10 Characteristics of the 144,000 Prophesied Lightworkers – Who Will Save The World VIDEO

There is one prediction that can be

found both in the book of revelations

 and the Emerald tablets forecasting


something really exciting it says that


there will be an incarnation of 144,000


light workers who will save earth from


the forces of darkness during the end


times of the Kali Yuga the most


interesting part about this prediction


is the realization that most of these


light workers are now here and in the


process of waking up to their divine


purpose and mission on earth majority of


them might not even know or remember who


they really are


according to spiritual teachers and


psychics the cellular memories of the


144,000 were programmed timed and


triggered to go off at this time and


awaken them to their true identity


mission and purpose for incarnated on


earth at this most crucial time in


Earth’s history what does saving the


world means the term saving the planet


carries a wrong connotation and that’s


why most people don’t understand what we


really mean it’s not literally about the


planet earth the earth is fine with or


without us there’s not going to be an


epic fight between the dark and the


light at least not here in the physical


realm we need saving as species there is


something rotten deep in our collective


psyche and we need to deal with it the


so called forces of darkness are simply


the projection of this shadow we need to


face deep in ourselves light workers are


people who heal on many levels they heal


mentally physically emotionally and even


spiritually recommended the eleven types


of light workers which one are you


they do this through their work in their


energy if they learn to control and


manage it that’s why they are the ones


who will save the world from the forces


of darkness because they will help us


heal the shadows of humanity in the


number is just a sacred quantity that if


reached creates a powerful wave that


cannot be stopped it creates a wave that


will wash the whole world from its


negative behavior that’s retarding our


true potential of love it’s like when


you try to stop fire from spreading if


you distinguish a certain amount of that


fire the rest will simply distinguish by




are you one of the 144,000 light workers


that will save the world there are 10


common traits among fellow light workers


all of them experienced most of these in


the process of their awakening if you


experience any of these characteristics


you are one of the 144,000 prophesized


light workers that will save the world




you were always identifying with heroic


characters and superheroes and you still


do even if you are an adult now – you


have a deep purpose that not a lot of


people know about you might not be sure


yourself but you just know you were


meant for something bigger 3 you have an


inner understanding about spiritual


concepts higher knowledge and cosmic


wisdom that feels natural to you 4 you


love people but you hate them at the


same time and this is so confusing to


you it’s like you unconditionally love


who they are at their core but you hate


all the junk that’s preventing them to


shine like their ego addictions stupid


decisions and negativity 5 you might


have panic attacks and anxiety problems


6 you love animals and you feel deeply


for the harm we do to them to satisfy


our own needs 7 you can’t stand


injustice 8 you always try to lighten up


the mood if something is tense you tell


a joke if someone is down you do your


best to cheer them up if someone is


asking for your help you might go out of


your own way just to help them 9 you


tend to inspire others even if you are


unaware of this 10 you love to merge


dualities into oneness like science and


spirituality psychology and philosophy


technology and nature


the time for awakening is now we have


reached and entered the eleventh hour of


the great change that is taking place on


earth the time has come for the


remaining light workers to awaken so we


can get to the prophesized number of


144,000 you need to wipe the sleeping


slumbers of half-life from your eyes


smack your forehead to dislodge the


dream of materialism wake up and smell


the coffee roll up your sleeves put on


your thinking caps and be about the


Himalayan task of saving this world


recommended the lightworkers syndrome


the obstacle that traps a lot of highly


conscious people you have something to


offer this world and deep down you know


what that is


stop following norms and trends to what


you know were meant to do and if you are


still not sure of what that is just do


what feels good and natural to you do


what makes you feel alive


do what really has meaning for you or


simply live through your heart resonant


with love that’s all we really need to

heal humanity



  1. Honey, “the 144,000” are almost outta here… along with Gaia and another million folks. We aren’t just waking up, we’ve gotten a whole lot done, while others slept, waiting for everyone, someone, anyone else to catch up. Read my blog to understand. Here’s somewhere to start:


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    1. Gaia Ascension Forerunner I like your view your truth I will dive into this reality to see what resonate I appreciate the feedback and also your presence of Divinity. Everyone counts for this entire process and it’s the light and love ❤️ when I finish do you mind if I reblog your findings on my page??


      1. Reblog away.

        And… I’d also love your feedback… either your place or mine.

        Rock on.

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      2. The community of awakening ones is high vibe movement is exciting no more shyness from the light warriors ✅


      3. Hallelujah. Time to shine one’s light!

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      4. Yes in deedy and we have so much push and pull support 👌🏾😇😄✅


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