Nothing Can Stop This Avalanche Of Consciousness That Is Rolling Down The Mountain Now. One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group during the December Advance in Payson, AZ on December 3, 2017.

One Who Serves is a collective consciousness of Ascended Masters who’s identity is withheld but they are enlightened beings who have a mastery way of answering questions which leaves one filled with stamina and strength and after reading these transcriptions may your life catapult you further into your ascension.

When I was at the advance these messages felt alive and surging through the mind, body, heart and soul.

Nothing Can Stop This Avalanche Of Consciousness That Is Rolling Down The
Mountain Now.
One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell
These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group during the December
Advance in Payson, AZ on December 3, 2017. (Much if not all of the sessions mentioned here during
our December Advance are available as audio files on our website: under
the channelings tab)
Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you!
Wonderful to be here and what a energy that has been created here! What a crescendo you have created.
You do not know, maybe, you may have felt it here yourselves but from where we are standing … no,
maybe we are sitting but we are here anyway and we are experiencing the energy that you just created
here as a group, as you are. And also all of those that are on the phone that have also participated in
this. You have created quite an energy and quite a crescendo that you are building toward. Did not quite
reach the actual crescendo but came very close. As you keep doing it and doing it and doing it who
knows what would have happened here. You might have lifted this building right up off of the ground
here. Maybe with a little help from us.
But anyway we are here. You are here. Everything is wonderful and you know what? You know what
we’re going to do now? [What?] What do you think we’re going to do now? The James is over there
saying, No, no! Please no, don’t do that. Don’t do that! [Sing!] Yes! And do you know what we’re going
to sing? “Let It Be”!
Let’s go! Here, breathe. “Let It Be.” Start someone sing. Joanna, please.
[“When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be…”]
Yes! Yes! Wonderful! Oh my goodness. You have no idea what singing does. Well some of you do.
Some of you do not. Singing is wonderful! Reaching out, letting go, singing, letting it be. Experiencing
life and the joy of life. That is what many — not so much all of you, you are doing it more and more —
but many are missing throughout the world are they not? They are not experiencing the joy of life.
They do not find those … they only find those moments of joy; they are not finding the joy in the
moment. In each and every moment.
And you know what? There is joy in every moment. If you look for it you will find it. It is there. You
just need to allow it to be. You need to let it be. Okay?
We are so excited about everything that is happening now. We are so excited about everything that is
coming in the very near now. Everything is now you see? Whether it is now now or whether it is future
now it is all still now. [Laughter] And this is what all of you need to continue to understand.
Don’t … you can build for the future yes you can create for the future because every single thought that
you have is creating your future.
You are creating the next higher dimension for yourselves. You are creating the fourth dimension you
are creating that fifth dimensional experience even now as you are having your thoughts and your
visions and your imagination running wild. You are creating what you will be in this fourth and fifth
dimension. Just as you as a collective race have created the third dimensional illusion that is here you
will create the fourth dimensional illusion and the fifth dimensional illusion.
But each time you create these higher vibratory illusions they become less and less of an illusion and
more and more of a reality. You see? Even though from some point of view from a very higher point of
views they are illusions but for you as they are a more of a reality and your reality is going to take on
an entirely new understanding, an entirely new shift of consciousness is coming upon all of you on this
It will begin, yes, with those things that have been held back, that have been kept from you, that have
been covered up. It will begin with these secrets coming out being revealed. Many are coming forward
now as you — yes we were eavesdropping on your discussion earlier and with all of these women and
men coming forward now where they feel they are safe and they can do so they are coming forth in
droves. And it is only the beginning. Only the beginning.
Many, many more are going to come forward. Many new whistleblowers are going to come forward.
Many new intel Sources are going to come forward. All of this is in the happening now and you, those
of you are the catalyst for all of this. You are the ones that are bringing this about as we say many
times. And as Sananda so eloquently said it last night: ‘we cannot do it without you. We need your
arms, your legs, your eyes, your ears, to bring about this awakening process throughout the planet.
Yes the energies coming into the planet help a great deal, certainly. These waves of energy; all of this
helps tremendously.
And it has never been done here like this before ever. You have never had these waves of energy before
as they are now.
When the Harmonic Convergence happened back in the ‘80s that was a beginning of this. It even began
before that with your hippie movement you might say in the ‘60s and ‘70s and the music and the
Beatles and all of this is what began this entire process, began to awaken the population. Even to just
put the seeds out there. But now, these times now are the times when you, those of you that are already
awakened greatly, you are the ones that are assisting. Yes, we love that terminology Charles. We love
that you are assisting the ones that are drowsy now, that are coming awake, that are in that stage
between asleep and awake and not sure yet which way to go. But all they need is a gentle little shove
and then they will move toward the awakened state. And then they will realize, just as you have
realized, who they are.
They may not be a part of the 144,000 – they may — but they may not be. But they are still connected
to their higher God Self, their Source within them. They are connected and they will begin to realize
that they are connected. And once all of this continues to move forward there is nothing that can hold it
As it is, there is nothing now that can hold it back, but even more so. As those of the dark forces, the
dark, the shadow forces, the dark cabal, the illuminati, the deep state, whatever you want to call them,
they are running for their lives now. They know their time is up. They are holding on for dear life and
doing everything that they can, some of them anyway, doing everything that they can to go out with a
bang because they know they are going out.
And as these things become more and more and more revealed it will be like an avalanche coming
down the mountain and nothing … have you ever tried to stop an avalanche? It is not possible. Nothing
can stop this avalanche of consciousness that is rolling down the mountain now.
You can un-mute everybody please, Moses. Un-mute. Everybody! [Saying Moses as in the Charlton
Heston movie “The Ten Commandments”] Moses! Moses! (We love this!) Moses! [Laughter] Un-mute
everybody please.
Very good. Very good. We will take questions now if there are any here. Lots of them have been asked
previously but we always know that there are more and more questions. And there are more questions
that are never asked as well. We hear them in your mind but you do not state them because of many
reasons because you feel that they will not be accepted or they are stupid questions or something, and
we tell you now there are no such thing as stupid questions. Everything is okay. You can ask it – we
may not answer it – but you can ask it certainly. Okay?
Q & A
Q: I had an experience last night, late, late on the call. I was getting tired and maybe a little grouchy
because it was 12:30 a.m. here and the call was still going on. It was great except I didn’t want to drop
off but I also wanted it to move along so I could get to bed. Anyway I did have my phone muted but I
think somebody actually heard my griping to myself. Somebody heard that even though my phone was
muted. What I got from that afterwards in my conversation with my Higher Self was that maybe this is
what Robin Williams and you, One Who Serves (or the other One Who Serves) was talking about when
they say that we go out there in the five dimensional reality, or what we are being trained, how we are
being trained is like that’s what they’re on top of.
No thought. Because your thoughts are going to go out there even if you’re muted. It doesn’t matter. So
no thought can drag you back in the wrong direction. You have to learn, we have to learn, I have to
learn the training is to learn how not to have our thoughts go in the wrong direction because that could
start a big wave in the wrong direction. Is this correct would you say?
OWS: We can tell you, you know as Robin Williams was talking last night about eavesdropping. Do
you remember this? And there is the idea that at any time we can look down and reach in and hear your
thoughts and this type of thing. Although we do not do that, there is a line we do not cross so you know
But what you are describing is the beginning of understanding of telepathy. Because as your thoughts
go out they are being picked up in the universal consciousness. So all of your thoughts, and we repeat
that now, all of your thoughts whether they are good, bad, in between, upside down, it does not matter
what they are, they go into the collective consciousness or the universal consciousness and then can be
pulled down by anyone.
Now, to understand this and the idea of telepathy, this is part of your training because you are going to
find that your thoughts are going to be picked up by those around you. Not only in the universal
consciousness but directly by those that are near you, or they don’t even have to be near you. They can
be far away from you, the other side of the world even, and they will pick up your thoughts in a
telepathic manner. So you are training to do this, you are learning to do this, the beginning stages of
this. It happened especially between those that you know and love that are close to you and you think
something and immediately they say it. And that means you sent the thought to them, they picked it up,
and now they have said it. You see? But this is going to happen more and more.
So what we are telling you in this long roundabout way of doing it, we are telling you to watch your
Q: And is that a significant point of our training as we begin to step into the roles that you guys are
now taking on for us. As we begin to step into that role for other people, is that what Robin Williams is
talking about? Like, “they’re watching me like a hawk,” kind of thing. Is that what he’s talking about?
OWS: Very much so yes. We have to be careful with him to allow for this process to occur, you see.
He is not as you would say an Ascended Master. He is one that has passed over and was given what you
might call special dispensation here to be allowed to be a part of this group because he is already a part
of this group as he spoke to you last night. So this is why this is being allowed and that he can be here
and he will be here again with you just so you know. He is not a one-time show here. Not a one-time
happening. He will be back again and possibly more at times when you least expecting him. So be
ready for that.
Q: Can we have Elvis one time too?
OWS: Would we bring Elvis here? No we do not think so. Is not quite the same connection here. He is
not one of your soul group here.
Q: Aww! It feels like he’s one of my soul group. [Background chatter]
OWS: Everybody now. Altogether: [Awwwww!] [Laughter] Did this answer your question here sister?
Q: I just wanted to ask One Who Serves, does that mean that every thought that we have actually
affects the others in the collective consciousness?
OWS: Yes. Every … single … thought. Yes. You’ve heard of the butterfly effect? Your thoughts can
change an entire world somewhere else. Think about that for a moment.
Q: So we have a responsibility then to ourselves and to others to keep in this love vibration.
OWS: Yes. Not only on this planet but on other planets as well. Did not think in those terms did you?
Universal Consciousness Is Universal! … (someone says Oops!) Everybody now all at once: [Oops!]
This is why we have been saying for a long time now that your thoughts are so important. You are
creating your reality and every single thought that you have is not only creating your reality here but it
is creating realities across the galaxy. In other words, you’ve heard before there is nothing new under
the sun. This is where inventions come from and new ideas and concepts and all of this. It is picked up
from this universal consciousness that is available to all at any time. It is only a matter of learning to
access it. There are ways that you can access this universal consciousness. Many of you already are and
not even knowing that you are doing it. The one, Tesla, he was able to access universal consciousness
where he received many of his ideas and concepts and is able to create those things that he did at that
time. Wow! You did not expect this type of these things did you?
Q: I just want a very quick say I love you, thank you for supporting everybody. We love you. I’ve had
a bit of chronic pain which I’m which has been keeping me up so I’ve been unable to join the evening
calls. Your 8 p.m. is my 3:00 a.m. But in my dream, it looks like I sat at the table when the group was
eating and chatting away. They couldn’t see me and I was around with other beings as well. And I felt
really upset that I couldn’t join in and I said I really wish I could wake up. And Sananda said ‘your
body needs to rest,’ or something like that and then he gave me a hug and he said not to worry about it,
I’m doing what I meant to be doing even though I wasn’t there, technically, on the phone, but I believe I
was in my astral body. So my question is: was I actually remembering myself being in my astral body
with the group these past two nights or was I just dreaming?
OWS: [inaudible] … everyone. But you were also dreaming too. And they are one and the same very
often. So yes and yes.
Q: Yes and yes. So yes I was dreaming but yes I was there with the group in the astral. And yes,
Sananda did take me in his arms and said not to worry.
OWS: Yes and yes. [Laughter]
Q: Oh wonderful. I’ll be there again tonight in the astral with everybody, sending my love.
OWS: We would … hold you please just for a moment. We would suggest to you if it is possible, if
you can do it for yourself to be on the phone tonight because … [inaudible] … going to be happening
… [inaudible]. This is trying to talk over here is very difficult. [Referring to caller speaking at the
same time as OWS.] Do you have the alarm clock? Do you have what you call smart phone? Your
smart phone has a little app on there — you call it an app, right? A little app that will wake you up if you
want to.
We will tell you that if you believe enough, if you come on the call this evening so that you are present
here in this respect, you will receive even more healing from this. This is especially goes for every one
out there. Not only this one who is asking this question. Everyone. If you are in need of healing of any
type be on the call tonight. Okay?
Q: I walk my dog in the morning and later in the afternoon and this sun is so bright that I can even
with my sunglasses I can’t look at it. Is it me or is the sun is bright?
OWS: The sun is getting brighter. The sun is going to continue to get brighter and brighter. And as the
various pollution and all of that that is blocking the sun, as the chemtrails recede completely it will
allow the light to come through fully. They have been doing, we have said this many times, they have
been doing all they can to block the sun because they know the sun’s energy and the sun’s rays and
parts of the sun’s rays are actually bringing about this ascension process. And they’ve known that; it is
adding to it; and they have known this and they have done everything they can to hold you away from
ascension. But again, it is like holding back the avalanche.
Q: James suggested that I ask you about this. I’ve been listening to the shows for about six months
without any issues, but now I’m not able to stay awake during the meditations and the imagery. In
September I had a heart attack and I’m recovering from a triple bypass and I’ve not been able to stay
awake. So this is sort of like the earlier questioner. I was on the call last night and again, I can listen to
most of what I would call the talk, but the minute we get into imagery or channeling I just go to sleep
no matter how hard I try to stay awake. Does the fact that I’m on the phone help me and what’s
happening? Why can’t I stay awake?
OWS: The fact that you are on the phone yes is definitely helping you because you are receiving it
first hand, you might say, rather than secondhand in terms of reading or listening later. Although that is
also very important and can be very helpful as well. But live and in person as much as you possibly can
is of course the best. So the second part of your question please repeat here.
Q: The second part is what is happening to me why can’t I stay awake?
OWS: Oh yes why you cannot stay awake. And this is something that many are having difficulty with.
It is not that you cannot stay awake. You are not going to sleep. Okay? Even if you snore you are not
necessarily going to sleep. You are slipping into an altered state of consciousness in that moment and
you are still, at a level beyond your consciousness, you are still receiving everything that is being said,
everything that is happening, and you are participating in everything that is happening. It’s just that
your conscious-knowing-self is not aware of this at the time. It is very similar to your dream state. But
you are not sleeping in terms of it the same as in your dream state. Okay?
Q: So last night I don’t remember anything of Robin Williams; I don’t remember anything of finding a
table consciously — it was like I was zoned out for that time — but I really did do it?
OWS: Yes what you will experience when you go back and listen to this recording is you will hear it
and there will be a part of you saying I already heard that or a know that or you will even anticipate
what is said before it happens as you listen to it. [Inaudible, caller talking over]
Q: We all know how important the sun is with the changes in the vibrations and I’m just curious about
the moon. Tonight we have the first and only Super Moon for 2017, starting at 6 PM Mountain Time
and peaks at about one or two in the morning and we’ll be doing our manifestation session during that
time. Can we use the moon to amplify the manifestation?
OWS: You know what synchronicity is?
Q: Yes
OWS: You know what orchestrating means?
Q: It’s perfect timing. I know.
OWS: [inaudible]
Q: How can we use the moon’s energy tonight?
OWS: You will be using it. Like we say it is all being orchestrated. And when we gave James this date
— he didn’t know we gave it to him. He thought he thought it up himself, but surprise! [Laughter] It is
all coinciding exactly as it needs to. That will include the next one as well when that time comes. All is
being orchestrated. You need to remember that. Okay?
Q: I have a question about the sun again. I think I asked this question once before and I don’t think you
were able the answer it. I was just wondering if these things come out here and Disclosure happens and
I was wondering, I’m pretty sure the sun has a binary star companion star and I was wondering if that is
contributing to our awakening? Is it adding it’s energy to our sun and to what’s coming from the center
of the galaxy and things like that?
OWS: So your question directly is, is there a binary star along with your sun here? Is that your
Then the answer to that is yes there is. And currently you cannot see it. It has not come into the
dimensional status here and it won’t come into your three dimensional status but it will come when you
have moved up in vibration into the higher dimension and it is destined so that you will have two suns.
Very correct.
Just as in your movie, as we are finding now within the James, not the “2001” movie but the “2010”
movie. The very end. At the very end it explains a great deal of what the first movie was about. Nobody
knew what the first movie was about unless they were high, as we are understanding. And all of you
out there that were smoking your weed and your pot and all of that back then, you know what we are
talking about. And you watch that movie. Oh! You watched it one time and you have no idea what it
was all about, and you watch it the second time after smoking some pot and everything became crystal
clear. Any yeas out there? Anybody agree? We know [inaudible. Leads to laughter] did. Robin Williams
is over there saying, Hell Yeah! [Laughter] Yeah, he’ll slip one in every now and then. He’s on the low
rung of the totem pole now … he can try it after a long time but now he’s the new kid on the block!
OWS: [to earlier questioner] Does this answer your question? Very good, probably more than you
were thinking it would.
Q: I was pretty sure it that it did exist. I was just wondering if it is becoming more powerful in causing
our ascension and the solar flash to come about is really what my question was.
OWS: Yes. It most definitely is. In fact what we were you saying about that movie “2010,” it explains
a great deal as you come toward the end of it exactly what we are talking about what happened. Okay?
Q: My question is do you want to know what we want for Christmas? [Laughter] [Peace on Earth!]
OWS: Isn’t that what were supposed to say here? [Guess again.] [Singing] ‘All I want for Christmas is
my two front teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeth’. (laughter)
[All we want for Christmas is the Prosperity Packages.] [I want abundance.]
Hold please. We are asking question. Real question now we think.
Q: What is the probability of we getting NESARA for Christmas?
OWS: The probability is not so hot. The possibility, yes. Don’t bet your lunch on it. Is that the way the
saying goes? Don’t go to Vegas and put a bet down on this. I don’t think they’ll take your bet anyway
though. They’ll say, NESARA? What the hell is NESARA? (laughter)
Oh! We just got reprimanded. We cannot use terminology such as that. We’re talking about the word
hell, you see. Every once in a while though.
Q: For at least the last two weeks I keep hearing this song: Do you hear what I hear? I got the lyrics
and I’m not kidding you, it has a great interpretation to me. When you hear it, it’s telling us what’s going
to happen now. [Singing] ‘Said the night wind to the little lamb, do you see what I see? Do you see
what I see? A star, a star, shining in the sky with at tail as long as a kite’.
Now I interpret that instead of stars, ships shining in the sky. With that tail as tall as a kite. And they fly
and they leave a light behind them. That’s my interpretation.
OWS: Very good.
Q: Now the second verse says do you hear what I hear? Do you hear what I hear? A song, a song as
high as the trees, and it’s blowing in the breeze. And then it says: the shepherd boy says to the little
lamb, do you know what I know? Do you know what I know? [Lyrics included at end.]
Q: [Interjecting] May I offer something?
OWS: Please do.
Q: That has been one of my most favorite songs in the world and it always comes out my fingers on
the piano. I don’t know the words very well but I believe that it is a song that is, what’s the word for it,
it’s a metaphor but it’s also a prediction. It’s a prediction of where man is heading but it’s not about the
external manifestation it’s about the internal manifestation of our ascension and how we are
transcending this dimension. It’s about an internal change and it’s very dear. It’s a very dear
interpretation of where man is going.
OWS: Yes and now take it even one step further if you would. It’s a vibration. It sets up a certain
vibration, that particular song.
How many of you out there love that song? Many of you do. We hear it every Christmas. And every
Christmas you hear it and begin to sing along. And as you sing along you feel it. It is a vibration that
has been set into the world. Every single, once a year, 25th of December or thereabouts, and it sets up a
certain vibration. Part of the vibration that is set up with the giving also at that time period. It is not
about Christmas presents. It is not about Santa Claus it is not about any of that. It is about the meaning
of Christmas and what it brings to you.
Q: [Original questioner] Now the last verse really stands out. I hope I do it justice. ‘Said the shepherd
boy to the mighty king in his palace warm, said the mighty king. Pray for the people everywhere. Pray
for the people everywhere. A child, a child, shivering in the cold. Bring him silver and gold. Said the
mighty king to the people everywhere. Pray for peace for every people everywhere. Bringing goodness
to everyone and peace everywhere.’
Now right as we are going to get our abundance … the silver and the gold, and we’re the child. And I
tell you that song, I’d be anywhere and that would come in my mind.
OWS: This particular song was written by one that is very Christian, very religious in respects. He is
not meaning any of what you are saying, at the time, but all of this is a part of this orchestration that we
keep speaking of. There was a vibration put into this song that the one who wrote it was not even aware
of but it is why so many have flocked to this song. Why it is one that is sung so often when you go
around your homes what is it a choral? Caroling! Caroling around to house to house. It is one of the
most favorite songs for this, is it not? You see? Along with Jingle Bells and all these other ones too but
they are not the same vibration, although they bring joy as well. It brings happiness, joy and good times
of the year at that point.
Now we will also say here since you have brought this up about ships and things of this nature. What
do you think the three wise men followed? [Mars. No, the ship. The New Jerusalem.]
No they did not follow the New Jerusalem. They followed the New Bethlehem, Archangel Michael’s
ship. That’s what they followed. Gabriel, or Gabrielle, however you want to put it, when he appeared to
Mary and all of this, this was coming from a ship. You see? You are going to be amazed. We do not
those that you call the Archangels and the Angels they don’t just fly around with wings everywhere.
They are in space ships.
Q: Which is the ship that’s the size of a planet and has deserts and everything on it?
OWS: New Jerusalem. There are other ones as well. That is only one. That is the one of Sananda and
Ashtar. While we’re at it, when Moses climbed the mountain top, (not the Moses we have here. He is
not that one,) but when Moses climbed the mountain top and spoke to God, God was on a ship. That
particular being. It was not Prime Creator as you know it, or Source as you know it, but it was a being
that was able to be there and have this experience with Moses.
Q: The burning bush?
OWS: That also, yes. That was not a ship. That was a burning bush. [Laughter]
Q: Can you say who the being was?
OWS: What did God say? Everybody now: I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.
Q: I have a question about the 26,000 year cycle. Could you help our understanding of what that
OWS: It means that 26,000 years there are cycles and these cycles continue to repeat themselves. And
through these cycles there is an energy and a rest. And during this current 26,000 year cycle it is at a
rest. And this next 26,000 year cycle the universe is going into an energy. You are moving into this
energy cycle now. You have been through the rest. You have been through these times. You have gone
through the dark ages; you are coming back into the light ages at the end of these last 26,000 years’
cycle. It is ending. It coincides with the Mayan calendar as well.
All of this is a part of the ascension process that … the ascension rather that has been predicted for a
very long, long time. And the cabal, as we have said, had taken it very seriously, attempting to hold it
off as long as they could.
You are entering an area of the galaxy now that energies are going to become so strong, they’re already
being so. And those of the Blue Avians that you know of, and the Spheres have been doing all they can
to hold those energies off or filter them out little by little here because your central nervous systems
were not quite ready for them. If it had happened in 2012, December 21st, 2012, when the ascension
was going to happen at that time and all of you were going to be a part of that and many more
(approximately 30-some percent) were going to be there for this, it did not happen because it was, you
were, so many would not have been able to withstand it. You have heard before that two thirds of the
world’s population were going to be eliminated. And that was somewhat true but it was being shifted
and changed quite a bit though at that time so there would have been approximately 30% ascending and
much of the rest would have found themselves in the other places.
But that was not to be because, as you know, the collective consciousness rose up in one voice and said
we will wait. We will wait for the rest of our brothers and sisters. No one left behind. And here you are
now. Five years later! Thinking it’s been an eternity but five years. [Laughter] Five years can you
imagine five years in the trillions and trillions and trillions and billions and quadrillion and whatever
the zillions are beyond that that creation has been in existence. And you are lamenting about five years!
It’s a blink! Just a blink. You see?
That puts it somewhat in perspective does it not? Oh worries me! We’re never going to get out of here!
[Laughter] We’re going to have to deal with this on and on and on. Help me! Help me! Help me ObiWan
Kenobi. You’re my only hope! [Laughter]
Q: Thank you. About how we are rotating around the Galactic Central Sun. I was told that the Earth
hasn’t made a full round. Is that accurate?
OWS: That is part of the cycle that you are speaking of. [Comment from room] Say it please louder.
Q: It’s every 26,000 years … around.
OWS: Yes. And you are entering a part of the galaxy now that is the energy stage. Even if you look at
your own breath. If you look at this from a macrocosm and a microcosm standpoint, your own breath is
an energy and a rest, is it not. An energy, and a rest. The entire universe works in this respect. An
energy, and a rest. This God or Prime Creator is breathing in and out and that breathing in is energy.
Breathing out is rest. Puts all into much different perspective here. This energy yes that is coming in is
the Porlana C energy. Very much a part of it. There is others but it is a very strong energy that has been
introduced because of the area that you have entered into the galaxy now. It has not been here for a
very long time.
Q: Does the 26,000 year cycle also coincide with the Indian Wheel, the swastika that Hitler snatched
and turned around to make people weak? You know the wheel I mean? We came out of the Yuga cycle
which was a really dark one…
OWS: Kali Yuga, yes. And you are entering the Satya Yuga now.
Q: Is that the same as the Age of Aquarius?
OWS: It is. Yes. Very much so. You are entering the Age of Aquarius. When the moon … [Room
begins singing: When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars…] [Indistinct
conversation/singing] By The Fifth Dimension.
Q: Since we’re on that subject, if any of you are in Long Beach, California at the corner of Fifth and
Golden — which is very significant because the golden ones hold the keys to the fifth dimension — there
is Cesar Chavez Park. Some esoterics evidently set up that park. There is this sacred serpent path there,
and also a portal, and an ankh there.
But I wanted to ask a question, One Who Serves. I’m just concerned about the other 144,000 who have
not awakened. And I’m wondering, were they meant to awaken at a later time or is there anything that
we can do to try to reach them?
OWS: That is what we have been speaking to you about again and again and what Sananda very much
spoke to you about last night. And Archangel Michael introduced as becoming the warriors from the
workers. It is time now, yes, to reach out and find those other ones, those other lost sheep, those ones of
the 144,000 and even beyond. Reach out and find them. They are there. They are maybe in their
drowsy state and coming into an awakening state. Maybe they have begun to awaken and they don’t
know where to turn for more information or more help here. And this group and many other groups are
either forming or have formed and are there to assist in this continuing process. All is a process here.
All in the process and you are the ones that are the catalyst. You are the way-showers. In some respects
you can look at yourselves as the John the Baptists. You see? Preparing the way. Preparing the way for
those that will come after you.
Again, it puts your life and your mission and your experiences here in an entirely different
understanding. Does it not? You are special. Not, again, special in terms of the ego. Never would we
say that. But you are the Ones. And you are The One. You are the Neo’s from “The Matrix.” The One.
Neo: (anagram for One.)
Q: I have a little bit of a comment. It‘s a two-parter. The second part is a question.
So what I learned in my life is that word is the only creative process. It’s the only tool we have. And
that everything that comes out of our mouths creates our next moment. And it is so powerful that it is
our power that has been given to us. And when the one known as God, the Source, said I am that I am,
S/He was showing us how powerful the word is. And the I AM Discourses that St. Germain channeled
through Godfrey Ray King was trying to give us a hint that our word is the most powerful thing we
have. And it creates our reality. So that is why it is so important to be conscious of what comes out of
our mouths. And of course thought manifests into word and that’s the way it works.
The other part that I have is about the moon. This message, and I want to verify it, that the moon is the
greatest vibration of manifestation energy, it vibrates manifestation energy because it was manifested. It
was the creation of a group and manifested for us to help the earth develop. [Yes] And it just, it is the
epitome of the manifestation energy. Is that correct?
OWS: That is correct. If you look at the moon as it was created certainly and it was brought here. It
was brought here to your orbit around the Earth to bring about the changes that were necessary here on
the planet. And it has been left here all this time to continue on with everything that is happening. But
after ascension it may no longer be needed as it has been. So that is true.
Now the first part though that you said about the word. We are taking that a step further here because
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The word. The
word is sound. Sound rang out. Sound as the closest approximation. Does anyone know what that is?
Om! The closest approximation to the beginning of creation was the OM sound. The vibration yes
sound vibration. That’s why everything is about vibration. Everything is about vibration and
consciousness. You see? And vibration leads to consciousness and higher consciousness. The higher the
vibration the higher the consciousness. The higher the consciousness, the higher the vibration. [Wow]
Yeah we heard that. Wow! Everybody: wow! [Wow!] (laughter)
Q: May I just emphasize something here. When you said in the beginning there was the Word and the
Word was God. That powerful statement that there is a vibration. That there is a frequency within the
word. You know at the beginning there was the word and the word was God. That is an affirmation in
itself and it’s so powerful and it echoes. It sticks with you. It sticks with consciousness and I was
thinking of that when Joanna was saying that. And I was saying those very words which is the power of
the collective consciousness. And then you said it, so it’s very very powerful.
OWS: More than you can possibly imagine.
Q: Well I can say mental telepathy works because you’ve already mentioned part of my question. You
mentioned that this winter solstice 2017 is the fifth anniversary from the 2012 winter solstice and what
special surprise might we expect?
OWS: That is what we are planning for your … oh … for the 21st you are saying?
Q: Yes. For December 21st of 2017. You mentioned it last night along with February about something
that is special. Is it a special wave of energy or some other great influence we can all look forward to?
OWS: Very good succinct question. We appreciate that. The more succinct the questions are the more
succinct the answers can be as well. And for your December 21st just as in December 21st of 2012, this
is a milestone time period you are entering.
That one that spoke about December being special, they are correct. You are in a special time and this
month is special. That does not mean — it’s based on possibility and probability but the probability of
something huge and major may not be so yet — but there are the building of this. The building. And
there will be several different types of events that are going to occur or revealings, let’s call them
revealings, that are coming. And these revealings are going to lead to the more larger events that are
going to happen into the 2018 and on and so then will lead to The Event as the Galactic Central Sun is
ready to create that pulse of energy here. Not yet but it is coming and all they are preparing for this. We
have been preparing for some time. We are ready. Those in the ships are ready. They are standing by
and at a moment’s notice they will move into action. Some have already done so.
Those that you know of as the Pleiadians have taken a central role here and they are beginning to make
their move along with the Alliance here to bring about the changes that are necessary now because the
times, the vibrations are right for much of this to begin. We will give much more of this though for
your New Year’s Eve as it happens here. If it is a go. If it is allowed to be.
Very good. We are going to release channel now. We will back here again this evening. We have quite
an amazing technique to convey to you that will assist in your every manifestation that you need in
your life. Not so much that you want in your life, there is the difference here. There is a need. For if
there is a need you will be able to more easily manifest it. If it is right for you and the Source within
you to do so.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.
Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.
“Believing is seeing!”
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Said the night wind to the little lamb,
do you see what I see
Way up in the sky, little lamb,
do you see what I see
A star, a star, dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite
With a tail as big as a kite
Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy,
do you hear what I hear
Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy,
do you hear what I hear
A song, a song, high above the trees
With a voice as big as the sea
With a voice as big as the sea
Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king,
do you know what I know
In your palace warm, mighty king,
do you know what I know
A Child, a Child shivers in the cold
Let us bring Him silver and gold
Let us bring Him silver and gold
Said the king to the people everywhere,
listen to what I say
Pray for peace, people everywhere!
listen to what I say
The Child, the Child, sleeping in the night
He will bring us goodness and light
He will bring us goodness and light