central Sun. I was told that the Earth hasn’t made a full round. Is that accurate?
OWS: That is part of the cycle that you are speaking of. [Comment from room] Say it please louder.
Q: It’s every 26,000 years … around.
OWS: Yes. And you are entering a part of the galaxy now that is the energy stage. Even if you look at your own breath. If you look at this from a macrocosm and a microcosm standpoint, your own breath is an energy and a rest, is it not. An energy, and a rest. The entire universe works in this respect. An energy, and a rest. This God or Prime Creator is breathing in and out and that breathing in is energy. Breathing out is rest. Puts all into much different perspective here. This energy yes that is coming in is the Porlana C energy. Very much a part of it. There is others but it is a very strong energy that has been introduced because of the area that you have entered into the galaxy now. It has not been here for a very long time.
Q: Does the 26,000 year cycle also coincide with the Indian Wheel, the swastika that Hitler snatched and turned around to make people weak? You know the wheel I mean? We came out of the Yuga cycle which was a really dark one…
OWS: Kali Yuga, yes. And you are entering the Satya Yuga now.
Q: Is that the same as the Age of Aquarius?
OWS: It is. Yes. Very much so. You are entering the Age of Aquarius. When the moon … [Room begins singing: When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars…] [Indistinct conversation/singing] By The Fifth Dimension.
Q: Since we’re on that subject, if any of you are in Long Beach, California at the corner of Fifth and Golden — which is very significant because the golden ones hold the keys to the fifth dimension — there is Cesar Chavez Park. Some esoterics evidently set up that park. There is this sacred serpent path there, and also a portal, and an ankh there.
But I wanted to ask a question, One Who Serves. I’m just concerned about the other 144,000 who have not awakened. And I’m wondering, were they meant to awaken at a later time or is there anything that we can do to try to reach them?
OWS: That is what we have been speaking to you about again and again and what Sananda very much spoke to you about last night. And Archangel Michael introduced as becoming the warriors from the workers. It is time now, yes, to reach out and find those other ones, those other lost sheep, those ones of the 144,000 and even beyond. Reach out and find them. They are there. They are maybe in their drowsy state and coming into an awakening state. Maybe they have begun to awaken and they don’t know where to turn for more information or more help here. And this group and many other groups are either forming or have formed and are there to assist in this continuing process. All is a process here. All in the process and you are the ones that are the catalyst. You are the way-showers. In some respects you can look at yourselves as the John the Baptists. You see? Preparing the way. Preparing the way for those that will come after you.
Again, it puts your life and your mission and your experiences here in an entirely different understanding. Does it not? You are special. Not, again, special in terms of the ego. Never would we say that. But you are the Ones. And you are The One. You are the Neo’s from “The Matrix.” The One. Neo: (anagram for One.)
Q: I have a little bit of a comment. It‘s a two-parter. The second part is a question.
So what I learned in my life is that word is the only creative process. It’s the only tool we have. And that everything that comes out of our mouths creates our next moment. And it is so powerful that it is our power that has been given to us. And when the one known as God, the Source, said I am that I am, S/He was showing us how powerful the word is. And the I AM Discourses that St. Germain channeled through Godfrey Ray King was trying to give us a hint that our word is the most powerful thing we have. And it creates our reality. So that is why it is so important to be conscious of what comes out of our mouths. And of course thought manifests into word and that’s the way it works.
The other part that I have is about the moon. This message, and I want to verify it, that the moon is the greatest vibration of manifestation energy, it vibrates manifestation energy because it was manifested. It was the creation of a group and manifested for us to help the earth develop. [Yes] And it just, it is the epitome of the manifestation energy. Is that correct?
OWS: That is correct. If you look at the moon as it was created certainly and it was brought here. It was brought here to your orbit around the Earth to bring about the changes that were necessary here on the planet. And it has been left here all this time to continue on with everything that is happening. But after ascension it may no longer be needed as it has been. So that is true.
Now the first part though that you said about the word. We are taking that a step further here because “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The word. The word is sound. Sound rang out. Sound as the closest approximation. Does anyone know what that is? Om! The closest approximation to the beginning of creation was the OM sound. The vibration yes sound vibration. That’s why everything is about vibration. Everything is about vibration and consciousness. You see? And vibration leads to consciousness and higher consciousness. The higher the vibration the higher the consciousness. The higher the consciousness, the higher the vibration. [Wow]
Yeah we heard that. Wow! Everybody: wow! [Wow!] (laughter)
Q: May I just emphasize something here. When you said in the beginning there was the Word and the Word was God. That powerful statement that there is a vibration. That there is a frequency within the word. You know at the beginning there was the word and the word was God. That is an affirmation in itself and it’s so powerful and it echoes. It sticks with you. It sticks with consciousness and I was thinking of that when Joanna was saying that. And I was saying those very words which is the power of the collective consciousness. And then you said it, so it’s very very powerful.
OWS: More than you can possibly imagine.
Q: Well I can say mental telepathy works because you’ve already mentioned part of my question. You mentioned that this winter solstice 2017 is the fifth anniversary from the 2012 winter solstice and what special surprise might we expect?
OWS: That is what we are planning for your … oh … for the 21st you are saying?
Q: Yes. For December 21st of 2017. You mentioned it last night along with February about something that is special. Is it a special wave of energy or some other great influence we can all look forward to?
OWS: Very good succinct question. We appreciate that. The more succinct the questions are the more succinct the answers can be as well. And for your December 21st just as in December 21st of 2012, this is a milestone time period you are entering.
That one that spoke about December being special, they are correct. You are in a special time and this month is special. That does not mean — it’s based on possibility and probability but the probability of something huge and major may not be so yet — but there are the building of this. The building. And there will be several different types of events that are going to occur or revealings, let’s call them revealings, that are coming. And these revealings are going to lead to the more larger events that are going to happen into the 2018 and on and so then will lead to The Event as the Galactic Central Sun is ready to create that pulse of energy here. Not yet but it is coming and all they are preparing for this. We have been preparing for some time. We are ready. Those in the ships are ready. They are standing by and at a moment’s notice they will move into action. Some have already done so.
Those that you know of as the Pleiadians have taken a central role here and they are beginning to make their move along with the Alliance here to bring about the changes that are necessary now because the times, the vibrations are right for much of this to begin. We will give much more of this though for your New Year’s Eve as it happens here. If it is a go. If it is allowed to be.
Very good. We are going to release channel now. We will back here again this evening. We have quite an amazing technique to convey to you that will assist in your every manifestation that you need in your life. Not so much that you want in your life, there is the difference here. There is a need. For if there is a need you will be able to more easily manifest it. If it is right for you and the Source within you to do so.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.
Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.
“Believing is seeing!”
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Said the night wind to the little lamb,
do you see what I see
Way up in the sky, little lamb,
do you see what I see
A star, a star, dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite
With a tail as big as a kite
Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy,
do you hear what I hear
Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy,
do you hear what I hear
A song, a song, high above the trees
With a voice as big as the sea
With a voice as big as the sea
Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king,
do you know what I know
In your palace warm, mighty king,
do you know what I know
A Child, a Child shivers in the cold
Let us bring Him silver and gold
Let us bring Him silver and gold
Said the king to the people everywhere,
listen to what I say
Pray for peace, people everywhere!
listen to what I say
The Child, the Child, sleeping in the night
He will bring us goodness and light
He will bring us goodness and light
Believing Is Seeing!

Hangar Where Moon Landing was Filmed? December 14, 2017 By Steve Beckow


Cathy O’Brien: Waking Up from Mind Control December 13, 2017 By Steve Beckow


Cathy O’Brien was a mind-controlled sex slave to Hillary Clinton, which she details in her book TRANCE Formation of America.

As the disclosures come out during this time before the indictments are unsealed, we need to stop thinking of these matters as the subject of scandal sheets. 

Much of what we regarded as misinformation and disinformation two decades ago is now being shown to be true.

Listen to the recovery process that Cathy went through to emerge from her state of mind control.

I don’t hold with everything she says, but it’s her recovery process and the insights she shares as a result of it that I direct attention to.


March 3, 2017 by Cathy O’Brien

When I woke up from decades of mind control, I was astounded to see how strong a hold social engineering had on society simply because people did not understand their own mind/brain function. Knowledge is our best first line defense against mind control, whether it is the kind of robotic mind control I endured or that is achieved through deliberate social engineering of a populace via information control. PTSD: Time to Heal gives deep insight into this otherwise suppressed knowledge on mind brain function, complete with SOULutions.

It took time for me to deprogram and learn to think for my self. Outside input from well intentioned others was usually based on what to think according to their own social engineering. I needed to learn how to think. Mark’s tenure in mind sciences proved helpful in learning how to exercise my brain, consider other perspectives, ask questions, deep listen, fact check, and learn to trust in truth again.

As I looked around my self, it amused and amazed me to observe the trivial things people argued about, protested against, and took issue with. It perplexed me that feminism was an issue at all, and I turned to my most trusted female friend for insight.

This dear friend is a highly successful entrepreneur and philanthropist in her own right, effectively taking on causes that span environmental, educational, political, and humanitarian issues on local, state, and federal levels. She epitomizes living true-to-soul responsibility, and has been doing so for 80+ years. A brilliant mind whose wisdom I’ve stretched to reach for decades, her answer regarding feminism was simple and direct. “Feminism is just an excuse some women use to be lazy and blame someone else for their lack of self responsibility. Being a woman has never held me back.” (1)

Lately it has been quite disturbing to me to see how women in the White House are being portrayed by the media. Despite my best attempts to avoid social engineering “news” from the controlled media, there is always something imposed and in my face anyway. Usually it comes through “news” feeds on the internet, or headlines as I walk past newsstands.

Personally I am deeply impressed with the integrity, dignity and grace our nation’s current leading ladies exude as role models for u.s. all. Yet the incessant media-chatter criticism of elegant, intelligent women being seen in the Oval Office- even by those who wanted a ‘woman’ in the White House- is indicative of controlled media’s last remnants of ingrained, ignorant, and divisive judgmentalism being imposed on society.

From my personal knowledge of who Hillary Clinton really is, she does not represent femininity by any stretch of the imagination. Her involvement in MK Ultra mind control white slavery operations and trafficking would, and does, shock most people. I’ve been whistleblowing for decades on Hillary’s complicity in criminal CIA Black Budget funding mechanisms, which include Bill Clinton’s cocaine ops and ‘Poppy’ Bush’s heroin ops, as well as her perverse pleasure of being with a tortured mind controlled slave. It’s all in TRANCE Formation of America for those who dare to know the truth. The point is, Hillary is an outrageous insult to ‘women’. Petition AG Jeff Sessions to LOCK HER UP!

My testimony for Congress regarding perversions that went on in the White House, including the Oval Office, remains stifled under the 1947 National Security Act, while the controlled media continues to spin perception- put forth as “news”- in accordance with a global agenda.

In an effort to defeat our feminine strength, women’s identity is being diluted with adverse social engineering that touts Hillary as a ‘woman’ while degrading respectable females at every turn.

My call to women is, gather your strength of spirit and live responsibly, free of socially-engineered hindrances. Maintain your innate integrity, dignity and free-thought intellect, using it to reclaim our birthright to respectable, purposeful living. We must continue to make our voices heard by supporting businesses that support free-thinking women and boycott those businesses who have taken a vicious stance against women in favor of supporting old school criminals like Hillary Clinton. It is up to those of us who think free with integrity, men included, to honor and respect those iconic women who are gracing the White House today.


(1) The Golden Age of Gaia does not hold this view. It doesn’t describe the feminists I knew.

Galactic Alignment – 18 to 22 December 2017 By Simone Matthews

Riding on the energetic waves of our December 3/4, 2017  SUPERMOON…. our December 17/18 New Moon opens a 5 day ENERGETIC WINDOW between our GALACTIC ALIGNMENT (18 December 2017) and our SOLSTICE (22 December 2017).  Plus… MERCURY moving RETROGRADE during this ENERGETIC WINDOW is amplifying an even greater potential.Please keep reading below to find out more about our:

PLUS how to make the most of this transformative ENERGETIC WINDOW… especially as we countdown to the end of 2017.

UPDATE 13 December 2017:  I have just posted an article entitled ‘Galactic Star Map‘… I hope this sheds some light not only on the significance of our Galactic Cycles but also the relationship of the Aetheric Field to our Brains.

Galactic Alignment – 18 December 2017

Each year during our December Winter/Summer Solstice (for this generation on Earth), we experience a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT of the Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre in the Astrological Sign of Sagittarius.

This years EXACT Galactic alignment will take place on December 19, 2017 (just over 13 hours after our December New Moon) and the energy will be felt for a full 5 days leading up to our Solstice on December 22, 2017.

Our December 2017 Galactic Alignment is being amplified this year by our SuperMoon Triology, the first SuperMoon occurred on November 3/4, 2017, second SuperMoon on December 3/4, 2017 (2 weeks before our Galactic Alignment)  and the third SuperMoon on January 1/2, 2017.

SUPERMOONS are amplifiers of our energy fields and awaken higher potentials of the current planetary alignments that they are associated with.  So this years Galactic Alignment is set to be super-charged that’s for sure !

Click on the diagrams below to enlarge – SuperMoon December 3/4, New Moon December 17/18, Exact Galactic Alignment December 19, Solstice December 22.

What is the Galactic Alignment ?

During a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT, our Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre (in Sagittarius) align on the Galactic Plane – the flat plane of our Milky Way Galaxy.

During this Alignment, our astrological GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – a tetrahedron of energy formed by the Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre is amplified into its greatest potential for the year.

As I discuss in our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse, this amplified TETRAHEDRON of energy that surrounds us seeks to ‘STRUCTURE the WATER’ within our bodies such that we literally become walking LIQUID CRYSTALS.

Every cell within our body is thus bathed in this GALACTIC LIQUID CRYSTAL Template resonance (ie Essence of Angels®), which in turn ACTIVATES our DNA and ATTUNES (increase in resonance) our genetic potential.

At this time each year, this GALACTIC ALIGNMENT COSMIC BLUEPRINT – formed by Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre supports us in stepping into (both individually & collectively) our greater Evolutionary Purpose and helps us to step into the grandest version of the greatest vision that we have ever held for ourselves as a Human Liquid Crystal (refer Crystal Light Healing®).

The energy of the GALACTIC ALIGNMENT is also amplified through our Solar Systems transition through the Photon Band/Belt of Alcyone – essentially weaving/birthing ‘The Divine Feminine’ within our hearts, minds and souls.

The Table below lists the Date/Time of the preceding Super Moon, Date/Time of the EXACT Alignment on the Galactic Plane, Date/Time of our Summer/Winter Solstice.

Galactic Evolution – Energetic Window
Super Moon New Moon Exact Alignment Solstice
4 December 2017, 1:46 am AEST 18 December 2017, 4:30 pm AEST 19 December 2017, 5:57 am AEST 22 December 2017, 2:27 am AEST
Your Time Zone > Your Time Zone > Your Time Zone > Your Time Zone >


Mercury Retrograde – December 2017

mercury-retrograde-lr-smMercury only takes 88 days to transit around the Sun, whereas Earth takes approximately 365 days… hence at times during Mercury’s transit, from the position of Earth, Mercury appears to be moving backwards (Retrograde) in our skies.  Please read my article on Retrograde Planets to understand more about this phenomenon.

Mercury rules all communications such as computers, phones, travel, electronics and all business/personal communications & documentations.  When mercury moves retrograde and into the darker recesses of our psyche, this may herald a time of misunderstandings, mis-communications, computers & electronics crashing and plans going haywire !  But rather than perceive Mercury Retrograde as a negative time, I prefer to work with the energy as a wonderful ‘inward’ time to attend to all the ‘RE’s’ – ie re-evaluation, re-check, re-pair, re-store and re-calibrate my visions in order to confidently move forward in conscious action when Mercury moves direct.

On December 3/4, 2017, MERCURY moved RETROGRADE in the Fire Sign of SAGITTARIUS and will move direct again on the December 23/24, 2017, in SAGITTARIUS.

PLUS…. when MERCURY moves Retrograde on the New Moon December 3/4, it will be conjunct SATURN (Mercury 29.180 Sagittarius, Saturn 28.040 Sagittarius) AND also within a couple of degrees of the Galactic Centre (27.060 Sagittarius) – making this a very POWERFUL explorative time for everyone.  PLUS all of this will happen in the 3rd house of Communication !

As we move inward into ourselves during the GALACTIC WINDOW (Galatic Alignment through to the Solstice – 18 to 22 December), the Mercury Retrograde/Saturn/Galactic Centre conjunct energy, is adding an extra ZING… a supersize INTENSITY to the GALACTIC WINDOW.   The Mercury Retrograde/Saturn/Galactic Centre conjunct combo is pushing us to look deeply into the darkest recesses of self – our deep inner secrets, our fears, our hurts, our judgements, our pain and do a sort of self-audit, a psychoanalysis.  We are called to take a deep hard look at ALL of the dynamics at play in your life and discover ways of forgiveness, healing and vulnerablity that supports transcendence into our Divine & Sacred Awakened potential.

During this intense Mercury Retrograde/Saturn/Galactic Centre conjunct in combination with the GALACTIC WINDOW alignment, you may find ALL of your senses are heightened, the veil is thinned, your psychic awareness is enhanced and your dream state to be very intense.

The Ancestors of the Earth, and the collective consciousness fields of the Sirian Beings (7D) and Pleidians (6D) are guiding you during this time… it is a time to listen… use your communicative active LISTENING skills to truly ‘hear’ their whisperings and then be ready and willing to take conscious action as Mercury moves direct on December 23/24, and then with our final SUPERMOON on January 1/2, 2018.

Summer/Winter Solstice – 21/22 December 2017

solstice-december-21-22Our 5 day ENERGETIC WINDOW  ends on the 21/22 December Solstice –  Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) and the Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)

The Northern Hemisphere WINTER SOLSTICE marks the SHORTEST day of the year, whilst the Southern Hemisphere SUMMER SOLSTICE marks the LONGEST Day of the year.

Due to the tilt of the Earth (see the diagram right), at our 21/22 December Solstice, the Arctic Circle (Northern Hemisphere) will experience 24 hours of darkness whereby the Sun does not rise and Antarctica (Southern Hemisphere) will experience 24 hours of light whereby the Sun does not set.

In the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, the December SOLSTICE it is a time of celebration, a joyous time to open you HEART and shine your LIGHT and share your LOVE through the Great Exhalation of the Cosmic Breath.  It is a time of JOY, CELEBRATION and DANCE with life as we reach the threshold of peak growth for the year.

In the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE, the December SOLSTICE it is a time of inward reflection, a time to move into our HEARTs and connect with our LIGHT within and breath in the LOVE through the Great Inhalation of the Cosmic Breath.  It is a time of inner NURTURING & REGENERATION in preparation for our emergence into the world as the days gradually grow longer.

On the evening of our 21/22 December Solstice, consider lighting a candle and honouring the LIGHT of joy, blissful abundance, compassion, peace & kindness.   Take a moment to BREATHE and unify the Solstice Polarity within your HEART.  As we then move into the threshold of a new cycle, it is a time to come together with all humanity through the LIGHT of our LOVE and send a wave of unifying peace through the Crystalline Wisdom Field of our Earth as we step into 2018.

Energetic Window – How to Work with the Energy

During our 5 day ENERGETIC WINDOW (18 December to 22 December), I recommend taking time each day to to go with in and connect with the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – to support you in stepping into your greater Evolutionary Purpose.

We study the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE in depth within our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse, but here are a few principles from our eCourse to help you make the most of the energy over the next few days:

  • aetheric-healing-infinite-intelligenceIn meditation, place your hands in ‘Prayer Position’ over your HEART (see diagram right) and focus on the rhythm of your breath.  Through your breath your Nervous System acts like a tuning fork or antennae picking up the signals of creation; signals that lie not only deep within your DNA but also the frequencies of nature, the Earth, the stars, the planets, through to Galaxies and Universes.
  • Once your nervous system is in deep resonance with the field, you then connect with your Higher-Self to become the observer of your human experience within the boundless expression of the Aetheric Field.
  • Allow the ‘answers’ to flood into your awareness.  Don’t push for the answers, simply surrender and ‘allow’ them to become conscious in their own good time.  It maybe a thought, a vision, an image, a sound, a colour, a symbol… and the ‘insight’ may even come to you in the hours/days after this meditation.
  • Once you have ‘received’ this sacred insight/knowledge, once again in Meditation (with your hands in Prayer Position over your Heart), you then re-pattern your Nervous System to entrain with this NEW state of beingness.   Holding the vision of wholeness, abundance, compassion and kindness from a place self-love…. you retrain your Nervous System to entrain with this LOVE based frequencies in order to transcend the pain, struggle, hurts or hardships within your life.
  • Your neural pathways now radiate this new energy field, which in-turn activates your DNA, changes your cellular functioning, brings your emotional/mental mind into alignment with your I AM Presence and you flow with infinite Soul Potential within the Aetheric Field… as together we transverse through this GALACTIC WINDOW.

Simone M. Matthews

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We Cannot Fail Our Children Any Longer December 10, 2017 By Steve Beckow


by Alex Thomas, The Daily Sheeple:

In yet another bombshell revelation that once again proves that the upper echelon of the FBI has actively worked against the elected president, noted anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, have been caught sending thousands of text messages to each other including one in which they speak about an “insurance policy” against Donald Trump should he win the election.

The bizarre exchange between the two has many believing that they were either speaking about starting the sham Russian investigation or, even more sinister, discussing a deep state plan to assassinate Donald Trump.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office, that there’s no way he [Trump] gets elected but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok shockingly told Page in a text from August 15, 2016.

“It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

Amazingly, the text message not only confirms that high-level FBI agents were working against Donald Trump the entire time, it also points to Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe as yet another culprit in the long line of deep state operatives attempting to subvert American democracy.

Consider this. The entire mainstream media, with the help of Democratic operatives and deep state shills, has told the American people over and over again that the Russian investigation is a real and important development. Yet now we know that the man who literally started that investigation was doing so as an insurance policy against a man that he openly hated.

Of course Strzok was also the agent who cornered former national security adviser Michael Flynn in the White House, under false pretenses, to conduct an interview that would eventually lead to Flynn being charged with one count of lying to the FBI.

As I recently reported, “Two un-elected FBI agents, including the now infamous Clinton supporter and supervisory special agent Peter Strzok, tricked their way into the White House to grill the national security adviser who had just been put into power by the man ELECTED by the American people.”

“I cannot stress this enough. Clinton operatives infiltrated the White House and specifically sought out Michael Flynn to take him out over his political opinions! This is flat out, hardcore, banana republic type corruption that if continued would almost certainly lead to the end of American democracy as we know it.”

Not only did Strzok conduct the interview against Flynn, he also helped his preferred candidate get off the hook while ignoring direct lies by her top aides.

As Infowars also noted, “Strzok played a significant role not only in Mueller’s Russian probe, but also in Hillary Clinton’s email investigation when he changed the wording of Clinton’s crime from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”

“He also conducted the interview with Clinton and her top aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, who it was later revealed lied to the FBI about when they learned about Clinton’s secret server.”

Read More @

Porda-Papa Force via Anakhanda Shaka Musahaba, December 10th, 2017

Mushaba Platinum Light

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba December 10, 2017


Porda-Papa Force Speaks!

I decided to come today to speak with my human family and at the same time speak with my galactic family as well. When I say human and galactic family, I am speaking about all my human and galactic brothers and sisters. Before I begin my dissertation, let me congratulate all of you for a job well done! You have come through and out the other-side of the dark tunnel of human limitations that is a part of human life behind the veil of forgetfulness. You have broken, shattered the veil of forgetfulness because many of you are now beginning to remember your truths and your origins. You are finding out who you are and where you came from whether it’s by your own dreams or memories, or by a trusted source that you ask to provide you the information. And let me tell you this, when your trusted source provide you with information about your origins, it is the stimulus that gets your inner knowing flowing and then from there you are moving toward total recall of all that you are. It is not in any way a bad or limited thing or giving your power away to seek the knowledge of yourself. Sometimes that is what it takes to get your motor heated up so you can go on from there. Never let anyone tell you that it is wrong to seek information or confirmation of what you desire to know. It’s not being dependent its being wise to do so as long as you take it and work with it and grow from it and discover more along your journey of self discovery. In other words do something with what you know!

Many on earth have suffered far too long. There has been this great hope and great promise that humanities suffering would end when 2012 came around. 2012 came and went without any fanfare of great change. At that time humanity had fallen behind in its evolvement not because it was humanities fault, it was because of the interferences from many areas both on and off of the earth. The people in power are deafly afraid of you discovering who and what you are! The manipulations have gone on for a very long time and finally all of humanity said enough! We will no longer tolerate this mess! Since 2012, humanity has pushed the envelope and has been seeking and asking and demanding change, demanding disclosure, demanding the release of the RV and the re-establishment of the republic for the people and by the people.

Now you have reached the precipice of your actions that are about to materialize into your reality that you can see, touch, taste, and feel! Let me lay out for you what has been decided by the new councils of creation and the many new galactic councils throughout not only this universe but all universes. For the first time there has been established a Universal Council of Creators! This is huge and has never happened since creation began! This means that all the Creator’s of different universes get to come together under the chair of the All That Is and discuss and share ideas and wisdom and help each other to better their universe and help its fast evolvement. Imagine bringing in new technologies from other universes or other knowledge and wisdom not available in this universe! The incredible changes that will be available for all beings in this universe and others are unlimited! Then just think about having beings from other universes visit and bring with them their knowhow to share with us. Imagine the exchange programs that would take place and how many beings will be able to travel between universes and even live in another universe!

Let me say this for earth’s humanity:

Many of you have been looking forward to the RV to take place for some time now. There are so many people speaking about the RV and when and how it will be released. Yet nothing ever happens. You see they may know about some of the physical mechanisms of the RV release however, they don’t realize that this is part of the release, that there is another component, and that is from the other side of the veil. Those on the earth side are to follow through with the release, but the orders to actually release come from Creator himself. This is what the Intel providers do not know. It’s not about what Iraq does or Zimbabwe, or what decisions the elders make or Trump or any of them. They can make all the decisions they want but they will never materialize unless it was made under the orders and instructions from Creator! This is when you will hear what they say and you will see what they say materializing! As my son Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba told you in his previous writings, we are working on getting this RV released at the Creator’s level so he can give the order, and then it will take place at the earth level. I am not, nor do I intend, to jump into the Intel arena at all! I am just sharing with you what I am involved in with Creator and other beings in the universe.  

Know that you are loved!


 Click Here for More Messages

For those of you who have not heard about the Mushaba Force, which has now evolved to The Love Essence of Mushaba, you may go to the Freedom and Empowerment ‘Branch’ on the Tree of The Golden Light and read about it.

You may also go to 

ZAP’s Mid-Week Report – The Office of POOFness – 12.13.17


ZAP’s Mid-Week Report – The Office of POOFness – 12.13.17

“The Office of Poofness”

MID WEEK BY ZAP from “The Office of Poofness” 12-13-17

Zap Says















DECEMBER 13, 2017


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With Much Gratitude and Appreciation, Susan

Love and Kisses,

“The Office of Poofness”

ZAP, Susan and Staff

David De Rothschild Indictment: Rothschild Bank Under Criminal Investigation

David de Rothschild was indicted by the French government after he was accused of fraud in a scheme that allegedly embezzled large sums of money from British pensioners.
It has taken many years to bring this case against Rothschild and his company the Rothschild Financial Services Group, which trapped hundreds of pensioners in a bogus loan scheme between the years of 2005 and 2008.


One by one the pensioners lost their money and pressed charges against the notorious banker, beginning a case that would take many years to get even an indictment.

In June, Paris-based liaison judge Javier Gómez Bermudez ruled that Rothschild must face a trial for his crimes, and ordered local police to seek him out in his various mansions that are spread throughout the country.
“It is a good step in the right direction. The courts are now in agreement with us that there is enough evidence to interrogate Baron Rothschild. The first thing they will have to do is find him. Once they have done that they can begin to question him. It is a real breakthrough moment for everyone involved,” lawyer Antonio Flores of Lawbird told the Olive Press after the ruling.
“In short, independently of what happened to the investment, Rothschild advertised a loan aimed at reducing inheritance tax, which is a breach of tax law,” he added.
While news of a single Rothschild being indicted is certainly noteworthy, a particularly important announcement was made this Friday.
The French government announced that it has launched an investigation into the entire Swiss branch of the Rothschild’s banking empire.
According to Bloomberg,

The Swiss unit of Edmond de Rothschild said it’s the subject of a French probe regarding a former business relationship managed by a former employee.
“Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) SA is actively participating in the criminal investigation under way,” the Geneva-based bank said in an e-mailed statement on Friday. “The bank denies all the allegations that have been made against it.”
Edmond de Rothschild, a private banking and asset management firm established in Paris in 1953, oversees about 150 billion euros ($164 billion) and is led today by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild and his wife Ariane. The Swiss unit traces its roots to the acquisition of Banque Privee in Geneva in 1965.
The company has no further comment at this time, according to the statement. Officials in Geneva weren’t immediately available to respond to a telephone call from Bloomberg News on Friday.
The Rothschild empire has been instrumental in helping move the global elite’s wealth from traditional tax havens like the Bahamas, Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands to the U.S.
Last month, the Free Thought Project reported on the above the law tax haven established inside the United States by the Rothschilds.
After opening a trust company in Reno, Nev., Rothschild & Co. began ushering the massive fortunes of the world’s most wealthy individuals out of typical tax havens, and into the Rothschild run U.S. trusts, which are exempt from the international reporting requirements.

The Rothschild banking dynasty is a family line that has been accused of pulling the political strings of many different governments through their control of various economic systems throughout the world.
Historically, there is ample evidence to show that the family has used insider trading to bilk money from both private and public funds.
During the Battle of Waterloo in the Napoleonic wars, Nathan Rothschild was responsible for one of the oldest cases of “insider trading,” which led to the Rothschild family robbing a whole nation blind. In 1815 when the battle of Waterloo took place, there were no quick methods of communication like we have today so messengers were used for communication in times of war. The Rothschild’s took advantage of this by having spies on the frontlines of the battle who would return information to the family faster than the messengers used by the military.

Humans could soon live INSIDE the moon and Mars in giant underground tunnels carved out by volcanoes

  • Two teams of researchers have been working on ways to exploit ‘lava tubes’
  • One compared locations here on Earth with those on the moon and Mars
  • A second has developed technology to allow spacecraft to spot hidden tunnels
  • Their findings were presented at the European Planetary Science Congress

The first colonists on the moon and Mars could live in underground caves created by volcanic activity, according to new research.

The caves – known as lava tubes – would provide a natural shelter from cosmic radiation and meteorite strikes for astronauts who set up colonies on our nearest celestial neighbours in the future.

Experts hope the research will help the European Space Agency to realise its dreams of an initial lunar base in 2030, which could house ‘thousands’ of colonists by 2050.

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Lava tubes, underground caves created by volcanic activity, could provide protected spaces large enough to house streets or even towns on the moon and Mars. Astronauts from the European Space Agency explore one such 'lava tube' in Lanzarote in 2016

Lava tubes, underground caves created by volcanic activity, could provide protected spaces large enough to house streets or even towns on the moon and Mars. Astronauts from the European Space Agency explore one such ‘lava tube’ in Lanzarote in 2016


Lava tubes can form in two ways.

‘Overcrusted’ tubes form when thinner lava flows fairly close to the surface, developing a hard crust that thickens to create a roof above the moving lava stream.

When the eruptions end, the channel created by the lava is drained leaving a tunnel a few metres beneath the surface.

‘Inflated’ tubes are complex and deep structures that form when lava is injected into existing fissures between layers of rock or cavities from previous flows.

The lava expands and leaves a huge network of connected galleries as it forces its way to the surface.

Two separate teams of researchers have been working on ways to exploit these lava tubes.

They are found in many volcanic areas on Earth, including Lanzarote, Hawaii, Iceland, North Queensland in Australia, Sicily and the Galapagos islands.

Previous research identified the potential for the underground networks of tubes, which can stretch up to 40 miles (65 kilometres), as habitats for future space dwellers.

Researchers from the University of Padova and the University of Bologna carried out the first comparison of lava tube locations here on Earth with those on the moon and Mars.

To do so, they used high-resolution Digital Terrain Models created using data from spacecraft instrumentation.

Their model shows the tunnels that are revealed by collapses or meteorite strikes.

The tunnels, such as this example in Lanzarote, would provide a natural shelter from cosmic radiation and meteorite strikes for colonists

The tunnels, such as this example in Lanzarote, would provide a natural shelter from cosmic radiation and meteorite strikes for colonists

But a next generation of space craft, under development by scientists at the University of Trento, could penetrate the surface using radar to find the location of previously hidden lava tube tunnels.


The work done by the Italian team is already being used in the European Space Agency’s astronaut training programme.

They lead a planetary geology training course called Pangaea for the European Space Agency’s astronauts and engineers.

The Pangaea project has included a field trip and a test campaign in lava tubes in the Canary Island.

This familiarises the astronauts with geological research they could carry out during future missions to the moon or Mars, as well as to test technical and operational systems.

In particular, Pangaea has focused on using laser technologies to characterise the Corona lava tube, an eight kilometre (five mile) long tunnel on Lanzarote.

Both teams’ findings were presented at the European Planetary Science Congress, held in Riga, Latvia, from September 17 to 22.

Dr Riccardo Pozzobon, from the University of Padova, said: ‘The comparison of terrestrial, lunar and martian examples shows that, as you might expect, gravity has a big effect on the size of lava tubes.

‘On Earth, they can be up to 30 metres (100 feet) across.

‘In the lower gravity environment of Mars, we see evidence for lava tubes that are 250 metres (820 feet) in width.

‘On the moon, these tunnels could be a kilometre (0.6 miles) or more across and many hundreds of kilometres in length.

‘They are potentially large enough for quite significant human settlements – you could fit most of the historic city centre of Riga into a lunar lava tube.’

‘These results have important implications for habitability and human exploration of the moon but also for the search of extraterrestrial life on Mars.

Lava tubes can form in two ways.

‘Overcrusted’ tubes form when thinner lava flows fairly close to the surface, developing a hard crust that thickens to create a roof above the moving lava stream.

When the eruptions end, the channel created by the lava is drained leaving a tunnel a few metres beneath the surface.

‘Inflated’ tubes are complex and deep structures that form when lava is injected into existing fissures between layers of rock or cavities from previous flows.

The work done by the Italian team is already being used in the European Space Agency's astronaut training programme to familiarise them with geological research they could carry out during future missions to the Moon or Mars

The work done by the Italian team is already being used in the European Space Agency’s astronaut training programme to familiarise them with geological research they could carry out during future missions to the Moon or Mars

The lava expands and leaves a huge network of connected galleries as it forces its way to the surface.

Conventional remote sensing instruments cannot detect and characterise the lava tubes, as they cannot acquire measurements beneath the surface.

But Leonardo Carrer and colleagues at the University of Trento have developed a concept for a radar system specifically designed to detect lava tubes on the moon from orbit.

The radar probes beneath the lunar surface with low frequency electromagnetic waves and measures the reflected signals.

Next generation orbital space craft could use radar to locate these tunnels, created under the surface of these celestial bodies early in their formation, hidden under the surface of the moon

Next generation orbital space craft could use radar to locate these tunnels, created under the surface of these celestial bodies early in their formation, hidden under the surface of the moon

Experts currently use high-resolution Digital Terrain Models created from data from spacecraft instrumentation. They model tunnels that are revealed by collapses or meteorite strikes, as in this Nasa image

Experts currently use high-resolution Digital Terrain Models created from data from spacecraft instrumentation. They model tunnels that are revealed by collapses or meteorite strikes, as in this Nasa image

This instrument could determine accurately the physical composition, size and shape of the caves and obtain a global map of their location.

Dr Carrer said: ‘The studies we have developed show that a multi- frequency sounding system is the best option for detecting lava tubes of very different dimensions.

‘The electromagnetic simulations show that lava tubes have unique electromagnetic signatures, which can be detected from orbit irrespective of their orientation to the radar movement direction.

‘Therefore, a mission carrying this instrument would enable a crucial step towards finding safe habitats on the moon for human colonisation.’


Children will be born on the moon ‘in a few decades’, with whole families joining Europe’s lunar colony by 2050, a top space scientist has claimed.

Professor Bernard Foing, ambassador of the European Space Agency-driven ‘Moon Village’ scheme, made the comments at a conference last week.

He said that by 2030, there could be an initial lunar settlement of six to 10 pioneers – scientists, technicians and engineers – which could grow to 100 by 2040.

‘In 2050, you could have a thousand and then… naturally you could envisage to have family’ joining crews there, he told AFP on Friday, September 22.

Speaking at this year’s European Planetary Science Congress in Riga, Latvia, Professor Foing explained how humanity’s moon colonies could quickly expand.

Children will be born on the moon 'in a few decades', with whole families joining Europe's lunar colony by 2050, a top space scientist has claimed. Professor Bernard Foing, ambassador of the Esa-driven 'Moon Village' scheme (concept art pictured), made the comments this week

Children will be born on the moon ‘in a few decades’, with whole families joining Europe’s lunar colony by 2050, a top space scientist has claimed. Professor Bernard Foing, ambassador of the Esa-driven ‘Moon Village’ scheme (concept art pictured), made the comments this week

He likened human expansion on the moon to the growth of the railways, when villages grew around train stations, followed by businesses.

Potential moon resources include basalt, a volcanic rock that could be used as a raw material for 3D-printing satellites.

These could be deployed from the moon at a fraction of the cost of a launch from high-gravity Earth.

The moon also houses helium-3, a rare isotope on our planet, that could theoretically be used to generate cleaner, safer nuclear energy for Earth.

One of the main targets for moon colonies is water, locked up in ice on the moon’s poles.

Water can be separated into hydrogen and oxygen, two gases which explode when mixed – providing rocket fuel.

U.S. military to declare martial law as DOJ, FBI criminality exposed

DECEMBER 4, 2017 AT 3:13 AM

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis » Feed  /  Benjamin Fulford

The U.S. military government, known to the world as the administration of President Donald Trump, is about to declare martial law, Pentagon sources say.  “The Cabal has been checkmated, as Trump is ready to federalize the National Guard in case of riots or civil unrest,” Pentagon sources say, adding that “FEMA camps will be used to house mass arrests, and Gitmo may house high-value targets while military tribunals will dispatch them swiftly.”

Such radical action is necessary, “Because of corrupt judges appointed by [former U.S. President Barack] Obama and a Congress stacked with shills for Israel, so Trump may be forced to declare martial law to impose military justice,” is how one Pentagon source put the situation.  The FBI, for example, has been actively covering up the cabal slaughter of hundreds of Americans in Las Vegas using G4S mercenaries, multiple sources say.

Trump was probably referring to this upcoming purge in the following Tweet:  “After years of Comey, with the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation (and more) running the FBI, its reputation is in tatters—worst in History!  But fear not, we will bring it back to greatness.”

The other big news from last week is that the U.S. Dover Air Force base was hit last with a nuclear weapon or the equivalent.  The attack was described as a magnitude 4.4 earthquake in the corporate media.  However, the “earthquake” had all the hallmarks of a nuclear or beam weapon attack in that its epicenter was a military base, it was shallow, and the seismograph shows a huge one-off instant quake, not the sort of shaking buildup seen in natural quakes.  It can be seen in the link below.

Although the attack took place the day after North Korea announced it had ICBMs that could hit anywhere in the U.S., Pentagon sources are saying this was part of the undeclared civil war inside the military-industrial complex.  The Dover base is where U.S. military and other dead bodies are “processed,” and it is also home to long-range heavy-lifting air transports.  Since the CIA smuggled heroin back to the U.S. in coffins during the Vietnam War, it is a pretty good guess that this base was taken out because it was a major trans-shipment point for Afghan heroin.

There was also visible evidence last week of at the very least, a low-earth-orbit space war going on, as what Pentagon sources describe as “rogue satellites” were

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Starlight the Unicorn via Galaxygirl (Video and Text), December 12th, 2017


Per Staffan December 14, 2017

Unicorns (channeled messsages)

Starlight the Unicorn via: galaxygirl 12.12.17


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Starlight 12.12.17

Greetings dear children it is I, Starlight of the unicorn race, coming to you now in utmost love and purity of intention.

For in this most auspicious day of 12/12 it is the ideal time to be very intentional about what you are creating and to what you are aligning your creative potentials.

Breathe in this powerful portal day the Christ light of your deepest – and yes earliest -rememberings, when all was pure and whole and good in your reality. Remember being within the womb of Source light and being absolutely surrounded and nestled into the arms of unconditional love and surrendering to this deepest of deep joy and peace. Tap into it; it is calling you home.

You humans are currently in the midst of a swirling vortex of heavy powerful light waves coming from the central sun, bombarding your planet realm with love and light. The sticky darkness that has been lurking for too long on your beautiful orb is being dissolved. Set your intention to dissolve the dross both on and within your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental selves, for it is truly the time of renewal with this most bright white light codes of truth and deep illumination and illuminate that which is out of alignment with love so that it may come forward for healing.

Many of you are in the throes of healing on many levels and dimensions and realities at once. This too shall come to pass, for all is a great cycles of oneness discovering itself and evolving more and more into love.

We know you, humankind, are most weary of form and for some, as well in spirit. Rest now in this light and intent to become aligned with it’s purity and its peace. Intend to be enveloped in the womb of Source light and of course you shall be, for you are learning this well, are you not? That your intentions are powerful and what you imagine you create at least on some plane of existence, and for some almost immediately in this realm. This will become more natural to you,which is why you must be at peace with this knowledge of the power of your creativity.

It is true. Be at peace, young one. I touch my horn to your third eye and send light to your developing wings. It is I, Starlight. Call on me. I am here for you, supporting humankind in mass planetary ascension.

— Submitted by galaxygirl

Mother Gaia: Through The Winds of Time DECEMBER 13, 2017 AT 9:08 PM Era of Light / EraOfLight

Dear children it is I, your Mother Gaia. I love you. Through the winds of time we have sojourned together through a myriad of challenging and also exhilarating experiences together, have we not? Have I not always been there for you, as I am now as well, in this beautiful moment of peace and unity. Unity consciousness of humankind is rapidly evolving as an exciting pace is it not? Can you feel it? See it? I sense the turmoil; the fires in California, the political turmoil… please know that all will be alright for all is unfolding as we ascend together as one.

I encourage you with this today dear children, for I too feel your fatigue. Rest and joy and prosperity is in your – our – near future together. It is here Now as you claim it and anchor it in this current timeline to be so. You are the anchors, the way showers, the light bearers, the hope keepers. And I know that my hope has been placed well in you, mighty ones, for you are keeping your promises to me. I feel it every time you are kind and every time you make a compassionate choice from your heart space. That energy of love and compassion furthers the collective towards unity consciousness and of course furthers us all along our own ascension pathways together.

Talk to the rocks and minerals. The fairies are eager to reconnect with you as well. We are all in this together. One action causes a ripple effect. Please make sure your ripples are energetically ones you will be proud of, for they always meet up with you later, in the most unexpected ways sometimes.

Send love to California. Send hope to those who are suffering. For hope is here. Hope is you. Open your hands now and serve each other for in this you will find your healing that you seek and long for. Send healing to the nature kingdoms, the oceans of life that have been so maligned from their original state of purity and perfection. Send healing deep into me, into my crystal core network which connects us all intricately in intimate ways. It is my neural network, therefore you too are of course connected to this. Ask the Fire Salamanders to light your way. For we are going home.

I love you. I cry tears of unending joy and happiness at what we have been through together and are creating in this now. My smiles will have tears of joy accompanying from now on, as will yours. For you will remember these stories of triumph and discovery of self, of your magnificent selves and your rememberings and your journeys and you will remember that which was, and that which will be – and you too will cry tears of happiness and joy! Open your hands and serve each other.

I am your dear Mother Gaia. I rock you and I hold you close to my beating heart as it beats in tune with your own. Listen for my heartbeat. It will comfort you as you rest. Be at peace now. I love you and I hold you close.

» Source – Channel: Galaxygirl

5 Tips for the Uninspired Spiritual Seeker (Part 1) December 12, 2017 By Wes Annac



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As spiritual seekers, sometimes we lose our way. It becomes harder to find the light, and we become insecure about the unique ideas that used to fuel us.

The inspiration that was once available in abundance becomes scarce as we find that we just aren’t as passionate about life as we used to be.

I’ve been down in this cavern of hopelessly lost inspiration, and as I climb back to the surface, I’d like to share some tips on how you can climb back up too.

These tips might not work for everyone, but for me, they’ve been spiritual medicine. I hope they help you regain what you may have lost.

We’ll start with the most obvious tip, which you’ll find in nearly every article on this subject.

1 Meditate and exercise more

I’d imagine some of you reading this have been meditating and exercising but still feel low. If this is the case for you, try doing them more and perhaps seeking an alternative approach.

You can try a different meditative practice, for example.

There are hundreds of meditative practices you can learn about on the internet or in spiritual texts, and if you stick with just one, it might become uninteresting or repetitive.

A lot of people do the standard meditation where you sit, breathe deeply, become aware of your breath, and detach from your stream of thought.

This is the most basic practice and not the only one by far. Do your research (we’ll discuss that later) and explore what might work better than what you’re already doing.

You can do the same with exercise: If possible, try riding a bike one day instead of jogging (or vice versa).

Try something new, and your brain will reward you for shaking things up. In the process, you might discover something you enjoy a lot more.

2 Run far, far away from your comfort zone


There’s no gentle way to put this: Your comfort zone will slowly kill your inspiration if you stay there. This can especially be said for creative endeavors.

Let’s say you’ve found a new meditative practice or dreamt up a big new project that will take up most of your time and energy.

Just as you’re about to start on this journey, you find out your favorite TV show just released a new episode.

You now have a choice: start the new project or sit down, relax, and be entertained.

The first option will take you out of your comfort zone, whereas the second will keep you comfortable and require zero effort.

But by the time the show is over and your TV is no longer stimulating the release of reward chemicals in your brain, you’ll be left wanting more, wishing the next episode was out and reflecting on your missed opportunity.

Ultimately, we know which path is better. But the better path is also the harder path.

This is because it feels good to be comfortable.

So good, in fact, that most people choose to work uninspiring 9-5 jobs so they can come home in the evening and enjoy all the comforts of the modern world.

They basically spend their lives in their comfort zone.

This stands in stark contrast to those who have a purpose and consistently pursue it.

They work themselves to the bone because they’re inspired and no longer subjected to the limitations of their comfort zone.


As the picture above states, all creative and spiritual “magic” happens outside your comfort zone. The interesting thing is that once you leave it behind, your range of comfort actually expands.

You become comfortable doing things you never thought you’d attempt. Then, you can push the bar higher and explore the even more uncomfortable territory.

This is what all the great innovators throughout history have done – the people who really pushed society into new paradigms. You can do it too.

3 Research topics that inspire you

In the search for lost inspiration, it might seem counterproductive to do something generally considered boring.

Keeping your nose in a book all day might not be the most exciting prospect, but it can expand your mind and help you see the world differently.

I look at learning like this: As humans, our lack of knowledge limits us. We live with a severely handicapped worldview until we start to read, absorb knowledge, and learn about the world.

The knowledge we accumulate shapes our understanding of life and, as we get older, influences the way we live.

In the same way that lifting weights will give you bigger muscles, reading and learning will expand your mind.

We don’t celebrate intellectual strength as much as physical because as a society, we lack an understanding of how a person’s knowledge (or lack thereof) shapes who they are.

Reading and researching are tremendously valuable for spiritual seekers. After all, how can you expand your consciousness if you don’t give yourself the mental and emotional tools to do so?

The same can be said for activists; how can you fight the latest illegally-constructed oil pipeline if you don’t know anything about it?

You’d be surprised at the effect research has on your worldview and your spiritual practices.

If you feel spiritually empty, try looking through some books and learning some new things about the soul. Hopefully, you’ll find what you’ve been searching for.

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By Wes Annac, Openhearted Rebel, December 11, 2017 –

A Hathor Planetary Meditation Through Tom Kenyon – Spatial Cognizance

A Hathor Planetary Meditation Through Tom Kenyon – Spatial Cognizance

DECEMBER 9, 2017 AT 2:40 AM

Lakshmi ♥ Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker » Feed  /  Pauline Lakshmi

Artist appreciation


A Hathor Planetary Meditation

Through Tom Kenyon

Spatial Cognizance

Your world is in the midst of an immense metamorphosis.

It is like a giant serpent shedding its old skin. New realities are emerging as old realities are being sloughed off. As an embodied being in the midst of this radical transformation the challenges facing you may seem, at times, overwhelming.

We have referred to this process in previous communications, and for a larger context for this message we would refer you to four previous messages we have given: Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and The Dismantling of 3-D Reality,Transitions States, The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Time and Space, and Restoration. (Note: Click on the underlined links above or go to the Hathor section of the website,

From our perspective the Sixth Mass Extinction, which we have referred to in previous messages, is unfolding at an accelerated pace. Weather anomalies are on the rise, which shall continue, resulting in challenges to agriculture and the world’s food supply. And the clashes between cultural values, international relations, social and economic institutions will continue to destabilize the world. This destabilization is due to an increase of Chaotic Nodes, which we have also discussed extensively in previous messages.

These Chaotic Nodes are the result of multiple inter-locking phenomena. The reasons for the increased intensity of these inter-locking Chaotic Nodes is attributable to a combination of factors. Some of it is cosmic in its origins, some of it is due to randomness, and some of it is a result of manmade influences.

Your collective experience of perceived time is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. And the “pressure waves” of this accelerated perception of time is due to the heightened pace of newly emerging technologies that you are becoming increasingly dependent upon.

The increased pace of data you have to process is beyond your capability as a biological organism to cope with, and you are shifting—as a culture—to a technologically-based reality.

As a result of this dependence upon technology you are entering a type of techno-servitude. And as with all new radical technologies there are good sides and bad sides to this reality.

Were you a truly benevolent species, the acceleration of your technological culture could advance the quality of all life, but you are not collectively a benevolent species. And some of the newly emerging technologies that could enhance planetary life are being commandeered by forces that wish to control and enslave.

At the same time there are benevolent forces also working with these new technologies to improve the quality of life. As a result of these opposing agendas, the future impact of technology upon Earth and your collective destiny is yet to be determined.

Returning to the metaphor of the serpent shedding its old skin, how do you ride such a creature? How do you function in a world where multiple realities are in conflict with each other? How do you survive, intact, the accelerated pace of change, and who is it that will survive this—meaning what is your true nature?

From one perspective what you are experiencing in your world is catastrophic in nature. From another perspective it is a highly potent evolutionary catalyst. In other words, the metamorphosis of your world could destroy you or propel you into higher states of consciousness. The choice, at an individual level, between personal destruction or an ascent into a higher dimensional reality is yours.

The purpose of this message is not to address the planetary challenges facing humanity and other life forms that reside upon your Earth. Rather our focus is on what you can do, as an individual, in the midst of such intense challenges.

The information in this message comes from the Aethos, the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth dimensions of our Hathorian reality.  From the perspective of the Hathors who reside in the Aethos, your cosmos (as well as ours) is only one of many, and all of these innumerable “universes” as well as the beings who dwell within them, are all perceived as illusory dreamlike displays of holographic light.

In other words, your reality, as well as ours, is fundamentally a temporary illusion brought about through holographic projections of light, transitory in nature, insubstantial and magical in nature.

The beings who reside in the Aethos are our spiritual teachers, for they have transcended the illusory effects of projected holographic light that most beings perceive as reality. The Aethos has, instead, fully entered into the very ground of consciousness itself.

You also possess this innate ground of consciousness, but it is obscured by your embodiment in time and space. Your nervous system is hard-wired into your five senses. This is a biological imperative and necessity for your physical survival, but the ground of your consciousness transcends all sensory phenomena.

At the moment of your biological death you are faced with infinity, specifically the infinite nature of your own spacious awareness.

In this message the Aethos is presenting a sound meditation and a method that allows you to make direct contact with your own spacious awareness and transcend the limitations of sensory-based reality as well as perceived time and space.

We are dividing this message into two portions.

In this message we are presenting the fundamental sound meditation and a basic method for making contact with your own spacious awareness—what we refer to as Spatial Cognizance. In the next message we will present a more harmonically complex sound meditation as well as explore some of the advanced applications of the method.

As we said earlier, all technologies, regardless of their nature, are two-edged swords. They can be used in positive ways or in negative ways. Earlier, we were discussing this topic in relationship to the external technologies you are becoming increasingly dependent on.

But now we are sharing an inner technology of consciousness.

It is also a two-edged sword.

The sole reason this method is being given is to empower you to transcend and transform the multiple realities you are facing. This is accomplished by temporarily removing the obstacles within your awareness to the spacious nature of your own consciousness. By making contact with the infinite reality of your own Mind (i.e., your transcendent nature), you can experience a type of freedom, contentment, bliss and happiness even in the midst of difficult and challenging situations.

While some of you reading this may have already made contact with the ground of consciousness, most human beings are caught in the web of their sensory experience.

When you make contact with your own spacious awareness, i.e., Spatial Cognizance, you are able to deal with difficult situations more effectively. This is because you do not identify yourself as being solely bound by any situation. Rather you reside in an expanded state of Mind in which you do not feel the pressure of sensory experience as you normally do.

As you progress into greater mastery of Spatial Cognizance, you understand that the situations you face are not how they appear. They are not as solid, or unmovable, as you perceive them to be. They are temporary standing wave patterns of holographic light. And you see the magical nature of all phenomena, whether they are deemed to be “good” or “bad.”

And because you possess an expanded state of awareness, you can affect situations with greater mastery. It is as if you are above the situation, rather than trapped in its web. This ability will serve you immeasurably as your world spirals into multiple Chaotic Nodes interlocking to create massive tsunamis of physical, mental, spiritual and planetary change.

Dealing with yourself and your world from a more expanded state of awareness is the right use of Spatial Cognizance.

But there is a danger in that some of you might use Spatial Cognizance as a means to escape the 3-D realities of your life. This is the other side of the sword metaphorically speaking.

Indeed, from our perspective, more and more human beings are entering quasi-psychotic states of mind. Witness the increase of irrational destructive behavior all over the world. These harmful types of behavior are paradoxically a type of escape through the act of mindless ruination.  Another kind of escapism is to reside in a bubble of quasi-contentment, happiness and bliss, paying no attention to anything or anyone else around you. This is not spiritual mastery; it is an escape into delusion.

If, however, you make authentic contact with Spatial Cognizance and meet the changing realities of your world with this state of Mind, you will forge a transcendent transformational power that will benefit you in innumerable ways.

The Nature of Spatial Cognizance

The ground of consciousness, (i.e., Spatial Cognizance) is the deepest space within you and transcends all phenomena including the world you perceive through your senses.

By its very nature Spatial Cognizance is imbued with the qualities of contentment, happiness and bliss. These are inherent and exist independently regardless of what might be happening in the sensory and/or mental/emotional realms of your existence. In other words, while you may be angry, sad or mired in other “negative” thoughts, emotions or situations, the ground of consciousness is unaffected by these. This is one reason Spatial Cognizance can be such an invaluable aid to you as you deal with the accelerating pace of change in your world.

It is also spacious in nature (meaning it is infinite and unbounded like space itself), and it is self-aware. It is what might be called pure awareness—awareness being aware of itself.

When you have fully entered into Spatial Cognizance, you are at peace and have a clear sense of being unbounded or unfettered by the situations around you. This is another invaluable quality of Spatial Cognizance (i.e., the ground of consciousness).

For human beings, the most efficient way to enter Spatial Cognizance is through the spatial abilities of the right cerebral hemisphere. This part of your neurophysiology is a master of spatial perception and by leaning on this innate ability you will more easily enter into a direct experience of Spatial Cognizance.

The Sound Meditation

The Basic Spatial Cognizance Sound Meditation is 5:56 minutes in length. You can, as you wish, listen to it back-to-back multiple times especially as you more deeply explore its potentials.

It is best to listen to this with stereo headphones or ear buds so that the sound patterns are your primary sensory input. Due to the fact that you are directing your attention to inner space during the meditation, do not listen to it in situations requiring alertness. The meditation should be the sole focus of your attention.

Upon the first striking of the bowl, recall the feeling of a large space. It doesn’t matter what the space is so long as it feels large and spacious to you. It could be the top of a mountain, a large open area or any spacious environment of your choosing. The type of space you choose to work with is immaterial. What is important is that it feels large.

As you continue to listen to the sounds, make sure you are feeling the sense of space. You are not visualizing space or thinking about it. You are re-creating the felt sense of being surrounded by a very large space. Visualizing or thinking about space will not activate the parts of your brain/mind that generate a direct experience of Spatial Cognizance. Only the felt sense of being surrounded by a large space will activate the neural pathways that will allow you to experience your own spacious nature.

After you have generated the felt-sense of being surrounded by a large space, become aware of yourself being aware of the sense of spaciousness. This simple act of being aware that you are aware of spaciousness is the seed of immense insight and mastery. Do not be deceived by its everyday simplicity.

Once you hold the felt sense of spaciousness while being aware that you are aware of space, you have entered the foyer, so to speak, into the vast mansion of Spatial Cognizance.

There is one final yet crucial to step to this process—the addition of a highly coherent emotion such as appreciation or gratitude. Adding these emotional qualities will insure that you enter a higher dimension of Spatial Cognizance.

In fact, appreciation or gratitude are the benchmarks of all higher dimensional realities that are benevolent in nature.

For those of you who may have difficulty generating appreciation or gratitude spontaneously, consider this: your ability to be self-aware is one of the greatest gifts you possess. This seed of self-awareness travels with you when you die and allows you to experience the non-corporeal worlds. Regardless of what world you reincarnate in or even if you incarnate as an energy or sprit-being, your innate capacity to be self-aware travels with you. Thus, cultivating self-awareness and mastering it is a tremendous and indispensable boon to your self-realization.

Refinement and Use of the Sound Meditation

For those of you who are familiar with the art of psycho-navigation you can enhance your experience of spaciousness in this manner: imagine that you are not only surrounded by a large space but there is no boundary between your inner space and the outer space around you. In other words, the boundary setting mechanisms of your consciousness are temporarily suspended, allowing your awareness to expand into and identify with a much larger space than you are normally used to. This will activate the deeper potentials of your right hemisphere and its spatial capabilities.

In a more advanced application of this principle you expand your sense of space to include the entire universe and all the worlds, as well as all the multitudinous dimensional realities that comprise your cosmos. Merging into spaciousness in this manner will, for most people, create the most profound shift in spatial perception.

If you engage these expanded methods of accessing spaciousness it is important to return to your normal sense of identity after the meditation is complete. This is most easily accomplished by simply opening your eyes and engaging your peripheral nervous system. Gently rub your ear lobes, as the major meridians of of your body’s organ systems can be found within your ears as well as your feet. If you find it difficult to return to 3D reality after a deep exploration of spacious awareness, you could also rub your legs, arms and torso, which will stimulate your brain/mind complex to process external stimuli and return you to normal sensory reality.

The sound meditation itself is designed to support your right hemisphere, to shift your focus of attention into a feeling of expanded space. In its simplest application you would simply sit with this meditation engaging the steps we have described so that it culminates in your being aware that you are aware of spaciousness conjoined with a sense of appreciation or gratitude.

You could then, if you wish, work with it as solely as a sound meditation that you return to from time to time as a means to loosen your perception and begin the process of perceiving the ground of consciousness that transcends your sensory experience of the world.

The ultimate purpose of this sound meditation is, however, to train your brain/mind to enter Spatial Cognizance at will. And then in your day-to-day life enter Spatial Cognizance without the use of the sound meditation. This simple act will eventually train your brain/mind to attend to two realities simultaneously—the reality of Spatial Cognizance (and the freedom of spacious awarenessthat it brings) along with the act of dealing with the realities of your 3-D existence.

This will eventually give you greater mastery over the situations you confront in your life because you will not identify with the web of sensory-based reality. You will instead, identify with your ultimate nature (i.e. transcendent awareness). Your sense of Self will have expanded far beyond the confines of your personal identity to include the infinite spaciousness of the ground consciousness. This type of Spatial Cognizance both transcends and yet paradoxically includes your personal identity. With this greater range of self-awareness. you will better be able to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. And, at the moment of your death, you will more likely have developed the ability to decide where you wind up next—meaning what lifetime or what dimensional existence you reside in.

This is one of the greatest gifts of the Aethos, and it is being offered to you as your world enters a most perilous passage. Regardless of what you sense occurring around you we encourage you to make contact with your own Spatial Cognizance, for it is a great ally, a transformer of destiny and brings with it a cornucopia of non-ordinary abilities that will benefit both you and your changing world.

The Hathors

November 12, 2017

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

Two things struck me about this particular Hathor message.

The first was their view regarding Earth’s current turmoil. They have alluded to increased planetary difficulties in several past messages, but this one has the strongest language yet. I am referring specifically to a paragraph that reads:

“From one perspective what you are experiencing in your world is catastrophic in nature. From another perspective it is a highly potent evolutionary catalyst. In other words, the metamorphosis of your world could destroy you or propel you into higher states of consciousness. The choice, at an individual level, between personal destruction or an ascent into a higher dimensional reality is yours.”

I think this idea of destruction versus an ascent into higher dimensional realities is the actual nexus or vital point of this message.

The Hathors are, in my opinion, calling a spade a spade. And they are saying that all life forms on Earth are in peril.

As a resource to counter this perilous passage, they are imparting an unusual resource they call Spatial Cognizance, and they say when the method is joined with the sound meditation of that name, you can directly experience the spacious (i.e., infinite) nature of your own consciousness.

This ability to experience yourself as spacious awareness will, they say, allow you to navigate the massive changes we all face with greater mastery because you won’t feel the pressure of sensory-based reality as you normally do. There is a type of grace that arises when we experience situations from a larger internal space that is self-aware.

The Hathors also say that in the more advanced phases of Spatial Cognizance, you will “see” through the illusion of this world as a solid reality. You will perceive, instead, that all things are actually transitory displays of holographic light and that all multi-verses are magical in nature.

Having worked with both the sound meditation and the method they described, I can attest that they work to create a greater sense of internal space that is self-aware. And this does allow me to be more resourceful when, and the operative word is—when—I engage Spatial Cognizance in my day-to-day life. In other words, if I don’t consciously engage this resource I can easily get caught up in the stresses of my own sensory, mental/emotional creations as well as the pressures of an accelerating timeline.

The second thing that struck me about this message is that Spatial Cognizance is essentially an unusual way to enter a yogic trance, a non-ordinary state of mental perception called Samadhi (or inner directed awareness), In its deeper states, Samadhi (i.e., Spatial Cognizance) reveals an infinite and spacious state of consciousness that is blissful and self-aware.

While the method and context of Spatial Cognizance is certainly unique, it unquestionably shares some of the philosophical territory discussed in the yogas of ancient India that trace their roots back to the Upanishads and also to Dzogchen, or The Great Perfection, that reached its zenith in Tibet.

Final Thoughts

Spatial Cognizance—both the sound meditation and the method for working with this state of spacious awareness—is certainly not for everyone.  If you don’t feel a resonance with the sound meditation or the method, just move on.

If you do feel a connection with this approach, it is perhaps due to aDimensional Tendency. The Hathors mentioned, in passing, Dimensional Tendencies in one of their previous messages. When I asked them what they meant by this term in more detail, they said that Dimensional Tendencies arevibrational bandwidths of subtle energy that affect consciousness.

These patterns of subtle energy arise from personalizing experiences, especially powerful ones. These patterns could have originated in previous life experiences, incarnations or in other non-physical dimensions of consciousness. The net result of these subtle energies is that they affect how we respond to our experience of the world and how we act in the world.

If you feel drawn to the concept and method of Spatial Cognizance as presented by the Hathors, it is perhaps due to the possibility that you may have explored the illusory nature of “sensory reality” in previous lifetimes and/or in other dimensions of consciousness. In other words, you created a Dimensional Tendency that would propel you to explore this kind of esoteric knowledge in future lifetimes.

Making the effort to master Spatial Cognizance is, in my opinion, well worth the effort. And if you choose to explore this remarkable state of Mind, I wish you great serendipity in your explorations.

Finally, may the many attainments you will have earned from mastering Spatial Cognizance be of benefit to you, to all your relations and to all sentient beings.

Click here to listen to and/or download the Spatial Cognizance Sound Meditation  (Note: When you click on the link, you will be taken to the agreement page of the Listening section. After you agree to the terms, you will have immediate access to sound meditations, excerpts of lectures, an entire workshop on sound healing as well as audio and video interviews. All of this content is offered free of charge for your own personal use.)

Information Not Directly Related To This Message

In addition to the Spatial Cognizance sound meditation, there are two more additions to the listening section.

These include:

Passage into the Womb of Nut, an excerpt from a talk Tom gave during a three-day workshop called The Art of Egyptian High Alchemy. In this 34:59 min discussion, Tom explores the ancient Egyptian myth of the Goddess Nut and explores the myth from the perspectives of neuropsychology, neurophysiology and the intersection of mythic realities and in-depth human psychology.

The Myth of Jason and Orpheus

In this excerpt from a talk Tom gave during a Sound Healing Training, he explores how the ancient Greek myth of Jason and Orpheus expresses various truths about the nature of sound and the journey of consciousness.  (31:38 min)

New Releases

The Shamanic Tree is a live recording of a mind altering shamanic journey that enters the realm of the “spirit singers” as Tom channels their rarefied healing and transformational energies using his nearly four-octave range voice. This unusual acoustic catalyst is only available as an mp3 download. Click here to go to the Store

Sound Immersions: Explorations into the Power of Sound

In this unique one-day Sound Intensive, recorded live, Tom spontaneously read the group energy to bring forward various sound codes that explored the celestial realms, the crown lotus (Sahasrara), patterns of life-enhancing chi within the kidneys and adrenal glands, a shamanic journey into the bones and an exploration of the DNA/RNA matrix. This is a truly fascinating body of work made more potent by Tom’s nearly four-octave range voice. This recording is only available as an mp3 download. Click here to go to the Store.

Tom’s 2018 Teaching Schedule

Tom has not scheduled any workshops or appearances as of this date. As soon as he sets his 2018 schedule, it will be posted in the Calendar section of the website.

You can also receive an email the moment he posts his 2018 Teaching Schedule on the website ( To receive this automatic notification about workshops and personal appearances, go to the Contact tab at the bottom of the Home Page menu bar. Just click on what type of information you wish to receive. We do not share your information.

@2017 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved

Your may share this written information with anyone so long as you do not alter it in any way, do not charge for it and include this entire copyright notice. Please note that sharing this message only applies to the written portion. As with all sound meditations on the website, they are for your personal use only and are not to be shared with anyone or organization via any media. If you wish to bring the sound meditation to the attention of your friends or associates, direct them to website.

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TIARA KUMARA – Help to Transmute Hatred in the Mass Consciousness – 12-11-17 – Golden Age Of Gaia


Higher Density Blog

December 13, 2017


The Oneness Transmissions

Our Unified Focus:  Transmuting Hatred in the Mass Consciousness

Humanity has Toppled over a Tipping Point

Our primary objective in this transmission is upon the transmutation of emotional hatred that is tenaciously imprinted within the emotional body of mass humanity.

This extremely polarized emotion is at an all-time high and getting even stronger, as if contained within a cancerous bubble that is now exploding with full force.

The growing divide between ‘sides’ has created a deeper chasm in our societies, bringing the ever-buckling duality grid of human consciousness toppling over a tipping point.

This precarious situation is the result of a massive purifying effect triggered by the potent incoming streams of cosmic light, and the continual rise in planetary frequency.

This evolutionary force is naturally catalyzing a grand purge of the divisive human mainframe.

Simultaneously, the strengthening crystalline grid is now so influential that its radiating light of ‘fusion and synthesis’ is empowering conscious unity to new levels of unprecedented magnitude.

This light of unity is inspiring the awakened ones to rise up and take part in a highly magnetic global Goodwill Movement, one that is silently getting stronger while far from the attention of mainstream media.

This brings to the fore the unwavering demand for highest transparency, accountability and integrity in our leaders, in our culture and in every aspect of our lives. Without these virtues in place, the inflated and highly hostile bubble of polarized emotion surely will burst and rain down its fiery havoc.

The hidden shadows are being lit up and all untruths exposed, triggering common people everywhere to rise up and demand change. The difference this time is… they are no longer taking ‘no for an answer. The playing field is being leveled for true equality to be realized.

Our collective shift into unified awareness, and perhaps our very survival as a species, now depends upon our willingness to embrace and transform the pervasive shadow of ‘the fear of other’, and its growing tentacles of divisive hatred.

This world crisis is an epidemic that is knocking on all of our doors, bringing us face to face with our judgments of those we have perceived as separate from ourselves.

As one Group Avatar, we are called to help neutralize rising destructive energy.

We are serving as transmission channels for the cohesive power of transfiguring Divine Love.


The December 17 Transmission

* During the Season of Love *

This December, we are riding on the waves of the season when the vibrations of love and generosity are at their all time highest.

Our transmission priorities include…

* To continue seeding the new consciousness grid with the templates of love and oneness, and through our own codes of accomplishment.

* To powerfully radiate the light of Divine Love to help stabilize the mass consciousness field and the building energy of emotional hatred.

* To initiate greater activation in humanity’s collective DNA by invoking and transmitting the trinity flame of Divine Love, Wisdom and Will, as God manifest within the heart of each and every soul.

Our transmission will be sent to and through the Crystalline Grid to reach the higher mental body of all humanity, etherically and telepathically.

(( Go to Transmission ))

Let’s rise together in Divine Love this holy season to radiate the codes of an evolved humanity.

Consciousness, Transmutation

DIANE CANFIELD – The Light Body Is Forming Through The Heart – Activated through Emergence of Divine Feminine – 12-12-17


Higher Density Blog

December 13, 2017


By Diane Canfield

Beloved Tribe,

At this time of high acceleration the light body has also accelerated in it’s transformation from the HUman Body.  The light body forms through the sacred heart. The beginning phase of the light body formation starts with the opening of the Heart chakra. As it opens it then works to open even wider to let more LOVE in which then builds up to allow more LIGHT to develop inside of it. As more light permeates the Divine Heart, more compassion for all sentient beings develops and takes hold. This can also be referred to as activation of the Divine Feminine. The Divine feminine exists in all beings.

The Divine Feminine’s main function is through the Heart and Heart chakra. The opening of this energy center provides more love, compassion and connection with all things to take place. This is the connection of Source, through Creation. As the Divine Feminine is the Divine Consciousness that creates and maintains life. Through this sacred connection lies the connection to the Entire Universeand all of Reality.

My own heart chakra was fully activated in 2012 on 12/12 through a Psychic Clairvoyant experience. As I was sitting on my couch in the living room of my house I noticed a white flash coming in through the window. This white flash then turned into a white dagger  piercing my heart center to fully open it up. As it struck me I had incredible pain and slumped to the side for a few minutes. I was trying to compose myself to tune into what had just happened. After a short time the pain was gone and I felt refreshed and more energized. I was told by my team in the higher realms, this was the Divine Source dagger opening up my heart chakra fully to be able to teach about Ascension and the Ascension process. All of my experiences are very dramatic through Psychic Clairvoyance. This is how I chose to experience this lifetime.

High heart pain has been a common ascension symptom and an uncomfortable feeling. This is an indication of the Heart expanding to bring in more love and light and to start the Light body transformation process through the opening of the heart chakra.

Chakra Openings

Each chakra in the body has to expand and fully open in the Ascension process. You may feel pain and vibrations as the chakras open to allow more love and the light body to reconfigure the DNA of each energy center. When the vibrations start they can and do go on for days as the chakras are beginning their activation cycle. I experienced these vibrating chakras back in 2011 through 2013. As each chakra would open I would feel the vibrating sensation that would last for weeks and months at a time. It may not happen this way for everyone, again I always experience things more dramatically and eventfully. It will depend on their level of Truth and where they are in their development in the Ascension Process how they experience the chakra activations, but each chakra must be fully open for the light body to build. Look for activations within the chakra centers to open during times of high energy. ( Vibrations in every chakra is an advanced symptom, which means your light body is transforming)

As each chakra opens, the Heart chakra expands even more, allowing in even more light and love. All systems are connected to the Heart Chakra as this is the foundation of the light body formation.

Higher Realm Activations  have come in recently to continue to build the light body. When you feel these you will be uplifted into the higher states of Bliss. For those that experience bliss this is the feeling of the 5D through 12D states of existence.The feeling is a complete oneness with the Divine Source. These times of experiencing this bliss is happening more frequently now than ever.

If you have not felt it, work on keeping your vibration high at all times. Do not listen to the news, do not get involved in politics ( everything is going according to Divine plan now, we no longer need to be involved ) and stay away from anything main stream media since this is not aligned with Truth. Try to unplug from the 3D world as much as possible, this will help to raise your vibration.

As the Human species evolve into the light body, they will have more access to the Animal and Fairy Kingdoms which have recently evolved to the next level also. You may have felt this the last 6 months. as I have talked about it before in my articles. You may, now more than ever before, be able to tune into your pet or even an animal you see a picture of. This is happening as we moved into higher dimensions, we now see the connections between all of life. As you look into your pets eyes, you will feel more than ever before. You will feel the special consciousness that they are and have an over whelming feeling of protection for them. We have all had this feeling towards our pets but not this is at a much higher level of awareness. As a compassionate caretaker of animals myself, I have known since childhood they were special and to be handled with care. They are the carriers of unconditional love and the teacher of this to humans in this realm.

You may also want to become a vegan or vegetarian. This is happening spontaneously for many as I have talked about in the last few articles I have written. When it happens you will know it and it is not something that can be forced, either you will feel it or not. There is a higher state of consciousness reached when this happens. It will eventually happen for everyone.

The fairy kingdoms have also opened and come into the forefront now with the building of the light body. They are actively working along side HUmans. In many of my client sessions I now see the fairy connections to many of my clients. I see the fairy realms working with them and working to uplift humanity as a whole. It’s very exciting when I am tuning into clients and keep seeing the fairy realm appearing in their energy field.

As the light body builds, through the Heart chakra this activates more Compassion, more Love and more Light for the recipient to be able to hold. As the light increases in each Human we come closer to the higher realms, as the higher realms are all LIGHT. There is no darkness and no duality there.

In order to hold more Light, work to delete all the darkness from your being. Do not embrace it, transmute it instead into Light through healing of all dark and unhealed aspects of yourself. Look for TRUTH as this holds the highest amount of Light and this is how we connect with the Creator of All That Is.

It is through the Light Body that we will expand into the 5th dimension and beyond. It is through Truth, Compassion and Love that this expansion will take place. It is through the Heart Center, the Heart Chakra that this is all possible. It is through the Heart Center that the Divine Feminine emerges to Transform this world into the New Earth.

December dates coming up : I will be talking more about these in the days to come.

December 12th 12/12/17 Stargate Portal

Work to open your heart chakra on this Sacred Day and to Heal any left over wounds from the past.

December 21st Solstice Divine Heart Portal

More details to follow.


In Service and Love

Diane Canfield

About the Author: Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

Website and sign up for my newsletter: 

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Cathy O’Brien: Waking Up from Mind Control

12 12 Portal, The End of More OLD Dark Codes

Published on Dec 12, 2017

12 12 Portal, The End of More OLD Dark Codes December 12, 2017 by Mikey Murdock This Article: https://divinephaseslightworkermissio… ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Subscribe to the Higher Self YouTube Channel: Be sure to check my YouTube Community Tab so you can keep updated on what I am doing.… PayPal Donations Welcome. Click here:… Support my work on Patreon: (in progress) Higher Self Website coming soon Social Media: Facebook Twitter @1111HigherSelf Instagram… ________________________________________ ________________________________________ If you have articles or channelings that you have recorded in your own voice and would like them to be on the Higher Self Channel, you can submit them via email to: for consideration. If there is an article online that includes the text from the recording, please include the link to it with your submission. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ If you are a gamer, my sons’ channels are here: Naolum… Venadict…

Situation Update

Situation Update

DECEMBER 7, 2017 AT 4:15 PM

The Portal  /  Cobra (

There is a full scale battle for planet Earth ongoing on the plasma plane in sublunar space right now. The light forces are focused on removing the wormlike plasmoid entity that has entered our Solar system from Orion in 1996 and is now wound up around planet Earth:

Reactions of this entity and all lesser plasmoid entities living inside its body with their exotic plasma weapons are creating brutal scalar attacks on Lightworkers and Lightwarriors recently.

A multidimensional portal to the Galactic Center will open from December 17th to December 25th with the turning point on December 21st , that will drastically change the conditions of the plasma plane in most of the sublunar space. This portal is partially accurately described here:

On the physical plane, the Light forces are purging all negative Secret Space Program factions in sublunar space. All members of those programs are given an option to unconditionally surrender and accept the Galactic Codex or be cleared out.

This purge creates a lot of unusual activity in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO), as reported by Benjamin Fulford:

The hammer of Thor will continue to hammer until February 2018:

The Light forces are also purging all negative factions that were trying to hide in Antarctica and above the Arctic circle, especially on Baffin Island and on Novaya Zemlya:

In a massive operation in late November, about 80% of the infrastructure and personnel of the dark forces has been removed from Antarctica.

Underground cloning facility under Long Island has been cleared out.

In March of this year, many members of the Cabal were taken underground into the Resistance for questioning and then released back to the surface with their memories erased. David Rockefeller could not handle the stress of that questioning and died of the heart attack a few days later.

Now, some members of the Cabal are being taken to undisclosed locations on the surface of the planet for questioning as a part of massive investigation that will lead to mass arrests:

They are later released with an ankle monitor:

Mass arrests will NOT happen until the plasma plane is cleared of all scalar weapons and toplet bombs.

Certain things did NOT go according to the plan and I can not release more intel about the Event although I would like to, the situation is simply too delicate for that.

Despite all hardships we are experiencing, Light is making progress and our planet will be liberated.

Victory of the Light!

Arcturian Council: Your Evolution

Arcturian Council: Your Evolution

DECEMBER 12, 2017 AT 9:04 PM

Era of Light  /  EraOfLight

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You will continue to evolve, even after the shift is completed. You are not ever going to stop evolving and becoming, even when you return home to Source. There will be times when it seems as though you have to do a lot more work, and there will be other times when it seems that you are moving happily through your lives without much of anything to spur on your growth and evolution.

No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, and no matter how much you are experiencing right now, you’re always in a growth cycle. The times when these experiences of growing and evolving hit you the hardest are the times you need the most support. They are the times that call for more support, and you have so much support that you don’t need to ask for it. But you do need to accept the support that is being offered.

You do need to let go of control so that you can let in all of the support and all of the love and compassion that is coming your way from your guides, your angels, and other high frequency beings of light and love. Your growth and evolution are inevitable. They will continue, regardless of what you do or do not do, but how you go about facing the hardest parts of your journey will be in large part determined by how much help you’re willing to accept, how much you’re willing to open yourselves up to receiving.

You are not giving up your power when you ask for help or when you receive it. You are demonstrating to yourselves how powerful you are in your ability to receive. You are demonstrating to yourselves that you are a collective. These guides and other beings, they are all other parts of you, and to draw upon the help and support that they offer is just a wise use of your own resources. Your evolution is a group effort.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

» Source – Channel: Daniel Scranton

The Collective: The End of Aggression

The Collective: The End of Aggression

DECEMBER 12, 2017 AT 9:03 PM

Era of Light  /  EraOfLight

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Powerful Light Bringers!

We are pleased to have this time to speak with you again, and to share insights on an issue that touches all of your lives etherically, if not in outer ways.

We have recently received a question from a grandmother in Australia, who out of Love for her granddaughter, is distressed at the amount of bullying occurring now.

This dear one asks why bullying is happening to so many children and young people. Her granddaughter she describes as a lovely girl, a high school student, with dark hair.

She is being bullied for having a mixed racial background and fair skin, which even her friends comment on.

The grandmother comments, “These people cannot accept people who are a little different,” and that she “cannot believe the intelligence of people who do this sort of thing, but feel most bullies have been bullied at home.”

We would say, that for one, there is currently an atmosphere of bullying, based on the old fear paradigm, coming from some of the most vocal and authority-claiming channels on the planet.

Namely, those referred to as world leaders who take making threats and issuing dangerous proclamations to be the chief hallmarks of leadership, strength, and military might.

Now, on the other side of this bragging, pomposity, and unthinking outbursts, there is a miracle occurring. 

And that miracle is the beginning of the end of aggression as you know it; the end of victim-making and victim-playing in the great drama that has been third dimensional Earth life.

And the end of the forms of social, economic, and political categorizing that begin in childhood.

Children are mind-controlled to view their peers as competition that must be either enlisted to their private army of comrades, or challenged and fought against as a potential social or personal threat.

We do not call that miracle simply “the end of the old forms of masculinity.”

We call it the Return of the Divine Feminine.

What you see occurring to this and many millions of other children, young people, and adults, is not an isolated social condition, but an outpouring of the lower, ego-based self.

This Shadow Self is rising in vibration, and after eons of being manipulated through fear and survival instincts by the lower order, is desperately trying to maintain its hold on human consciousness, yet failing to do so.

This downfall has been viewed by the lower realms as a temporary setback, as those who inhabit those dimensions do not read rising Earth vibrations as anything other than that which they can perhaps tune to their own preferences and use for their own ends.

Yet they are mistaken on this point and in their appraisal of the current phase of human evolvement, as they have been mistaken on many points all along Earth’s current timeline.

We would not say to this dear one’s granddaughter, “Just ignore them, and it will stop,” as so many well-meaning educators and parents say to those who are bullied.

We would say instead, several things, none of which young people may accept as viable or doable by them, and yet, all of which carry their own powerful vibration.

These are not based on “getting into a tussle” with those who insult or injure, and yet, they do not ignore the issues.

It begins with a young person’s own inner perspective, difficult though it may be to stand up to that developmental need to win the approval of one’s peers.

For one, everything that a person experiences in this life is being used by their soul for its own glorious expansion, strengthening of purpose, demonstration of purpose, and inner growth.

Nothing occurs by accident—this child was not born with her beautiful features and coloring by accident, any more than any other child is born with features that simply fell to them, without their soul, higher self, and Spirit guides having chosen such.

It was by Divine design—as all are Divine Beings in the higher realms—that she and her soul chose this appearance, for beautiful reasons not yet revealed to her Earth consciousness.

Carrying that knowledge of higher purpose with her—even if she cannot name it yet—will raise her circumstances in her eyes from one of accident or social betrayal to one of, “They don’t know my path yet, and I don’t know my path fully either. But their judgment of who I am and why I came has nothing to do with me.

“They are frightened by what they consider to be their own imperfections. So that if they comment on my appearance in a negative way, it is because they feel that will place them above me somehow. But it can’t.

“There is no social hierarchy. That is a lie and an illusion.

“All are precious and equal in worth. And the invaluable uniqueness of each person means that all are equal in beauty.”

For another, this dear grandmother is correct when she notes that many who bully are bullied at home.

Children are taught bullying first as a form of victimhood for themselves or another family member, and then as a form of self-expression to ensure what they view as self-protection. Or as a their role to play out socially.

They are also constantly mentally trained to think in terms of threatening, macho aggression in film, digital gaming, video, and television scenes, that “prove” the toughest guy always wins.

More than flashing images, music, and clever dialogue, this is also a function of the technologies employed in media, created to entrain and manipulate the viewer.

The “tough guy” worship and indoctrination is not only a denunciation of women’s and girls’ humanity and intrinsic worth.

It is a denunciation of the Feminine aspect of the human spirit and psyche, and of the Universe.

Sports, education, social events, religious training, social training, family dynamics—nearly every aspect of a young person’s life is structured so as to assure them that the Feminine elements of nurturing, compassion, kindness, patience, inclusion, the design and gestation of new ideas, and the intrinsic self-worth of each person are pathetic ideas for “losers” and “geeks,” and not what a real soldier or “winner” would do.

And so everyone, whether they feel they are justified in it or not, tends to learn some form of categorizing and judging others in ways that makes the Other small, perhaps even a caricature, while desperately narrowing potential growth of their own self-image.

Young girls learn to take up competition against one another to prove who is most worthy of the most confidently macho of the boys.

This social division and reinforcing of the aggression trait is in another ploy to ensure that family traits then reinforce the warped masculine—the Wounded Masculine of the one who has lost half of their own spirit and psyche to a culturally supported lie.

And yet—see what has unfolded in recent weeks, particularly in the United States, where so many women have come forward to give account of sexual assault or harassment suffered from male colleagues, bosses, or social contacts!

Witness their bravery, their claiming of their higher self, their intrinsic worth, and the worth of all that is Feminine!

None of this is accidental.

With the Return of the Divine Feminine to this planet, the old lies, the old narrowness from which humankind sought to justify the beliefs it was fed by those aiming to disempower it, are so quickly dissolving, it is impossible for you to catch every demonstration of it, no matter how well publicized they may be.

Can you take a moment, right now, to think not in terms of what you Must do with the remainder of your day, or do tomorrow, but what would be most Joyful for you to do?

This is the blessing of the Feminine, moving forth with ever-increasing strength and pouring forth onto the planet with something like an Angelic trumpet blare.

This is what is required of you now—to move from the masculine, left-brain rational obsession of what job needs to get done, into the joyful expression of the heart-mind, and the depth of its connection to your very soul.

And its conscious connection to all Life.

That joyful thing you have been putting off—the music, the laughter, the time in Nature—is calling you, because it is pulling you to remember and reclaim your higher self.

And this is why you were intentionally separated from it for so long.

And so we would say to every young person (or adult) being bothered by others whose egos are weak and flailing, and who lack the self-Love to get through the day in any other way—we would say, What is that joyful thing you Love, and want to do?

What do you want to pour yourself into—what fascinates you most?

What draws you? What is your greatest passion in life?

If you do not know, you must find it, dear ones.

And when you do, you will be so caught up in the glory of expressing the Divine Being You are, Whom came to evolve into while still in a human body, that no insult will ever separate you from your joy.

Let them see you shining in your joyful life of living out your passion, whatever it is.

Let them view your empowerment as something they will realize they did not even know existed.

That is the way forward.

We send empowering energies of courage, inner strength, and Peace of heart-mind to all under any form of duress now.

The shadows you battle are from old, and the sword of your empowerment is well sharp enough to dispel them all.

Namaste, dear ones! We are right beside you, always.

Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.


James Gilliland’s December Update: Hecho en Mexico, December 13th, 2017

James Gilliland’s December Update: Hecho en Mexico, December 13th, 2017

Per Staffan December 13, 2017

James Gilliland

James Gilliland’s December Update: Hecho en Mexico

“Hecho en Mexico” = Made in Mexico. So it means (most likely) that James is in Mexico. Take the best (for you, that is) and leave the rest.

“If you take a look at what is happening in America the white-collar crime is epidemic. As you move up the ladder of power and wealth it gets darker and darker in most cases. Hollywood, the music industry, politics, industry, where it often ends up in elite rituals, sexual predation including pedophilia. This includes Satanic ritual and child sacrifice. The fluoride, the chemtrails and project mockingbird are working.

“It is time to take the blinders off end the denial and address these issues. Not addressing them allows them to flourish. Draining the swamp includes all the fore-mentioned. For those who have been following the Russian collusion investigation it doesn’t get any more insane or fraudulent… Research who is funding the violence, the separation game and their past history in other countries. They divided the countries, created social unrest to the point of social economic and environmental collapse then bought everything a penny on the dollar taking over their currency and natural resources often in the name of democracy.

“What I find so incredulous is not only are many of the FBI lead investigators anti Trump, many are also pedophiles, sexual predators pointing the finger at others caught in the act. This is why the military and the white hats have to step in. They also busted a major fetal body parts for sale and human trafficking operation directly tied to the Clintons. Pro-abortion for profit involving planned parenthood.

“The enlightened Chinese Elders are major players backing the white hats in putting an end to the cabal. They have had apparitions of Quan Yin and other masters including contact with Pleiadians and other spiritually and technologically advanced beings. They have made it very clear it is time to release the humanitarian funds. Putin has also had contact and if there is any collusion with the Russians and China it is about ending the cabal… the GRV [Global ReValuation (of currencies)] cannot happen until the round up.

“What we are seeing is the effect not the cause. The cause is the earth evolving, rising in frequency. She is being assisted on high by the source itself, God/Creator/Great Spirit whatever name you want to give it. I say it because it is not the bearded gods of the past, it’s the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse.”

Source: Kauilapele


December Update, Hecho en Mexico

I am sitting in my favorite breakfast spot in a beautiful little fishing village which shall go unnamed, contemplating “Do I continue to cover this insane world or escape into a world of my own?”

I am sitting in my favorite breakfast spot in a beautiful little fishing village which shall go unnamed contemplating – do I continue to cover this insane world or escape into a world of my own. ECETI was created to be a different world where people would live a spiritual life in harmony with nature as a template yet no man/woman is an island.

There are just a few Huichol (Native Americans in Mexico) – two in counting – asking for coins, but for the better part the homeless and jobless are far and few between. Might be something America can learn from this. The family unit is very strong here with children and women walking hand in hand at the plaza. I actually feel safer here than in the states. Yes, there is room for improvement but it is amazing how the people do with what they have and make the most of it. One of my projects in Mexico has been to help out the Huichol doing presentations with all proceeds going to the village. There are many villages that don’t even have a well or bathrooms. I have found in Mexico if you don’t get drunk, do drugs and stagger home late at night there are no worries. Most problems come by making bad choices. Your odds are a lot better here staying safe however than most major US cities.

If you take a look at what is happening in America the white-collar crime is epidemic. As you move up the ladder of power and wealth it gets darker and darker in most cases. Hollywood, the music industry, politics, industry, where it often ends up in elite rituals, sexual predation including pedophilia. This includes Satanic ritual and child sacrifice.

The fluoride, the chemtrails and project mockingbird are working. For those who do not know what chemtrails are, search geoengineering and the NASA Papers.

It is time to take the blinders off end the denial and address these issues. Not addressing them allows them to flourish. Draining the swamp includes all the fore-mentioned. For those who have been following the Russian collusion investigation it doesn’t get any more insane or fraudulent. Unfortunately, the cognitive dissonant, integrity-challenged lame stream media and their mind controlled following (often referred to as the liberal left) have no shame in continuing in this agenda. The fluoride, the chemtrails and project mockingbird are working. For those who do not know what chemtrails are search geoengineering and the NASA Papers. They actually name CNN as their chosen disinformation and mind control venue. I would also look into DEW, directed energy weapons concerning the California fires. Our hearts go out to those whose lives have been disrupted and lost their homes.

(This Saturday night on As You Wish Talk Radio I’ll be interviewing Sharon Barrington, aka Nano Girl who has inside information on the geoengineering of many of these fires.)

Research who is funding the violence, the separation game and their past history in other countries.

They divided the countries, created social unrest to the point of social economic and environmental collapse then bought everything a penny on the dollar taking over their currency and natural resources often in the name of democracy. The despicable elite or what some call the cabal. They have funded both sides of every war since Napoleon creating most of them. The swamp are their hands and feet. For those who need it spelled out Antifa, Black Lives Matters, Open Boarders and a few others are their avenues of creating social unrest and separation. They prey upon past injustice and emotion to create division. Many are doing their bidding thinking they are doing the right thing in protest yet in truth they are serving the very people they are against. The source of the problems.

An example of how corrupt the Deep State is, in their attempts to take down the duly elected president, is the real crime.

credit: Oathkeepers

An example of how corrupt the deep state is in their attempts to take down the duly elected president is the real crime. Russia Collusion investigation ended up in Hilary and Bill’s lap, along with Obummer and many on the special council members to investigate what? Russian collusion concerning selling 20% of American uranium to Russia receiving a 145 million dollar kick back. The vast majority of investigators, lawyers etc. are all Clinton sympathizers. Most have donated large sums of money to the Clintons and the Demoncratic party. A party replete with sexual predators, bribes and embezzlement. Almost all of them are dirty and they each know about each other’s dirty laundry. That is why they almost never get prosecuted for blatantly obvious crimes. This includes some republicans as well especially the rhinos. Now they are feeding on themselves spilling the beans on others to take the heat off themselves.

What I find so incredulous is not only are many of the FBI lead investigators anti Trump, many are also pedophiles, sexual predators pointing the finger at others caught in the act. This is why the military and the white hats have to step in. They also busted a major fetal body parts for sale and human trafficking operation directly tied to the Clintons. Pro-abortion for profit involving planned parenthood. This so incredulous most cannot comprehend or go into total denial when confronted with the truth.

I feel sorry for the misled and the ignorant but maybe they have a lesson in discernment and doing their own research before jumping on the band wagon to hell. Actually, that is a metaphor.

The latest scandal is Pelosi and Mueller having an affair.

The latest scandal is Pelosi and Mueller having an affair. If it is true it’s like skull and bones meets skull and bones almost literally. Peter Strozk, the man who changed the wording to give Hillary a get out of jail free card for the obstruction of justice, lying to congress, destroying evidence, etc., during the email scandal, the one who hand delivered the fake Russian dossier was also caught having an affair with another investigative lawyer, Yates sending her anti Trump emails. Strozk was the lead investigator with a vendetta and a sorted past. The whole investigation into Russian collusion has turned out to be a 7 million dollar nothing burger, a terrible waste and now is moving into criminal activity on the part of the council which could easily be defined as, “treason”. The swamp is being drained, the sexual predators and pedophiles are dropping like flies and the ones screaming the loudest to impeach Trump are the ones who have the most to lose. They are all going down.

The enlightened Chinese Elders are major players backing the white hats in putting an end to the cabal. They have had apparitions of Quan Yin and other masters including contact with Pleiadians and other spiritually and technologically advanced beings. They have made it very clear it is time to release the humanitarian funds. Putin has also had contact and if there is any collusion with the Russians and China it is about ending the cabal. I can talk about this now because it is now all over the internet. I have said repeatedly the GRV cannot happen until the round up. It is totally irresponsible to allow billions, trillions of dollars to get into the hands of the dark hearts. There have been many false starts and promises made in error but we are close.

The latest information confirms the Marines loyal to Trump have taken over the CIA and FBI headquarters and now have actionable evidence regarding the coup and the dirty laundry used by top politicians and the agencies to bribe and blackmail the others. Checkmate. With now over 5000 indictments heads are going to roll and the swamp will be drained.

They have made it very clear it is time to release the humanitarian funds. There have been many false starts and promises made in error but we are close.

What we are seeing is the effect not the cause. The cause is the earth evolving, rising in frequency.

She is being assisted on high by the source itself, God/Creator/Great Spirit whatever name you want to give it. I say it because it is not the bearded gods of the past, it’s the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse.

It is not alone. Masters, Saints and Sages, Ultradimensionals, Inner Earth beings, and our ancient ancestors are returning. The Grand Reset is underway and these are what many refer to as God’s armies. The trans-dimensional war has already been won. Now the eradication or rehabilitation of the fallen ones, some negative ETs is well underway. The original intent was for Earth to be an Eden, a place where all life could evolve to its highest potential. It was terraformed many times by 12 major Star Nations with others later adding their DNA, plant and animal life. That is why geneticists cannot figure out why there is so much alien DNA on the planet and how it could have evolved naturally. It didn’t despite the brainwashing called scientism.

Enjoy the ride, we are living in exciting times.

Enjoy the ride, we are living in exciting times, help has arrived and now it is time to devote our energies to creating Heaven on Earth and living under Universal Law.

For those who do not know what Universal Law is it is the principles and understandings for a healthy society and environment. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.

It’s time to try something different.

Pass this on far and wide,

Be Well,

James Gilliland

ECETI Official YouTube Channel


You have my permission to send this far and wide.

Enoch via Kerstin Eriksson, December 11th, 2017

Enoch via Kerstin Eriksson, December 11th, 2017

Per Staffan December 13, 2017


I love you dear friends,

I am Enoch,

I am very old,

I am before the creation of Earth.

The very creation of your beloved planet

Earth, Gaia, were a symphony of love.

Many creators gathered, an ensemble of different

rays, and qualities!

The big bang was very essential, to the creation

as well as time itself.

Time, Kronos, is also extremely essential, to all

kinds of love.

Now you live on this magnificent and beautiful planet,

and time, Kronos, is working with you and all that is on


There are different times, Earth consists of many delicate

rythms, and timetables.

There is a special rhythm in each seed, in the soil, and there

is a totally different rhythm in for example the poles when they shift.

Where there is a beach now, with delicate sand, there once was

a mountain as high as Mount Everest, and in many millions of years

to come it will shift once again, everything changes, moves, in different


The continents move slowly, you think?

No not so very slow..!

There are even slower movements, and

there are very fast movements as well.

Now I would like to talk about a pace, a rhythm that is highly important!

And that is; your heartbeat!

You have a heart, as well as I have!

That is exactly what makes us ONE.

When all humans desire,

peace and love, only,

all hearts will beat as one

and there will be a dear, long much

awaited synchronisity.

You have heard it before of course and yet

it is of great importance.

Every day, ask yourself, what is your hearts ambition.

In the early morning, at sunrise, the new day is born, a new being,

that has never been before, even you are new..!

When we plant the seed of love, in our wishes each day

Kronos works with you in every aspect, just you wait and see!

Dear friends,

I love you,


The Arcturians via Sue Lie, December 11th, 2017

The Arcturians via Sue Lie, December 11th, 2017

Per Staffan December 13, 2017

Suzanne Lie

Learning,Remembering Inter-dimensional Light Language by The Arcturians through Sue Lie


Learning and Remembering

The Inter-dimensional Communication of Light Language

The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie

Again, you may find your heart and mind hanging around our higher dimensional group of the Masters, Angels, Elohim. You see, “The beginning of the Beginning” is beginning.

We, the Arcturians are always with you and are playing an increasingly different role in what was once known as your “time.”

As the frequency streamers of the emergence of the “fifth dimensional concepts, feelings, and memories” come forth to integrate within your consciousness, you are beginning to release many of your third dimensional emotions and reactions to your Time and Space Operating System.

As you release your attachments to your Third Dimensional, Time/Space Operating System, you will find that gradually, or all at once, you will return to your innate, fifth dimensional, Here/Now Operating Systems.

We know that “you,” meaning any person, place, situation, or thing that is on the Path of Ascension, are coming closer and closer to the experience of consciously perceiving the frequency expansion of your reality into the fifth dimension.

It is within this fifth dimensional reality that the third/fourth dimensional energy fields merge and transmute into fifth dimensional energy fields. As you feel these streams of energy advancing towards each other, like two streams rushing towards a reunion, you can feel that something is changing, or is it transmuting?

“Changing” means that something is different than it was before the change. “Transmuting” means that something has expanded into a higher frequency of resonance.

Right NOW, the ascending ones, as well as the ascension process, is in between the frequency of your fifth dimensional consciousness of your fifth dimensional Lightbody and the third dimensional consciousness of your earth vessel.

You note that we say, “consciousness of earth body,” as it is your state of consciousness that dictates the frequency of your earth vessel, rather than your earth vessel dictating the frequency of your consciousness.

Of course, your consciousness and your physical body have a very deep relationship and a greater interaction than most humans understand. However, please remember that:

The frequency of your consciousness determines your perceptions, and the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live. Therefore, the highest frequency of your consciousness will be the first component of your SELF that will return to its innate fifth dimensional resonance.

Then, once your consciousness has fully accepted the resonance of the fifth dimension, your physical body will begin to slowly transmute into higher and higher frequencies of resonance.

Of course, some areas of your body will transmute quite quickly, while other areas of your body will take longer to transmute, as they will need to complete their healing and/or the release of old “effluvia.”

During the NOW in which you are in-between…

The YOU who has NOT YET completed your visit to the third/fourth dimensional version of Gaia, AND the YOU who has completed your many visits to third/fourth dimensional Earth, are ready to return to your fifth dimensional version of Earth.

Your visits to fifth dimensional Earth, your fifth dimensional Starship and/or your fifth dimensional Homeworld, have often been when your earth vessel is sleeping, or when you are in such deep meditation that you expanded your brainwaves to “Gamma Waves.”

These Gamma Waves resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension. Therefore, they assist your third/fourth dimensional consciousness to expand into your fifth dimensional consciousness.

At first, your fifth dimensional streams of consciousness will be invisible to your physical self. However, as you continually activate your fifth dimensional brainwaves, you will gradually re-calibrate your brain to send these fifth dimensional energy waves to the language area of your third dimensional body.

Each of you, according to your desire and experience, will translate these fifth dimensional brainwaves into the language area of your third dimensional brain. At first, you may experience these “messages” via visions, which you will “translate” into messages.

When you “read a picture”, you innately use your fifth dimensional consciousness because a picture can contain many messages at once. “Light language,” which is “fifth dimensional language” is best sent to another via a mental picture which can have many meanings within the same NOW.

When you tune into Light Language, you do not experience separate words lined up individually. Instead, you experience the gestalt, which is the entire message regarded as a whole.

At first, your experience of Light Language may feel very “emotional” because your body FEELS it, but your eyes and ears may, or may not even be seeing or hearing it.

It is for this reason that humans often have a difficult time with Light Language, as it calls on different areas of the brain to receive it, as well as different areas of the brain to translate the message to your third dimensional communication system.

For example, if you read information, you will be able to consciously experience it because you are accustomed to “reading” information written on a page. Your physical eyes have been trained to combine efforts with your physical brain to understand the words that are written before you.

You are also accustomed to “hearing” information via your physical ears. The information that enters your hearing is routed to the area of your physical brain which has been trained (by you) to read. You can also use your motor skills to write or type this message because you have trained yourself to do so.

You may also recognize when “Beta Wave Messages” are routed to your physical body. In this case, you will likely feel a physical urge to “attend” to inner or outer stimuli, so that you can understand the message that this “physical feeling is giving you.”

With practice, you will remember to allow your body to tell you that there is something that you it wants you to do. An example of this would be that your body tells you that it is hungry and wants to eat, or is thirsty and wants something to drink.

You physical body may also tell you that you are very tired, or you are having an emotional reaction to something. As you attend to the many different types of “light language,” that your body is “speaking to you” via the synaptic, light flashes from neuron to neuron, you will learn the “Light Language of YOUR body.”

As you begin to “listen to your body” you will become more familiar with the manners in which your body gives you messages about its needs or your safety. These “silent messages” are Light Language messages that travel through your body via your synaptic firings, waft through your consciousness and activate certain areas of your physical body.

The more you are aware of these incoming messages, the more you will learn/remember how to more clearly identify them and to “speak the language of your body,”

As you feel more and more comfortable with recognizing the different waves of energy, you will be able to more quickly and accurately identify the frequency of reality that is attempting to communicate with you.

Sometimes, it is your “inner child” who wants to send you a message. Other times it could be your inner teenager, a unspoken message from a parent or friend, or even a message from an animal with whom you have a close relationship.

Also, if you enjoy Nature and spend time with the plants, trees, insects, wind, sun, sky, etc., you will learn/remember how to talk with Nature. Those who love to garden can always tell when a plant is saying, “I need water.” or “Can I have more fertilizer?”

Please be aware that you are the “unconscious” creator of frequency waves that you “send out” and/or “attract” to your earth vessel. The challenge is to consciously attend to energy waves, plants, animals and even the atmosphere, in order to speak “light language” with these beings.

“How is this light language?” you may ask.

These forms of inter-species, and even human to human, communication do NOT include using third dimensional words. There is a great deal of information that can be gained and shared within a single human word, but the emotions that carry that word to the receiver of the message is often more important than the words that are spoken.

Ask a farmer or a fisherman how they know what they know about inter-species communication. One of their answers is that they have been taught, or learned, how to deeply observe Nature in order to communicate with it.

What if humans first observed other humans before they began a conversation? That would be a form of Light Language because they are NOT using individual words, sentences and paragraphs that are written or typed on a page. Nor are they using language that is spoken or written in words and sections.

Instead, they are “hearing” and “seeing” energy fields. When you can calibrate your consciousness to the higher fourth and fifth dimensional energy patterns, you will learn/remember how to identify energy fields.

In fact, you will remember how to consciously identify the frequencies of reality to which YOU have CHOSEN to relate and merge your consciousness.

It is best, and easiest, if you begin this process by learning/remembering Light Language, which is the language of “inter-dimensional communication.” By being conscious of the difference between a third dimensional energy stream and a fourth dimensional energy stream.

Then you can progress into recognizing a fifth dimensional energy stream, which can lead you into recognizing the “Inter-dimensional Light Streamers.” The fifth dimension is the “cross-over” dimension from the third/physical and fourth/astral energy fields.

The fifth dimensional, energy streams are often identified as “Light Streamer” because fifth dimensional streams of information have a great deal more Light, then the other energy streamers.

These Inter-dimensional Light Streamers, have been increasingly creating, maintaining, and guarding YOU, our brave warriors, to take an Earth Vessel within this VERY difficult now.

Fifth dimensional Light Streamers are increasingly creating, maintaining, and guarding our Ascending Ones. We, your Galactic Family, are also assisting you to fully remember and complete your assignment of opening and protecting the Fifth Dimensional Light Portals.

There are many portals around Gaia’s Earth, but they can only be perceived via a fifth dimensional and beyond state of consciousness. Therefore, the Lost Ones will NOT have access to these portals, or to any of the ascending ones who are using and/or protecting them.

We wish to state again that many do not realize that these fifth dimensional streamers exist. They are also unaware that these fifth dimensional energy streamers, are opening within this NOW to guide the Ascending Ones to initiate, repeat and continue all the many stages of “Remembering Your Return.”

Remembering your Return includes “remembering to share the story of your own Inter-dimensional experiences. We also ask that you remember that rather than thinking of ascension as a “reality shift,” think of it as a “Frequency Shift.”

It is not that it is your entire reality that will need to transmuted, as that is more than is possible given the current status of your planet. Instead, we ask that you think of this transition as a FREQUENCY SHIFT.

A Frequency Shift is a means by which you can expand your consciousness, and hence expand the experience of your present “Earth Reality.” It is getting closer and closer to the NOW when you will need to choose the frequency to which you wish to resonate.

The “Frequency Shift” is getting closer and closer to the NOW in which you will need to choose. What you may not know, and no one will tell you as they do not know either, is that YOU will need to find the answers within your SELF.

We say “SELF” because we mean your own Multidimensional SELF is the only ONE who can guide YOU. Each of you have a piece of the “puzzle of ascension.” Therefore, each of you are called on to find, hone and protect your puzzle piece so that you can  share and combine it with ALL the other personal, puzzle pieces.

In closing, we the Golden Ones, Arcturians and/or the Ascending Ones, have been coming to the consciousness of humanity more and more.  Therefore, they all want to remind us, those wearing a 3D earth vessel, that:

When you stand before the Ascended ONES at the threshold to the fifth dimension, you will have feelings that you cannot remember having before because within that NOW, there is definitely something different about your Earthly consciousness.

Surrounding dear Gaia, there is a “place” or “energy field” that is beginning its transmutation from the time/space of the third/fourth dimension, and into the fifth dimension of the HERE and NOW.

Therefore, remember your Light Language,

As it is the Golden Path that will guide you HOME.

Blessings from the Golden Ones, the Arcturians and the Ascending Ones

The collapse of major media

The collapse of major media

DECEMBER 12, 2017 AT 10:40 AM

RSS Feed SGT Report real news  /  SGT

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

As I indicated in a recent article, the B-team, or even the C-team, is now heading up the national evening news in America. These anchors’ faces and voices (Muir, Glor, and Holt) are not even faint reminders of the so-called Golden Age, when father figures like Cronkite and Reasoner fed official truth into the brains of viewers. The new C-team is vague gloss from a paint job on a used car. This is an ominous sign for the news bosses in the upstairs suites. They can’t find adequate hypnotists anymore.

What happened?

Many things—among them, the father figures left the fold. They decided to sell real estate or take corporate work in PR. They saw the handwriting on the wall: the networks were fostering a youth movement, seeking younger and prettier talent. Why? Because Madison Avenue was convinced the younger viewer demographic was the important one, in terms of consumer buying power. Therefore, on-air news faces had to be younger as well. This sounded right, but it overlooked one vital fact. The young news anchors couldn’t pull off the appropriate level of mind control. They were merely bland robots. Friendly, nice, literate to the point of being able read copy. (Lester Holt at NBC is a bit older, but he comes across as a corpse someone dug up at a cemetery for a role in a Frankenstein remake.)

There is another gross miscalculation. The commercials, between news segments, are overwhelmingly pharmaceutical. Those drugs aren’t intended for the youth demographic. They’re for the middle-aged and the seniors, who want to toxify themselves for the rest of their lives.

So the commercials are playing to the older crowd, while the faces of the news are supposedly attracting younger viewers. It’s a mess. The news execs and programmers really have no idea what they’re doing.

They’re basically hoping their game somehow lasts until they can retire.

There’s more.

Terrified by “visionary” Ted Turner, who started CNN as a 24/7 cable news outlet in 1980, NBC decided they had to spin off their own cable news channel. This move, on its own, splintered the unitary hypnotic effect of having one anchor deliver one version of the news to one audience. Suddenly, there were several hypnotists on stage, all talking at once. It was a disaster in the making.

Then you had the various financial news channels, and FOX, and the sports channels, and the weather channel, and Bloomberg, and C-SPAN, etc. Plus all the local news outlets.

This fragmentation began to erode the programmed mind of the viewer. If, hoping to retreat to an earlier time, he sought out one face and one voice and one great father figure on ANY of these channels, he came up empty. The archetype was gone.

In a pinch, a viewer on the political right might opt for Bill O’Reilly, and a viewer on the Globalist left might choose Charlie Rose. But they’re both out of the picture now.

Enter, from stage left, the goo-goo behemoth, the CIA- connected Facebook, which, amidst building a tower of likes for infantile posts, is trying to convince its adherents that it IS the Internet and a source of tailored news that is sufficient unto the day. Unanchored news. No single voice or face.

Big media, in all its forms, has lost the mind control war.

It has lost it from inside itself.

Into the vacuum have swept the million voices of independent media. I’ve written about that revolution at length, and won’t recap it here.

Instead, consider the Youth Phenomenon. You could peg it at the Beatles’ US invasion of 1964.

Why? Because that was the moment when children began to be entertained by other children. Seriously, deeply, religiously.

Add in the drugs, and other factors, and you had the groundswell of the 1960s.

Stay young forever. Never grow up. Adults are dull dolts.

These children eventually became parents, and their children became parents…and you have the whole generation-to-generation, societal, eternal-youth package. “I want to be young. I want to be happy forever.”

How do you sell these people the news?

You put a nice face on it.

And you lose the hypnosis.

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Time Shifts and Memory Codes (Silver Solstice Series: Part Four)


Published on Dec 12, 2017Part 4 of Magenta Pixie’s analysis of her recent transmission “Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017)”. You can view that video at…

This video is part of the ‘Silver Solstice Series’. View the whole series at…

About this video: Fluctuations of time (bleed-throughs, time shifts and time stops) as well as the Mandela Effect are some of the topics discussed in Part 4 of the ‘Silver Solstice Series’.

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Explaining the Two World Split (Silver Solstice Series: Part Three)

Published on Dec 11, 2017Part 3 of Magenta Pixie’s analysis of her recent transmission “Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017)”. You can view that video at…

This video is part of the ‘Silver Solstice Series’. View the whole series at…

About this video: Magenta talks about the Two World Split and the extreme polarisation taking place within humanity on a tangible level.

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Code of the Feather and Reality Shifting Magick (Silver Solstice Series: Part Two)

Published on Dec 9, 2017Part 2 of Magenta Pixie’s analysis of her recent transmission “Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017)”. You can view that video at…

This video is part of the ‘Silver Solstice Series’. View the whole series at…

About this video: Gratitude for the ancestors and pre-incarnate/quantum selves, the bird tribes, code of the feather, energy of the phoenix and reality shifting magick.

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Distraction of Christmas and the Shadow Reality (Silver Solstice Series: Part One)


Published on Dec 8, 2017Part 1 of Magenta Pixie’s analysis of her recent transmission “Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017)”. You can view that video at…

This video is part of the ‘Silver Solstice Series’. View the whole series at…

About this video: The extreme polarisation of humanity, the shadow reality (that which is hidden shall be brought to light) and the distraction of ‘Christ-Mass’ (Yule/Winter Solstice time period). The positive and negative energies of Christmas.

Mentioned in this video: Heike Jenkins

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A monthly support audio Mp3 with Anna and Lena will help you with further discussion, suggestions, exercises, shamanic support, icaros and guided visualizations. This month’s Mp3 includes useful guidance and support for some of the important opportunities and challenges for the month. Click on the Buy the Supporting Audio above to purchase or for more info.




Now that we have turned the soil and processed, recapitulated and come to terms with certain areas of our lives, it is time to think of where and what we need to change in order to prepare for what is next.

I chose the theme of UPGRADE because that is where we want to end up. Not with business as usual, but with goals, intentions, plans and determination to improve our lives so that our experience is upgraded from what is was before.

Navigating this month will take focus and discipline. You cannot be lazy about your practices and if you say you are going to do something or start a project, program or discipline, you better be prepared to follow through. There is a fine line of balance between focus and imagination, between your will and your intuition. You need all of them to work together and in harmony.

There is an expansive quality to the month that should lean towards excitement and inspiration about the possibilities. We can struggle a bit with fear of the unknown but remember that fear and worry are usually about things that have not yet happened so part of the discipline of the month is to stay present. In the present you have just your current experience to deal with. This is an active month and one of transition, movement, preparation and improvement. Burst of energy channeled into action will be balanced with down times of assimilation and integration. Stay out of judgment about what is happening, not happening and how. It all leads to an upgrade.

Think of yourself as a computer. If your computer is beginning to show signs of not being able to keep up with new programs and needs more memory and a higher processing speed, it is time for an upgrade. While the upgrade is in process, the computer is down. When it comes back up, there are often glitches that need to be fixed or refinements made to the way things are organized. When it is rebooted, you are able to do and process more.

It is the same with our physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies. At times, as we are in the process of upgrading, the body is down and offline. We are checked out. Sometimes this takes the form of an illness or simply a total lack of energy and focus. It could even be defined as depression, apathy, lethargy and confusion. Let it be. And then when we come back on line, we are improved and better capable of handling more than before. So be careful what you ask for this month. Don’t hold yourself back, but know that the bigger the upgrade you seek, the bigger the “growth period” of being offline may be.

This is rather an exciting month as long as you can keep your eye on the ultimate goal and not get mired in the discomfort of the process. It will be important to pay close attention to your daily details and to stay really present with what is working and what isn’t. The only way to successfully upgrade is to tell the truth about what needs it and then to be disciplined about taking the necessary steps. Because you are most likely going to be changing patterns as you upgrade, you will need to be conscious of being persistent. If you get distracted and go to sleep during this process, you risk sliding back into the very habits you are trying to change. So, stay awake, stay present, tell the truth, and get serious about dreaming what you always wanted and putting your discipline behind it.

We need to be aware of impatience this month and to work with time in a new way. Once you decide something, the discipline is not to hurry it along but rather to stay focused and not distracted by doubt and worry.  Be inspired by the intelligence of right timing instead of frustrated by the lack of mental information. This may be a tough time for those that have a strong need “to know”. We have no mental idea of where we are headed with this upgrade but we do have an intuitive one that requires trust and patience. Always look to inspires you when you feel yourself in need of a reminder.

It is best to try and enjoy the process this month, whatever it is, and to see all aspects as important on your journey. If you are “offline” it may be difficult for you to trust that there are gifts at the end.  Especially if you are upgrading through a health crisis, it may be a challenge to stay positive. The best interpretation of these times is that we are being rewired energetically in preparation for something new: new ideas, new insights, new belief systems, new experiences, new attitudes, and a new relationship with life. This is always hardest on the physical body so have patience with however your upgrade is choosing to show up. And remind yourself daily that you are indeed moving towards an UPGRADE.





Sometimes it is best to be literal with yourself and support your process through literal reminders. For example, if an upgrade is what you are striving for, look around at your personal daily life with all of its physical support elements as well as its habits and see where and what you can upgrade.

If you want to upgrade your health perhaps you can upgrade your exercise or the quality of your food. If you wish to upgrade how you show up, maybe you upgrade parts of your wardrobe or your personal care. If you want to upgrade your attitude, decide how you want that to be and then make an effort towards positive statements and be disciplined about staying out of the negative. If you upgrade your daily routine, perhaps you add something creative or some quality time, something that represents an upgrade to what your normal and usual routine is.

One thing you can work on this month is what we call your “havingness”. How much can you have? What can you have? Raising your havingness is key to upgrading your life and the push for higher havingness is always a bid for power. (there is a good guided visualization for this on our monthly support audio).

In turning the soil last month many of us have uncovered old patterns imprinted from childhood that relate to how much we can have or how much we are capable of achieving in this life. You can break out of the imprinting this month and go for more. It will take courage and discipline but will be worth it in the end.



Upgrading relationships is a bit more subjective as it always takes two. However, you can begin by choosing to engage with others only in a certain way, one that represents an upgrade for you. You will need to be willing to take the consequences of this discipline if a relationship is not willing to meet you in the upgrade. Upgrades in relationships are possible in the areas of communication, shared experiences, interactions, and simply being present in the moment with another.

What you are striving for here is more essence contact and the true ability to set aside judgment and to see yourself as well as others as spirit. The main relationship you are upgrading at this time is your relationship with yourself. How can you raise the bar on more love, health, acceptance, patience, understanding, and support you could have for yourself? And why is it that we all tend to sabotage the very things we know are healthy and good for us and instead continue to practice poor judgment and make bad decisions?

This is a good month to upgrade your self-esteem and to work on your havingness around self-worth and worthiness. The way you treat yourself is the way others will begin treating you. You are the one setting the new pattern and that new pattern will draw others towards it. Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your self-esteem this month, whatever it takes.



We can always use an upgrade on our health and well-being. This is where the true discipline comes in as most of our addictions and tendencies towards poor habits greatly affect our physical and emotional health. Take some time this month to really tell the truth about what you need to do in order to upgrade your health. Maybe it is a belief system that needs an influx of new information and wisdom. Maybe it is a change in diet or a new routine for building physical strength. Maybe it is staying away from what is emotionally disturbing to you or getting some help around issues you find challenging. Whatever your choices are, remember that it is the discipline that will bring about the upgrade, whether it is bringing in something new or eliminating something old and creating some good boundaries around yourself.

The growth periods brought about by the bids for power that are related to your intentions for upgrading could manifest through physical and even emotional challenges. Energy levels go up and down this month and some will definitely succumb to illness as a way to lay low for a while and allow the system to re pattern on a deep instinctive level. This is the computer being taken offline while the upgrade is in process. Manage your time well this month so as not to overdo or overextend yourself. If you create some good down time for yourself, you may be able to avoid it being created for you.

(There is a good chakra upgrade visualization on this month’s support audio)



Projects and business ventures move in fits and starts this month. Don’t be surprised if a project or venture begins with a spurt of excitement, enthusiasm and inspiration and then hits a standstill somewhere down the road. This only means it is time to regroup and focus on the details making sure they are at the havingness level you need them to be. Take these slow times to do some deep cleaning of the environment, filing, paperwork, and to upgrade the support system of the project. It will reboot itself in right timing and sometimes with a speed that you were not expecting. Things can happen very quickly in this kind of energy as long as everything is clear and in place.  Roll with it, whether moving like a runaway train or stopped at a complete standstill.

If current projects, business ventures and partnerships could use an upgrade, it will become obvious. You have an opportunity this month to upgrade your perception and intuition as well as the way you view your goals and the bigger picture of what you wish to accomplish. If the current situation is not satisfactory, you will feel it and be inspired to do something to change and upgrade it. Follow your intuition. It is probably better equipped at this time than your rational mind.



This is the month where it I important to pay homage to and appreciate the environment. Everything from the heavens to the center of the earth, all life, cycles, weather, plants, animals, elements etc. Since we have an opportunity to upgrade our senses and deepen our relationship and communication with the environment, it can start with our gratitude and appreciation for what we have.

If we can stay present and really see, feel, hear and sense the support system that is our natural environment, we actually feed it energetically. When you send the energy signature of love, awe, appreciation or gratitude towards the environment, the environment will respond by taking that signature and feeding itself becoming even more rich and beautiful.   This energy then is sent back to you creating a cycle of communication that will ultimately and eventually open your senses to the point where you will truly experience the environment in all of its multidimensional beauty.  What would it be like to open our senses enough to experience the layers of energy and patterns in everything we see? This and more is possible as we upgrade this month. It starts with noticing and being present with what is there already. If you are to upgrade your relationship with nature you need to be in it. Spend as much time as you possibly can in a natural environment and remember to honor all the elements that support your life on a daily basis. If you had deep gratitude for water every time you used it, the water would become more powerful as an ally.



December 1-7: Let’s start the month with a good dose of “what if” questions. What if my life were….? What if I could….? What if I experienced myself as….? What if I experienced others as…? You fill in the blanks. This gives the quantum field something to begin working with. Think of this time frame as one of telling the truth about what needs an upgrade and then setting the stage for it to begin manifesting. If you are going to upgrade something in your life, first you have to see how it does not serve you anymore.  Sometimes this process is painful as it could bring up deep issues of self-esteem, worthiness and incompetence.

Move through this with compassion, flexibility and neutrality and keep your eye on the goal. Engage your imagination as you pose the “what if” questions but at the same time pay attention to the practical side of your daily life and take care of the details of business and your physical environment. Make a list of all the things you are clear about upgrading. This inventory will serve as a template for the month as you can keep referring to it and refining it as the weeks unfold.


December 3: Full Moon is Sunday, December 3 at 8:47AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This Super Moon is an opportunity for a good reality check and a time to tell the truth about what you know to be true, not what someone else tells you is true, but what you, yourself know. It is a good day to discuss and share dreams of the future, intentions, solutions to problems, and everything you can imagine for yourself. A full moon is always expansive. Use the expansiveness to fuel your imagination and creativity but do not get scattered.

This is also a good time to make an inventory of what you wish to upgrade. The decisions to change something in your life will use this full moon energy to take hold and begin the process. Try not to spend time in frustration or disappointment as you make your list. Negative feelings about what needs to change are never useful. Think instead about how fabulous the upgrade will be. Spend some time in nature today and begin putting some practices in place to open your senses.

Mercury has gone retrograde and it is best if you are fairly well organized with your schedule for the next three weeks (with room for flexibility of course).


December 8-15: Ups and downs pepper this time frame. Stay out of judgment and in neutrality. It’s just what it is. This is not to say you should just give up and do nothing but it is a time to surrender to the process you yourself initiated to uncover the roots of your old patterns that no longer serve you. Watch impatience, irritation and judgment. If you are experiencing a “down time” let it serve you and don’t resist it.

The balance between dreaming and dealing with current reality can make life look a little chaotic. This is a necessary training in preparation to hold a larger experience of the polarities of life. On the one hand, you have more tangible access to the creative imagination of the astral or spirit world where dreams begin. On the other hand, you are dealing with the truth of what you have created thus far both personally and collectively. Before you have the power to change anything you need to see all sides of the coin. Don’t let this reality check drive you into the negative. You need to stay focused on what is possible. Keep referring to your “what if” questions and keep opening your senses and intuition with the help of your guides, nature and your higher self.


December 16-23: Breakthroughs are possible during this time. Grab the excitement of your glimpses into what is possible and set boundaries against others that have a different idea of what you can and cannot do. Accept when things feel bogged down and you are experiencing a “growth period” or down time. Accept also when something begins to move very quickly. There can be major mood swings and times of too much vs too little. The task is to be able to hold it all as a full experience.

The breakthroughs are around your intuition, the expansion of your senses and your havingness. You may wonder at how easy it is to effortlessly upgrade something in your life once you give it permission to be upgraded. It is a natural order of things to want to improve and evolve. Only you and your limitations and belief systems stand in the way. There is also excitement and inspiration that comes with the knowing that you can actually have the upgrade of the thing that you are changing. And maybe nothing on the external needs to change. Perhaps it is your attitude and how you see life that is being upgraded resulting in a richer more satisfying experience.


December 17: New Moon is Sunday, December 17 at 11:31 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). Take a little time here to really enjoy your life, however that shows up for you. For some, it would be making the time for friends, for others it would be carving out some personal alone time in nature or perhaps allowing for an adventure you have been putting off due to a lack of havingness. Whatever it is, this is YOUR time to be spent however you want to. This is also a great time to think about how you show up in the world and reflect on life task work, your passions and creativity, and where you may need to upgrade.

It is also a good time to make concrete plans for launching anything new especially projects, business ventures and undertakings you have been dreaming for a while. The motto for this new moon is “I am, I can and I will”. Revisit your practices and your discipline. Is it enough? Too much? Are you doing the things that really serve you? Or are you just acting out of old habits?


December 21: Solstice is at 9:27 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) A solstice is always a powerful time to release what stays in the past and to welcome and anchor in a new cycle complete with a new set of intentions, resolutions and goals. This solstice in particular is potent for stretching your dreams, thinking outside the box and putting yourself out there just a little bit more. The most important thing is to make sure you honor this transition and make time to work with the energies.

Do a ritual of some sort, burning a writing of what you are releasing and leaving behind as well as concretely anchoring and welcoming a new cycle, a new dream and what you wish to manifest and upgrade for yourself from now on. You can do this visually by writing or drawing or creating something of an offering to put on your altar or give to the fire. Whether in the northern or southern hemisphere, think of the solstice as a time of reset, a powerful transition from the past into the future. Think of it as the beginning of a new cycle with new influences and new opportunities. The more aware and present you are with the idea of a reset and transition, the more powerful the solstice will be for you.


In this time frame we are in, we have an opportunity to really move from one vibrational frequency to another, upgrading everything in the process. The price is your willingness to let go for good of what holds you back. Only you know what that is.

TRENDS 2018. Sign up for the live webinar of the talk if you have not already done so. A very helpful look into the next year.

Intentions, Goals and Resolutions: A helpful webinar with Lena and timely for the solstice!


December 24-31: In many cultures and depending on traditions and calendars, this is often a holiday season, celebrating gift giving and the end of the year. We say that this is also a good time to set some boundaries against the chaos of over activity, over extension and trying to please too many people at one time. Take care of yourselves first and don’t lose sight of the theme of UPGRADE. How can you upgrade this time of year for yourself as compared with other years?

It is good to reflect on what is new and different and to feed the upgrades. It is also a great time to actually manifest something in your physical environment that represents an upgrade for you. Perhaps a new piece of furniture or a coat of paint on your wall, or replacing/upgrading something worn out for the kitchen?

This is a good time frame to work on your havingness, especially in the areas of your personal and spiritual growth, intuition, and ability to see more, feel more, hear more and sense more.

A wise shaman once said: “It is more important how you end something than how you begin it”. So, let us end this year well, with gratitude for what we have experienced in 2017 and inspiration for what we can manifest in 2018.

Have a wonderful month!





JELELLE AWEN – Energy Update – 12:12 Gateway – Divine Feminine Integration with Metatron and Sophia – 12-12-17

By Jelelle Awen w/Archangel Metatron and Sophia

They stand at the gateway, which shimmers with lit up, golden and red sparkles of light. We are in front of a literal gateway for 12:12, which is not necessary what I am expecting and yet I’ve learned to be open to the unknown. Archangel Metatron is here in his fatherly form, radiating wise kindness. Goddess Sophia is here in her softness… brown waves of silky hair, sweetly and powerfully wise. They are greeting me here, representing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Wisdom, guides for us during the Ascension process, creating bridges for us to experience the remembrance and embodiment of our TRUE selves.

We walk through the gateway together and I feel how they are a metaphor, really…..all these Gateways and Portals and Star Gates. They represent humanity’s desires for adventures, for change, to be brought to the New, to be teleported beyond our wildest dreams to Heaven, which actually lives inside of us. These things are not as much existing in the Cosmos or in space as they are within each of us, representing our rediscovery of our Galactic origins and reconnection to Star BEing Unity Consciousness.

“Do these things actually exist?” I ask them as we ‘sit’ somewhere on the other side of the gateway with puffy, floating clouds forming the floor and the ceiling and the walls. “These Portals, Gateways, and Star Gates? I’m feeling them as also metaphors for humanity’s deepest desires to experience Heaven from within again. Do the dates of 12/12 or 11/11 or 1/11 or 1/1 really MEAN anything since time is a 3D illusion?”

Metatron smiles at me, a blast and flash of pearly bright whiteness. “Everything that lives in your heart exists and has meaning, Jelelle. You give emotional meaning to these events, to these dates, to time and, so, they exist. You give emotional meaning to these portals and gateways and so, yes, they teleport you where your heart wishes to go.”

“The most meaningful questions that come up next for us to ask ourselves seem to be, ‘What do these things mean to me? What do they mean to my life, to serving my purpose of love here? What is the relationship that parts of me have with them?” I say.

Sophia smiles at me and nods. “We do not want to just give you answers. So many souls come seeking us for guidance and answers, to hear and feel wisdoms outside of themselves. Many times, our answers do not land anyway as the heart that is receiving them is not ready to receive them as their own truth too, which is what resonance is. What you call ‘the emotional body’ is not cleared enough of hurts and pains to transact with worthiness. This time, this ascension for your collective, is the realization of your OWN answers and your own meanings that arise as you heal your hearts to access them. And, to eventually come to feel that we ARE you and you ARE us.”

This certainly resonates with me and what I have received as clarities for myself and with others as well. “And, then, to feel where those answers come from. To sort through, with the heart leading, what part of you is holding these answers and wisdoms,” I add.

“Yes, your parts work process is quite clever at sorting this through,” Metatron responds. “It is a sort of inner tracking and guidance system that can sort through what has come from 3D and how it lives and breathes within you. And, what is originating from your Metasoul too, which I am particularly fond of as I helped to name it!” He laughs brightly.

Sophia beams at me, saying, “All in the purpose to return to wholeness, of course. We are glad you are bringing this process forward as you are, Jelelle, and living it out for yourself – and your BEloveds too – as your hearts become then clearer channels to share and serve Divine love, yet still remaining grounded in being human. Honoring your humanity as sacred while you embody transcendent frequencies from within….”

“Thank you so much,” This goes in and touches me. I take a moment to let this in. Then I say, “I did want to talk with you both about the current Ascension energies and what I am feeling about them. I have felt a shift since the 11:11 portal especially and definitely since the Super Moon into more Divine Feminine frequencies. I’m feeling like this will continue through January too as there is a lot of moon energy transmission happening then. Two Super moons and an eclipse, I believe. Less activations and upgrades, which I have associated with masculine energy, and more feminine frequencies of holding, receiving, BEing in stillness, letting in.”

“Yes, this is so,” answers Sophia. “The Great Cosmic Sun has been releasing love, beaming light, and activating much since the start of your 2017 year. All this masculine activation needs the grounding now of the feminine. The feminine holds the space for the INtegration of all these energies into the body’s every living cell, into the emotional body, into the chakras, into the mind. The feminine has the patience to gestate the birth of your sacred humanity. She waits. She rests. She mourns. She feels. Her holding this way allows for less pain and suffering too.”

I feel this in my heart as She offers it. I have experienced this in my own process, of course, over and over through many phases and stages of death and rebirth; birthing and creating and letting go; being so attached to CREATE it and then….set it free. The souls that we serve love with through SoulFullHeart sessions are undergoing this process too, sometimes this is showing up for them in dramatic life changes and relationship shiftings….and for others it is more an internal process of reformation and recreation.

“You all can become Divine Feminine midwives for this process. For humanity’s death and rebirthing process. For your own processes too. To remain in the room as the labor pains happen and to TRUST that all of it is leading to the birth of something new,” She smiles again, although now I notice there are tears on her cheeks. “We feel for humanity in this process. It is so challenging. You are so brave. You are so courageous.”

“We have so much love for you,” Metatron adds. And, I am crying then, feeling that love, feeling their trust, feeling that the answers and clarities and guidances from them don’t matter as much as this LOVE they remind us of, that they have in overflowingly ready supply for us whenever we want and need it.

They both embrace me then and it is amazing to let in as I feel them AS separate and AS me too, MY feminine and masculine wisdom unifying together in love and to offer love. Soaking this in as I am writing it to you, in this moment, as my heart communicates in the language of love.

“This love is possible for any soul who asks for it. Who wants it. Who is open to feel where parts of them don’t feel worthy to receive it. And to ask for these parts to feel it especially,” Sophia says gently, wiping the tears from my cheeks and Her own. “We can support the arising of a wise and compassionate parent inside of you all. We can provide a template for you as you all grow into your own.”

I take in how She is offering a template and respecting our bigness, sovereignty, free will choices in the same moment. This is the essence of how Ascension is held, I feel….as an invitation from the Divine that invites us to lean even as it honors our bigness…. for which every one of us can accept or reject; pull in close or push away.

My heart is full as I complete these words for now and the direct transmissions of their energies through me, although I know the love with them will move through for a while, to be shared in the sessions that I have later today.

On this 12:12 and ongoingly through January, access to the Divine Feminine from within feels like it will be closer, more intimate, ready and waiting for your receiving, your remembering, and your embracing. Ready to support you in the INtegration process. Ready to support your choices of love!


This writing, it turns out, is the last one to be featured in my NEW book Bliss Mess, which will be available on January 1st to purchase!  


Jelelle Awen is a Soul Scribe, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond.

Visit for more information about space holding sessions and a free intro session, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings at

Leo Buscaglia – Love Yourself, and the Magic Inside you is Released


Leo Buscaglia – Love Yourself, and the Magic Inside you is Released

Published on Jan 19, 2011 … Dr. Leo Buscaglia explains that the secret to happiness is found when you “become the best YOU” and discover your human potential. This is often a challenging goal to achieve, considering that our lives are often filled with a great many responsibilities. In our classes, we show you exactly how to manifest your fullest potential while joyously taking care of typically mundane or routine tasks. We show you that “boredom” is a choice you don’t have to make. One of Leo’s most devoted students currently teaches Leo’s wisdom in the context of 21st century Buddhism (free Seattle classes). See

12.12 gateway Sacral Chakra Shakedown – by Psychic Medium Rebecca – 12-12-17

12.12 gateway Sacral Chakra Shakedown – by Psychic Medium Rebecca – 12-12-17

Higher Density BlogDecember 12, 2017December 12, 2017Uncategorized



We are deep in the Shift now. Kansas is going bye bye. The great separation has stepped up a gear, polarity leading to chaos and confusion. The gemini supermoon illuminates duality, mercury retrograde creates delays, setbacks and misuderstandings. With the Solstice just around the corner, there is no doubt December is proving tricky. Tension is cranking up globally, the chasm between truth and mainstream media widening and exposed. The veils lifting on elitist depravity and greed. Misogyny and racism are part of daily online discourse. War and poverty appear increasingly unnecessary to people around the planet. These truly are times of awakening.

The third dimension is in total shakedown. This is affecting our lower chakras. 12.12 gateway triggers activation of our sacral chakra,our weakest point for matrix manipulation. Our ego is the target, our sacral chakra the conduit. We soak up matrix quick fixes to alleviate the traumas of the 3rd dimension. This plugs us into the matrix and blocks our chi flow. Siphoning our energy off to feed or chase matrix modes of escapism and false nourishment. Pharmaceuticals, alcohol, gambling, junk food, materialism, pornography give us a synthetic sense of being in the present or of being released into the fifth dimension. This is a fake high. Instead these toxins create addiction, disease, mental health issues and spiritual lockdown.

The sacral chakra connects to our root chakra and solar plexus. Our root chakra can contain old, deep rooted, sticky karma accrued from past life, childhood or ancestral trauma. This is tough karma to dislodge and bring to the surface for airing. The shakedown of the sacral chakra can run deep and dig down into our root. Be prepared for painful, long buried memories to bubble up for clearing. Allow time and space for this. Treat yourself particularly kindly during this period of karmic purge. Reach out to soul tribe to rebalance. Realign in nature. Use holistic healing therapies to help clear energetic blockages in lower chakras. Begin to connect to your solar plexus. Meditate golden light coming to and from the core of your being. Centre and ground yourself to take the shocks and knocks that may have already started. Breathe into the core, exhaling long and deep to release tension.

Symptoms of sacral chakra activation.

Physically we can experience stomach upsets, loss of appetite, fluttering, twisting, flipping sensations in lower abdomen, dehydration, disturbed sleeping patterns, cravings and lower tolerance to meat, dairy or synthetic foods. Emotional and energetic symptoms can include increased sensitivity to other people’s energy fields, avoiding crowds, irritability, hyper sensitivity to noise, seeking solitude. We can find ourselves analysing what we allow into our systems. Taking more care and responsibility for our physical and mental wellbeing.

Narcissists being exposed and high conflict people behaving worse than usual. Testing and triggering our belief in ourselves. The narcissist empath relationship is under the microscope. Being drawn to the surface globally and in our own lives for clearing. We may feel we are being forced to deal with unpleasant, upsetting circumstances or individuals globally or in our day to day lives. Karmically these incidents trigger a gateway of potential release from soul contracts, heavy karmic blocks and steps towards sovereignty. By facing these challenges we create new timelines of higher vibrations as individuals and as a collective.

To release blocks in our Sacral chakra is to unplug from the matrix. Cords will be cut. Exorcisms of ghosts and demons offered up to universal love. Lifestyle changes will be required. Cleaner alternatives sought. This is a movement a global awakening. The matrix sheeple resides in the sacral chakra and communicates through the ego. To clear, strengthen and balance the sacral chakra is to relinquish addictive behaviours, destructive people or environments and negative thought patterns. It is to assert our sovereignty and our free will. To connect chi flow through root, sacral to solar is to establish our core strength. It is to surrender all that holds us back from stepping into our true power.

We are seeking and being offered resolutions to make way for new earth timelines. The coming Solstice is our opportunity to lay some serious karma to rest. To cut cords, release perceived weakness and vulnerability and surrender to the flow of universal love light. By surrendering we begin the process of non attachment to a material world. This is quantum spirituality knocking at our door. Might be time to open the doors to the fifth dimension. To find inner peace, guidance and protection. By making physical adjustments to our lifestyles we clear our future timelines of low frequencies. The Solstice is an opportunity to capitalise on this cosmic clearing. We can look to the future, to paths where passion, creativity, love, compassion and laughter roam free. We can set goals, intentions, affirmations inviting and embracing a more authentic, joyous existence.

We do not have a sell buy date. We are marathon runners not hurdlers as the matrix would have us believe. A series of obstacles and then its game over. We have a vast and infinite world of lifetimes and experiences to enjoy, to grow from. This is just one. It is however, a pretty kick ass lifetime. So be ready cosmic surfers, the seas are choppy and unpredictable. Stay centred and balanced through self care, reflection, mindfulness and meditation. One love beautiful people.


I am one with universal love light energy.

I am a sovereign being with Free Will.

I am calm, I am protected, I am safe. Namaste.


HeaveLetters: The Language of Oneness

God said:

image-143You are not a Pretender to the Throne. You are the Inheritor of the Throne. Any way you size it up, this is who you are. You are not an Imposter. The thing is that you may be the last to know. What a fine kettle of fish this is!

Stand upright right now, and be the first to know. Claim yourself. You are ultimately the sparkle in My Eye. It is you I see, and it is you that I look at directly before Me.

There is no distance between Us, Beloveds. Not even a hair’s breadth. You are My One Love. You are the Oneness of which I speak. I whisper in your ear. I look you in the eyes. I see Bright Light zooming all over the world, and the Light is Ours. Come, be in step with Me. We have a cadence, you and I.

I am your Reality. You are My Desired Dream. I call you to Me, and you appear. Never are you without Me. Even as time does not exist and therefore non-time does not really, I am in Infinity and seemingly without you. I long for you. I dreamed you into Existence. My Dream is inevitably True.

When I say: “Appear!” you appear. As it happens, you don’t see the Whole Truth. On Earth, you see only part Truth. Ah, it is the Whole God’s Truth with all the Love in My Heart that you want to see and to know. There are no slices of Truth except in your imagination.

Now I tell you that you are dreaming. You play a part in the midst of your dream. Take not your dream to heart. The partial dream you dream seems heartless. This is how you can know it isn’t the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. You can call it Eclectic Truth which isn’t the same as Consummate Truth. What you accept as Truth is less than Truth. Less than Full Truth is not Truth at all.

There is no bogeyman, Beloveds. There are no true Dark Forces. I see All and Know All. I know your interpretations. The shadow you see is no more than a spot of dust on the mirror. Actually, the mirror you look into is a plain piece of glass that doesn’t begin to reflect the Light you are.

You have downsized yourself. It’s as if you have thrown a tennis ball up in the air and hit it with a paddle, and it moves, so you think you must have hit a home run of some sort even as it doesn’t begin to tell the Truth of Who You Are.

You hardly have the barest awareness of Who You Are. There never is a good time for you to be skeptical of the Fullness you are. You cut yourself short. You may even doubt half of what I say to you about yourself. “In a sow’s ear,” you say.

You throw a baseball into left field, and that’s as far as you dare to go.

There is no daring involved in coming to Me, for We are Oneness Personified. Believe in Me, then believe in yourself as Tried and True. You are authentic. You are the Real Thing even as you may scoff at what I say. All this time together, We could be making hay while the Sun Shines.

Look Higher, Beloveds.

There is a True You, and it takes so little for you to be Divinity Walking. I hand you your credentials, and you fuss about them. You are certified, and you say, “Sorry, God, I’m not.”

It is a good thing that I am the Oneness of All. According to world ideas, I am what might be called patient. I am not patient whatsoever. I Who AM away from the frailty of time and in full Presence of Infinity cannot possibly enter into the nonexistence of time. I AM, and You and I are One. Patience has nothing to do with Oneness.

You do not yet quite speak My Language of One.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff

You are not a Pretender to the Throne. You are the Inheritor of the Throne. Any way you size it up, this is who you are. You are not an Imposter. The thing is that you may be the last to know. What a fine kettle of fish this is!

Stand upright right now, and be the first to know. Claim yourself. You are ultimately the sparkle in My Eye. It is you I see, and it is you that I look at directly before Me.

There is no distance between Us, Beloveds. Not even a hair’s breadth. You are My One Love. You are the Oneness of which I speak. I whisper in your ear. I look you in the eyes. I see Bright Light zooming all over the world, and the Light is Ours. Come, be in step with Me. We have a cadence, you and I.

I am your Reality. You are My Desired Dream. I call you to Me, and you appear. Never are you without Me. Even as time does not exist and therefore non-time does not really, I am in Infinity and seemingly without you. I long for you. I dreamed you into Existence. My Dream is inevitably True.

When I say: “Appear!” you appear. As it happens, you don’t see the Whole Truth. On Earth, you see only part Truth. Ah, it is the Whole God’s Truth with all the Love in My Heart that you want to see and to know. There are no slices of Truth except in your imagination.

Now I tell you that you are dreaming. You play a part in the midst of your dream. Take not your dream to heart. The partial dream you dream seems heartless. This is how you can know it isn’t the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. You can call it Eclectic Truth which isn’t the same as Consummate Truth. What you accept as Truth is less than Truth. Less than Full Truth is not Truth at all.

There is no bogeyman, Beloveds. There are no true Dark Forces. I see All and Know All. I know your interpretations. The shadow you see is no more than a spot of dust on the mirror. Actually, the mirror you look into is a plain piece of glass that doesn’t begin to reflect the Light you are.

You have downsized yourself. It’s as if you have thrown a tennis ball up in the air and hit it with a paddle, and it moves, so you think you must have hit a home run of some sort even as it doesn’t begin to tell the Truth of Who You Are.

You hardly have the barest awareness of Who You Are. There never is a good time for you to be skeptical of the Fullness you are. You cut yourself short. You may even doubt half of what I say to you about yourself. “In a sow’s ear,” you say.

You throw a baseball into left field, and that’s as far as you dare to go.

There is no daring involved in coming to Me, for We are Oneness Personified. Believe in Me, then believe in yourself as Tried and True. You are authentic. You are the Real Thing even as you may scoff at what I say. All this time together, We could be making hay while the Sun Shines.

Look Higher, Beloveds.

There is a True You, and it takes so little for you to be Divinity Walking. I hand you your credentials, and you fuss about them. You are certified, and you say, “Sorry, God, I’m not.”

It is a good thing that I am the Oneness of All. According to world ideas, I am what might be called patient. I am not patient whatsoever. I Who AM away from the frailty of time and in full Presence of Infinity cannot possibly enter into the nonexistence of time. I AM, and You and I are One. Patience has nothing to do with Oneness.

You do not yet quite speak My Language of One.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff

DNA Has Gone Digital – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? December 08, 2017

December 08, 2017/ SGT

by Jenna Gallegos, Activist Post:

Biology is becoming increasingly digitized. Researchers like us use computers to analyze DNA, operate lab equipment and store genetic information. But new capabilities also mean new risks – and biologists remain largely unaware of the potential vulnerabilities that come with digitizing biotechnology.

The emerging field of cyberbiosecurity explores the whole new category of risks that come with the increased use of computers in the life sciences.

University scientists, industry stakeholders and government agents have begun gathering to discuss these threats. We’ve even hosted FBI agents from the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate here at Colorado State University and previously at Virginia Tech for crash courses on synthetic biology and the associated cyberbiosecurity risks. A year ago, we participated in a U.S. Department of Defense-funded project to assess the security of biotechnology infrastructures. The results are classified, but we disclose some of the lessons learned in our new Trends in Biotechnology paper.

Along with co-authors from Virginia Tech and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, we discuss two major kinds of threats: sabotaging the machines biologists rely on and creating dangerous biological materials.

Computer viruses affecting the physical world

In 2010, a nuclear plant in Iran experienced mysterious equipment failures. Months later, a security firm was called in to troubleshoot an apparently unrelated problem. They found a malicious computer virus. The virus, called Stuxnet, was telling the equipment to vibrate. The malfunction shut down a third of the plant’s equipment, stunting development of the Iranian nuclear program.

Unlike most viruses, Stuxnet didn’t target only computers. It attacked equipment controlled by computers.

The marriage of computer science and biology has opened the door for amazing discoveries. With the help of computers, we’re decoding the human genome, creating organisms with new capabilities, automating drug development and revolutionizing food safety.

Stuxnet demonstrated that cybersecurity breaches can cause physical damages. What if those damages had biological consequences? Could bioterrorists target government laboratories studying infectious diseases? What about pharmaceutical companies producing lifesaving drugs? As life scientists become more reliant on digital workflows, the chances are likely rising.

Messing with DNA

The ease of accessing genetic information online has democratized science, enabling amateur scientists in community laboratories to tackle challenges like developing affordable insulin.

But the line between physical DNA sequences and their digital representation is becoming increasingly blurry. Digital information, including malware, can now be stored and transmitted via DNA. The J. Craig Venter Institute even created an entire synthetic genome watermarked with encoded links and hidden messages.

Twenty years ago, genetic engineers could only create new DNA molecules by stitching together natural DNA molecules. Today scientists can use chemical processes to produce synthetic DNA.

The sequence of these molecules is often generated using software. In the same way that electrical engineers use software to design computer chips and computer engineers use software to write computer programs, genetic engineers use software to design genes.

That means that access to specific physical samples is no longer necessary to create new biological samples. To say that all you need to create a dangerous human pathogen is internet access would be an overstatement – but only a slight one. For instance, in 2006, a journalist used publicly available data to order a fragment of smallpox DNA in the mail. The year before, the Centers for Disease Control used published DNA sequences as a blueprint to reconstruct the virus responsible for the Spanish flu, one of the deadliest pandemics of all time.

With the help of computers, editing and writing DNA sequences is almost as easy as manipulating text documents. And it can be done with malicious intent.

Participants in CSU’s workshop for the FBI got hands-on training in the techniques of biotechnology. Anne ManningCC BY-ND

First: Recognize the threat

The conversations around cyberbiosecurity so far have largely focused on doomsday scenarios. The threats are bidirectional.

On the one hand, computer viruses like Stuxnet could be used to hack into digitally controlled machinery in biology labs. DNA could even be used to deliver the attack by encoding malware that is unlocked when the DNA sequences are translated into digital files by a sequencing computer.

On the other hand, bad actors could use software and digital databases to design or reconstruct pathogens. If nefarious agents hacked into sequence databases or digitally designed novel DNA molecules with the intent to cause harm, the results could be catastrophic.

And not all cyberbiosecurity threats are premeditated or criminal. Unintentional errors that occur while translating between a physical DNA molecule and its digital reference are common. These errors might not compromise national security, but they could cause costly delays or product recalls.

Read More @


Archangel Uriel via Shanta Gabriel, December 12th, 2017

Archangel Uriel via Shanta Gabriel, December 12th, 2017

Per Staffan December 12, 2017

Archangel Uriel (channeled messages)

Dear Ones,

At the moment of 12:12 on the 12th day of the 12th month, the pure golden light of Christ Consciousness ignites the sacred vessel of your high heart with compassion and love.

Divine Love is an imprint pre-encoded for your awakening consciousness. If you could only see from the Angelic viewpoint, it would appear that humans are acting as lightning rods when they receive this immense download of Christed Light that anchors Unconditional Love into the Earth.

When your heart is open and there is a willingness to receive, the connection to your new thymus chakra becomes activated at the 12:12. This center receives divinity and awakens Divine Love in the sacred chalice of your High Heart.

Although Christed Light is not a Christian teaching, the connection to the master Jesus is within the same light field that embodied his instructions to Love One Another. This golden light carries a pure download of Unconditional Love to uplift and support your time on Earth. You may also experience a softening in your heart that allows you to see the world from a greater place of Balance, bringing more Peace into every area of your life.

When there is no resistance, you can open to this Grace-filled presence and spark the Divinity in every cell of your being. You are encouraged to take 12 minutes at the 12:00 hour on the day of December 12 to invite the golden light of Christ Consciousness to enter into your heart.

Prepare the way with your prayers and intentions. Let your heart soar free. When this flame is ignited, you will never be the same as a chain reaction of Unconditional Love forges a template of Unity within the sacred vessel of your thymus chakra.

With every beat of your heart, this energy of Love will catalyze your cells to higher frequencies of Light. After the 12:12 empowerment, whenever you tune into your High Heart there will be a new awareness of Compassion within you for yourself and all humanity.

As the Light of the Transcendent Heart is released, previously untapped levels of wholeness open to accommodate the higher energy frequencies. Empowerment of your High Heart’s energy systems allows new freedom for you to anchor and integrate Divine Love into a world in need.


Light Up All Realms of Your Existence

When you reach beyond all sense of polarity, there is a place within you that embraces light and dark bringing all into Unity within your human form. The Transcendent Heart is one that expands to include the greatest level of Divine Light as well as the darkness that appears to exist in the world. We cannot assume a transcendent reality that does not include the darkness, but instead empowers new levels of Divinity to light up realms of existence beyond all boundaries.

At the 12:12, this realm of Divine Light empowers your cellular functions with new radiance and life-force vitality. Renewal of self-generating systems within your DNA that were a part of the original 12-strand blueprint are awakened and the new crystalline light body can break through the physical shell to change your world from the inside out.

Rejoice — and allow fields of Unconditional Love to awaken a New Vision within you for the Solstice empowerment that opens into the new year. An enlightened mind and heart can birth a new ascended world. One person who is filled with Divine Love can make a tremendous difference in the world. When you join in the download of Christed Light with other heart-centered beings at the 12:12, there are no boundaries to the miracles that can occur.

I am Uriel of the Transcendent Heart, awakening New Vision on the Earth. We are opening the way for Unconditional Love to expand in the High Heart within all beings.

Prepare yourself with gratitude and clear intentions so you will be lifted on the Light of Unconditional Love at the moment of 12:12. Receive the Christed Light into the sacred vessel of your Transcendent Heart and anchor this Light as a blessing to the world. As you do this, you are blessed and a blessing. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

December 11, 2017

Archangel Raphael via Ann Dahlberg, December 11th, 2017

Archangel Raphael via Ann Dahlberg, December 11th, 2017

Per Staffan December 12, 2017

Archangel Raphael (channeled messages)


Monday, December 11th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Raphael and I have come today in order to bless this world that now is starting to be born on Earth. It is a ceremony that is being done in order to mark that a new shift has taken place on Earth. It is a clear sign that the old now is finished and that the new is taking over. From now on the old can no longer get a hold, which they seek, instead the light vibration is taking over more on Earth. You can feel it. You can experience it and you can manifest it. It is here now dear children on Earth. You have built a bridge to the light that is now pouring in over your planet. You are in the ascension and your journey of light is irrevocable. Feel it in your heart, feel it in your aura, feel it all around you – it feels like a mild breeze and you can feel how it vibrates in your body. Perhaps you heart beats a little faster – be then in stillness and ground yourself to Mother Earth. It is important to feel the connection to your Earth now. You ascend together and as her heart beats your heart beats. She has taken you under the protection of her wings so that you will have the opportunity to come along at the pace that your bodies adapt to the light. Everything is according to your free will. Those that follow, follow and those that do not want to will follow another path. Everything is perfect and wonderful and everything is exactly the way it should be for each soul. You all have different journeys to complete and you choose according to free will, which you make together with your guides and mentors.

Your Kingdom of Heaven is on its way down to Earth now dear children. Your new Kingdom of light and love is here now. A new Era has started and you can now manifest in love and goodness. Understand that you are strong creators of the world that it now is starting to bloom here and there in the world. We can see changes, we can see large changes that have taken place on Earth and we can see yet larger changes that will take place going forward. It is a time for some rest and calm now dear friends before the large work starts up, which will give you the breakthrough that you all have been longing for. The Earth is also longing to receive a large cleansing of its surface so it can reach a better balance.

Be in your heart now dear children on Earth, be in your heart and act from your heart. Do not hesitate when the heart asks you to act. You might then fall into old patterns and it can give you large problems since the old now belongs to the past. It is towards the light which we now should act – the light who’s flame in our hearts has received a mighty force and which now wants to help you to return to your true self, a being of light and love. It is in the service of the light that we now should act dear Earthlings. It is in the light of your soul that you now will speak. One who speaks with a false tongue will soon loose their power as the light that now floods into and over Earth has a much higher power of light. The heart feels with trepidation its strong power and rejoices once again over being in the service of the light and to be one with its Father/Mother God and all that is. You are on your way to your own Kingdom of Heaven dear Earthlings, and there are thousands of light beings around you now. It is easier to descend down to Earth today and there are many who wants to help with bringing in the light to your world. You have many light beings around you that help and protect you now. They strengthen the light in your heart and give you the courage you need to move on now in your own light.

I let my healing light shine over Earth today.

I love you so much,


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Archangel Michael via Leslie-Anne Menzies, December 11th, 2017

Archangel Michael via Leslie-Anne Menzies, December 11th, 2017

Per Staffan December 12, 2017

Archangel Michael (channeled messages)

Dear Creator Beings,

NEVER have you EVER been this Creative. Your words and actions are flowing out from YOU, and radiating back at a rapid rate.

Manifestation is instant, so take advisement to be Creative with your WORDS, use only the vocabulary you want made manifest.

Your thoughts, words and actions are rapidly flowing into your reality.

This is an accelerated time of Manifestation in ALL areas of your life.

The Creative Beings that you are allows the consciousness of the ALL THAT IS to flow toward you.

YOU as Christed Beings are returning unto yourselves, your wholeness. It is the time of year when you celebrate the Birth of the Christ – now it is YOU who are birthing the CHRIST THAT YOU ARE.

It has been prophesied for eons that “CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN” and here YOU ARE.

Each and everyone of YOU hold a piece of the Christ Consciousness and at this time of the Birth of the New Earth and the new HU-MAN  you are asked to return your CHRISTED SELF to the WHOLE.

Conscious commitment to the ALL THAT IS to be celebrated at this Birthing time.

Dear Ones, the transition each of you have experienced and continue to do so, is what will bring you to this Christed awareness.

The energies of change and transformation that continue to expand your consciousness and that of the New Earth have taken its toll on your body vehicles. The levels of exhaustion has reached a critical high.

At this time many openings are occurring in the new timelines and dimensions of the ALL THAT IS.


ALL with your absolute agreement.

The next couple weeks, as you close out your 2017 year, much celebrating and rejoicing will take place.

Dear Hearts, the work you do – almost without knowing for many,  is treasured and appreciated by ALL who are over-lighting your Galaxy at this moment in time, as we continue to walk each other HOME into the New Earth.

Congratulations Dear Hearts, a well earned rest approaches – and then steadying your energies for the next almighty Transition phase to come.

Welcome Home Dear Conscious Creators.


Archangel Uriel via Genoveva Coyle, December 11th, 2017

Archangel Uriel via Genoveva Coyle, December 11th, 2017

Per Staffan December 12, 2017

Archangel Uriel (channeled messages)

Greeting dear ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light of the truth and clarity, Archangel of the Future, your friend and family.

I come here to bring you a newer understanding of the gifts that you have been given recently or even some time ago, it really matters not.

I have ignited my Silver Flame into your fourth eye, into your heart and superimposed it on and intermixed it with your Pink Flame. I have activated the flame into your hands so that you can place it in front of thee when you are traveling into the shadows and shady areas. Then you can discern what is of the truth from that which is tricky and only attempts to distract thee so that you lose your focus and direction.

I have to bring to your attention that you can use this flame to foresee the future, to see where this or that action will lead you and may even eventually take you. You can see that you are going to arrive in the same upsetting and frustrating dead end that you have traveled in before, and so you could decide in that split second that you have to take a different route so you will have a better, smoother and more pleasant heart fulfilling journey. And of course, knowing this you would choose the action that is going to take you, and everyone that is connected to thee, into a more peaceful and joyful place. You would not want to repeat past errors.

Dear and beloved brothers and sisters, ask me to assist thee or use the Silver Flame to guide you for it is really the same. Whenever you feel triggered, which means upset or out of sorts, ask me to show you which part of thee is asking to be heard so you can better adjust your tone of voice and communication. Whenever it is frustration and impatience use the Silver Light and ask to see deeper beneath the situation to understand why you do feel the way you feel.

Is it your unheard and hurt inner child that is throwing a temper tantrum trying to express and convey to you the truth that he/she sees? Is this perhaps the pain of seeing how you, the grown- ups, kept on taking the scenic routes of the ego and then trying to force feed him/her into believing that this is the best and for the best of all? Is it your inner exasperated, rebellious and angry teenager that has the vision and the willingness to change the unfairness and inequality, and everything leading to feelings of being constrained and shut down forcefully by the authority? The same part of you that felt neither supported nor encouraged in pursuing his/her dreams of bringing in a different and better world, but rather was forced to be like the rest and to fit in with the herd?

With all the wisdom that you have accumulated upon awakening and all the clarity of the Silver Flame, you can now listen and really hear them out. You do not have to waste energy in arguing and defending your sweet self, because your young child and the older teen is very wise and does know that you had been heavily veiled and had forgotten your truth.

You can shed tears of sorrow if you feel you must, but when you take the time to really hear and comfort these parts of self, then the most miraculous healing occurs, and that brings you and your entire being a feeling of completion and a wonderful sense of true well-being based on wholeness and unconditional love of every aspect and facet of self. It creates a balanced and whole new and stable foundation in your dear self and at the same time it will greatly assist your earthly children as they grow and develop, as well as other adults of your extended and soul family and yes, even your grown up and elderly parents.

This is what we mean when we tell you to focus on yourselves, thus bringing about the change in your sweet self that you want to see in others, and so you will change the world.

Of course, as you can see there is always a deeper meaning to every saying, and you are ready to go deeper and wider into your being and into your wholeness.

I feel honored to assist you always and to hold my light up high for you to go and explore the depths of your world. I will leave you now with my eternal love and sparkles of Silver Light.

Until later, farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 11, 2017

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 11, 2017

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – December 11, 2017

The NY suicide bomber was a failed false flag attempt by the cabal to delay the inevitable transition event. The last cabal false flag was the Las Vegas shooting. Notice how there haven’t been any further false flag attempts until now (every time the RV is nearing release). The cabal may attempt more false flags to delay the transition. The Alliance is actively intercepting their plans.

The indictment orders “pump fake” is being used to scare the cabal into submission.

The actual mass indictment event will initiate once the Alliance vote to a consensus for the Republic to begin the transition.

Incriminating evidence to support the mass indictments builds up day-to-day.

The Alliance agreed to begin the mass indictment event Post-RV and prior to the activation of GESARA.

The Alliance’s ultimate goal is to keep the cabal from obtaining or corrupting any of the RV funds. Thus is why the rehydration funds were implemented into a quantum financial system last year.

RV protocols, mechanisms, and funds remain set and ready as of this moment.

White Hat sources are reporting the Middle Eastern situation has been resolved. Peace was required and has been accomplished which was required for the RV release.

Release time remains fluid under Alliance supervision — expected shortly.

Benjamin Fulford Report – Excerpts – December 11th, 2017

Benjamin Fulford Report – Excerpts – December 11th, 2017

Per Staffan December 11, 2017

Benjamin Fulford (investigative reporter)

Civil war in Western Deep State intensifies with mass arrests in Washington DC, firefights in California

By Benjamin Fulford White Dragon Society

The power struggle and undeclared civil war at the top of the Western secret government intensified radically during the past week, with mass arrests of Khazarian gangsters around the United States and elsewhere, multiple sources concur.  There was also a declaration by U.S. President Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a move that is not what it seems.  We will discuss this further below.

First, though, we need to look at the extremely unusual events taking place in California.  These days, the citizens of that state must be feeling like the Solomon Islanders did during World War 2 when the Japanese and Americans fought on their land.  There is now very strong evidence that energy weapons like lasers are being used by opposing factions in California, agree Pentagon and NSA sources.

“The heat is on, as the Bel Air fire in Los Angeles targets the Getty Center pedo underground base, while the fire in San Diego apparently targets U.S. Marine base Camp Pendleton,” note Pentagon sources.  Videos have emerged showing what appear to be laser beams coming from the sky and setting off fires.  Furthermore, buildings are being completely destroyed by fire, while trees standing next to them are unharmed.



An error occurred.

Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

What we are witnessing is the hunting down of members of a Khazarian faction in California that has been systematically sacrificing and torturing children as well as eating their flesh, say White Dragon Society sources.  We understand that this is so horrific that it’s hard for many of us to believe.  Some readers wrote claiming that an article we cited last week in which Hollywood director/actor Mel Gibson talks about Hollywood elites eating baby flesh was disinformation.  It is true that we did not confirm it ourselves with Mel Gibson.  However, so-called mainstream news organizations like The New York Times are now reporting that the U.S. Justice Department is investigating the eugenics organization Planned Parenthood for selling the flesh and organs of aborted babies.


Justice Dept. Investigating Fetal Tissue Transfers by Planned Parenthood and Others

By NICHOLAS FANDOS December 8, 2017

In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Justice Department requested documents indicating it is picking up the fetal tissue issue that Congress started last year.

The Khazarian Satanists who carry out such activities have ruled us for so long that they feel safe publicly displaying their symbols all over the world.  For example, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) building, constructed in 1882, has a family crest over its main gate and at its side entrances.  As you can see from the photographs below, the crest belongs to the

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Sananda You Hold the Light. via Kerstin Eriksson, December 10th, 2017


Per Staffan December 11, 2017

Sananda (channeled messages)

Sananda; You hold the light!

I am Sananda

and I love you.

I know of your paths, I know of every little step you take.

And I also know of every time you don’t think you move at all.

There are times, when you think you stand still, and you think you don’t develop.

You develop, when you stand still.

Sometimes you need to be still, very still in your life.

That is when you have the chance to go within of yourself.

That moment of stillness gives you the possibility to work with your inner room.

Sometimes you need quietness, stillness, you need to be in a place,

where you are alone, and no one will knock on your door.

Sometimes you are in a hurry, that is okay, of course, and with that movement you think

you develop, and it is actually the opposite.

When you listen, carefully, to your inner room,

the more you will notice how you follow

the planets ascension,

and the more you will be upgraded in your DNA.

And the more you listen to and take your time to really feel,

your inner room, it will give you positive effects from the fifth dimension and higher.

Your inner process is essential,

it is like a beautiful path, through different landscapes.

You have to trust, you have to have faith, to start walking on that personal path of yours.

This path is in your inner room, and you also need to embrace and love your body,

it is very important.

Breathe the breath of love, breath in love, breath out love.

Love your breath, each breath, it is the lovebreath that makes you complete, whole.

Your guardian angel, breathes with you.

Yes this is the spirit that makes you whole!

God will be guiding you, as well as I will!

The more you love your breathing the more we see the light!

You must be ready to embrace the fact that you hold the light within of you!

The light can only come through the breath of love, when you actually love each breath that you take.

And that you truly love yourself, no matter what you have gone through in your life.

You are very important to us, as you hold the light,

that transforms everything around you into love.

Just know in your heart,

that you hold the light!

Dear friends,

I love you!


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Saint Germain via Linda Dillon, December 9th, 2017

Saint Germain via Linda Dillon, December 9th, 2017

Per Staffan December 11, 2017

Saint Germain (channeled messages)

St. Germaine

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome!

StG: And welcome to you, sweet friends of Gaia and, dare I say, sweet friends of Gabrielle, co-creators of this planet, co-creators of love, co-creators of kindness and consideration, co-creators of expansion.

I come humbly and quietly [chuckles] – which is not my normal way! – following Gabrielle to also share my heart with you.

This planet and, might I say, humanity has been in deep distress and deep illusion, oh, for an extraordinarily long time. And it is not that someone has simply turned on the light switch, or lit the lantern or the candle, [chuckles] because there were not these wonderful inventions even when I have walked the planet. They have not lit the fire.

But the fire underneath each and every one of you, the fire in your guts, the fire in your heart, the fire in your brain is ignited. And it does not destroy you. It is bringing you forth to a new way of being.

Often previously I have said to you – as Keeper of the Violet Flame, so you know my preference to ignition and fire! – but I have said to you that I would not return to the planet. And part of this, even though I have delighted and, yes, in many ways, enjoyed my time upon Gaia, there was also very much a knowing – not simply because of mastery but because I could be in the fullness of my service – that I would not return to the planet.

And it was not that I would not return because it was in the false grids of the old third – but I have to tell you, at best that detritus, that debris, that disillusion was very disconcerting!

I have sat at a table and manifested diamonds and rubies and sapphires, and literally demonstrated the power of creation. And while some would appreciate it, I was also often confronted by that greed, that selfishness, that sense of being acquisitive.

And some would say, “St. Germaine, can you not make it a little bigger next time?” Or, “May I have that for my collection?” when she is already wearing diamonds and pearls. This, when people were starving in the streets, was disconcerting.

So I did not really want or beg the Mother to return until such time as Nova Earth, what I had worked for, and continue to constantly work for on this side, was in place. Now I did not need it to be fait accompli. I did not need everything to be down and ordered and organised. But I most certainly wanted a different paradigm within which to walk with you – as did Yeshua, as did many of the masters that return now.

And that new paradigm not only has been given to you, laid down by the grace of God, has been explained to you, the invitations have been issued and you have all accepted! This allows for a completely different reality than what has been known within human memory to truly emerge.

And you are entering into a new level, shall I say, of co-creative partnership – yes, with us – most certainly with your Star family, your brothers and sisters who have been catching bombs and putting out fires [sigh] for a long time! It brings you into co-creative alignment, but also power.

This word “power” has almost become like a swear word, a dirty word. But, in fact, what I am talking about is the essence of who you are, the essence of your divinity coming to the forefront that you may go forth in the fulfilment of what is not just desirable but really possible.

You see, you have been operating – and it was a necessary part of this process – you’ve been operating in many ways in a dreamscape; you’ve been operating on what you desire to bring forth.

This new grid has tangibility; it has solidity that you are going to begin to truly perceive in and of your bodies and yourselves. You are entering a realm where you are doing, not just dreaming, and you are doing so most certainly with each other but with us as well.

You have graduated! – and now you are simply putting things into place. Think of it, of the joy and excitement when you got your first car, or your first bicycle, or your first apartment, or your own room in a shared space and how precious that was that you could choose to put in that apartment the dishes, the food, the chair, the covers that you wanted, that you would actually set up and live in that apartment.

That is what has been gifted to you! We have been gifting it for a while, but today you have unwrapped it and you have seen the grid that beloved Gabrielle has given you.

It is a new day, my friends! Let us celebrate together! Go in peace.

Suzi: Thank you.

StG/Suzi: Farewell.

Higher Self News Flash DECEMBER 10, 2017GABRIEL HEARTMAN

Higher Self News Flash


This Sunday morning news flash brought to you by your Higher Self.

You are Sovereign. You just don’t possess Free Will you ARE Free Will. Nothing has ever nor can ever have control over you that we haven’t chosen together. In fact you and I are the same, we just have needed to separate ourselves in order to walk out a whole lot of experience that we agreed to before you forgot…on purpose. This holds true between you and the parts of you that were formed in order to be in this dimension of forgetfulness in order to experience some really intense and beautiful moments, no matter how hard they were. That is a tough one to let in. I can only say that when you get to the other side of that healing you will understand why. We created being a victim in order to spark the impassioned remembrance we were always more than that.  You needed to fight for freedom until you realized you were already free.

You are Divine. This moment to moment choosing born of your sovereignty is your Divine birthright. Your ability to choose IS your creative power that is connected to The All That Is. You are Essence and Experience both. You are the bright light of God that cannot nor ever has been separate. The illusion is a construction by our choosing to go into the depth of experience and what it is that Love is truly made of. The Divine is out seeking Itself through you, with you, as you. The separation is what creates the energy of Love to be felt, shared, and expanded. It is experienced as Hell to parts of you until you arise out of the ashes and into awakening to hold and connect to the Heaven within. This is where you and I come together.

You are Human. This beautiful expression of your divine essence. You are the passion, the hope, the fear, the ecstasy, the pain. This form that is a chalice of your light and love awaiting its flight. The container of all your parts that have been through much. The parts that await your conscious presence into their still-framed world playing through the wounded moments that exist in this Now. The parts that beckon your courage and readiness to go into the pages of your storied lives. The healing and integration of all that experience that gets to feel itself anew and redeemed.

You are Unity. The clearing of all the pain and trauma of what kept parts of you feeling alone. Abandoned. Rejected.  The reclaiming and remembering all the aspects of yourself that span time and space. Your Kings, Queens, Priests, Priestesses, Soldiers, and Warriors. Your myriad galactic Star Being and angelic expressions of higher dimensional frequency.  They are all a part of your inner council as you heal the veil between you held by your Gatekeeper, the most precious of them all.  This is a never-ending process that only stops when you want it to. Your growth and experience are as infinite to the degree that you desire them to be.

Now feel your way through the chambers of your human heart, my love and we shall find a glorious road ahead that has no limitation to what we want to create and experience in your sacred humanity.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Lisa Renee – Wrestling with Demons, December 7th, 2017

Lisa Renee – Wrestling with Demons, December 7th, 2017

Per Staffan December 10, 2017

Lisa Renee (channeled information)


One of the most important realizations we require to gain deeper clarity about the nature of the reality,  the war over consciousness on the earth plane, is to recognize the kinds of forces that play in the negative polarity archetypes, or service to self that exist within people, places and things. To maintain calm and sanity, one is required to understand the kind of forces that they are interacting with, or in consent with, and where there has been a manipulation that allowed access into that person’s energy field. This confusion is even more amplified during the holiday season when we are being assaulted by various consumer marketing campaigns that use forces in the negative polarity to stimulate groups of people to act from unconscious impulses, rather than truly reflecting and meditating upon what quality of forces they are actually interacting with. The Christmas season can be especially toxic with vampiric and consumptive modeling behaviors, because the belief systems around the baby Jesus and the birth of Christ are completely fabricated by negative forces to serve materialism in order to use this belief system to further manipulate the masses. The use of manipulation and deception to instigate people into unconscious actions is not a positive influence, therefore it generates an amplification of forces in the negative polarity, which is the primary reason many people feel depressed, isolated, and disconnected during the end of the year holiday season.

Lately, many people may feel extremely tired, overwhelmed, filled with anxiety, and overly stressed during the pinnacle of the bifurcation of time that occurs during the ascension cycle. When feeling this way, it is extremely important to take distance and perform self-assessments of your interactions in the surroundings and to take the time to identify the forces that you are being exposed to that are contributing to the sense of overwhelm, exhaustion and the draining of energy. When we feel overwhelmed, it means something, someone, or an entity in the world of forces is encroaching upon our personal boundaries, generally this also means our life force or lightbody is being attached to, interfered with or energetically drained. When we feel energetically drained and our boundaries are being encroached upon, we can also feel like we are hitting a wall, maybe even depressed and in a low immune state, like we are on the razor’s edge to get sick. States of overwhelm, feeling ill and mental anxiety inform us that our personal boundaries are not being clarified, we have lost internal grounding and core connection, and that we must address the ambiguous, the vague and sometimes the unseen forces that we can sense if we pay attention, in order to regain a sense of energetic balance and the ability to recover strength within ourselves.

Dark forces in the negative polarity commonly can knock us off center when we do not recognize them in the clever types of manipulation methods they use to gain access to our consciousness, lightbody or person. In order to navigate more effectively in this realm, as a multidimensional spiritual human being, it is important to non-judgmentally recognize the spiritual forces that operate in the negative polarity in people, objects, organizations, corporations and institutions, in so that you are prepared to better defend and deflect the cunning strategies of ambush that are commonly used by these dark forces, the forces of negative polarity that we can also refer to as demonics.

Demonics are gestalts of fallen consciousness that operate in the black subtle forces of the negative polarity in the material world,  and they can be generated through thoughts, emotions, belief systems and actions carried out that are in the negative polarity or are vibrationally matched to the service to self levels of archetypal influence. It should also be recognized that the NAA use the demonics of materialism to carry out their own selfish agendas, so we can comprehend that earth based demonics are pushed around by the higher systems of negative polarity that exist off planet. It is important to not fear demonic forces or to be judgmental of them when they are expressed through human bodies, but to learn how to observe them and to interact with them in such way that you never allow them to trample on your boundaries, and ambush your body and consciousness with their set of demands. Demonics and Fallen Angelic forces that express through both humans and nonhumans tend to be bossy, controlling, self-entitled, manipulating, self-righteous, narcissistic, scheming and generally want what they want when they want it, their key note is using emotional manipulation and scheming for their own instant gratification that is taken at the cost of others.

There will be times that we are wrestling with the demons in the world, and most of the time, many awakening people and lightworkers have not recognized that they are wrestling with a demonic force, because they are only viewing the superficial level of interaction between people or things. If we only see the human identity in the material force body as ‘so and so’, and we cannot recognize the quality of forces being expressed by the choices that person is making, seeing the consequence of actions as a result of those decisions, then we are left impaired with our personal decision making process where we leave our flank unprotected.  Demonic forces use covert manipulation to take advantage of others, and if you do not know how to defend and deflect these forces, you will experience sensations of being trampled over, like a stampede of assault that runs you over in order to gain control over you, in order to gain access into your body and to influence your decision making. This is why it’s critical to know yourself, know your weaknesses and strengths, and to gain control over yourself and your thoughts, emotions and actions, so that you can be strengthened to the point that demonic forces cannot use you as a doormat, dark portal puppet or as a parasitic host to siphon energy that fuels their personal whims and desires.

The social engineering of the death culture has been used purposely to destroy self-esteem, self-respect and healthy boundaries of individuals who subconsciously, do not feel worthy enough or strong enough to assert their boundaries in order to protect themselves, or to be an authentic, whole person that shows up in the world. When we are scared, feeling threatened, living in survival consciousness, and we have been abused by others, many times we will not exert healthy boundaries. This is why there is an specific mind control to create victims and victimizers as these negative polarity archetypes actually destroy a person’s awareness in the need to defend our light and create healthy boundaries. If we have no boundaries we allow others to walk all over us, and even steal and take energy from us for nefarious purposes or selfish agendas. Many times we may not even recognize we have been abused and stolen from because the thieves have stolen from us in the guise of friendship and with a smile on their face. This is the profile of an imposter, a person who can appear charming, friendly, seductive, well connected, and they can be some of the worst offenders of energetic theft and sociopathic behaviors.

At the same time, it is imperative as awakening people, that we comprehend the task required to improve our moral character and to end dark negative ego habits of the same, we must not manipulate or use people for the gratification of our personal desires, or we will be wrestling with our own inner demons. Once we act out the quality of the demonic force, it can gain access to your body and energy field. This is known as giving consent to that force, because you have expressed it through your vehicle. It is important to understand that we can be wrestling with our own inner demons from our own uncontrolled impulsive behaviors that had consequences of negative polarity, and that led to the backlash of events in which we must face the demonic forces that have been engaged and do battle with them.

Some people may be wrestling with these demonic forces, but are not recognizing them, and as a result, they feel like they are coming unglued, because the energetic boundaries of their internal person have been breached. To regain sanity and calm, you must regain control over your personal boundaries, by identifying the negative force of which has breached your energy, and determine what boundary must be set, what action must be taken in order to regain inner balance. Regaining personal boundaries can also be thought of as being true to yourself, you must not bargain away who you really are inside, for no person, or thing, even if it is someone you love or is a family member. No person, no matter who they are or what authority they want to assert over you, can be allowed to bargain or negotiate away what exists within you. Make a stand that your inner spirit and authentic self cannot be bargained away, and you must stand up for yourself and defend your right to retain your true self in the face of the imposters that try to steal that inner essence away from you.

The way that this is accomplished is by understanding how to gain use with the law of structure, you must clearly set the terms of your engagement with those forces, and retain the strong boundary that defines your interaction with them, and be unwavering in your decision. You are the person that must set the lines of the boundary and it will not be crossed, as Gandalf says on the bridge to the menacing monster, You shall not Pass! This means you cannot waver from your decision, and you cannot let the other party push you into a corner with spin-doctoring, ambiguity, vague and open ended agreements, all exchanges must be crystal clear with no ambiguity that allows for bending the laws. The laws are that which you set forth as the terms of your engagement, the boundaries, and to know the laws you must first know who you are and what terms that you must set within the interactions in order to defend your right to exist as you are, authentic and truthfully representing yourself. This means you cannot lie with the liar, you must state the accurate truth as it is, and as you know it to be in that moment, and not use a lie to get out of the altercation or confrontation that will be required to face-off with the person or thing that expresses the demonic force.

Demonic forces can be explored more deeply by understanding archetypal influences, negative ego behaviors, Satanism, Service to Self agendas and the nature of the black subtle forces of the negative polarity. Many times the archetypal forces will play out in the symbolism of the bible scripts in order to impact timelines or effects within a person’s spiritual journey. These forces have a range of amplification and severity, as anything they can be mild, moderate to severe, but they all subscribe to the same vibrational quality of which you should be better equipped to recognize when you are in the presence of them. Demonic forces can be present within any person, place or thing, they can be found in the land mass and in any kind of structure in which has been made inhabitable for them. The structure of demonics in which they live is referred to as a black house or demonic home. In order to cast them out and transit them away from the structure, your personal residence and affects, or sometimes other people, you must have learned how to command your own personal space, because you will have no right to banish unless you have chosen the intent, consent and authority of the natural laws of God, the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.  A person that desires to free themselves of demonic possession, must do whatever they can to purify their body, mind, and emotions, while asking their highest spiritual self to help them cast out their burdens. One cannot purge demonic presence if they refuse to act in the ethical ways that purify the body of demonic essences.

For now, let’s review the negative ego qualities that define negative polarity in which the demonic forces will use to manipulate, obfuscate and demand access for themselves in whatever situations you may be exposed, as well as even family members, and random people you come across in the environment. Remember that until you can differentiate demonic presence and negative polarity operating in the environment, you cannot be entirely free of them, because you cannot heal what you cannot feel, or banish what you do not know exists.

First, pay attention to the negative polarity qualities that you are sensing in the environment or in other people,  or that force which is attempting to breach your boundaries, and get a word and feeling expression in so to define it for yourself, so that you can learn more about what you are facing and how to best address it. When you look deeper at these qualities, also find other adjectives to explore what they mean to you, as an example, the quality of anger takes on many different forms. So if you identify anger in the environment or being expressed by someone near you, what other qualities of anger can you identify that are being expressed, and how do you feel these anger energies impacting you?

• Satan /Moloch: anger/wrath

• Lucifer: pride/entitlement

• Leviathan: envy/jealousy/covet

• Belial/Ba’al: liar/corrupt

• Mammon: greed/avarice

• Asmoday/Baphomet: lust/addiction

• Beelzebub: gluttony/waste

• Baalpeor/Belphegor: laziness/discouragement

All of the demonic forces will instigate feelings and experiences that are based on the frequency of fear. It is your job to do your best to not allow these demonic forces to push you around and send you into the grips of fear, which can be best described as mental fear bondage loops. The Imposters attempt to increase the bondage loops of the Spirits of Fear in the minds of people who are building demonic houses, within their consciousness from their own mind and fear based thoughtforms. When the body, mind and heart are corrupted by repeated fear based thoughts, the internal structure to house these energies, these qualities of demonic spirits, will reside in the mind and consciousness body.

Let’s review the most common fear bondage loops that the demonic forces will set up to ambush you when you interact with another person that is carrying this demonic home inside of them, and they are triggered to express these negative polarity forces upon you in some interaction or other ways to which you are exposed. Remember each fear bondage loop has an opposing polarity that is actually the same fear vibration being played out in either superior or inferior thought forms. If you are attacked by demonics repeatedly and severely, you may need the spiritual maturity to recognize that you may need to dismantle the demonic home that inhabits these forces inside your energy field and mental body.

1             Spirit of Unworthiness/Self-Entitlement

2             Spirit of Guilt and Shame/ Self righteousness

3             Spirit of Self Doubt/Arrogance

4             Spirit of Betrayal and Abandonment/ Fear of being Seen/Intimacy

5             Spirit of Anger and Rage/Contempt and Disdain

6             Spirit of Fear and Denial/ Projection of Blame

7             Spirit of Entrapment and Enslavement/Deception and Liar

There is no harmony or agreement, of sound or any other kind, between Christ consciousness and the range of demonic forces and impostor spirits that exist on the earth. Demonics must succumb to the authority of the Christ consciousness in order to be transfigured and released of their bondage from the earth plane, and as a result they must make that choice, and without making the choice, the Christ cannot act on their behalf for liberating them into spiritual freedom. Christos is the Truth personified, while the demonics or imposters are liars and deceivers.

May we offer some guidance in better navigating the challenging circumstances of which you may be wrestling with demons and the negative polarities that exist on this plane.

• Know Yourself. Honor and respect what you are feeling in your body, listen to the internal warnings and take distance and the time you need away from others to regain strength and calm. You must guard your personal sanity and not place yourself in high risk environments or with high risk people repeatedly, without taking the time you need to self-protect, and create a safe place to heal and recover.

• Say No. If an event or situation is really draining and stressing you out, set healthy boundaries and walk away from the obligation. Learn your boundaries and emotional limits and respect them as a first priority. At any point in the social situation, you can be honest, state your reasons authentically and say no, I can go no further in this direction. To those devoted gridworkers, be careful to not martyr yourself, you are not expected to give blood or energy sacrifices at any point. Stop when you feel overwhelmed and take time out.

• Set the Terms. If you are getting guided to involve yourself in challenging situations for reasons that involve learning, completing contracts or for higher spiritual purposes, make sure that you set the terms of your engagement with these forces, by outlining what you will need to assert as healthy boundaries in order to continue the interaction with these forces, whether in a human, social or work-job related format. Determine what you are not willing to negotiate or bargain away, and do not waver from the terms you have set, especially if the other party uses ambiguous language and wants an open ended agreement. Leaving things unclear and open ended in the presence of demonics means they will railroad you into a corner to walk over you like a doormat, as they wrestle for control over your energy. Don’t let this happen.

• Clarify House Rules. Let’s say a family member with a tendency to sprout a head with demonic forces wants to come visit your personal space and home during the holidays. It will not be productive to call out the demonic verbally in front of the family member, who has no idea they are controlled by and attached with these forces. However, you can set the terms of the visit and clarify house rules by intending to speak directly to the dark forces that control the family member, and tell them they are not invited here, but the family member is. Distinguish the difference between the family member and the forces behind the entity attachment, be very clear to define boundaries and control the times and access they have in the visit, when it concerns your personal space and gaining private access to you. Remember just because it’s a family member, you are not required to accept abuse, manipulation or endure endless attacking against your person. This is similar to saying there is no smoking allowed in my house, if you want to visit, you cannot smoke here.

• Set Limits of Exposure. When in the presence of demonics or vampiric people, be sure to set definitive time limits of exposure. Never leave things open, set a time limit of where you are available for interaction, and promptly leave when the stated time limit has been reached. Be aware that when you are tired, weakened, and feeling un-centered, this is when demonic forces will tend to use dominating people with an ambush strategy to catch you off guard, and thus gain control over you. If you are losing control over your emotions or behaviors, excuse yourself and take distance immediately in the most polite and considerate way. Learn how to refocus back into full self-control and calm.

• Set Boundaries of Acceptable Behavior. Whether it’s an interaction with you privately, or gaining access into your private spaces, like your home or spiritual sanctuary, it may be necessary to state the boundaries of acceptable behavior. All demonic entities have to be invited through a dark portal type of person in order to wreak havoc, and the most favorite thing they like to do is to pollute the sanctuary that you have created. Getting through what may feel awkward, find a way to state what is acceptable behavior while on the premises of your home or in speaking with you. As an example, if someone starts yelling at you with anger, you can state that yelling is not acceptable to you, and that if the person does not stop yelling that you are terminating the conversation and leaving, or ejecting them from out of your private space. “A person that yells and loses control in anger, is not welcome in my home.” Obviously it is important to not be hypocritical, and to act in alignment with the acceptable behaviors that you have stated as your boundary.

• Uphold Consequence of Actions. When you have clarified acceptable behavior and boundaries within interactions or situations, that means you must uphold the consequences of those actions with compassion and care, by making the effort to direct the result the consequence of actions to the appropriate result, when the boundaries were not honored or respected by the other party – no matter who it is. When it’s happening in your home advantage, you have the energetic right in the law of structure to enforce the boundaries you have set forth. You will not have this same right in someone else’s home. In this case you may want to leave the premises to regain center.

• Intent and Blueprint is Law. Remember that every single thing, whether it’s a living thing, an inanimate structure, or an object it has a blueprint along with the energetic intent of its creator who generated it. If you interact with a corrupted intent within a specific blueprint, the original intent will be corrupt, and that means you will face demonic forces within that creation, no matter what it is. Additionally in this timeline, the NAA have developed Ai to control the demonic forces on the earth, so we have Ai demons as well as material force demons. As an example, if you work for a company who was designed first by its creators to make money before honoring human beings and life force, very commonly you will be accosted continually by the demons of greed and avarice – Mammon and its AI versions. Both can be addressed and dealt with in the same way, they are considered black magic forces. It is also important to remember that we can learn and grow from our experiences with these dark forces, but we have to distinguish what they are and refuse their attempts to gain total control over our consciousness. Through observer consciousness, with nonjudgmental witnessing perspective, we can remain transparent to the intention of the creator in the organization by setting our own intention, blueprint and focus, while we are interacting within that structure. If we do not set our own boundary, and terms, the default setting will return to the most dominating person in the environment ( i.e. the boss, antagonist, etc.), or the original blueprint of the structure in the organization or corporation that we are interacting with. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to set our mission, purpose, boundaries and make it very clear to ourselves, so that we are not encroached upon in the 3D world with the intended proliferation of these negative polarity forces via the mainstreaming of Satanism agenda. This is yet another important purpose of the 12D shield, a way to define boundaries and infuse your GSF intention within your personal auric shield, in all situations encountered.

Take good care of yourself in this turbulence and chaos, this is not the time to be reckless, push yourself to the outer limits, travel around aimlessly, and test your physical stamina unnecessarily. Take some time out to learn how to generate more self-loving care and self-accepting actions that honor your entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.  We cannot help or support anyone else if our life feels like it is a mess and we are stressed to our last nerve and becoming unglued. Stop, breathe and hunker down. If you need to say no to the holiday insanity, say no. It is very important to be acutely aware of what forces we are interacting with now, and to consciously participate with the highest expression of our true divine nature, knowing that we will come to face the time of wrestling with demons, in so that we can make a stand in our spiritual strength as we learn more about the spirit of truth within us by enduring the process.

With Love and In the Spirits of Christ,


El Morya via Genoveva Coyle, December 8th, 2017

El Morya via Genoveva Coyle, December 8th, 2017

Per Staffan December 11, 2017

El Morya (channeled messages)

Good morning and greetings my dear ones! I am El Morya, Ascended Master, and Chohan of the First Ray of the Divine Will, your family, your beloved brother, and your ally, always.

I am here with you today, not as a teacher or as someone that places himself above thee but as your best beloved friend, to share some of the knowing and wisdom accumulated while traveling this earthly rough patch of my soul’s expansion; for this is what this earthly experience that you are having right now is, and that includes past lifetimes that you have taken on this wondrous planet to experience Archangel Gaia.

You see, in the big scheme of events, this is only a short moment of your entire and eternal existence. So, what I am saying to thee is why not make it a more joyful and pleasant experience?

That doesn’t mean that you become careless or aloof, it doesn’t mean that you do not strive to learn and get the most out of your tough experiences, but what I am saying is that you do not have to make this lifetime so hard to bear, so important and sacrificial, as some of you seem to make it.

Loosen up dearest ones! Shrug your shoulders and shake the feeling that you somehow have to carry the entire world on them. Take a deep breath and relax! Release that self-importance and smile! Smile and laugh as much as you can! This is a must, even when you do feel like millions are depending on you.

There is pain and hurting, there are some tears and nighttime crying’s, there are scraped knees and wounds that need to be tended to lovingly. There is running, sweating and jumping, and all sorts of adjustments to your physical bodies. But when you detach calmly and sit or walk in silence, you can learn to flow smoothly and quite pleasantly with these changes.

It is your resistance and slowing down of the flowing process that gives you trouble. It is your perceived need to control and understand everything that is happening to you and to the ones around you that causes friction.

Do you believe that you need to know everything upfront? Do you even think that you would be able to understand and place all of the pieces of your multidimensional puzzle in their right places?

Dear ones, even if you were given all the details, you would not have the time to comprehend everything. This is how fast everything is proceeding in these intensified and upgraded energies. And it really doesn’t matter, for your purpose is to flow smoothly with the changes and bring as many as you can along with thee.

You have been told that you are teachers of light, and you have been given so many other names and degrees that contain the word and the energy of pure love within them. And this is the plain truth! Yes, you are teachers of love and light. And this is why so many times you stop in your path, you slow down trying to understand why and how your own universe is working the way it is.

And that is because you believe you need to teach others what you have gathered so far. But for the most part, others and their situations and plans are not matched completely with yours, and so they will stop and try to hear and learn from you, but their soul’s nudging is to move further and follow their own divine plan and insight.

So what you are, indeed, is the example of being love and being peace in every situation, but mostly in the chaotic and most stormy times. It is in the peace and trust that you have, not in other deities and gods, but in your own strong and all-knowing god-self that you shine the most when others gather around to feel and see you.

And even then you do not have to say much to them, you do not have to talk extensively and preach for hours and days, wasting so much of your precious energy that can be used for more growth and for the quiet healing of self and others. For you only have to be love and to point out in a few words to others that they too have the same power and wisdom inside their own hearts, just as you do.

It is by this self empowering of everyone that the fears and limitations that they still hold in their consciousness will dissolve completely, and as a result, love will flow unimpeded and with the utmost abundance throughout the Earth.

I will leave you know with my love, strength and fortitude.

Until next time, farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science – Live Broadcast

This is a video I endorse for the development of our science and aerospace and entertainment industries but also public benefit business modeling for connections and new opportunities for a new environment we all would contribute too as doors open.

Please use your intuition and discernment for a match of interest

Published on Oct 11, 2017Watch and hear about how we plan to bring transformative science and engineering to global citizens and support breakthrough research, discovery and innovation that can benefit humanity.


Chris Mellon: FMR Deputy Asst Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

Jim Semivan: FMR Sr. Intelligence Service, CIA’s Directorate of Operations

Dr. Hal Puthoff: Director of DOD/CIA/DIA Scientific Research Programs

Steve Justice: FMR Advanced Systems Director for Lockheed Martin’s “Skunk Works”

Luis Elizondo: FMR Director of Programs to Investigate Unidentified Aerial Threats, USG

Get more info at and read the Offering Circular at…

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, December 15, 2017

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, December 15, 2017

December 17, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, December 15, 2017

15th December 2017. Mike Quinsey.

It seems that time is still speeding up as the final days of 2017 draw near. As predicted the seasons are gradually running into each other, but in the long run things will level out and certain to be to your liking.

Meantime things can get challenging and the animal world is being affected, but it is in no real danger as they can move to new areas. Their food supplies are a different matter, and where they are being depleted it can force them to find alternative sources.

Humankind is able to cope with change, but on top of differences between nations that have yet to be settled, there are problems that will take some time to bring to a conclusion. Understand that in the main you are responsible for the conditions that have led to some of the difficulties. Man does not realise the extent to which his actions affect everything. Anything that is creating and is of the negative energies, invariably creates fear and it is liable to pull the higher vibrations down.

However, slowly but surely those who generate so much negativity are losing their power as more and more people are turning to the Light. In one sense the battle has already been won and the dark Ones will continue to become isolated. However, it takes time to re-establish a society based upon love, but it is beginning to happen all over the world, and the Light is quickly growing.

The idea of starting wars for whatever reason is beginning to be unacceptable, and Humanity will have much to say in opposition to it, notwithstanding the fact that the higher powers have stated that they will not allow another nuclear war on Earth. Also those who seek world peace are becoming more than a minority and their powerful voice is being heard. As a result the diehard warmongers and the Arms Industry are worried as their lucrative business and profit from war is under threat. Their days are numbered as any potential war will be prevented, and greater powers than ours will ensure it is so.

For whatever reason you might celebrate at the end of this month, it is also the end of the year and the coming of the New Year that is celebrated worldwide. Humanity is uplifted, and many religions are part of the solemn services in anticipation and remembrance of the occasion. The Light that is given out has a great healing effect and in this New Age it will anchor itself upon Earth.

The vibrations are also lifted up by those of you who have a tradition of making New Year resolutions, and there is much to be gained as a result of the world celebrations. There is always a reason to thank those Beings who reside in the higher dimensions, as they follow your progress and guide Humanity because they know of the plan for your future upliftment. There are also even greater Beings who have an understanding of your coming evolution as Galactic Beings, and oversee your development. As time passes their presence will be even more important as they have a greater part to play in your evolution.

Like the Human Race, Mother Earth is also looking forward to the upliftment of the vibrations, and having the opportunity to cleanse the planet of that which has spoilt it in very many ways. She does in any event periodically cleanse the oceans which would otherwise become stagnant, and this will allow all natural sea life to return to normal. In the future Man will respect all life forms, and do his part to enhance it and help maintain the areas such as the coral reefs that support so much sea life. Man will begin to understand his responsibilities to respect and live in harmony with all life, whether on land or at sea.

Your Earth is one of the most beautiful planets in the cosmos and was seeded to be a jewel in the firmament. It will reclaim its glory and beauty and Man will repay Mother Earth by helping to restore that which has been destroyed. As the vibrations increase you shall gradually see the benefit from using natural resources, and will again see the Earth as the Garden of Eden in all its splendour and beauty. Because of the rising vibrations you will begin to find that your thoughts carry more power than previously, and you will realise that you must keep them pure and positive.

There is so much in store for you and we tell you some of it to lift you up, as the previous cycle was filled with negativity and the prospect of world peace seemed out of your reach. With the coming of the New Age it has all changed and you can now create your own future and enjoy complete peace. However to do so you will need to ignore what is going on around you, as much still relates to the last cycle and cannot remain much longer in the present.

The problem remains as long as some people cling on to the old ways, but given time they will realise that it is futile to do so. The sooner they settle down to bringing in the many beneficial changes, the sooner they will enjoy them. The good news is that even so you have to create your own pathway forward, and you are still guided so that no time is lost in creating a new society. We have mentioned previously that there is a separating of the ways, and that is possible because there is more than one Earth. The separation comes because with Ascension another time line is created.

Some may ask why is there so much information given when the actual events are some way off. It is simply because you should have already been more advanced in readiness for Ascension, but since a new cycle has been created you need to know so that you can start preparing yourself for that time. What you do now will in the long run affect your future, and you need to know what lies ahead so that you can plan for it.

You are entitled to enjoy your success after having gone through many Ages without achieving it, and where you have worked very much alone help will be given at every step. You have been told before that in the latter period prior to Ascension, it will be an ideal time for you to be introduced to your Galactic friends, who are eager to meet you. Hitherto they have had to keep a low profile so as not to influence you, as you must yourselves make the decisions that determine how your evolution takes place. It does not however stop you from asking for help when you need it.

We do not relate to time as you do, as all is in the now, and in our “evolved body” we can if we wish travel to any time period, it means that time as such becomes irrelevant and of no consequence. We can also enter the future time line and see the potential for that period. So it is somewhat difficult for us to relate to time as you do, and why in general we are reluctant to give out dates in the anticipation of an important event. However, we do our best but it is as well to remember that time is very fluid, and it is always subject to change depending on the power of the thought coming from you. So start to become aware of what you are wishing for and that it is not negative, as it may rebound on you.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Day Of Disclosure -Tom Delonge update NY Times, Official Government Disclosure

Published on Dec 16, 2017Dec 17, 2018 This is an update on the possible disclosure of UFO research by the United States government, and the role of Tom DeLonge and his team of government insiders. Grant Cameron discusses the 22 million dollar research program and the major news outlets that covered in as the story goes viral. Also discussed is stories of the government’s reaction to the leak, and the possible role of Donald Trump in the disclosure.


Grant Cameron

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Head of Pentagon’s secret ‘UFO’ office sought to make evidence public

December 17, 2017 By Suzanne Maresca

Looks like some more soft disclosure.  I do wonder if they’ll be surprised at how well-informed the public already is.

By Joby Warrick,, December 16, 2017

Just before leaving his Defense Department job two months ago, intelligence officer Luis Elizondo quietly arranged to secure the release of three of the most unusual videos in the Pentagon’s secret vaults: raw footage from encounters between fighter jets and “anomalous aerial vehicles” — military jargon for UFOs.

The videos, all taken from cockpit cameras, show pilots struggling to lock their radars on oval-shaped vessels that, on screen, look vaguely like giant flying Tic Tacs. The strange aircraft — no claims are made about their possible origins or makeup — appear to hover briefly before sprinting away at speeds that elicit gasps and shouts from the pilots.

Elizondo, in an internal Pentagon memo requesting that the videos be cleared for public viewing, argued that the images could help educate pilots and improve aviation safety. But in interviews, he said his ultimate intention was to shed light on a little-known program Elizondo himself ran for seven years: a low-key Defense Department operation to collect and analyze reported UFO sightings.

Gimbal: The First Official UAP Footage from the USG for Public Release

An error occurred.

Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

The existence of the program, known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, was confirmed officially for the first time Saturday by a Pentagon spokesman. The acknowledgment came in response to media inquiries, which were generated in part by a start-up company Elizondo has joined since retirement. The private company specializes in promoting UFO research for scientific and entertainment purposes.

Current and former Pentagon officials confirm that the Pentagon program has been in existence since 2007 and was formed for the purpose of collecting and analyzing a wide range of “anomalous aerospace threats” ranging from advanced aircraft fielded by traditional U.S. adversaries to commercial drones to possible alien encounters. It is a rare instance of ongoing government investigations into a UFO phenomenon that was the subject of multiple official inquiries in the 1950s and 1960s.

Spending for the program totaled at least $22 million, according to former Pentagon officials and documents seen by The Washington Post, but the funding officially ended in 2012. “It was determined that there were other, higher priority issues that merited funding and it was in the best interest of the DOD to make a change,” Pentagon spokesman Tom Crosson explained in a statement.

But officials familiar with the initiative say the collection effort continued as recently as last month. The program operated jointly out of the Pentagon and, at least for a time, an underground complex in Las Vegas managed by Bigelow Aerospace, a defense contractor that builds modules for space stations. It generated at least one report, a 490-page volume that describes alleged UFO sightings in the United States and numerous foreign countries over multiple decades.

Neither the Pentagon nor any of the program’s managers have claimed conclusive proof of extraterrestrial visitors, but Elizondo, citing accounts and data collected by his office over a decade, argues that the videos and other evidence failed to generate the kind of high-level attention he believes is warranted. As part of his decision to leave the Pentagon, he not only sought the release of videos but also penned a letter to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis complaining that a potential security threat was being ignored.

“Despite overwhelming evidence at both the classified and unclassified levels, certain individuals in the [Defense] Department remain staunchly opposed to further research on what could be a tactical threat to our pilots, sailors and soldiers, and perhaps even an existential threat to our national security,” Elizondo said in the letter, a copy of which was provided to The Post.

The first public revelations of the program came in a video conference aired in October by To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, the firm Elizondo joined as a consultant after retiring from his Pentagon job. The New York Times and Politico reported the existence of the program on their websites Saturday. The Washington Post conducted several confidential interviews over two months with Elizondo and Christopher Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence who also is an officer of the private firm.

Documents provided by the former officials included letters of support by former Senate majority leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), a key backer of the initiative who helped secure funding for the program and sought to ensure a high degree of secrecy. Elizondo said knowledge of the program was limited, even within the Pentagon itself. He said the program had multiple enemies at senior levels of the department, from officials who were either skeptical or ideologically opposed to AATIP’s mission.

“I was honored to serve at the DOD and took my mission of exploring unexplained aerial phenomena quite seriously,” Elizondo said. “In the end, however, I couldn’t carry out that mission, because the department — which was understandably overstretched — couldn’t give it the resources that the mounting evidence deserved.”

It is difficult to draw conclusions about the nature of the unidentified vessels from the videos alone. Experts generally urged caution, explaining that reported UFO sightings often turn out of have innocuous explanations.

A retired Navy pilot contacted by The Post who was involved in a 2004 encounter depicted in one of the videos confirmed that the images accurately reflected his recollection of the events. The pilot would only speak on the condition of anonymity.

Elizondo, a 22-year veteran of the department who has held top security clearance and worked on secret counterintelligence missions, said he chose to join the private venture because he believed it was the best way to continue the work he was unable to complete as a government employee.

“I left to find an environment where investigating these phenomena is priority number one,” he said.

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, December 17th, 2017

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, December 17th, 2017

Per Staffan December 17, 2017

Arcturians (channeled messages)

                                   DECEMBER 17, 2017

Dear readers, greetings to all at this special time of celebration and festive activity. The holidays  often serve as a trigger that activates a sense of oneness  within those normally unfamiliar these energies. The emotions of love and giving that freely flow throughout the Christmas season are often someone’s  beginning steps toward awakening if they are ready and open to it.

People of any and all belief systems can celebrate Christmas  if they understand  its true meaning.  Christmas is not just about the birth of a highly evolved child 2000 years ago, but is representative of the birth of the Christ  within every individual.  We have spoken of this in previous Christmas messages, but choose to repeat it for those yet unaware of the real meaning of Christmas.

The word Christ does not refer to the master Jesus except as his attained title, nor does it only have to do with the religion called Christianity.  The word Christ is not a man, or a name, or a religion, but means Light or full illumination–enlightenment.   Christhood is the birthright of every soul, each being the perfect expression of God/Source no matter how un-aware of this they may be.  There is only ONE Reality and you are IT.

Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell in the human scene  is a mind formed interpretation of a spiritual reality–you cannot make something out of nothing.   The Christmas story and all that surrounds  it represents a much deeper reality, one that effects each and every soul.

The Christmas story is  the story of every soul’s evolution into Christ Consciousness.  Creation is already complete and you are already whole, but being on earth in a physical body that is governed by time and space brings with it a veil of unknowing, one that leaves the majority unaware of who and what they are, thus making evolution into a process.

Mary and Joseph represent the perfect balance of the Divine feminine and masculine energies necessary in order for the new and higher state of consciousness to be formed.

As the infant state of awareness begins to grow, there arise third dimensional concepts and beliefs to be examined and cleared. This gestation period can and usually does take lifetimes and usually leaves the individual often feeling depleted and lost as their known foundation crumbles, seeming to  leave them with nothing.  This is the stable.

The Christ cannot and never will be born  into a consciousness that is already filled with three dimensional concepts and beliefs.  The humble stable represents an attained state of consciousness  devoid of everything false and unreal–necessary  for birthing the Christ consciousness.

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear, easily recognize and are drawn to the energy of this state of consciousness, (the wise men) and think nothing of any inconveniences that may be involved in order to be in its presence.

At the same time, those living from a sense of their own power and importance within the energies of duality and separation are only able to comprehend the strength of others or  love as a threat.  They understand power only as power over something or someone,  rather than power being the birthright of every soul by virtue of their oneness with Source.  Thus we have the soldiers of Herod seeking to destroy the new born child.

The Christ consciousness will always be hunted and persecuted by those who believe that their very existence (ego) is threatened by the  power of another.  The newly born Christ consciousness must  be hidden silently and secretly, and nurtured within until it is strong enough to withstand the slings and arrows of the outer scene.

The Christmas story  is your story dear ones, and is the story of every person regardless of where they are in their evolutionary journey because everyone is the expression of Divine Consciousness and therefore already holds the fullness of the living Christ within.

No one attains this state of consciousness from outside of self, from some “right” teacher, or teaching for there is no such thing.  Rather, the whole journey of evolution is about opening up to the “imprisoned splendor” already present within.

Enjoy the season and freely give not only material gifts, but gifts of love, abundance, joy, peace, wholeness, harmony, etc., fully aware that you can never be depleted of these gifts for they are never yours personally, but rather flow infinitely from that endless Source within.

Let  Christmas be yours every day of the year.  Let Christmas become who and what you are in every moment, situation, and experience and you will observe it flow easily into each New Year (life).

Wishing all your own true Christmas.

We are the Arcturian Group

The Council: Time To Begin via Ron Head On Era Of Light

The Council: Time To Begin

You are aware that you are approaching the point in your solar cycle that you term a solstice. Those of you on one half of your planet will call it the solstice of winter, the rest will call it that of summer. All that signifies is the result of the axial tilt of your sphere in relation to your star. It is good to picture this cycle in a way that includes both.

We want to call your attention to the existence of other cycles, cycles that were tracked and recorded by many earthly civilizations in periods far earlier than your own. Knowing this should indicate to you that your understanding that you are the highest in a chain of evolution that has proceeded in only one direction through the entire time of its existence is somewhat faulty. But in the box of your approved scientific discussion, one of the boxes we spoke of last, such questions are definitely not encouraged.

These cycles are like circles within circles. And in some of them it takes several to equal one of the lengthier ones. You may well question why earlier societies went to such lengths to track and record these.

More importantly for you, we will tell you that right now you are approaching a point that will be the common ending and restarting of several of these cycles, cycles that are solar, galactic, and far larger still. There are implications in this.

Some would look at this and call your time ‘the end times’. We would agree and say ‘and also the beginning times’. It is the time when your can look around you and see clearly that this does not work, that didn’t work, what were we thinking?

And that has been getting clearer and clearer for a few decades, has it not? But it is also the time when many alternatives are beginning to surface. As some begin to detach and find their own solutions to their own problems, a new world is being formed.

Now, you each have a choice of either allowing yourself to be consumed by the constant din of negativity and apparent chaos or searching for alternate ways of living that will remove you from the fray. I think you must know which we would recommend. Even the simplest of your alternate solutions will grow together to form your new societies. That is how forests grow. That is how communities grow. Ask yourself, “What do I do that could be helpful to someone?” Now is the time to become immersed in what you love, even though you cannot see the future, you can begin to build it.

» Source – Channel: Ron Head

Intel for the White Hats via Annelot 12-15-17

Posted on December 16, 2017

by fromthefirstorder

Fri December 15, 2017

Intel for the White Hats via Annelot 12-15-17

Dear brothers and sisters,

Time has come.

Soul groups are completed.

Dimensions are aligned.

The truth is known.

Push the button of love, light and freemdom.

A real “go”.

Love and Light,

We are free!


Terra Zetzz at 12/15/2017 09:39:00 PM