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• A disturbance of the atmosphere

• A disturbed or agitated state

• A heavy discharge of objects

• A tumultuous outburst

• A paroxysm, which is a fit, attack or sudden increase or occurrence of symptoms.


So, there are a few ways to go through one of these. One is, I confess, where I began last

month. It was without preparation, and when I realized I was at its onset, I did nothing

substantial to brace or protect myself.


Perhaps it was due to my gradual awareness of the rising conditions, as I, with all the fervor

of an addict, feverishly checked my device over and over for updates and stories.

The consequence has been a repeated emotional and spiritual bashing by headline after

video, after tweet, after post. I began looking and feeling a bit raw; a bit beat up by the news.

For so long I stayed away from the frontpage, realizing that major happenings were sort of

“in the air” and I would hear about them always – without being plugged in.  This

time felt different; things were spinning and changing by the hour; it felt epic. It was addictive.

With this sharing, comes an umbrella and a rain jacket, along with a hoodie, some boots

and mittens with hand warmers.  We will get through this without permanent damage.

This is a storm that can feel like a paroxysm – sudden, accelerating and aggressive. Realize

that the reason it feels that way is because you’ve been expecting this, you’ve seen this before,
and the familiarity of it sort of exacerbates it. 
It feels bigger than it actually is because it’s

a repeat. It’s a familiar refrain.

This is to your advantage.  Realize you have the upper hand.  Nothing is actually a shock

for you. You know what these sorts of programs and beings do to empower

and control populations. You’ve seen it before.  It’s why you volunteered to be here now.

Let’s do away with names and titles and even jobs.  Let’s focus on the current conditions,

how we can navigate successfully through them and even move beyond them. Let’s

not label ourselves or sequester ourselves into small groups with specific talents.

For this conversation, let’s look at the whole enchilada, the big picture.

We are absolutely in the storm of disclosure. This will lead us to our new world.  In order

to put each story into its proper perspective; hang onto that idea. The movement towards

a new earth will only happen if it looks absolutely better than the old one. We humans

are like that. We only jump fences if the grass is really, really greener on the other side.

Oh, some of us are risk takers and adventurers, but by and large we like our stuff to

remain solid and dependable and unchanged.

So here we are, in the midst of the onslaught, with full awareness that the beginning

is like a summer’s day compared to the apex.  Those standing nearby don’t know this,

but we do. Remember?  We’ve seen this before. It’s why we came now.

It is time, dear, dear reader, to remember who you are.  You will have to intrude

into your awareness of current events with an equally powerful onslaught of your divinity.

This does not mean you’ve got to quote scripture to people or attend religious services.

Yet you will notice there is an increase of that sprinkled in the most unlikely of places.

No, this is because the truth of you has been largely defined within that atmosphere,

and that’s okay. It’s all okay.

In preparation for the effort ahead of us, go within. Do it daily. Do it more than once a day.

We’ve had lots of years to prepare for this. YouTube and our personal libraries are

packed with remedies and methods, meditations and prayers with one message. That

message is one of empowerment, of inner radiance, of self-forgiveness and finally of

unconditional love.

These characters and costumes are showing up right on time. They are not unexpected.

They are here for our use. They are here, demanding that we love. It does not mean

for-get. It means for – give.

You see, this verb is set up so that in doing so, nothing is removed or taken. Life is an

action of creation and ultimately, our evolution demands that our actions proceed

always consciously towards that outcome (creation). For – give someone and you’ve both

received the gift. You will move ahead with a fuller appreciation for the variety of possibilities

and they too, will benefit. Without your judgment, they will be left to assess themselves.

This is the ultimate test of maturity and development, no? The act of self-examination.

We came to deliver a gift you know. The time for its offering is right this moment. Stand

up and remember your light, it is so very much needed in these dark and disturbing days.

Once you turn on the switch, the dark vanishes. Just realize where the switch stands.

It rests in your heart; the brilliant light of self-love that illuminates the darkness. In times

such as we now face, the onslaught of announcements brings daily bouts of self-

examination. These are mirrors we set up eons ago, nothing more; judgment is

counter-productive. I am finding that all of my practices are helping now…

meditation, visualization, the repeating of mantras. I need a strong base. I’ve been

asking myself, “We signed up for this?” “What were we thinking?”

The trick seems to be remembering how many tools we have at our disposal, and

accepting who we are.  We are not better than any other, we ARE every other. Which is why,

I suspect, this violent storm, this paroxysm, is experienced viscerally. Who better than

us to turn this around?

We are creator gods, brilliant beings of light all dressed up for the greatest show in all

of creation. It’s been perfectly cast and the set itself is dazzling. It’s show time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are anchors for the light. Let’s do this.

In gratitude and with so much love,


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