New Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor Speaks Out “My Parents Killed My Baby Sister” #Pizzagate #Pedogate

New Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor Speaks Out “My Parents Killed My Baby Sister” #Pizzagate #Pedogate

JANUARY 1, 2018 AT 5:45 PM

Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs  /  enerchi (

“Survivor of child abuse, child trafficking and satanic ritual abuse who loves God . I will continue to expose this things done in darkness” ~ Becki Percy

My Parents Killed My Baby Sister

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I made this video around a year ago and wasn’t sure I was ever going to make it public. I have never watched it back but I know it was incredibly difficult and painful to make. The audio cuts out a little half way through, I apologise for that. But it comes back after a while. I can’t bring myself to make this video a second time. It is just too painful.

When I was 4 years old, I was first raped by my bio dad, Lee. The sexual abuse continued with the help of my bio mother Ann

Then when I was 9, I was trafficked to 10+ men#OneThingIAlwaysSay I will never stop exposing @annpercy74 and @leepercy for their crimes

💜 Becki Percy 💜 (@becki_p20) December 30, 2017

I reported what happened to me numerous times to the police and CPS in England. They failed me! These pedophiles are still abusing children

💜 Becki Percy 💜 (@becki_p20) February 28, 2017

Ann, Lee and Charlie were the main pedophiles trafficking myself and other children.

They got sick pleasure from raping and killing kids

💜 Becki Percy 💜 (@becki_p20) November 5, 2017

From a young age, I witnessed 1000’s upon 1000’s of children being killed. They were made sacrifices to Molech (Satan)

Satanism is real!

💜 Becki Percy 💜 (@becki_p20) November 5, 2017


  1. Horrific!!! I hope more people will talk about this and others will start listening. Kids are scared to tell the truth, but behaviors should be noted by other adults who shouldn’t be afraid to seek help for them.

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    1. Agreed the victims are safe to disclose the crimes against them and we can bring awareness to others this is Consciousness change.

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    2. Sending love ❤️ and healing to all affected we will heal as all become healed.

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