Back to Normal November 29, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Back to Normal

November 29, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Leave It to Beaver or Life with Father? Our biggest concern

In an earlier article, Archangel Michael says that our star brothers and sisters were on the planet until around 1200 BC.

At that time they determined that their presence wasn’t valued and that it was time to leave Earth to the terrestrials. (1)

I’m willing to bet the farm on there having been almost constant warfare since then.

If we were to run down the centuries I think we’d find someone fighting someone on some side of the globe at least every decade. But I could be wrong.

Our social conflict continues to this day, where Yemen is being destroyed before our eyes and no country is coming to its aid.

The Rohingya, Zimbabweans, Syrians, on and on the list goes of whole peoples being victimized, while no country comes to their aid.

In late 1941, perhaps a million Soviet soldiers were sat down in Russian fields, under Nazi guards, and allowed to starve to death.  That was in the middle of the last century – almost modern times.

This is a single instance of our brutality towards each other, which seems to go back to the Hittites and Babylonians. Other examples of humanity’s brutality towards humanity would be legion, increasingly by “our side.”


I grew up in an environment that wasn’t at all like that. Granted my domestic life was chaotic, as you know. But, in post-War Canada, our community life was almost exclusively peaceful and harmonious.

I never appreciated how good Paul and I had it until round about now. This was me (left) around two years before dissociating

Heavens, if you told a lie, it was a big deal. Stole a chocolate bar? You were sent back to the store to pay for it.

Your bike was safe to leave outside the store.  You never gave a thought as to where you left your belongings. Who does this wallet belong to? Give him a call, would you, dear?

That to me was – and is – normal.

My vision is to see our society return to that – back to normal. Peace and harmony are normal.

I should invoke the Law of Intention here. By the Law of Intention, I in concert with others who join me intend to bring in an era of peace and harmony on the planet similar to what existed in the early 1950s in many “Western” democracies.

I know all the flaws of that period. Racial discrimination, condescension towards women, materialism, etc. By the Law of Elimination, I in concert with others eliminate those qualities from our plans for future societies.

The Company of Heaven says that what we intend is instantly created in the higher realms. We then have to draw it down to us.

By the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, I in concert with others draw that era of peace and harmony down from the higher realms, where it has already been created, to us on this lower realm.

By the Law of the Balance of Above and Below, I also call down this era of peace and harmony to bring our environment into line with the higher realm’s.

I know what social peace and harmony feel like. I never would have thought that the memory of something that was like water to the fish at the time would prove so helpful and valuable in a distant future.


(1) “Archangel Michael: What Happened to Civilization in 1200 BC?” November 23, 2017, at


  1. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    The problem I see is that worldwide peace has never been attempted in modern times. We have had “Christs” book for 2000+ years but his message of Peace is still ignored. We need a more influential person than Buddha, Krishna, and Christ combined. I think I know who that person is who can reach mass awareness for peace.. that person is YOU .. and me and every other loving person on the planet. Start living your life in peace and others will be mesmerized by your results and they’ll be inspired to follow along. I am not here to confirm prophecy, I’m here to fulfill it, and so are you. Sabali!!


    1. I love that, we are the Masters we are Looking For, exactly LilwayneOntheBrain! We are the ones we have been looking for, and it’s time to awaken and light up this world with our best of the best because that is who we are!!! Thank you for sharing your Radiant Light!

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  2. The problem and solution are one in the same. The reason we have not reached worldwide peace is there is not worldwide awareness. Even Christ was not able to reach every person, even after having his book around for 2000+ years, we have still not made the changes, so do you blame the student or the master? Neither. You take it upon yourself to become your own master, this is the way of enlightenment. We need one person to be “big” enough to reach critical mass and that person needs to be able to inspire others to live peace, be peace, and DO peace but we haven’t even lived our own lives peacefully so how can we expect others to be peaceful? We have been duped, the definitions have been changed and Up has been turned into down. Peace is actually the outcome, but what we really need is awareness of our actions in each and every moment, THAT is the path that gets us to worldwide peace. We don’t need a God, we needs to TREAT each other as precious as the invisible Gods that so many worship. We can do this, we just need the correct messenger that speaks and lives by a clear message to reach the masses. I am not here to confirm prophecy, I’m here to fulfill it.. and so are you !!


    1. Wow it’s refreshing to get a new perspective a different one, and just like Neo is the One, You are the One, We are One.. As we claim our Peace within Peace will be without, as we Love within we Love without, just like when we say no more war within we say no more war without, just as above as below. We are reaching more critical mass each monthly marker new moon solstice, equinox solar eclipse these cosmic energies are gateways and timelines we are assisting the masses when we shift others shift we are making a way out of no way because we are the One… Keep being the Gods/Goddesses and seeing others as Gods/Goddesses and we will change the world each one reach one keep one Shanti Peace Be the One!!! Thank you LilWayneOntheBrain!!!!

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