Ronna Herman Vezane / Archangel Michael – Quest For Mastery

Ronna Herman Vezane / Archangel Michael – Quest For Mastery

An important message from a dear friend, Sandy Stevenson from Australia:



We are all needed NOW to take responsibility to help balance out negative thought patterns that has come from those Lightworkers who’ve reduced their own Light frequency by going into agreement with chaos type events they see on/in 3D media on Earth.

“Energy follows thought. We get what we focus on.” When a LIGHTWORKER (who inherently holds great power in their thoughts) chooses to see events as ‘bad, wrong, sad, terrible, etc. – their negative judgment affects not only themselves, but the entire planet. Observing negative media and deciding something is ‘awful’ is very detrimental to Earth and the Divine Plan and is a million times stronger than the event itself. It may be that we don’t want to be seen to being ‘uncompassionate or hard’ or we think its necessary to agree with others about ‘how bad it is’, so as to stay real. Such ideas are not based in spirit, they are head and ego motivated. Lightworkers have great ‘spiritual compassion’ and we don’t need to drop down into emotional sympathy.

The agreement Lightworkers made to the Earth was they would continue to hold a high vibration of Light, so as to counteract negative human thought. We need to keep our agreement to the Earth and the Universe, and not diminish our Light. I remember back in the 60’s in London I saw a slogan that said “I can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.” I wasn’t really sure then what that meant. Now I do. Don’t go there! If you have a negative thought, immediately Cancel it or flood it with Light (put a positive into the negative void you created.)

Begin RIGHT NOW to fully act in your power as a LIGHTWORKER, determined not to be pulled into thinking things are ‘bad!’ Be perceptive, not judgmental, and definitely don’t view anything from only a limited 3D perspective. There is a higher picture to everything. In addition to ceasing negative thinking, let’s all start taking a few minutes of our day to literally flood Earth with Light. It’s not difficult!!

It would be very helpful to also take 11 minutes (at least) on November 11th 2017 – ideal time is 11:11am and/or 11:11pm, but any time will do – to flood Light into the whole planet. Be yourself and step into your full Lightworker mastery and power and make it happen.

Let us rapidly offset any negative energy created by any Lightworkers. We all need to take responsibility for this – regardless of whether you personally contributed to it or not. We’re all in this together.

We can do this. Together, we can can accomplish anything. Please, everyone, let’s start NOW. Thank you, Sandy Stevenson