A Candid Message By Steve Beckow

A Candid Message

February 3, 2018 By Steve Beckow

I’ve now flushed the element of “financial stress” out of my system, tracking it all the way back to hatred of the father line.

I can now address the subject of finances honestly, without an air of alarm.

Which is good because, as it turns out, I need to have a heart-to-heart with you about the team’s financial outlook.

Processing my vasanas hasn’t changed that situation, just my reaction to it. Please allow me to speak candidly.

Suzi and anyone else can tell you that whoever has suggested to me that I charge for my books and articles has met the same response: No, I want my books and articles to remain free to everyone forever.  I don’t want any restrictions placed on getting this information out.

That has always removed the most obvious source of revenue from the team, but it has also meant that not even a child in Africa reading these books and articles on someone else’s computer is prevented from doing so by a lack of affordability.

We, other lightworker blogs, and similar lightworker communication services are operating on the frontiers of consciousness.

We, they – and you – are providing a model, a template not only for the New You, but apparently for other civilizations as well, as Sanat Kumara tells us.

“It is not simply an Ascension into the Fifth-Dimensional reality. It is to continue on and it is the freedom in form to be able to experience the different realities and dimensions.

“Now when that is anchored, the pattern, the repatterning, the grid, the model is set. And those planets who have had their own hurdles will then take the pattern, the energetic imprint of Gaia and the energetic imprint of humanity and be able to utilize that with their own populations so that they may rise back to the place of love, back to a place of greater consciousness.” (1)

They’ll go through this same Ascension that we’re going through at a later time, starting their planning by reviewing what happened here.

What you read here about clearing vasanas, forgiving everything, taking a stand, envisioning the future, etc., could be a starting point for other civilizations who study how purification or building a new world worked during a consciousness shift to a new domain.

Of course they’ll overtake us and extend the next generation’s understandings and we’re OK with that.

What allows us to carry on? It is your monthly donations.

They went down at Christmas time, which may be expected.

To those regular subscribers who continue, we thank you very much. You serve as the foundation for our continuity and we send you our love and blessings.

But we have to be clear that we already are at the end of our financial resources – loans, lines of credit, and credit cards maxed out, no savings anywhere, not even under the mattress.

We’ve had generous project donors for short periods in the past and it’s during those periods, as Suzi said, that you didn’t hear appeals from us.

But that time ended the better part of a year ago and since then we’ve watched the cupboard get more and more bare.

Rather than a fall in monthly donations, we need you to help us create a great increase.

If you’re looking for a role to play in building Nova Earth and have the means, consider a financial role. If you’re a man, think of the good shepherd, the good provider. If you’re a woman, think of investing in a future of gender equality, higher-dimensional love, and abundance.

Or think logistics. We’re on the frontline and you’re seeing that we have enough to keep going. That’s in effect what’s happening.

If you take us to J.J. Beans, buy us a cup of coffee. Buy us two a month and already you have $5 to donate.

Even $5 from a large number of you (tens of thousands every day read the blog) would make the difference between going on and having to throw in our cards.

Make a monthly donation to us – and/or other lightworker services, since we’re all in the same boat – to keep us going. Commit yourself to what we’re doing, where we’re leading, and what we’re inspiring in others, by making a monthly financial donation.

If you don’t have money, this message was not meant for you, dear hearts. It’s only intended for those who do. Please, just send us love. That’s very powerful.

And if there are any donors of significant means listening in and tapping their desk in contemplation, we welcome your assistance as well.

There are so many lightworker blogs and other outreach services that are languishing. If you’re considering your entry point, consider funding us and them.


We know that the Company of Heaven wants us to appeal to you, to stimulate the generosity muscle. And, OK, now we are. We get that this is part of the Plan.

In sum, we exist exclusively on your monthly donations. If you can give to the team through the Hope Chest to keep the team alive, we’re profoundly grateful to you.

Thank you for allowing me to speak candidly.


(1) Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, August 13, 2013, Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/08/17/transcript-sanat-kumara-discusses-the-sacred-law-of-purpose-august-13-2013-part-22/.