Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, Discusses the Law of Above and Below, Part 2/2

Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Above and Below, August 27, 2013, Part 2/2

September 3, 2013 By Suzanne Maresca

Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, August 27, 2013, Part 2/2

SK: Now, do you wish to question?

SM: Certainly, that would be wonderful. Thank you so much for joining us again. I so appreciate this series on Universal Law. It’s very enlightening and expanding, just like the divine qualities. This goes just a bit further.

I feel it might be helpful for our listeners to be reminded that each one of us is known quite well in the higher realms, our thoughts and desires as well as and our triumphs and perceived shortcomings, both above and below. No one falls between the cracks. Would you please speak to that?

Raj: You have done so eloquently. Of course you are known extremely well. And perhaps more fully than you even know yourself. I do not say this in a dismissive way. It is just that our conscious memories as you would think of it are longer than yours.

So for example, when I look at one of you, any one of you, I see the magnificence of that spark of light, as you originally emerged. I see your angelic self in the journey that you have had on other planets and on earth. I see you in your many names, your many costumes and containers.

We see the struggles, we see the doubt and frustration, the anger, the pain, the sorrow. We see the joy, the victories, the laughter, the love.  And let us say the pain of all the false grids has been the most devastating part of the experience of what the humans created in the third.  We know of that pain and we seek to ease it, to soothe it and to remove it, while not interfering with your free will.

But what amazes us as we gaze on you, whether it was in Jerusalem two thousand years ago, or in France a thousand years ago, or in Siberia, yes even in the midst of hardship and pain, your capacity to love, to love and to be loved, and to express love has never really dimmed. In the most challenging of circumstances you have always proved yourselves as the light beings who continue to love.

You have no idea how extraordinary that is. And how we would do anything to keep that love alive. So what is it we’re doing at this moment? Why are we talking in this way to you? Which you must admit is highly unusual in terms of your society.

Well, we are doing it because we want to grow and promote that love. You have always kept that flame, that candle, burning. Now we want you to know in your physical conscious everyday bodies and activities just how much of the love you are, just how connected to the universe you are. Do you fall through the cracks? Never.

Although you may not realize it, even though we say it, sometimes it falls on deaf ears. So I say it again. And I say it not only for myself but for the Mother, for the archangels, for the masters, for your guides, I love you.

What that means to us is that we are committed to you.  Not responsible as an overriding parent, but we are committed not simply to group Ascension not even to your individual Ascension.  We are committed to the fulfillment of your heart, your dreams and your desires, because inside of that is the love. And inside of that is the Ascension. Because if you look at your hearts, you will notice that the quality of what you love and what you are desiring, even compared to last year, has changed.

Now are there tangible expressions of those desires, of the desires of hope and gratitude and charity and generosity? Yes. But I do not hear any of you saying that you want a Lamborghini; what I hear you saying is you want transportation for everybody and it would be better if they were space vehicles. And if they’re not space vehicles then please let them be clean air vehicles. This is what I hear from you. That you want food for the planet, and Gaia has plenty.  And it is not going to be genetically modified. It is going to be the bounty that she has always offered. These are the desires of your hearts. And this is love.

Now how could you possibly express such loving desires if you were not love. So yes, we hear you. And we know you.

SM: Beautiful. Thank you. If I may, I would I would like to ask a current-events question. Primarily what I would like to know is if there’s any truth in the stories being fed to us by the mass media or if the stories are in the category of false flags, specifically in terms of Syria at this time?

Raj: You have some expressions that you use on Earth – slow news day? And when there is no news, they make up news. Now I am not suggesting that the violence and the conflict that rages in Syria is not true and real. It is a combination of things, so let me explain. And, it works very well with our understanding and conversation today about above and below, within and without.

Why are the people in Syria – all factions – we do not favor factions – why are they not holding peace in their heart? Because when peace is in the heart, there cannot be outward aggression.

Are people fleeing? Yes. Now let us also say that there are two categories of people fleeing and we do not mean political categories. There are people who are fleeing because they are fearful. And I am not talking about the fear that freezes. For some of them it is fight or flight. For others it is nervous fear.

So there is that category. And then there are those who are fleeing who are saying this is a time of turmoil and upheaval and this is my chance to move elsewhere. And because the borders will be open and refugees will be accepted, it is a chance to start a new life. So that is part of it.

But the key to Syria is every person on the planet – yes, with Archangel Michael and with us –  to send the peace, the consideration and the love to Syria. There is a collective energy that is coming to the surface, not just in Syria, but we are speaking of this, of inadequacy, a belief in the lack of self worth or in righteousness. But it is misplaced righteousness.

It is not righteousness that is in accordance and alignment with the divine, which is love. It is a manipulated understanding. So is it a power struggle? Absolutely. Is it violent? Absolutely. Does it need to come to the surface to be eradicated rapidly, not by the invasion with more violence, but with peace? Yes, it does.

Because – let us use this example and this is where a practical application of this law comes into form and I would ask all of you to do this with me – there is no war above. Period. It is a place of harmony. It is not a place of turmoil. It is not a place of anger and frustration. That does not exist.

Therefore there is no room for it below. So what you see is the alignment, as if there is a cloud of Heaven above Syria, and the light is pouring down, and that light is filled with Michael’s blue flame of truth, of justice and of peace. And from each of your hearts, you have the capacity to send right to the heart of Egypt, Iraq or Iran, that sense of peace.

When you become outraged at atrocity – and you are correct it is outrageous – but when you join into that energy of drama, then you are contributing to it. So you have need to align with the divine qualities and with divine law. And in that way do not underestimate your strength. Collectively you have the power to stop these factions fighting in this very moment. You send the energy of peace and you hold that vision and you do not tolerate and engage in any other vision.

SM: May I ask specifically if the news that’s being given to the world on what’s going on there is embellished, so to speak, in order to foment fear and negative reaction from people. I mean, I understand our work is to hear the news and understand what’s going on and to send love and light to the area. At the same time it feels like a possibility that the news coming out is enhanced, embellished, made to seem worse than it really is.

Raj: Let me suggest to you two things. There are very few news organizations on your planet that do not embellish, that do not dramatize, that do not try to get the worst pictures and scenarios and go with that – because that is what they think people want but it is also what lines their coffers and I mean their coffers of power as well.

So is it embellished? of course. You may take that as a given.

SM: Specifically gas attacks? Is that what’s going on?

Raj: There are some gas attacks. Now the second piece of what I say is the realization that any atrocity is horrendous. So we do not wish to minimize the atrocity. What we wish to be very clear about is that news organizations look for the worst and promote the worst.

SM: Right. I’m just wondering at what point the heavenly agenda becomes part and parcel of our news.

Raj: We’re not interfering with the free will. But there was something that went unnoticed when Gabrielle told you that the new grid is in place. And that new grid, dear heart, is part of the heavenly agenda and it is also going to influence the collective behaviors enormously. You cannot stand and be part of the new golden grid and be dirty.

SM: Exactly. I was wondering if you could speak to the tools we’ve been given for spiritual practice. Not just the rituals and ceremonies, but crystals, rattles, bells, etc. We do love them. And they certainly serve a purpose. But I’ve been wondering if the main purpose is to get us used to being able to connect to our innate power and to eventually only use them if it pleases us to do so, and to enjoy the beauty of them.

Raj: You love tools. Humans love gadgets and toys. You think that you have grown up and matured, but you have not. So, yes, and think about it. We love tools as well. Now do we use them consistently or constantly? No.

We have understood a long time ago that the intent and the use of your own power is significant, but you have been given these tools such as crystals, rattles, amulets, because they do hold power; they magnify your power, particularly with crystals.

Lemurian crystals have your library of information, so they are amplifiers in and of their own right. And it is a way that you are connecting with the kingdoms. It is a way that you are coming very intimately to work in cooperation with the kingdoms, so for example, a crystal can sit and send power and light for its entire lifetime, which is much longer than human; but when it is brought in conjunction with a human and the cooperation of energies comes together, there is an amplification. So yes, there are things that do amplify each other. It is part of your expression “wherever two or more are gathered” but it is not just two humans; it is two anything.

And are you able to create, to generate, to use those energies without the tools? Yes. For example, you have need to only visualize that you are holding a certain crystal to be drawing and connecting with its power. Or your rattle. So yes, but they are fun. They are intended, yes they are sacred, but they are also fun.

SM: Gosh, I love that about a tool being considered an “other.” That’s really wonderful, like it’s more than just me.

Raj: It is more than just you. It is one of your friends.

SM: In my meditations, I join with masters and angels and pretty much everybody.  It’s one big happy party. But I love this. Thank you. So, shall we go on to some callers?

Raj: Yes.

SM: Area code 928, are you with us?

Caller 928: I am. Hello. I just have a couple of quick questions, but first I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude to all of you at the Golden Age of Gaia website and the company of heaven for all this information you’ve given to us for so long. So thank you for your efforts.

I’ve been living a very simple life for a while now and working under the table.  I haven’t paid taxes for a few years and I have invested in the Iraqi Dinar. I’ve been intending for it all to flow very smoothly with the IRS, going from not paying the taxes to having all of this money. So I wanted to find out from you, Raj, if you have any thoughts on the best way to go about this.  With cashing in and taxes and all that, how to make it flow as smoothly as possible.

Raj: First of all you hold the intention not only in this transaction but in all transactions that you come from a place of ethics and heart, that you come from a place of fairness and oneness, and that you simply know that you proceed effortlessly; do not create drama or allow your ego to bring you to doubt where there is no need. It is that simple.

Caller 928: Wonderful, thank you. By the way the Hope Chest is going to be getting a sizable donation after the revaluation.

Second question is, I have a very dear long-term friend who is very precious to me and has had a tremendously positive impact on my life for many years now and he keeps encouraging me to get a passport because he has had a vision that things are going to be going downhill in the USA and that I need to be prepared to leave the country as my life could be in danger. I don’t feel that at all, and I wanted to see if you could look into his heart and see what’s going on and if the decision is coming from fear if you could help to ease that in him.

Raj: He has need to release the fear. And if he asks for help, it is certainly our honor and our pleasure to work with him. But it is buying into drama. The reason, if you wish to get a passport, is simply because you wish to go exploring and journey all over the planet; that is the reason, not because there is possible stress.

Caller 928: Thank you so much. I very much appreciate all your help.

Raj: You are welcome, dear heart.

SM: We are on to area code 206.

Caller 206: Yes, good morning. Hello Raj. I just have one question for you. When you’re only in the third, what is the limitation for a spirit?  Can it travel through the universe? What happens when you don’t qualify for an incarnation?

Raj: There is no need for a physical form. And I do have what you would think of as a form, as my home planet is Venus. And I often return there and reside there, if you can think of it that way. There are no limitations about how one can move or act. You do not need a hand, a physical hand, to open a door. You do not need physical eyes to see. It is actually quite liberating my friend.

SM: All right. Thank you for your call. So, our next caller is Nesha.

Nesha: Hi.  I’m calling from Perth, Australia. I’ve been getting guidance in the form of music and in number plates. I’ve seen one which displayed 3-6-9, and I was wondering what it could mean for me.

Raj: These are simply numbers, sacred numbers, the embodiment of ones and threes that you work with dear heart. So it is part of your soul signature. That is what it is. So you’re particularly attuned to the triangle.  You work with threes.

Sm: Okay, so area code 520 are you with us?

Caller 520: Yes I am. Good morning. My question is, what is the best way to utilize the golden grid that Gabrielle was talking about and Raj made reference to, for the most positive manifestations?

Raj: All is operating upon a golden grid throughout the multi-omniverse. Now we have taken it upon ourselves to yet again re-polish and reinforce the golden grids, both of each person individually, humanity, collectively, the planet and further on.   This has been particularly the work of Archangel Gabrielle.

So you know that if you are to look at yourself etherically, one of the forms in which you would see yourself is as a golden grid. Now you are not a golden grid that is separate off of the golden grid. It is a grid within a grid within a grid.

When you are operating and when you are meditating, make sure every day as you look at your sacred self that you have not tarnished or sullied your grid. Simply shine it up. Take away the dust specks every single day. Make sure that there are no tears, and no breaks in your grid.

Then, when you are working with creation, everything slides and travels upon the grid. So for example when the channel has done the meditation with you earlier this day, what you have called to your heart has traveled throughout the multiverse along with the golden grid. The idea is to see where what you are wishing to create and to bring forward is located on this renewed grid, and then simply ask it to be transported to you. But tend to your own grid as well. It is to make sure that nothing that is not of that gold sinks in. Is this clear?

Caller 520: It is. Could you give me a few more specifics on ways that we can clean our own personal grid in meditation?

Raj: You can etherically take a white silk cloth and polish your grid. You can use the all-purpose rainbow salve to clean it; it is etheric, it has all rays, all colors, it is usually used in healing but it is applicable here. You may use Gabrielle’s golden elixir to recoat it, to shine it up as well.

But the key is to become aware of your grid, and when I say your grid I also mean not your body but your full field. So do not just pay attention to your physical form, which is the center of your grid.  Go further out into your expanded auric field as well.  Make sure your emotional body, your mental body, your causal body, your astral body, that that is all clear and bright and shiny as well.

Caller 520: What if you’re a perfectionist and never can seem to be satisfied with your grid?

Raj: Then that, dear heart, is a vasana. You are not seeing the beauty of who you are. That is a lack of self-worth and I would suggest that you immediately ask archangel Michael to help you remove it. It has no place within you and it is certainly not part of your grid.

Caller 520: So then every morning when we’re doing our meditation and cleaning our grid, we should be satisfied that we’ve accomplished cleaning the grid?

Raj: Feel astonished and amazed and overwhelmed at the beauty of your grid. Satisfied isn’t even close enough. Celebrate it, dear heart. It is beautiful.

SM: All right, area code 949, are you with us?

Caller 949: Yes, good morning. I have a question about the sun. I hear that sometime in September or October the sun is going to be at the end of its eleven year cycle and it’s going to change poles and there may be some explosions. My question for you is, is this going to be something to benefit the consciousness of humanity, or will it bring harm for humanity?

Raj: The sun is in her own evolutionary cycle but what is occurring in the sun in the near future has absolutely no impact. Are there solar flares that create magnetic or electrical fields? Yes. But you are well-shielded from these. So do not create a drama where there is none.

Caller 949: Thank you. One more question, can you please tell me more about the power of crystals? I know they help to transmute negative energy, but I wanted to use them more with an intention of benefit. Can you please explain?

Raj: Understand the crystals are beings and a collection of energy unto themselves. They have their own power and what they’re known for so often in the human realm is that they are amplifiers.

But each crystal, every rock and crystal upon the planet, has its own mission and purpose. So when you hold a crystal, it is best that you go into meditation because they are following the Law of Above and Below, so they’ve brought their energy into this form with a very specific purpose.

Ask the crystal what its sacred mission and purpose is. Let it share with you what it is. And then in conjunction with it, let it assist you and you assist it in the fulfillment of that mission and purpose.

So there are healing crystals, there are channeling crystals, there are crystals that simply wish to be amplifiers, there are transmitters, there are libraries, ask the crystal what its purpose is. Rather than try and do an overlay of programming.

SM: Area code 225 are you with us?

Caller 225: Great, thank you for taking my call and thank you, Raj, for this opportunity. I’ve been doing some automatic writing and it has just been a wonderfully profound thing. And the writings seem to be of love and of light, pretty and meaningful. And when I shared them with somebody, a religious person, they seemed to be somewhat fearful and suggested that there’s a possibility that I could even be letting in darkness, even though the words were so delightful.

So, I guess I’m a little afraid that maybe I should not be doing this. And maybe could you share something on that? Also I’m wondering about what a gatekeeper is, I had a dream about the word, and I’ve heard a little bit about some other light workers but I’m not sure what that is.

Raj: First of all, when you are channeling in any form, there is a method of preparation and of sealing the space. And so you would always seal the space with prayer, with light, with crystals, with meditation; you do not simply begin and sit down and do your automatic writing – even though you are mightily protected by your guides and friends.

The second thing that you would do, dear heart, is always to ask who is writing, to identify themselves. In this way, you ensure the purity and the clarity of what is coming through. Do not allow the fears of those who do not understand what is available to humans to dissuade you from doing your work.

A gatekeeper is one – and it is an Ascension assignment – that basically is helping people through the portal of Ascension.

SM: Raj, we have less than a minute. Could you speak to what next week is going to be about?

Raj: Next week is going to be about the Law of Change. And my beloved friends, I am going to step aside because the Universal Mother, the Divine Mother has asked to address this issue with you.

So I will be in full attendance, but she will be the voice and the primary guest. It will be a very exciting show. So, please, come and join us. But in the meanwhile, practice the Law of Above and Below, Within and Without. Slide upon your golden grid and call me. For I am with you. Always. Go in peace, my beloved ones.