How to find the right crystal for you

It is widely believed that crystals choose us. Quite often you may be drawn to a stone without knowing its properties, or receive one as a gift, only to find out later that the stone’s properties “ring-true” to some area of your life.
Before going out crystal shopping, it’s an extra help if you can set your intention and utilise your own magic of attraction! You can focus inwardly and say, “I will find the exact crystal for me right now.”
There are many ways to choose a crystal, including attuning to it and sensing its energy, choosing visually, considering areas of balance or imbalance in your life, research specific issues, or by using a pendulum or muscle testing. I’ve elaborated on these methods below. Have fun and see which way works best for you! Let us know if you have any unique ways that you like to use!

Sensing Crystal Energy
It is best to be balanced, open minded, relaxed, and without strong emotion or mental chatter while choosing your crystal. Pick up a crystal and hold it in your hand. How do you feel? What emotions does it bring? Does it make you happy or sad? Are you attracted to its color?
Attune yourself to the crystal’s power by feeling the vibrations it is radiating. If the energy is harmonious with yours, you will feel calm, peaceful, or possibly expanded. If you feel uncomfortable, choose another stone. Often if you run your hands through a basket of crystals you will find that one ‘sticks to your hands’, or you will feel a magnetic energy or a ‘rightness’. This is the crystal for you.

Choosing Visually
Often when you first see a range of crystals, one in particular will catch your eye. This is likely a stone that will be beneficial to you. At this point, trust your intuition and choose that particular crystal.
If you are feeling unsure or overwhelmed by choice, try standing quietly for a few moments with your eyes closed, and focus on the reason that you need a crystal. When you open your eyes, choose the crystal you feel most drawn to.

Considering Balance
Another way to choose is to consider what you need more of energetically to bring yourself into balance. Are you feeling spacey? Choose a grounding stone, like Hematite or Black Tourmaline. Are you feeling heavy and stuck? Try a crystal like Selenite that is uplifting and has a wind element to move the energy. Low on self-esteem? Choose Rose Quartz to nurture your heart. Close your eyes and hold the stone for a few minutes and see if your energy field feels strengthened or more balanced.

When you have a specific area that you want to work on, it is good to research which crystals benefit that area. For example, if you are working with computers and want electromagnetic protection, you might want to look up the qualities of Black Tourmaline. If you want to balance your thyroid gland, look into the qualities of Chrysocolla. There are so many wonderful books on crystals and their unique benefits and properties. It is also fun to experiment and see first-hand what works for you.

Using a Pendulum
This choice is good if you are already familiar and practiced with pendulums. It is a simple way to seek answers from your subconscious mind. You can hold a pendulum over the top of a crystal and ask “will this crystal be beneficial to me at this time?”
Another way to use the pendulum, if you are considering a large choice of crystals, is to pass it over them and look for any circular motion in the pendulum above a particular crystal. If you do find the pendulum reacting to a particular stone, hold it over the stone directly, and ask a question.

By Shape
Depending on your purpose, you may want to choose a particular shape of crystal. Crystals naturally have internal and external geometric shapes that affect how energy flows through them.
Some crystals are artificially shaped externally to manifest a specific power flow, such as a sphere or ball shape, which provides a focus for insight and also radiates energy equally in all directions.
A crystal cluster has a group of points that beam energy in various directions.
Points, such as wands, are used to focus energy and the crystal’s power in a one-pointed way. If pointing towards your body, it can channel the energy into your body; pointing away, it can draw out negative energy.
A geode collects, amplifies, and stores crystal power, and creates abundance and provides protection.
A ‘bed of crystals’ has many small crystals that are spread over a matrix base. Like a battery, a bed of crystals offers a steady source of energy and power.
When you have chosen your crystal, make sure you cleanse it!