SANANDA Guided Meditation via James McConnell

SANANDA Guided Meditation
Find yourselves now in a quiet place. Get into a nice relaxed breathing motion.
 Breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Evenly, deeply.
Focus now on finding the quietness within yourself, that sacred place that is deep within you.
And find yourself moving deeper into that place, deeper and deeper, quieter and quieter. Relaxed.
Now as you breathe, breathe in a golden white light and hold that for just a few seconds.
And then breathe it out and breathe out any kind of tension that may be still residing within you at this time.
And then breathe in again the golden white light. Feel that light moving through your body going everywhere in your body. See yourself filling with light.
And then be aware of that light as it has filled your entire body.
Feel it moving outside of your body. See it moving outside of your body, surrounding your body so that you are now filled with light and sharing and spreading light as well.
You are The Light.
Now also be aware of your chakra centers; all seven of your chakras as well as those chakras that are just now beginning to come into being for you.
They have always been there but they are now becoming involved again in your beingness. I speak of the two below and the three above. You may just be getting somewhat of a silhouette of them at this time …
an inkling of them, but yet they are there.
So see all twelve chakras now lined up…
And all becoming enlivened with this light, with your consciousness.
And as you are focusing on your chakra centers, these energy centers, know that they are a part of you and you are a part of them. All is one.
In particular, be aware of your fourth chakra, your Heart Center, and just above your Heart Center is that Higher Heart Center.
And see that center now as a beautiful brilliant magenta color, a new color that is coming, a new higher frequency color that will become very prominent in the future, even more so than it is now.
Because it brings not only light but it brings high-frequency light.
And also be aware of your third eye center in the middle of your forehead.
And move your consciousness now into that center so that you are looking out through your third eye as a window, a doorway.
And move out now let your consciousness move out through this third eye center into the very room where you find yourself.
And then become aware of yourself as a conscious knowing being outside of your physical body.
And know that your physical body is but a tool, an instrument that you are using at this time.
But you, you are the collective consciousness of all as you move outside of your body and begin to move up into the pillar of light as not only found here in this room but in all areas where you are as well.
If you did not make it specifically know that it is there and find yourself moving up that pillar of light.
But at some point all of the pillars of light come together and begin to move up together as a group, as one, as many.
Many as the one and one as the many.
As you move up the pillar of light higher and higher until you can turn back and look down at the Earth; our dear Gaia, dear sister Gaia, mother Gaia, far down below in the brilliant colors that the Earth is.
Brilliant blue color, crystalline blue.
And if you have not already become aware of all of the ships now that are all around us.
Everywhere you turn the ships are there.
They are now uncloaked for you to see here in your astral or your etheric bodies you can become aware of all of these ships.
And as you look back down at the Earth now see the Earth as we see her: with the higher consciousness, higher vibration.
And the Earth as she is going through her birth motions now, birthing into a new level of her being almost as if the caterpillar is becoming the butterfly and going through all the machinations that occurs through that; all of the energies shifts, the frequency changing.
But you can see it as she is becoming born again new, birthing a new level of consciousness both within her and without her outside of her.
And of course you are that collective consciousness.
You and the plants and the flowers and the bees and the animals and even the rocks.
All is becoming born again anew.
With this Violet Light, this fire — you can call it Violet Light.
You can call it Violet Fire, White Fire, Golden Fire, even Blue Fire if you like — but send this out now across the planet to all areas of the planet.
And as you are sending it out across this Christ Consciousness Grid and then down to the Earth, all of the ships that are here are also doing the same.
And the energies coming from the Galactic Central Sun are joining this as well. And all are becoming a part of the One.
As these energies, this light, this love spreads across the planet as a new consciousness, a new higher consciousness and you see everywhere now people begin to awaken whereas before it they may have still been asleep or appeared so, they are now being awakened by that inner alarm clock that is going off because of this light because of this consciousness shift.
 And it cannot be anything but this.
Yes there is some that will refuse the light but you cannot become involved in that. You can only send it.
And do not be concerned about how it is received just that it is received.
That you have done your parts in sending and sharing and spreading the light everywhere as you are doing now through this exercise through this meditation.
And as all are receiving this light all becoming imbued with this new higher frequency of light, everything is beginning to shift. And I am not speaking of the future.
I am speaking of the now. The now that you find yourselves in in this very moment. And this now is creating this consciousness shift across the planet.
This group that you are a part of is a part of the whole. And as the whole you are bringing this all about together.
So feel and know and understand the shift as it moves across the planet more and more to all areas and all areas and all people and all life is becoming illuminated.
Simply bask in this light for just a little bit, a few moments.
Feel the energies. Be the energies.
Allow yourselves now to begin to move back to the pillar of light that you came up in. Move back down the pillar of light.
Back down toward the Earth, towards your physical body. And as you merge with your physical body once again feel yourself become fully enmeshed in your body, fully a part of your physical body.
But bring that light, that oneness that you felt, if only for a moment, bring it back in with you.
And know that as you continue on each day that you carry this light always and in all ways.
Allow yourselves now to come back into a complete state of consciousness and circulation fully revitalized and refreshed.