The Hidden Weapons of Mass Depopulation The Event Is coming soon

The Hidden Weapons of Mass Depopulation




The Event Is coming soon

The Event Is Coming Soon – The Hidden Weapons of Mass Depopulation

by Edward Morgan.

The term weapons of mass destruction is generally used in a warfare situation and comes under the headings nuclear, radiological, biological & chemical.


Below is my idea of weapons of mass destruction/depopulation.


They destroy the health of every one of us and they cause great suffering and misery to millions around the world one way or another, the father and mother looking after their autistic son, the daughter looking after her father with dementia, the young couple who cannot have children and the families dealing with loved ones who have cancer.




Vaccinations are given to children far too early even before their own immune system has been allowed to develop. Vaccinations contain toxic chemicals like mercury (thimerosal) this causes autismamongst other things. There have been huge increases in autism in line with the increase in vaccinations.


Dr Andrew Wakefield found links with autism and crohns disease after children had been given the MMR vaccine. He published his findings in (The Lancet – British Medical Journal – in 1998).


Dr Wakefield was struck off for his revelations in May 2010, twelve years later. Later he was vindicated and the case against him ruled a fraud, unfortunately this information is not widely publicised. Source (


Dr William Thompson did a study ‘Age at first measles, mumps, rubella vaccinations in children with autism and school matched control subjects, a population based study in metropolitan Atlanta’ it began in 2001 and was published in 2004.


He found a link between vaccines and autism in young African-American males. In the published report this information was left out. In 2014 Dr William Thompson sent the CDC files to Congressman Bill Posey showing the links between vaccines and autism in young African-American males. This information has not been accepted by the CDC and is still on-going.


This year’s flu shot (2017) contains vaginal spermicide Polysorbate 80 & Octoxynol 10 both cause infertility. Octoxynol 10 strips sperm and does not allow fertilisation of the egg. It is known as one of the most potent spermicides. Source – (Alissa Trull Sells – Network -VINE).


Dementia is now striking people in their forties as mercury (thimerosal) from vaccines causes slow degenerative brain dementia Source – (David Gutierrez – Long term mercury exposure produces the same effect as Alzheimer’s (Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 2010).




Fluoride has been added to our water for over sixty years, this was supposedly to help with our dental health. Unfortunately the substance that has been added to our drinking water is a toxic waste product called hydrofluorosilicic acid.




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