One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell These messages were given during our December Prepare For Change Advance in Payson, AZ on the Afternoon of December 1, 2017.

Posting these Transcripts because those who believe will see, and those with eyes to see will see, and there is a special dispensation for those who resonate with these messages, One Who Serves said this today on our Blog Talk Radio Broadcast today. 1/7/18, I will post that transcript or wave mp3 file once available.

One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell
These messages were given during our December Prepare For Change Advance in Payson, AZ on the
Afternoon of December 1, 2017.
Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you!
Wonderful to be here with you in this wonderful place here although we cannot see what is going on
here but it feels right. Does it feel right to you? It is a very special time that you are coming together; a
very special time indeed. Much is happening as you are becoming more and more aware, but also as
you are becoming more and more aware it seems like nothing is happening. Are we right here? You
want so much to happen and we have been saying so many things are going to occur and you say yes
but when, and when, and you hear soon, and all of these things … and nothing happens.
But, we can tell you certainly that much is happening and we have been saying this week after week
after week. We have been telling you that there is a great deal happening behind the scenes. You just
need to be patient but even more than patient, start doing something. Start doing something that you
can bring the vibrations up not only for yourself but for those around you whenever you can. It is
important for you to do that. And this is what this weekend is going to be all about.
This weekend is going to be about remembering who you are. Coming back to understand what you are
here for, your mission, all of this. This is what this is about. For you to find those levels within your
being that will help you to remember these things. And we have several different types of exercises or
experiences that we are going to do with you to help you to remember these things, to help you find
those times when you have been together before, those of you as a group have been together before.
All of this is going to be happening this weekend and much, much, more. We have much planned.
Much experiential planned as well as some fun and enjoyment and boy, we are going to rock this place.
You are going to see. And it is going to be a wonderful time to be together and to have these
experiences once again together. And I repeat that: once again. Because this group, those of you on the
phone, those of you here in attendance here, you have been together many times before. Maybe not
entirely as a whole group but in certain pockets you might say, certain smaller groups you have been
together. What we call soul groups. Not that it is not just your family now, that is your larger family
here in this soul group idea and the idea of the 144,000 and all of this. You are all a part of this and you
will all come back to your memories of this. That is what you are here for this weekend and you are
going to experience much.
You also going to experience manifesting, manifesting what you want in your life and learn certain
techniques that will help you to do this. This is what will all be happening through the James here but
there will also be those experiences that will be happening through the Charles here as well.
There is so much planned and so much we are getting ready for. We, the Ascended Masters, we, the
Galactics, we the Agarthans, we, the what you call the Company of Heaven and the Angels, the
Archangels, we are all preparing for what is coming.
And because of all of the energies now that are flowing into the planet, the energies that are raising the
vibration here, you are finding more and more these vibrations increasing within you. And as this
happens you have, tend to have various symptoms that come up. You all have had these at one time or
another. We are not going to going to go into those symptoms, you know what we are talking about,
what you have been calling and we have been calling as well, ascension symptoms. And these things
are going to level off. In other words you have been having these symptoms but they’re going to be
leveling off more and more as your vibrations continue to rise and your central nervous system in your
body and your consciousness are able to withstand and be within those higher vibrations.
And as your body becomes more accustomed to it, acclimating to these energies as Sananda has said
many times, then you are not going to have those various maladies and illnesses and sicknesses and all
the ‘icknesses that are out there. You’re not going to have them any more. Won’t that be a wonderful
time?! Won’t that be wonderful when you have no more stomachaches and no more headaches and no
more cramps and hot flashes and on and on and on and on.
Isn’t it fun being a human being these days?! [Lackluster response.] As we have said many times you
can have it! We would not come back for anything in your three dimensional illusion. No way! No
how! This is your baby!
But we are here to assist certainly. We are here to help you through these processes and we have been
doing everything that we can to help you through these processes, to help you through this transition
that you are moving through. And you are all moving through this transition together as a race and as
we said earlier as a soul group come together once again.
And you are going to experience that this evening when you find that you were, many of you were
together before in the times of Lemuria and you were there in that higher vibration at that time. And
you will remember those higher vibrations and what they felt like to be in those vibrations, to feel the
oneness all around you. Hopefully that is what you will experience this evening if you allow yourselves
to let go and experience what is possible here.
As we said earlier many of you will have memories come back to you as you’re going through this and
you will even find you may even be back in a body that you were in at that time, in the personality that
you were at that time. If you have never done a past life regression before that is okay because you can
still have this because it is nothing more than a memory. Past lives are simply memories and you are
simply going to remember back to those times that you were in back in those times of Lemuria. (Which
then Atlantis came after this,) but we are going to take you back to Lemuria here.
And then tomorrow evening we have planned or Sananda has planned to take you to back to the time
before you came here to the Earth and volunteered to come here and be a part of what we have called
the Clarion Call and you are going to experience the memories from that as well. And then he is going
to finally show you more specifically, you might say, what he has been speaking about when he speaks
of the Twelve of the Twelve, the Twelve Tables, and the 144 and how that relates to the 144,000 and to
all of the light workers and light warriors that have come to the planet, starseeds, all of this. It’s all
interrelated here and they’re going to share much of this with you. And even more importantly rather
than we sharing it with you, you are going to share with yourselves and with each other. You are going
to experience this as a memory, as a more of a reality to you.
So again much is planned for here for this weekend. You have any questions here for One Who
Q & A
Q: I wondered if we might talk about the Anunnaki in the Old Testament. This something that you
may be very well aware that I’ve been struggling with, and I’m wondering if I could get some answers
today. Now I know that Anu is El and he is considered the “High God” in the Old Testament. And I
know that Enlil is referred to as the Lord. And I know that Eya or Enki is considered the serpent in the
Garden of Eden. So my questions are is Enki also Yahweh and Jehovah and is he also Satan? Or is
Eya’s son Marduk Satan? And then I need to know also how these relate to Yaldabaoth and Sabayeth?
And then also …
OWS: Hold please. Too many ‘alsos’ here. One at a time please. So we will start with the first there.
The answer to your first question is none of the above. [Okay] Seriously. Let us finish here. None of the
What you have come to understand as the beginnings and all of this, and yes the Anunnaki are real they
were here and all of this but your fantasy, you might say, of some of this that you are speaking of is
simply that. It is a fantasy. It is somewhat similar to the idea of the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve
and all of this. It is meant to represent something. It is not meant to be taken literally.
Just as the Bible in itself is not meant to be taken literally. It is meant to explain a great deal of your
history but only to those that are ready to be able to awaken to what it is speaking about. You see?
Much of what comes from your various literature, your Bibles, all of these things, are not meant for the
masses to understand directly what the speaker had thought. Just as Yeshua, when he spoke to his
Disciples, his 12 Disciples, he spoke to them differently than he spoke to the other 80 or so that
followed him around. And he spoke to them differently than to the masses that also followed him.
So to understand what has happened in the past you need to let go of all of the things that have come to
you from outside of you. All of the things that you read about, even if they are channeled works, they
are not always completely accurate. Now some are very accurate. You can look at the St. Germain and
his Discourses. You can look at that, you can look at the Law of One as something that is very valuable
and very accurate in many respects. And there are others too.
But the ones that you are speaking about somewhat have been changed or related to other ideas and
concepts and things. They are stories. They are simply stories that have been written to explain the
various history that you have come from. But with that knowing now, when you are ready for this you
will receive the actual history because it will come from within you. You will have the memories of
And this is how you need to experience those things that have happened from the past. Just as we are
saying when you learn about past lives you don’t learn about past lives that you have had by someone
else telling you you have had them. You see? You learn about your past lives by going within and
experiencing the memories yourself. Yes? Someone can tell you something that may be accurate but
very often it is also not accurate. This is why we ourselves do not tell you about your past lives or tell
you about the history that you come from. But in time you will receive all of this. And your history
books and your schools and all of this will reflect these types of changes that we are speaking of that
they will be much more accurate and they will come first from within and then be able to be displayed
outside of self. Do you understand this?
Q: Yes I do. And so if you can tell me if that is yes, and I knew that I would come to that
understanding and I knew that I would know that at some point. So if you’re saying that I basically
don’t need to be thinking about that or worrying about that … the reason that I’m worrying about that is
because I’ve put a book out and I struggled the whole time that I wrote it, so afraid that I was going to
have errors in it. And if I had put errors out there I want to correct them. But if you’re saying that it’s
not important for me to know now or to try to correct my book then I will just wait for the right time.
OWS: What we are saying to you and to everyone else: do not worry. Do not worry. Worries do not
help anyone. They just bring stomachaches and different types of maladies that you have. Do not
worry. Let things be as they will be. That does not mean sit back, watch TV all day long and expect
changes to happen in your life. No that is not what we are saying. But accept things as they are, that are
beyond your control. You see? And what you are speaking about, at this point now, is beyond your
control other than what you receive from within. Okay? No worries! Okay?
Q: May I offer something?
OWS: Yes. Is this you or is this Shoshana now who is offering?
Q: Shoshana gave me a message.
OWS: Very good. We would like to hear that message as well.
S: The message that I’m receiving is that history is perspective and opinion. And that as we seek
history we seek others’ opinions and others perspectives and tend to attempt to adopt them in order to
understand. But in reality perspective and opinion is not an individual truth and that each person will
seek the truth for themselves as an individual experience if that makes sense.
OWS: Very much so. And what you have just heard from is the inaugural speaking forth of Shoshana
which is a higher aspect of Joanna’s higher self you might say. An aspect of her higher self rather. And
she has offered to assist us when the need arises or when the need arises for her to speak. And this will
be allowed and not only allowed but encouraged because of what is coming. Because of what is coming
for each and every one of you. We have said before that this type of communication is going to be
fading off here in the future as we move along because you are no longer going to need to be able to
hear these types of communications, these words, and all of this, this guidance, coming through another
individual such as this one James or in terms of the Joanna there. Or even in Charles or any of these. It
is going to more and more be where you will turn within yourself and receive the guidance and the
information and the communication that is needed at the time. As you move into these higher vibrations
this is what you are going to be experiencing more and more. So the idea of, at this point, the idea of
those of you here in the room or those of you on the phone becoming more and more able to channel
and this type of thing, yes that might happen for you if you want it but it is not necessary. Because as
we say, as things are changing here and you are going to experience these changes and all of you are
going to experience these changes individually, as they come up.
S: May I offer one more thing?
OWS: Yes please.
S: To this one [who is concerned about the accuracy of her book]. It is a kind and loving heart that
seeks excellency and is concerned about the experience of another but it is not in any way anyone’s
concern .
Q: I am learning to reconnect with the Mushaba Force and I just want to know if you have any
information that you could give me that would help me what on this.
OWS: Once again the same thing here. You are reaching out to this particular force, this energy —
which is real by the way — and you are experiencing this because this is something that is akin to you.
You have a connection here with this particular energy force. And you resonate to it. And because you
resonate to it you are seeking it out. And as you seek it out it will become more and more prominent in
your life in terms of helping you to remember again where you come from, where you — we do not
actually like to use the term come from because you come from so many different places it’s hard to say
that one particular place is home or anything of this nature — but you come from this energy and you
are experiencing this energy once again.
There is another here, right here in this room, that also experiences this energy. She does not realize
exactly what it is but we have told her many times that this energy is something that she has come from
as well. And the two of you would have something in connection here with this.
Q: I just want to know for the collective what else we can do to encourage and bring on the green
light. Obviously we do our guided meditations and we bring Source light through the portals and the
planet through the Galactic Central Sun. Is there anything else more we can do except for spreading the
information where we are trying to wake up our sleeping brethren. Is there anything more we can do to
speed up this transition?
OWS: You just answered your own question here, did you not? In terms of what you can do, you are
already doing. You are already spreading the light wherever you can. This is what you are here for as
the light workers, the light warriors, 144,000 that came here with Sananda and Sanat Kumara. You are
the ones that are doing this. As we say many, many, times not only your group — it is very important
yes — but there are so many other groups that are also part of this greater soul group that you are all a
part of. And you are experiencing more and more of this connection.
And this weekend here, as we said earlier, this is what this weekend is about is remembering this
connection that you all have together. And when you then more fully remember this connection, you
will then be able to have more energy, more light to be able to share with others around you. And you
will feel more confident with what you are doing and you will not worry — and there’s that word — you
will not worry about what others think of you or what you are spreading, what you are sharing.
Now we are not saying to get in to, go into a church go up on the pulpit and start preaching to them.
Certainly not. You are not ready for that and there is no need for that. But we are saying that whenever
the opportunity arises reach out! Reach out! Spread the light. Share the light. And if they have
questions answer their question if you can. And if not ask for help to answer the question. And as you
ask for help you will receive that help.
That is the way this works. Ask and you shall receive. Don’t ask and you get nothing. You see? You
need to ask for help and guidance. Just the idea that you are in this group is you are asking for help and
guidance. And since you are in this group and you are asking, we are here to give it to you whenever
we can and however we can.
Certainly if you have been with us for a while here, you have realized that there are certain things that
we cannot say or would not say that tend to interfere with your development, your own growth here.
But we do what we can. And there is the other one of course does a lot more when he can. He jumps in
whenever he can and tends to give some more information out to you. But he has learned somewhat
that he cannot do that freely as he was before. Although who knows what’s going to happen this time,
this weekend! We’re waiting to see here ourselves at that. But anyway does this answer your question?
Q: It does thank you. There was a second part to the question you have planted the seed. I have a very
strong connection with Sanat Kumara and I guess that will come to me this weekend as well.
S: May I offer something? There are two things that I was given about changing our experience here
and the Masters have given us the formula for decades. And we must keep in mind that this having and
becoming visceral is the key to overcoming what other people, what we fear. If we fear that others are
not changing fast enough, we fear that the world is not changing fast enough, we fear that we are stuck
here, we have so many fears about the third dimension and I heard a comment, ‘I want to get out of
here.’ And we all say that often. The challenge is that we’re not getting out of here since we’re attached
to it. We’re attached to what other people are feeling. And the more use our hearts and we feel
compassion and love and we want to understand the more attached we become to what others think. It
must be a practice on a moment-by-moment basis to practice neutrality and to detach ourselves from
what’s going on.
OWS: That is correct. Very wonderfully said. Unattachment is very important. And as you continue to
move through this transition you are going to learn more and more about that very thing unattachment.
Becoming unattached to everything around you and certainly everything around you that you cannot
have any control over or with. Let go. Let go and let God. Let your higher Godself work through you.
Let the Source work through you. Surrender to the Source. All of these things are the same thing but do
it. Don’t just think about it. Don’t just read about it or hear it. Go and do it. Let go. Let the worries go.
Let all of this go and whenever you have the opportunity then reach out and help another. Reach out
and touch someone. Isn’t is that your commercial from your Yellow Book? [Laughter] It is apropos here
you see. It works. Okay?
Q: This is perfect intro to what I want to ask you about, this question of neutrality and detachment. I
know this is often taught from the Buddhist perspective where you would detach from both what is
pleasurable as well as what is not pleasurable. And yet in my meditations, my work with Source, and
my higher self, there is anything but neutrality when it comes to the feel-good emotions. It feels like,
yeah! embrace that feel-good emotion! Embrace that higher vibrational frequency! Just joy just light
just love. So I’m wondering if you can direct us on this. I’m wondering how we make the distinction
because it seems like there’s two different messages coming out of neutrality. But then on the other side
like no, just live in the light and the joy and all that. Can you help us make a little sense of that?
OWS: Yes we can. Being neutral is not to have no emotion. That is not what we are saying here when
we say become unattached. That is not to let go of your emotions.
You are human beings. You are here with emotions. Emotions are very important but the emotions that
you spoke of are of the higher vibrational emotions. Joy, laughter, bliss, all of these types of things are
experiencing the emotions at the higher levels you might say.
And to be neutral is not to be a robot. That is not what we are saying. Certainly we would never say
that because we are very neutral in how we look at things but we are certainly not robots we have great
emotions. But not the emotions that are the ones that hold and tie you down to the three-dimensional
illusion, the programming that you are in. Those emotions you will let go of more and more such as
fear, anger, sadness, all of these types of things you will let go of as you continue to move into the
higher vibrations.
So again we are not saying … we are saying to be neutral in every situation that comes along in terms
of don’t react to anything; respond to the situation that is given. Do not react. Because when you react
you add to the situation and make it even more flammable you might say than it already was. You
understand this?
S: Neutrality does not seek. Neutrality allows
OWS: Very good. Yes. Wonderful. Sounds like Confucius saying there. Very good message.
Q: I’ve just been spending a lot of time in my home and I’m being called to meditate and then I’ve been
writing in the morning and go out in nature and it’s really exciting because I’m like tapping into
something and I don’t know if it’s my higher self which it could be, but I’m tapping into what I thought
was pure consciousness and now I was calling it a pure blanket of love. And I feel this love to the point
I get tears in my eyes. I’m just wondering if this weekend I will find out what that is or if I’m connected
to others there. But I just feel like I’m sitting here knitting and creating love it’s kind of exciting that’s
all. Do you have anything to say about it?
OWS: You are resonating, as many of you are more and more, to the higher energies. And as you
resonate to these higher energies and take them in and allow them to move through you and continue to
take you through this transition, you will feel these higher emotions that we speak of; bliss, love, all of
these things that come with these higher vibrational frequencies. So continue to allow it and if it comes
over you do not question where it is coming from or why it is coming. Just let it be. You know like your
song, the Beatles, “Let It Be”? Let it be. That is what you need to do more and more here. Okay?
Looks like we are ready then to release channel here.
Just get ready here we are going to have quite a show that’s going to be had here at this point. And as
you know the other One Who Serves, our dear friend and brother, will be here with you and he will be
kicking this off possibly this evening here as we find it. And that is if we let him. He is wondering there
he is off in the background and he is saying to us ‘Am I going to be able to come on tonight?” And we
are saying very possibly here. So we will see how it goes. Okay?
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.
Channeled by James McConnell
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