AHWAA: Sanat Kumara on Creation, Universal Law, and the Divine Qualities

AHWAA: Sanat Kumara on Creation, Universal Law, and the Divine Qualities

November 29, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara joined us on An Hour with an Angel this week for a second look at working with the universal laws.

There will always be change and expansion throughout the universe, he said.

Today he concentrated on the creation formula and encouraged us to take up again our mantle as the original Creator Race.

He reminded us that we don’t create lastingly, deeply or positively, unless we come from embodying and creating consistently with the divine qualities.

We don’t create anything that “has legs” when we create from frustration or angst, despair or disregard. That type of creation lowers the collective frequency and is not sustainable.

What makes a creation sustainable and one that you can actually build Nova Earth upon is that it draws on the divine qualities, what the Council of Love calls the blessings and virtues.

The creation formula is inherent within us. It starts with intent, which can be a prayer, an inspiration, a brilliant idea.

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Then we bring this intent to the still point of our hearts, the womb of creation. This is where not merely the act of creation but the fertilization takes place. In the birthing is the action.

Creation is not sustainable if we don’t take appropriate actions. If we don’t take them, then we have not created.

That is creation in its simplest form.

He used the Reval as an example of an arena in which we could be using the laws and the creation formula and at present are not.

With the Reval coming and our scope for creation growing by leaps and bounds, Sanat offers us a look into the way the universe is set up, to respond to our creative wishes.

I’ve asked Sanat to return one more time to discuss the universal laws and the dimensions (or growth patterns).