The Value of Affirmations November 2, 2017 By Steve Beckow

The Value of Affirmations

November 2, 2017 By Steve Beckow

A while back, the Divine Mother said:

“I and this Council have given you literally thousands of gifts. We do not in any way object or feel ignored that you simply pick up a few.

“But that is my request today, this day. Pick up a few. Never has there been a more critical, important time in your time and ours – in my infinite time.

“Never has there been a more important juncture to truly adhere to, practice, to embrace the Universal Laws, the rule of humankind that you are governed with – and it does not matter whether it is in Somalia or Venezuela or Canada or Russia.

“The rules of man based on the false paradigms are evaporating. And they need to. That is part of My Plan.” (1)

I actually have picked up a few, largely on Kathleen’s recommendation.  Using the universal laws. Affirmations. Forgiveness I’m finding hard (more vasanas to go). Apologies, yes. I could go on.

I’ve talked about the usefulness of the universal laws, a subject I want to return to. But I’m now seeing the value of affirmations.

We reach a place in our personal clearing or cleansing where there’s enough space inside – it isn’t an internal maelstrom any longer – that spiritual reprogramming or rechoosing is possible.

And affirmations are one interesting tool to reprogram or rechoose.

I’ve been working with them lately, just jotting them down. And then, afterwards, finding a universal law to invoke – usually the Law of Intention – to turn them from wish to reality.

I wrote down three this morning before I hit the shower.

• Every action I take produces fresh spiritual insights. The truth unfolds for me with every step.

• I’ve completed all I wanted to in life. I’m available to serve.

• What’s next? Every step I take carries me towards my destination or goal.

The use of affirmations I picked up from Kathleen. One has to have enough cleared-out space, enough breathing room from the automaticity of vasana-run existence to make affirmations work, I believe. Then these new self-commands or messages to myself become practical.  Otherwise they don’t take root.

Here’s another one coming up:

• I do everything from a relaxed and balanced place. If it can’t so be done, I wait for a future time to do it.

It’s handy to list them if you have a sieve for a memory as so many of us do right now.


The reading the other day also affected me. That’s the one in which Archangel Michael said to forget about our concepts of various bodies and to see them as fluid and integrated. (2)

Just like the Arcturians, he’s encouraging us to cut loose from our intellectual moorings and become multidimensional, to become fluid and integrated.

And I was also impacted by his response to my question about leadership and control issues.

“Does there need to be a General? Yes. Does there need to be someone who says yay or nay? Yes. But it is collaborative. It is based on values. It is based on an adherence to those values far beyond simply signing a contract.” (3)

If I’m going to be leading several companies, at the level of vision, I’m going to need to be what we variously call self-possessed, self-controlled, in command of one’s self.

It’s going to need to be that I’m not triggered by what people bring to me. And that again requires more work, probably continuous work, including affirmations.

Up comes another affirmation:

• I’m able to alter course when credible associates bring me new information.

Affirmations give my inner wisdom a channel, an outlet. I’m not going to say Higher Self or Over-soul any more, unless I mean them very specifically. It’s all integrated and fluid, as Michael testifies to.  (4)  I’m going to merely refer to the inner voice as my “inner wisdom.”

That’s what I’m intending to give voice to and affirmations are a handy and practical way of doing that, at this stage of clarity.

But there are other tools and the Mother has indeed given us many – 13th Octave meditation, the violet flame, the I AM Presence, blue sword of truth, blue-topaz light-boxes, Tsunami of Love, on and on the list could go.

We need to pick them up and learn how to use them.  (5) Have time on your hands? Perhaps learn how to use these new tools and teach the rest of us.


(1) The Divine Mother in “Transcript ~ A Mass Heart Opening on This Planet,” Aug. 21, 2017, at

(2) “Archangel Michael on Our Bodies and the Integrated Self,” October 29, 2017, at

Fluid and integrated resonates with some parts of me that I consider to be deeper than everyday, surface consciousness.

All the learning I did at Cold Mountain Institute, in the three-month resident fellowship (encounter group), was at that level – the experiential.

The realized moments are usually so brief that I have less of a recollection of them as events. However the truths I learn from them are indelibly impressed on my mind – and are a major instance of spiritual reprogramming.

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(5) How to use the Tsunami of Love? Picture yourself on your inbreath as lowering a bucket into the well of your heart and on the outbreath bringing forth a stream of love, which you circulate within yourself and then send out to the world.  That exercise promotes a heart opening.  A heart opening results in the experience of an inner Tsunami of Love – the real tsunami, as far as I’m concerned.