Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Inertia is Not a Word in Your Vocabulary

Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Inertia is Not a Word in Your Vocabulary

archangel-michael-237x300On this week’s AHWAA, Archangel Michael addressed the question of how we will know what the right course of action is, what the next step may be when we start our work as stewards and wayshowers and leaders.

He congratulated us that “inertia is not a word in your vocabulary” and encouraged us to begin whatever we could imagine.

He explained that, as the Arcturians remarked a year or two ago, the Reval has not occurred yet because vibratory levels were not at a place that supported it.

He explained that lightworkers shy away from using words like “power” because the pattern on the planet has been abuse of power, control, and leadership. That’s why the Company of Heaven began using the word ‘”stewardship.”

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“Power in its truest sense,” he suggested, “is the anchoring and the flow – both have need to be present – of your inspiration into action in alignment with Divine heart, mind, will. In other words it is your expression internally and externally of your divinity, of who you are, of how you allow and co-create with the Divine, the Unseen.”

I think the question I asked at the end of the show stands a chance of being misinterpreted by some listeners.

I was not asking how currency holders can see that their revenues are not eaten up by inflation.  I was asking how society as a whole could ensure that prices are not raised after the Reval such that its power to see to the end of poverty and suffering on the planet is diminished or at worst circumvented.

I’ll leave you to hear his answers. A rich program, with lots to inspire and encourage us.