Why it is important to surrender by JoAnna McConnell

Why it is important to surrender.

We humans tend to relive our past experiences over and over again. We tell our stories about who left us, what are kids have done, how we are not appreciated, used, left by loved one ones, uncared for etc.

These experiences have come and gone. We allow them to reverberate into our current reality because we think we have to analyze and understand what happened. Analyzing and understanding keeps the stories alive and strongly influencing our present moments. Our overshadowing past permeates our present moments so that we have no present moments. The possible joy that the unfettered present will bring is wiped out by reliving our past. It becomes a circular life.. we go around and around like a merry go round.

It is important to train our minds to surrender and let go of the past. The only way to find joy is to live in the present.

Emotional pain is only present when we are told by our egos that we made mistakes, lived a wrong life, should have known better. This can only bring sadness and pain into our lives on a continuing basis.

We have control of our “story”. We can even reshape our memories by finding the good in the “painful” memories. How did it make me stronger, more compassionate, more loving, giving? Am I more grateful for what I am today because of my experiences? I can say a resounding Yes for myself.

It is so easy to focus on the things that have gone wrong, but when we focus more on the things that are going right our happiness and perspective will and does change.

Wayne Dyer said “change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change”. So much wisdom in those few words.