Ascension Timeline Thus Far by gaia ascension forerunner

Ascension Timeline Thus Far

This is a timeline of events around this planetary ascension effort, that is, what’s already happened.

Good frickin’ luck at predicting much of anything ahead of time as this entire situation has been EXTREMELY dynamic and not only are we talking about a world full of free-will humans here, but also issues above the veil that have played into all this.

This is just a quick summary.  If some of what is said here intrigues you, then read upcoming articles for details.

This is mostly just the numbers of individuals and where they are in their progress.  It’s just some way to gauge where this ascension project is at.  It’s a rather profound yet quick and big picture way.  It’s profound, because… it’s about, like I said, individuals and where they are in their progress.  Nothing makes a more profound impact towards assisting this ascension than individuals knocking out / completing their own healing and ascension work, the more the merrier.

If you’re new to ascension you may want to just skim or skip this for now.

The bulk of this I put in writing in July of 2014. God helped me with a more exact timing of some behind-the-scenes events, many of which I was aware of before putting this together, but not all of it and not as pinpointed time-wise.

Late 2009 / Early 2010

Those of us who were ready / the forerunners / the Original ~145,000, after years of doing our own personal “general healing”, as I like to call it, were finally allowed to move forward into our own personal ascension work.

Early 2011

The bulk of us ascension forerunners were done with our personal ascension work.

Through 2011

We forerunners assisted Gaia in transmutation work to ready her for ascension.

I’m told that there was plenty of, again I’ll use my term, “general healing” work done FOR / WITH Gaia over many years prior, but that this transmutation work, which I refer to here, was for Gaia what our (forerunners) personal ascension work through 2010 had been and could only be performed by those of us who had done our intense personal ascension work. There weren’t many of us. Read on…

(For me this transmutation work for Gaia often equated to major clearing work every time there was a hurricane or major earthquake or similar as Gaia released and we transmuted.)


~ 305,000 ready for ascension which includes:

>160,000 “avatar / yogi” types (for lack of better words) who really never did don the consciousness veil, but came to be in human form and hold the light in the world

~145,000 ascension-ready who went through ascension process (after I recorded this number I had my own ah-ha moment realizing this is just above 144,000). This is the group that I refer to as “forerunners”.

Feb. 2012

Announcement that 4D hologram (the Dome) was created by those on ascension path who were not pushing through to full ascension completion.

We forerunners continue to flood the world with light.

I’m told we had not gained one single soul for ascension-ready level since 11/11/11, although that was only a few months before.

~2.4 million humans were what could be considered at least 4D Dome-level at that time.

June 2012

ALL the 1.3 million (1.0 million of which who were not forerunners) who were eventually ascension-ready in Jan. 2013 (see next) were at least 4D Dome-level by now.

Of those specific 1.0 million individuals – only ~3000 had made it to 4D / Dome-level before this time.

So this is NOT the same people referenced (~2.4 million) in Feb. 2012.

You’ll see from this that some of those who were ascension-ready by Jan. 2013, flew right on by many others who’d been at 4D levels for quite a while, but seemingly got stuck there.

Jan. 2013

Gaia was ascension-ready.

She could hold her own and also help bring in more light for humans.

~1.3 million ascension-ready humans.

So, we basically gained 1 million souls since 11/11/11 (pretty much the same numbers now – see comments later)

SO, we kinda KICKED ASS through 2012. We absolutely made a difference that year, although still not huge human numbers.

March 2013

~22 million at 4D Dome-level. (Most everyone who would still then be at the Dome level in July of 2014, were already there at this point.)

July 2013

Decision made to not have forerunners do other people’s transmutation work (take away others’ consequences) and put it back on each individual.

Higher realms entities / beings are basically brought back to reality about how free will and consequence go hand in hand.

Aug – Sept 2013

Forerunners again pick up some slack where others were doing their own work, but not quite knocking it all out. It could be said that the others were actually “clearing” but not “transmuting” some energy, so forerunners assisted with that transmutation work.

Oct. 2013

5Ders take the front line, bringing in light to help others.

(Note – Forerunners kept moving up through dimensional levels the more energy work we did so we were all beyond a 5D level at this point. The 5Ders referred to here were those who were ascension-ready at and after January 2013.)

~800 (of the non-forerunners) who were ascension-ready by Jan. 2013 were at 7D levels now.

(This is the same as forerunners – the more service for others that was being done, the higher dimensional levels that were being attained.)

June 2014

Higher entities assisting with Gaia ascension stop waiting for 4Ders and allow Gaia’s ascension to move forward.

July 2014

(very recent to then – when I hammered out the bulk of this information)

We picked up a few others JUST RECENTLY. How few?

102 jumped from 3D to 4D

144 jumped from 4D to 5D

I’m told the reason / impetus for them to do so was because Gaia was now moving forward (since end of June 2014). THAT is what caused these few hundred to move forward. As if they and Gaia were having a stare down to see who would move first.

What number of individuals at what level (still July 2014 here)

55 at Divine level

~145,000 at 9D level – No one else has made it to 9D levels or beyond (so only those who were ascension-ready at 11/11/11)

~2100 at 7D level

~1.0 million at 5D level

~22 million at Dome (4D “dwelling”) level

Post-ascension plans (again, how it stood in July 2014):

Divine – Only 13 out of 55 plan to stay with 5D Gaia.

9D – Of the ~145,000, only ~1,300 plan on staying with 5D Gaia.

7D – all plan to stay with 5D Gaia.

Sept. 2014

The creation of “the Dome” / 4D dwelling level was stopped. Now it’s ascend or stay with 3D Earth, no more 4D ‘Tweenerville.

Oct. 2014

Eclipses and solar activity push the ~22 million 4D level folk (not ascension-ready) onward and upward.

For myself, while others were getting clobbered with this incoming light, to me IT. FELT. SO. GOOD!

The bulk of my energetic service stopped in the fall of 2014. In the early months of 2015, I had a few symptoms to do with the tail end of my own ascension process. More recently I’ve been mostly thumb-twiddling and feeling a bit better than when I was used for years as a human antenna (with next to no outward physical movement, poor body).

What I’m getting from God now is that the ~22 million people who have been on path and are at 4D levels, have been urged since last fall to step up to at least a level where they can hold the light for 3D Earth after Gaia and ascending humans have split off from 3D and moved on to 5D.

Dec. 2015

I’m informed that the ~22 million lightworkers referenced above has now gone down to ~15 million as ~7 million obviously dropped off from the big push that went on since Sept. of 2014.

May 2016

As many realize, there’s a major push this year to get some lightworkers COMPLETED.  God tells me that as things stand now – current energies, inertia, personal choices – about 40% of the ~ 15 mil. or ~ 6 million lightworkers will complete this year.  The remainder of the ~ 15 mil. will still be able to be light holders though.

Aug. 2016

~1 million of afore mentioned ~6 million are complete / ascension-ready / full Christ embodiment.

Apr. 2017

~5 million complete.

May 2017

The first two groups here, I’ve known these numbers for a while, but got some additional info recently.

So, just for fun, just for curiosity’s sake, ‘cuz this is how I roll, I’d asked about the percentages of genders of the complete / ascension-ready (and next) lightworkers, so here are those numbers:

Original ~145,000 – 50 / 50.  I was surprised by this and yet it seemed so perfect.

Next ~ 1,000,000 – 70 / 30 women to men.  That I was not surprised by.

Next ~ 6,000,000 – 60 / 40 women to men.

Next (upcoming, not complete yet) ~ 9,000,000 – 50 / 50.  Seeing that leveling out is a good sign.