Contextualizing Building Nova Earth November 6, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Contextualizing Building Nova Earth

November 6, 2017 By Steve Beckow

A dear friend wrote me the other day seeking financial advice and I had to tell her that I knew no more about financial matters than she did.

Honestly I have no ability to advise anyone on matters relating to banking, finance, money transfer, TDAs, etc., etc.

I can contextualize matters. I can write on financial philosophy – on “values,” as Michael would call it.

But I can’t tell you what to do with your money. Others will need to handle that side of things.

How do we orient ourselves after the Reval? How do we wrap our heads around the work of building Nova Earth?

I’d like to make my view as simple as I can. Think of it this way: The first wave of financial reconstruction will come from lightworkers who’ve exchanged currency.

We’ll be funding all manner of projects and people … to do what?

In the beginning, to turn the unworkable into the workable. Dirty drinking water is unworkable: It invites typhus, which can decimate a population.

Oil spills are unworkable. Hunger is unworkable. Wars are unworkable.

Take the world’s unworkability and translate it into workability. Create a world that works. And once we’ve done that, Ascension will ensure that that working world will work for everyone.

Ascension will lift us into Fifth or higher dimensional consciousness. In the space of transformative love and bliss in which we’ll then live our lives, it’d never occur to us to have the world not work out for our neighbour.

I’ve been in that space for an extended period of time so I can speak from experience here. A world that works for everyone is a world in which all folks experience divine love and bliss. That world awaits us beyond Ascension.

You and I as financial pathfinders and wayshowers are tasked with steering the planet through an interim or transitional period. We’re tasked with taking the world from a place of unworkability to a place of workability.

Ascension will do the rest.