Definition of Terms by Gaia Ascension Forerunners

Definition of Terms

Let’s get on the same sheet of music, eh?!

I see others using terms for things, which…

1 Don’t jive with how I define things.

2 Are inconsistent.

3 Are just flat not defined.

4 Are often mish-mashed together with other terms causing more confusion rather than clarifying things.

If we all don’t define terms the same way, then it’s not safe to assume we’re all talking about the same thing.  So, I will define some terms / groups / roles, so that regardless of how you or others define things, at least you know where I’m coming from and what I’m really talking about here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite done with vagueness.

Please see “Ascension Timeline Thus Far” for more details on the following.


~145,000 who were the first to complete both their “general healing” (my term) and their ascension process during this planetary ascension.  Most were finished with their personal ascension process in early 2011 (with a few exceptions).

This group is / was also responsible for readying Gaia for her ascension.

There were prior “ascended masters” down through the ages, but they only got themselves ascended and were not working on also ascending the planet or assisting the collective with their ascensions.  No doubt their ascensions tested the “ascension blueprint” that was left by the ancients and also brought light into the world, but when they were “ascension-ready”, they ascended.

The situation now is not just about individual ascensions but also Gaia’s ascension and service to the human collective, providing the energetic and informational (light) “environment” necessary to provide an opportunity to / option of / a better chance for / buy some time for others.

Ya know the line – “Have I not said ye are gods?  You too shall do these and greater things.”  We’re all doing the “greater things” part of this during this planetary / collective ascension effort.

We forerunners and the next group, (see below) have been “ascension-ready” for years and yet have been held here to do energetic service work for others.

Current “Ascension-Ready” folks (who were NOT forerunners)

~ 1,000,000 who have been ascension-ready / complete since 2013.

This group did NOT assist Gaia in her preparation work, but they did help anchor in higher light for other humans.

First Wavers

Both of these first two groups (above).  These two groups are ascension-ready and will ascend WITH Gaia.  These are the ONLY humans who are currently “ascension-ready” / complete.  They will be the “first wave” of ascenders.

Second Wavers

Currently ~ 15 million lightworkers who have gotten urged along, in no small way, since the fall of 2014.

They are now taking over light anchoring / holding duties from the forerunner / ascension-ready folks.

They were part of a larger group of ~22 million lightworkers who were kinda mostly at approximately the same level for the last several years, ~7 million of which just did not keep advancing with / as the other ~ 15 million did.

Behind these ~15 million are some recently and abruptly awakened folks who the Divine have on the fast track.  They more than likely will quickly surpass the ~ 7 million afore mentioned LWs.  They are demonstrating that, challenging as it is, they are willing to “trust and flow” along with the process and follow Divine guidance, while the ~ 7 million continue to resist their own process.

The ~15 million, many of them could have been either right in step with forerunners or, if not that, then they could have been right in step with those ~ 1 million who were ascension-ready in 2013.  Either way, they could have already been second wave and relieved us forerunners a while back.

Then these freshly awakened folks may have literally been third wave and yet now will more than likely just catch up to the second wavers.

Regardless, all that any of us can do is to face the current reality of how things are in this moment and deal with it realistically.  Plans made before incarnation may not apply any more.  It’ll serve you to be as dynamic as the situation itself is.  If the Divine wants / needs to use you for something, then by God, let It do so for you are tied to the collective whether you care to be or not.

Though much has changed and many plans have been abandoned, etc. since some of us have incarnated, this one thing has held true throughout – It really never was anticipated that all humans would ascend all at once and that’s why such terms as “first / second wave(rs)” have become part of our “ascension vernacular”, if you will.

I’ll just add here… Gaia Portal had this line in one of their messages last month:

Gaia mission nears completion.

Out of curiosity, I looked online to see how people interpreted this line.  I had to chuckle to find someone scratching their head about what could this “Gaia mission” possibly be that is nearing completion.

Ah, folks, it’s that thing that we’ve all been talking about, ya know, the “A” word – ASCENSION!

GAIA’s ascension.

What’s the problem?  Is it because you look around and see many a person who is most obviously not ascension-ready and it just won’t compute in your pea-brain?

Like I said, it’s not an all-at-once ascension, there will be waves.  Gaia Portal is letting you know that Gaia herself is almost ready to ascend.  Well, really more precisely – everything else that needs / needed to fall into place, MOST ESPECIALLY like lightworkers completing so they can / could take over holding light in the world from the forerunners… is nearing completion.

If Gaia and the 1st wave were to ascend before there were other light-holders to carry the torch, then we might be the only ones to ascend.


One’s lower mind, which is still far too overused by too many humans, lightworkers included.  Folks, get out of your head already.  Enough with all your endless analysis.  Get into your heart and FEEL all of this.  Go inward.  And this from an air sign (me) who just loves to use my pea brain but who is also sharp enough to know that sometimes it’s best to “lose one’s mind”.

Do you understand why those who meditate speak of “quieting one’s mind”?  Sometimes the chatty lower mind just needs to stfu so one can hear their whisper of an inner voice.  Eventually one becomes a “moving meditation” who has mastered the use of their mind and balanced it by listening to all other aspects of oneself – body, emotions, spirit (intuition).

Some people are such the intellectual, in such an imbalanced / overused way that they are not very intelligent.  They are easily distracted and taken off path, thinking themselves so clever while they feed their pea-brain addictions and ignore Divine guidance.  There are different kinds of genius and there can be great genius in recognizing when it’s a good time to “lose one’s mind” and FEEL more of this in a less brainiac sorta way.  The mind is a very useful tool.  Keep it that way by not allowing your “mind candy” addictions to become stumbling blocks and distractions that keep you off your healing and ascension path.  Get out of your own way already!  A TRULY brilliant mind knows when to get the hell outta the way and let other aspects of self get the job done… and do it better.

And goodness sakes folks, get and keep your priorities straight.  Learn and know what you need to TO ASCEND.  Follow your Divine guidance on THAT.  After you are ascended you can and will know anything you God-blessed well please.  So, in the meantime, follow the Divine cookie-crumb trail so you actually make your ascension and don’t end up like Cate Blanchett’s character in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls.  With all your pea-brain “I want to know!”, you just might miss the boat.



That one Indiana Jones Alien thing





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    1. Good energy and clarity thank you for that lighting sword 🗡 Warrior ☝🏾


  2. You might give your readers a shot at this one. It’s kinda popular and not surprisingly so.

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    1. Appreciate your Soul plan and timeline to assist humanity and Gaia with your mission look forward to this transmission of light and love ❤️

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      1. Ok, I’m going to flat ask you to repost my latest. It’s a timely message for lightworkers. Thanks in advance… and also for what you do and be, in and for this world.


      2. Your insight helps this is what I Signed Up for this Ascension Program


      3. I’m glad to hear that helps.
        I was joking with someone the other day (although not so funny, especially from our persective, lol, 😦 😉 ) that perhaps other lightworkers can actually “see” us forerunners now. Great sign that!
        I also joked that I’d thought of that old line “When the student is ready, the teacher arrives” and laughed with myself, “Nevermind the ‘teacher’ has been circling the block for the last 5 years.” 😉 lol
        Bottom line – some folks have “new ears” it seems. “Welcome!” I say.


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