Emotions Running High this Full Moon in Watery CANCER

Emotions running high this Full Moon…

The FULL MOON in watery CANCER will mean that emotions will be running very high this FULL MOON… but if channeled wisely, will be a brilliant opportunity to gain deep intuitive insight into your own personal themes for 2018.   What do you envision / feel / imagine for yourself this 2018 and what must you let go of in order to birth this awakened vision of you ?  Let the Sun in the practical sign of CAPRICORN bring to light what is felt deep within your Heart-n-Soul.

When the Moon is in Cancer, the focus is on your family and home environment.  You may feel a sudden urge to de-clutter, finish those odd-jobs & make your abode more homely.  The focus on family & relationships will also be heightened with the Moon close to the asteroid VESTA.  Your heart will be guided to nurture and provide a homely sanctuary for your loved ones… or maybe spicing up the bedroom & spending time with your lover.  There will be a calling to nest down and find solace in the comfort and security of your home.

Source: http://www.universallifetools.com/2017/12/full-moon-supermoon-january-2-2018/

Source 2 for more on finding the times to see your SuperMoon some call it a Wolf Moon