Putting the Puzzle Together October 25, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Putting the Puzzle Together

October 25, 2017 By Steve Beckow

The Beginning and the End Credit: Pinterest

Poring over the divine puzzle of life is the same as a beginning dancer learning a new move.

You work at it and work at it and then suddenly it clicks.

Some of the pieces of the divine puzzle of life are labelled “Creation, Preservation, and Transformation,” “Created Life,” “Purpose of Life,” “Divine Plan,” “Design of Life,” “Universal Laws,” “Divine Qualities,” and so on.

I move the pieces around the jigsaw puzzle and, when I get a fit, suddenly it clicks.

Finally today all the pieces fell into place. Here is my working hypothesis:

The One creates the power to create, preserve and transform life (or life-forms) and vests it in Itself-as-the-Divine-Mother.

All the life-forms the Mother creates have purpose, plan, and design. The universal laws are designed to align us with the three of them.

If we align with them (and cleanse ourselves of our issues), we expand in divine qualities like peace, love, and bliss. If we expand in divine qualities, our discordance dies down, our vibration rises, and we ascend.

Ultimately, we go from God to God. This whole mechanism guides us back Home.

For good measure, we have implanted in us a longing for God, sub-tidal but unquenchable, that makes our return a certainty.

Before I saw that, I’d have been mystified. After I saw it, it just seemed obvious.