Entrepreneurship Vs Employment

Entrepreneurship Vs Employment

Everybody wants to become a millionaire, and many (including employees) go about it the wrong way – through stealing and embezzlement among others. One of the best ways to become a millionaire is Entrepreneurship (Small Business). It is only when your small business (entrepreneurship) becomes a big business that you can resign your job. Since high percentage of people in the world are employees, there are  questions that bug our minds:

i. Should I resign from my day job in order to start my business?

You don’t need to resign from your day job, but you have to choose your business wisely, the one that will not affect your optimum performance in your present job.

ii. Is it possible to be an employee and an entrepreneur simultaneously?

From the point one above, it is already conspicuous that a day job can go with an entrepreneurship. It’ll even be better, and your boss will be happy, if it is a business that corroborates your boss’ own, rather than compete with it.

iii. How can I be an employee and be an entrepreneur simultaneously that it will not have adverse effect on my day job?

Choose a business that will not compete with your boss’ business and the one that doesn’t require your presence 24/7. They are many, you just need to find out. If the business can pay for one or two employees, you can employ people to support you.

iv. When can I finally resign my day job to fully face my business?

You know a business is an entity on its own. When the business can cater for itself – when it can pay you and your workers, and still bring profit after all the payments of recurrent expenditures.

v. Will my boss be happy that I want to leave?

Why not? Bosses are always happy that those they have trained can now stand on their own. it’s a plus on their parts, so far it’s not the one that competes with the Boss’. Even if it same thing with the boss’ own, you just have to move far away (if possible, another state). Your boss will be happy if he/she gets to know that you’ve become your own boss!


“…, and to do your own business, ….” 1 Thessalonians 4:11

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