Mother’s New Year Message: Heart Openings and Ascension Itself are Gradual Expansions of Flow of Love By Steve Beckow

Mother’s New Year Message: Heart Openings and Ascension Itself are Gradual Expansions of Flow of Love

January 3, 2018 By Steve Beckow
The Divine Mother graced us this first week into the New Year with her annual “State of the Union” address.
She encouraged us at this time to not look back but to look forward, not to engage with the darkness as it leaves but to welcome in the new and allow ourselves to expand ever more into it.
What is the new except the essential? she asked. Our essence – the immutable Self – is always and always has been love.  Us in form being the love is what counts.  Align every word, every thought, every action with love, she challenged us.
The Mother said that the heart opening for some will be sudden but for the mass of us it’ll be gradual. It’s already been underway and has been for some time.
She said that instances like Bright Star’s sudden heart opening serve as examples and inspirations. But not everyone, or even many, will have that form of the experience.
She emphasized that Ascension is gradual and that it’s not usefully seen as step one, step two, in linear fashion. It’s more fruitfully seen as a flow of love that expands and expands.  I found the offering of this new paradigm to be very helpful.

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I asked the Mother about the advent of prosperity and she explained that the time past has been used to cleanse us of all impurities such as anger and greed.
I asked her to tell us what may be happening in the non-English-speaking (especially lightworker) world, about which, apart from news reports, we might have no idea.
She said that the same spectrum of lightworker activities happening in our English-speaking universe of discourse is happening there.
In regimes that could be described as “dictatorial,” the dictators would find it getting harder and harder to invoke the force needed to maintain themselves in power. They’d find the weight of their position heavier, their physical health declining, etc. Dictatorships will fall.
She said that she will always send her warriors of Light to penetrate darkness but she herself will never engage with it. “Why would I engage with something that is not of love?” she asked.
Finally she made one comment which to me as a student of cross-cultural spirituality has special significance. She used the phrase, referring to her and the Father, “us, the Godhead.” The Godhead is a Christian way of denoting what Hindus call “Parabrahman,” truly “the One.”
I regard this acknowledgment as providing a key building block in constructing a cross-cultural spirituality and was thrilled to hear her comment.