Salvatore Candeloro Nov 22 2017

This message was received and written by:

Salvatore Candeloro

Wednesday November 22nd, 2017 7:10am

I’d like to write from my “I am,” God presence. What wisdom do I need today? Where is my life going for 2018? How will I be paid?

You ask a lot and do so little and yet much gets accomplished. Not unlike your mother, you wish to lead others and forego too much physical exertion. Leadership is a tricky position. You need to be clear, explain the vision/plan, then let go to those who are able to carry out their part. Stepping back and trusting is not your easiest role. Worry, doubt sets in because of the history that so many are helping you with this year. So much history you might not be able to actually handle. The truth of who you are will overwhelm you and be difficult for you to accept because of the present way you exist. The way “you” chose to be and present yourself.

You have been part of so many great transitions in the history of the universe. We know this sounds far fetched and “out there,” however, many of your kind came back to right many wrongs that were done through the ages. Hence, your ability to recall how thing were, and come up with solutions, especially in changes of perception and projection. You understand government all too well. You also, know much about Hollywood. The workings of these immense institutions have proven time and time again to do damage to the people’s they serve and rely on for their survival. How strange to damage the hand that feeds you, so blatantly now that the cat is out of the bag and people see it more readily. Now, it is time to change the way “all” things are done across the globe. No more trickling down of right action through the few. No, a floodgate has opened to touch mankind to the way all must live to prosper and live fully without fear. “You” are one to help this new way of life/love. This is why we have been assisting to help you lose your “old” damaged self. Those parts of you that have been literally broken or destroyed at the hands of others control. This is precisely why so much is being “called out” today. ALL must be shown for what it is without false depictions. Truth of each of these institutional ways, actions and yes “crimes against humanity,” must be seen fully and then “cleared out” completely as righteous men and women stand up to change the rule of the land.

Sound like too much? It is not, especially when you realize how much was done in the name of repression, servitude. Yes, man, has been seen as, a servant to a larger body that requires their energy, resources to survive and thrive. And yes, at the cost of the individual’s life and freedom.

As for your role and compensation, all that is needed is for you to continue to spread the light, help others and be the best you can be using everything you have to improve life. It is that simple. Everything you do, everywhere you go, you affect others just by being there. You raise frequency effortlessly. You have always been able to do this. You change circumstances in an instant. You shift people in the mind and their core when you share. “Own this.” This is you.

How you do this has changed and will continue to present new opportunities. Reading, writing and arithmetic, the 3 basics can prove to create quite a lucrative expression of your life. You have chosen to avoid much expansion because of your history and wisdom of groups and people reactions. You do not wish to repeat any past actions, so you chose to decline being part of many opportunities. This is not an issue for it saves you from petty grief of dealing with the “same old stuff” with people you have seen time and time again. The delay also had a practical purpose, to get more people “caught up” and create more openings for you to express through. DO NOT take this for granted. Look for the new ways to be in the world 2018. It is “your time” to shine again. Sense it and get out in the world.

As said before, “WE WILL CARRY YOU.” Just be sure to show up!!!

The Best,


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