Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, Discusses the Law of Above and Below, Part 1/2

Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, Discusses the Law of Above and Below, Part 1/2

Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, August 27, 2013, Part 1/2

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’re exploring the Law of Above and Below, Within and Without, with Sanat Kumara. This ties in with the Universal Law of Balance in divine accordance with the mind, will, and heart ~ above and below.

I’m excited to get into this, because by the definition of the Council of Love, this Law speaks to the fact that none of us would even be here unless we had decided at some point to step into the fullness of who we are. Balance calls for outward expression of our brilliance and the moment is right for us to accept the truth of this and to take appropriate action.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about the Council of Love statement that what’s been healed in heaven will be healed on Earth. And who better to help us find that out than our wonderful friend, Linda. Good morning!

Linda Dillon: Yes, good morning Suzi. This is one of my favorite laws to talk about. And I think it’s got a lot of meat to it. And so often people will refer to the Law of Above and Below, but we don’t really often take enough time to sit and ponder, as my friend Maré (1) would say, what that really means.

That everything that’s going on within us, with us on our planet – if we were in accordance with this law – would be a reflection of what is above; and, similarly, what is within us is outside of us as well.

I think that’s probably one of the most significant pieces of the shift out of the old third is that – as we know the old third has not been in accordance with that law – that what has been, well, we have pockets of it and examples of it, and moments of it, but generally speaking, what’s happening on the planet the last couple of thousand years or longer has not really been a reflection of the divine reality.

So it’s a really interesting topic. And I think one of the things that Universal Mother Mary says, that Archangel Gabrielle says – and certainly what Sanat Kumara says – is that I don’t think that we as individuals truly fully believe that we are an absolute reflection of divinity.

SM: It would be tough for us to really embrace that without having evidence.  For even those of us who are not concrete, linear thinkers, everything that we’re doing now just seems to be going on trust and faith and I’m sure that many, even the most steadfast of servants of the light, are really longing for some tangible evidence of this.

LD: And yet I wonder, and this is just me wondering out loud, what do we think the Company of Heaven, the angels and the archangels, go on, if not hope and faith and trust. I don’t think they really are attached to the tangible.

SM: I’ve wondered about that too. I’ve wondered also about the group mind aspect of being in the higher realms; that they “get it” much more. So here on Earth we’re versions of our higher selves and getting closer to living as though we understand and embrace that, but they’re already there. So maybe it’s a further progression along the path back to Source.

LD: I think it is. But for us to think the of divine qualities, the thirteen blessings and virtues, that’s a description of how the higher realms live. Those are the qualities, that’s their everyday. And it can manifest through the Mother and the creation of galaxies, but the starting point of what they’re working with and how they operate are those divine qualities.

And one of the things that I’m hoping that you and I, and Sanat Kumara and the Council of Love, are going to achieve during this series, is to see the similarity or the link-in between what’s Universal Law and those divine qualities.

Because really they’re very much mirrors of one another. They’re not exact mirrors. They don’t correspond one-to-one. But they’re very clearly the framework, the how to, the operational manual basically on the divine qualities, the blessings and virtues that we delightfully spent so much time on.

This is how we live and how things work. This is how we can embrace our divinity, and the laws.  And somehow, that gets lost. So, even when we look at a human law, let’s choose something outrageous – like some of the clauses in the Homeland Security Act for example. And I’m going to get a bit political.

But you look at some of those clauses where people have the right, in the middle of the night, to come into your home, interrogate you, perhaps even take you away, lock you up and never tell a soul or bring actual charges.

Now, in what way would that be in accordance with the Law of Above and Below. And yet, in our human, everyday self, and I think this is where the practicality of it’s coming forward, we don’t just say “well, that’s the way it is” or “oh, that’s terrible.”

But we as a collective, and that collective mind you’re talking about, at what point do we say this is not in accordance in the slightest with the divine and the manual for this planet and for this universe. Therefore it is completely unacceptable and we bring down, you shift, we vote out of office, I don’t care how we term it, but we don’t accept that that’s a way to live, a way to operate.

Particularly I think, as Americans, we’re really good at pointing out the atrocities or the inequalities that occur in other countries. And we look at it and we point our fingers and we say this is heinous, how could this happen. And yet we’re not taking care of our own backyard, and how that starts is of course taking care of our inner self. It all comes back to our self,  how we live and how we operate.

SM: Not that I really follow news, but there’s some you just can’t help but hear about. My way of coping with the news and apparent chaos as well as some of the comments in the inbox is to live as though I’m already in the higher dimensions and to just be love.

It’s my highest and best right now to see myself as the love and light that I AM. So that really fits into the within and without, because what I’ve noticed is that the closer I get to acceptance of who I am, that’s what I see and notice in the world and people around me. It’s really amazing and brilliant.

LD: The starting point is our sacred self. I was fascinated yesterday. I listened with Archangel Gabrielle’s discussion, and this is the Linda take on it, but when she was talking on An Hour With an Angel and I think the question was about how do we trust.

And how do we proceed in trust, when there has been so much lack of truth or dishonesty. And her response, again, from MY perspective sitting here listening as the channel, was “Well, do you not practice free will? What do you choose to do?”

And you know we see that in the really practical small microcosm – you know we’ve all had friends or we’ve all said to ourselves, we’ve been in a love affair that didn’t turn out, and therefore we say “well, we’re never doing that again. I’m never going to be in a relationship again. I’m never going to allow myself to love again.”

And even though we say it and we know when we say it that we’re in high drama, that’s a very sorry statement. It’s as if to say “well because I was disappointed and brokenhearted once I’m never ever going to take a chance and exercise my free will to love again.”

And that’s so unloving of ourselves.

SM: It’s fear.

LD: It’s fear and it’s time to let go of the fear because what I do know about the Law of Above and Below? I do know that in heaven and in the higher realms and even in the higher dimensions that we’ve been talking about, and in the fifth, fear doesn’t exist. Is there valor and courage? Yes, huge amounts. Enormous. But there’s not fear. There’s not anger.

That’s not to say that there aren’t moments that the other side gets frustrated with us. I think they get frustrated with us more than we know. I think they’re really good at managing their frustration or angst a lot better than we are. So it’s a very interesting law. And it’s also this understanding and incorporating right into our bones – those desires that we have to create, we have them because we brought it from above. And at the same time, it exists already in the universe.

SM: And we just don’t realize our power. I guess because of the conditioning of lifetimes, but it’s very difficult for many to think of ourselves as Divine Beings. But if we could step into that even just a little bit, and realize that we are made of love and we are made of light, and if we just offer ourselves in service to the light, there is nothing that can happen to us, there’s nothing that could take us down.

And the more we embody that, and the divine qualities, the more we help the collective in service. And whatever work we do on ourselves – and pretty much that’s our only power at this point is to work on ourselves – it’s a huge power. And by working on ourselves, the ripples go out everywhere into all of creation. Especially to the rest of the human collective.

LD: Yes. And it starts with working on yourself, with loving yourself, of accepting yourself, and just knowing that even though that human side of you, that ego side of you, you think “we’ll I’d better fix this,” that in fact you’re perfect.

SM: We don’t have to be healed to be a healer. Certainly it’s great to do our personal work and that’s why we’ve been asked to do so much clearing. These frequencies are kind of forcing us to do our clearing if we don’t volunteer to do it, and they’re stripping the wounding away from us. I imagine that any listener would probably attest to the fact that even a month ago, their understanding was different than it is now.

LD: Yes. Things are shifting very quickly now. And I think most of that shifting, yes we’re seeing it in the external, but most of that shifting – the big work – is being done internally. In the within.

SM: Speaking of internal and within, do you think it’s time for meditation?

LD: I think it’s a great time. I think we’ll go back to those walls of our heart.

( meditation starts at 17:00 – ends at 30:20 )

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara, welcome to each of you. Welcome my brothers and sisters of my heart, of my journey. And welcome to this time, not only of the study of the Universal Law, for it is my joy to be your teacher and your guide; but what we are also undertaking with each of thee is the practical and that is why we have done this exercise this day.

It is the time my friends of fruition and of bringing into your life, your world, your reality, which is a fifth-dimensional reality, not only the understanding of how the law works, but the practicality of how you work with it in order to create, in order to bring forth, yes what your heart desires. But also Nova Earth, Nova Human, yes even New You. The beauty of each of you.

You are not simply a fragment of who you are above and we don’t know how many times we will have to say this, we will say it until it is firmly anchored within your knowing conscious self. In this lifetime, in this incarnation, you have brought the fullness of your soul design, the totality of your being, into form.

Now how is this different than other incarnations, other journeys on other planets that you have made with me and with others? Let me preface this by saying that each of you has an enormous array of talents, abilities and capacities.

In previous incarnations there were times when you would say, well, I am going to incarnate and I am going to contribute to the greater understanding of humility and piety. And so you have chosen circumstances, whether they are financial circumstances, or a lack of talent, or being in a situation where you were having to practice humility and I do not mean that you were a monk or a priest or a nun, because sometimes the greatest humility has to be practiced by kings and queens.

So you created situations where you did not bring the fullness of everything, of who you are, think of it as above, with you in order to build for yourself but usually for the collective trying to break the paradigm of the old third. You didn’t bring all of you so that you would be able to do this and to learn more deeply and to teach by example and devotion more deeply.

That is not true in this incarnation, in this period of Ascension. Now, let us also be very clear, you never left the spark of your divinity at home. That is not possible. So whether it is you, my beautiful light worker circles, my love-holders, you have never left your spark of divinity of oneness at home, and neither has anybody else.

Even if they’re behaving and lost in the darkness and behaving in atrocious ways, it does not matter. Their spark of divinity is still within them and it always has been. We are not simply speaking for a select few, we are speaking for all of you because this is the time of ascension of Gaia, Ascension of the kingdoms, ascension and completion of this chapter for humanity as well.

And everybody is on high alert and standing by for this completion. So as you came we have told you, you are not simply masters in the making.  You have brought the totality of your mastery in a wonderful diversity of ways to the planet. So you are fully the reflection, the embodiment of that spark of love that you are above, say in heaven, and certainly the totality of your being as you are in what you think of as the higher dimensions. You do not lack anything.

Now in the physical form that you have chosen, and designed, yes, in concert with your guides and with the Divine Mother and in concert with those that you are choosing to incarnate with, you designed your body, your physicality, your wherewithal, your container, in a certain way.

And there are some of you that we listen to and we hear you say “Well, this is not perfection. This is not the way. I am sure it is not the way I appear in heaven”. The contents of the container are the same and the design is perfection, for what you wish to be a reflection of. And what you wish to communicate that will act as a catalyst not only for your Ascension, for your completion, for your jump, but also for others.

So there are those of you who would say, Sanat Kumara, Raj, I cannot believe that I chose to come to this planet with this disability, with legs that don’t work, and I would say to thee, yes, you did. And you may have come in this representation to simply activate the collective compassion, or humility, or to work with the laws of change, of transmutation, of elimination, but there have been no errors. First of all, the Mother doesn’t make mistakes. And in your divine self, my friends, neither do you.

And yes we have often heard this, oh I am sure I made a mistake. I came to the wrong family. No. You didn’t. Now, did the exercise of old third-dimensional reality and free will perhaps affect the outcome? Most definitely. But do not think it was a mistake. There aren’t any.

Now, anchor it and accept it. This truth – whether you are black, white, yellow, tall, short, impaired, brilliant – that you are the exact replica inside the container of your divinity, is a very important starting point. And within that container, within your heart in the understanding of your very specific and unique mission and purpose, are those desires of what you wish to bring forth, what you wish to experience.

And everything that is in that basket of desires that is of truth, not ego, and not lack, is ready for you. It is within you and it is also without. It is also existing either in the universe or upon your planet. And you are as capable of drawing something across the universe, which you have just done, as hailing a taxi.

The greatest obstacle that we face with you and that you face is you accepting how powerful you are, that you have this innate ability. That is why we speak of Universal Law, creation formulas, divine qualities; we are simply your memory joggers. We are your assistants. This is part of our service to the Mother because in her design what has occurred is that you are the embodiment.  You, not Saint Germaine, not Saint Teresa, not myself, even as planetary logos – you are the embodiment of the fulfillment of Her plan. Each of you.

Now this is not meant to send you in a tailspin or put a mantle of such responsibility upon your shoulders that you feel that you are overburdened. This is the dance, where you say I am doing what my heart desires, how I am led because this is in direct alignment with who I am above and right here and now. And if there is any variation I will correct it.

Stop doubting yourselves. You do not spend a great deal of time working with Universal Law. But what I am asking of you, particularly with this Law of Above and Below, Within and Without, invoke it. Because it brings forth that alignment. And it begins to bring it forth in tangible reality.

Each of you has a magnificent mission. You may think of it as small, but it is never viewed that way from our perspective. So when you are doing this, you are fulfilling your sacred purpose, your physical human heart desires. Your angelic heart desires. And you’re creating Nova Earth and the unfoldment of the plan of fulfilling your ascension – all at once.

I cannot emphasize to you my beloved ones how important this is. And it is not a guideline. This isn’t “Here’s a helpful hint perhaps you can use it, maybe it will work for you.”  I speak to you as the keeper of Universal Law. It is not malleable; it is a codex. It is the understanding of the truth of God, of how things work.

So begin my friends, and if you’re in hesitation, if you are unclear, turn to me, turn to Gabrielle, turn to your guides, turn to Michael, turn to the Divine Mother. We are glad to help you.

(Continued in Part 2)