Sananda LoveLight Healing Hands Meditation

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Sananda always advises us to breathe deeply and exhale completely, so as to be relaxed and ready to focus. Sit comfortably – you can stand or even lie down, once you have learned The Path so as to be able to energize yourself “almost instantly.” But, no matter how long it takes you to accomplish this, He is currently suggesting that you direct the LoveLight everywhere along The Path, then return to any one or more points along the way to focus upon your own specific intentional requirements.
Also, some of you may note that Sananda has added a bit to the Meditation since he first gave it to you, so that we can utilize it that much more powerfully. Thank you for joining us in learning to energize The Path within and throughout all of ourselves, and beyond to the Communion with all Beings of the LoveLight We Are!
Raise the hand you do not write with so that it is open and facing the sky (ceiling). This is easiest to do with your elbow bent and resting comfortably at your side. Your other hand will be directing the LoveLight, and it is to make small, continuous spiraling motions as you direct it along The Path, just beyond and not touching your physical self. Now, with your physical eyes closed, see a huge sphere of golden white LoveLight in front of you with your Wisdom (3rd) Eye. It is radiant and pulsing – see it expand so that it fills your entire field of Wisdom Eye vision. Move your directing hand right into the sphere with small spiraling motions; then direct the LoveLight to just above your receiving hand. You can give it a push into that hand, so long as you do not touch your hands one to the other.
As you practice this Meditation, you will feel or sense the flowing in of this LoveLight energy, as it joins in harmony with your own. And, it is here that you can give your intentional requirement that it continues to flow in from its Source, while you direct it further along the way. Please note that the chakra points, or portals (7 major and the many others) are denoted with one of these symbols: ** for major, or * for the others. Visualize and/or feel them expanding and spinning in all of their locations.
Here are the directions for completely energizing The Path from your receiving hand onward, while sensing the complete infusion, expansion and integration of the LoveLight into all of your Being – and beyond!
Receiving Hand Palm* – Wrist* – Lower Arm – Elbow* – Upper Arm – Shoulder*(2) – Partly across Collarbone – Heart** (embrace your Inner Child, see your Treasure Rooms, acknowledge your Heart-based thinking) – back up to Collarbone and continue across to Shoulder*(2) on directing hand side – Upper Arm – Elbow* – Lower Arm – Wrist* – Directing Hand Palm* –
Front of Throat Chakra** – Head (including physical Mouth, Nose, Eyes, Ears; Wisdom Eye** and Crown** chakras; “Cap” of Power Points* (as on The Buddha) – Inside and throughout Skull and Brain (notice that separation is ended and now your Brain is tofeel ) – Pineal Gland – Wisdom Eye** – Pituitary Gland – Crown Chakra** – up and out Crown** to Higher Dimensional Self (your council place) – Sol – Great Central Sun – Communion with Creator (“Mother/Father God”) and all Beings of LoveLight in the Universe – Loop back along a parallel way ( touching, but not completely the same) – Higher Dimensional DNA and Chakras** – Bring High Heart** to 4th Chakra Heart** (to wait with Inner Child for your return) –
Front side of neck – Vertebrae, Spine, all of Torso, Chakras 3,** 2,** 1** – Hip Joint* on Receiving Hand side – Upper Leg – Knee*(2 – check behind for darkness and let the LoveLight release and transmute it, if any) – Lower leg – Ankle* – Foot – Through Sole* down into Earth – Mother Gaia and Her Kingdoms – Loop up through Sole* and Foot on Directing Hand side – Ankle* – Knee* (2 – check behind for darkness and let the LoveLight release and transmute it, if any) – Upper Leg – Hip Joint* –
Chakra 1* to 4th Chakra Heart space* to hear High Heart’s* message to be and transmit only Love in preparation for Ascension – Repeat with Chakra 2* – Repeat with Chakra 3,* including Ego –
Now use the Double Helix (both hands spiraling in opposite directions) to send LoveLight throughout all of your Bodies and Aspects, DNA, every place and space in your Energy Fields – visualize/feel your Merkaba spinning joyfully, clockwise and counter-clockwise, and your beautifully expanded Aura!
Finally, see your Timeline from the LoveLight Perspective: Your Now Moment is represented by a sphere in the middle, with your Past and Past Parallel line to the right, Future and Future Parallel line to the left, each with a LoveLight Sphere at its far end. (On the Past line it represents the moment when you were first created in this Universe; on the Future line it represents the moment of your Ascension.) Using the Double Helix and beginning at your initial creation, energize along your Past line, clearing it of any darkness with the LoveLight. Skip your Now Moment, energizing and clearing all along your Future line. Finish with your Now Moment.
You are now fully energized to focus the LoveLight in any one or more places you choose within yourself, or to any others. Know that as you do so, you are also radiating it to the World and the Universe beyond!
Receiving Hand – Arm – Shoulder – Collarbone (part way across) – Heart** – Collarbone (finish going across) – Shoulder – Arm – Directing Hand – Throat** – Outside of Head including Chakras 6**, 7** – Inside of Head, Brain including Pineal/ Chakra 6** and Pituitary/Chakra7** – Higher Dimensional Self – Creator and all Beings of LoveLight – Back through Higher Dimensional DNA & Chakras** – High Heart** to 4th Chakra Heart Space** – Front of Neck – Torso including Chakras 1,**2,** 3** – down Leg on side of Receiving Hand – (Check behind Knee) – Foot – Mother Gaia – up through Foot on Directing Hand side – up Leg (Check behind Knee) – Chakras 1,*2,*3* to 4th Chakra Space* for High Heart’s Message – Return each to positions 1,*2,*3* – Double Helix to send throughout your Energy Fields – Timeline – Focus the LoveLight wherever and for whatever loving purpose(s) you choose!
Given through Susan Leland
© Ashtar on the Road Publications, 2016.  All rights reserved. 

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