21 Days of Forgiveness From Suffering to Wisdom

21 Days of Forgiveness: From Suffering to Wisdom

January 31, 2018 By Kathleen Mary Willis

The vibration and frequency of Love being directed at Gaia from the Mother, the Galactics, and the Ascended Masters are driving up everything that is not of love within us.

Sitting with our suffering, not running away from it — allowing our self to feel the mental emotional physical spiritual pain of our past — however we do this, is the healing.

From our suffering comes wisdom, so as ones on the forefront of Ascension, we can reach out to help others shift to Nova Being and new ways of society, Nova Earth.


The suffering can be accessed in meditation in the heart.

Sitting still, going within, feeling the discomfort, irritation, asking, “How is this discomfort connected to the past?” will bring up pictures, the people connected.

The mantra that came through my guidance, I have found to be very effective when the pictures emerge:

I Love you and myself

I forgive you and myself

I Am the Infinite Flow of Gratitude

I Am the Eternal Flow of Forgiveness


The false grids or entrenched beliefs manifest physical suffering — health, relationship, financial — lack.

“God is punishing,” is a false grid according to Sanat Kumara, that we all hold, and is often connected to our physical father.

Anxiety, separation, worry, broken trust, control, judgement, doubt, futility and the many permutations of these old beliefs are the entrenched systems of lack of self-Love and self-worth.

A question I ask myself is, “How are these beliefs, feelings, connected to the past?” 

We are living the past when we are suffering.

Love, forgiveness and gratitude for self and others

eliminates the false grids, old entrenched beliefs.


Often we feel, “I’m a disappointment” or “I’m not good enough.”

This is a core issue that most of us hold and can often be connected to our physical mothers.

Sorrow, depression, anger and fears are core issues, mental-emotional constructs that diminish the more we forgive ourselves and others.

Anger cloaks fear, or can be the twin of fear, and again, once the people connected to the anger/fear are forgiven and we are gratitude for all the lessons, our suffering becomes wisdom to share with others.

Forgiving everything brings us to a place of gratitude.

From that place of gratitude, our sorrow can become our joy in another reflection, our sacred purpose, our wisdom to help others.


Archangel Raphael, through Linda Dilllon, channel for the Council of Love, has been asking us to use his Emerald Elixir as a “poultice of Love” — forgiveness of everything — for anything that is irritating.

“My intention is to be the Love and to accept that ‘I Am the Love. . . I took the form to be the embodiment of the Mother/Father One’. . . clarity of intention. . . intend for the entire planet to experience only Love and that translates sweet ones into every interaction that you have. . . so it is the beginning and the ending.

“The more you are steeped in the Love, the more there is. . . no it is not being in denial.

“It is being the most powerful healer on the planet, so that when you see someone in that incoherent chaos, when you see the murder and mayhem, as healer you apply the poultice of Love, because if you apply irritability or anger or fear then that is what you are creating.

“Your intentions determine the outcome of the Plan. . . . so I give you my Emerald Elixir.”

The Time of Victory is At Hand – Meditation and Archangel Raphael Channeling


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The Mother and the Father forgive everything.

and we are here to anchor and reflect them.

We are the alchemists transforming our pain into wisdom then reaching out, as Archangel Raphael says, to be “the most powerful healer[s] on the planet.”

I can’t recommend enough invoking Sanat Kumara and Universal Law, calling on St. Germaine, sitting in a Bonfire of the Violet Flame, listening to Archangel Michael’s Plea for Peace Now! and Archangel Raphael, The Time of Victory is at Hand.

The messages from the Council of Love, through Linda Dillon, are very repetitive.




Sitting still, allowing the understandings and knowing to emerge — every day, same time, same place, with consistency — pain transforms to wisdom with forgiveness of everything and gratitude for all experiences.

Suggested Practice

Daily Invocation:

I invoke Sanat Kumara

and the Universal Laws of Intention,

Balance, Change, Unification, Unity, Transmutation,

Instantaneous Transmission, Dispensation,

Attraction and Repulsion, Elimination

and Completion and Continuity

for forgiveness of everything

to create peace on Gaia.

I’ve found with, a consistent daily meditation practice alongside Universal Law invocations, comes greater understanding and knowing how to let go, how to embody the new.

During Your Meditation Time:

Sitting in St. Germaine’s Violet Bonfire

or bringing his Torch of the Violet Flame

into the heart space, observing, listening

for inspiration, the ‘how-to’ steps,

keys to forgiving everything.

P e a c e  within

creates peace without,

as within  s o  w i t h o u t,

the Universal Law of Balance,

how things work in the higher realms.

8 Minutes @ 8 PM (wherever you are on Gaia):

Listening to Archangel Michael’s

Plea for Peace Now! Meditation

with his Mighty Blue Breath.

Archangel Michael’s Plea for Peace Now


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In the months after Archangel Michael’s Plea for Peace Now and Archangel Uriel’s Meditation for Drought were channeled by Linda Dillon, a small group and I have been gathering on Skype to listen.

Embedded within these meditations is magical expansion. . . Consistency, again, is key.


If guided please

share on social media.

The more of us participating,

finding that place of peace within,

the faster we manifest PEACE ON GAIA.

“When there are billions holding the energy

of the only acceptable reality being peace and Love,

then peace will reign.”

Archangel Michael