The Cassiopeian Collective – The Tremendous Influx of Light – 12-3-17 – by Galaxy Girl – by Love Has Won

The Cassiopeian Collective – The Tremendous Influx of Light – 12-3-17 – by Galaxy Girl – by Love Has Won

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December 4, 2017Uncategorized

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By galaxygirl

We are the Cassiopeian Collective and reach out to you from beyond your space-time perspective. For really we are neighbors who have not previously interacted too much on your surface world. We are now integrated and more involved with the galactic federation and seek common ground with Humanity.

We channel the light from our system to your system with great reference and respect for the  transition that you find yourselves in. Layers and layers of dark and dank are being peeled away so that more sunlight can filter through and dissolve the darkness. You are Earth’s light warriors and we salute you for your service to humanity.

For what is time? What is great distance? What distance can be great when thought – intention travel is a reality? For really, we may as well be your next door neighbors offering assistance if requested, but more interested in getting to know our new friends. Your cultures are very different from ours.

 Your color scheme, emotional ranges, your relationships are all much different and it is a great education to learn from each other, is it not?

 We are observing that with this tremendous influx of light to which we currently are contributing, we notice sadness that is being peeled away for your many wounds are still being healed.


Now is a marvelous time for healing. In fact, we invite you to heal and to shine your light on all things and situations for focus on others will amplify your own healing.

We look forward greatly to further interaction with your species. We enfold you in love-light from our star system. Claim it as your own, for it is gifted to all. We observe your crystalline forms advancing as we speak. It will not be long now. Try to enjoy this process of ascension within the surrounding newness of this embodiment. You are the way showers. We honor you.

We are the Cassiopeian collective and we are pleased to have made this connection.


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