Building Nova Earth: 11-11-17

Building Nova Earth: 11-11-17

November 11, 2017 By Kathleen Mary Willis

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As we witness the old within and without, coming up for release, at the same time we are building the new.

Everything is happening at once. Welcome to Nova Earth!

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In new design, from schools in workplaces to flying taxis, we see Nova Earth emerging.

A $20 billion startup that rents office space
to millennials is opening a grade school
inside its offices

An architect’s rendering shows what a future school from co-working giant WeWork might look like.

• WeWork, a $20 billion startup that leases trendy millennial-friendly office spaces around the world, is getting into the business of childhood education.

• A spinoff called “WeGrow” will open its first school in New York City in fall 2018. The startup hopes to expand from one school to many globally.

• Students in the WeGrow pilot program learn business from entrepreneurs who rent office space from WeWork, and spend one day a week at a farm.

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BIG designs kindergarten in New York City for WeWork

Robotic furniture transforms tiny apartment

Ori  has developed a line of robotic, reconfigurable furniture that moves around a small space, creating new partitions and spitting out hidden features like cabinets, a bed, or a desk on-demand.

Project Dom Apartment Reconfiguration

from asmbld


The pitch is well-timed. If you live in San Francisco, New York, or Vancouver, you probably don’t have as much space as you want.

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Penda proposes “radical future-living concept” with recyclable modular dwellings


Architecture studio Penda has created a modular, flexible and reusable building system for MINI Living, featuring a range of living spaces that can be plugged together to form customized micro homes.

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Tetris Table by People’s Industrial Design Office slots together in different formations

This table can be broken apart, rearranged and slotted back together, to allow office employees more flexibility in the way they work.

Beijing-based studio People’s Industrial Design Office created the Tetris table to “accommodate the unpredictable needs of companies in flux”. It comes in five different geometric modules, which fit together like the tiles in video game Tetris.

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A large part of London’s busiest shopping street may soon ban cars

A rendering of car-free Oxford Street in London. The City of London

• A large part of London’s Oxford Street could go car-free by 2018.

• The initiative is part of a larger project —projected to cost nearly $70 million — to ban cars entirely from Oxford Street.

• Several other cities around the world are making similar efforts to turn their centres into pedestrian-only zones.

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Uber and Nasa to launch flying taxi software
by 2020

Uber has partnered with NASA to develop an on-demand electric aircraft taxi service, which is scheduled to begin flights in Los Angeles in three years time.

Uber teams up with NASA to launch flying taxi service by 2020

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Speaking at the Web Summit in Lisbon yesterday, Uber‘s head of product Jeff Holden announced that the taxi app had signed a contract with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to develop low-flying aircrafts for urban environments.

The partnership, signed under NASA’s Space Act Agreement, will enable Uber to develop an on-demand, app-based flying taxi service – named UberAIR.

It will begin tests in Los Angeles in 2020, and subsequently Dallas, Fort Worth and Frisco.

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