When did Jackson 5 turn into Jackson 6, is this a Mandela Effect? 12/15/2017

For those who do not know what Mandela Effect is, check out this website:

BERENSTEIN Bears vs BERENSTAIN Bears Books and Animation Show


We have entered into a parallel reality which alters the everything we are experiencing.

Are there any Alternate Universe Open Minded Ones?

Are there any Holodeck Trekies?

The ideas that there is a Matrix, holographic universe is widely known, but these things concerning memories seem to get people looking into the glitches of our holographic reality.

What do you think is going on?

Personally I believe our collective consciousness is altering our timelines as we expand our individual and collective consciousness thus our past timelines are changing because we are changing the here and now, and the future now are all colliding, merging into the One Now.

If it sounds like mess, your right, if you see logic, your right, if you don’t know what to think, guess what your right.

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  1. ApparentlyNotAllThere says:

    😨😱😨😱 you know I’ve always thought that things are not as they seem but I was trained to have a certain religious belief and that there was only that explanation of things and that one only. Welllllll, turns out my family got turned onto a cult somehow before my mother was even born and ill prob never know how it came about….but that’s not really relevant here. What is…is that I’ve lived 35 years believing the basis of this “religion” and got my who, how, where, and why from there.
    But then I got on YouTube about 6 months ago and made an acct etc bc I had only watched videos here and there but only if they were linked to some article I was reading.
    But on this day I put in search the name of the religion only to find out to my horror it is basically a cult and the head of it is mind controlling the members and only higher ups even have a clue…until you are booted out or you’re like me and luckily not so indoctrinated that you can’t see it when the proof going back 100 years is in black and white in front of you. But to my family members who are still in the dark…I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist or actually a paranoid schizophrenic (as I was called)…
    My point I guess here is…the internet is such a mess of truths and non truths…how does anyone believe anything anymore, and the things that are unpopular but true how do you not get looked as crazy when telling others? Not saying I don’t believe this bc there’s now 100s of things that I’ve seen in the last 6 months that I never dreamed was happening or happened in the past.and if you talk about it you look crazy. So my question is have we always been lied to in order to protect order from chaos? Or to benefit someone so high up and secret. I compare it to the All Powerful Oz… Who’s a fake and phony but still fooling lots of people…who run his world for him but yet he can’t do anything in return like he claims.

    Anyway… Since doing this video have there been any updates? I keep meaning to ask my parents about this. Why would they have covered this up or this not be revealed this way until now? What’s the benefit there? Doesn’t make sense unless its like you say…someone along the way changed how things were supposed to go…and it changed things from the past. But I thought that only happened in the movies when that past would be relived exactly in that same way again. And that would mean our course moving forward will be compromised. Now I really do feel crazy. Before no…but this is like some Back to the Future or Bill and Ted’s stuff.

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    1. I can feel the challenge you are stating the issues which Awakeings are happening for you and the detachment to the traditional organized religion which in the new age language we call programs or filters. The church ⛪ we know as the place of truth has been invaded by corruption of dogmas, documentation, and lack of integrity, and we know the people who do not wish to part with it look upon those who do as the enemy.


    2. This causes a division then we are faced with seeing our political, government, celebrities, pro athletes, military, corporations, agencies reveal their darkest shadows which saddens us. We are faced with a decision to believe there is a change of leadership and a difference we can make if we pursue the truth of who we are. We awaken to truths about our history our collective history that makes one angry we were lied to, manipulated, and held back, and slowly killing us, we are faced with seeing the truth or choosing to call it out as an illusion. This is complex, and we may need answers and it seems as though more and more of the truth is being poured into the internet and we have so many documents and videos to choose from and we ask ourselves is this truth or a lie.

      This is our chance to make things right or go with the flow of all the rest of the population.

      But we know something is not right.

      Which is correct our masses of going with the everyday program or this alternative view of the ourselves and the world.

      I say go within, ask the tough questions and face the answers you seek as the truth you know is right in front of you and accept them, surrender to them.

      This is the ascension we seek, our freedom and growth is within us.

      It’s tough it’s lonely but you are not alone. There are communities that meet and we address the hardships we face with decisions and mistakes and guidance we are struggling with so your not alone.

      If my website can add some clues and breadcrumbs to find your way great 👍 if not that’s great too.

      Remember to ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open.

      Happy new year


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  2. Your not crazy your awakening


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