Everything in Balance – Part 4/5 AA Michael Linda Dillon Steve Beckow

Everything in Balance – Part 4/5

October 24, 2017 By Steve Beckow

We continue with excerpts from a personal reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, from Oct. 18, 2017.

In this excerpt we discuss how to go about creating a Universal Basic Income for Canada. I look to others to do the same for their own countries.

Thanks to Linda for our reading and to Dana for our transcript.

Steve Beckow: I’m planning to give $100,000 to every Canadian but if I’m going to do this kind of thing once with a country, I want to get the amounts right.  Is that an adequate amount to gift or should it be more like $200,000?

Archangel Michael: No. Understand. Yes, of course you are blessing people and you are giving what we would call emergency relief but that does not mean that there isn’t a learning curve for many and it doesn’t matter whether it is Canada or Somalia. There is a learning curve.

Now many are more than adequate financial managers but many are not. Now we are not suggesting that you would even wish or even dream of controlling such a gift, but think of it in this way.

For the ones who considers themselves – and they may well be – brilliant financial managers they may take that money and simply invest it in their stock portfolio. Now that is neither good nor bad but it doesn’t make it active money, if you know what we mean. So there is that issue but you cannot control that.

But then there is the other end of the spectrum and everything in between, where someone just takes the money and wastes it. So they do not have a cushion or a roof over their head and they go out and buy a Mercedes-Benz. Now you can’t control that either.

So this is not about control. This is a spectrum of which we are talking about. People are learning about a new system, a new balance and so you have to meet them where they are living . So there is a huge educational process or aspect.

And we are not suggesting this [educational aspect] is your project because it is not but there is another being whose job it is to teach people the stewardship, the management of resources. There is an assumption that human beings know how to manage and that is simply not true.

Steve: How would I go about this [Universal Basic Income], Lord? Would I just write Prime Minister Trudeau and say, “This is what I would like to do”?

AAM: Yes, that is your starting point. …

Steve: Once I create a company, do I have to let go of the vision from that point on?

AAM: How do you mean, sweet one?

Steve: Well, I create a company and I say that the job is to fund leprosy agencies all over the world and they take on water purification in Thailand instead. Once I create the company do I have to let go of its vision or is that…

AAM: They are not living up to their mandate. If you say that your job is to work with female gender mutilation and you find out that … what they are doing is off track.

Then there has need to be a mechanism and this comes to one of your seven trusted advisors in the way of annual monitoring or a report about how the success is going because encouragement and further inspiration comes from that feedback loop.

It is a male, human tendency to say, “You didn’t do what I am telling you so I’m going to pull the plug.” What you would find in this situation is not pulling the plug, so much as redirect, redirect, and redirect.

Steve: Now the seven trusted advisors, in my mind what I saw was the seven heads of the various companies but it sounds like you’re talking about a sort of a smaller group of dedicated advisors, is that correct?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: Then, if I want to do a second instance of this, should I go to a third country, not the United States but another country.

AAM: We would suggest you go to Iceland.

(Concluded in Part 4, tomorrow.)