Message from Starlight the Unicorn ~ You Are Ready for Full Integration

Message from Starlight the Unicorn ~ You Are Ready for Full Integration

Posted by sanandawebsite, 02/04/2018

By galaxygirl

Greetings dear ones. I am Starlight the unicorn embarking on this greatest of journeys with you, Humanity, at this time. You are growing up. Your are no longer the tender foal with wobbly knees. You are older, stronger, more self assured and are testing your endurance in the race you are currently embroiled in, champions in your own right. We support and observe with keen interest and respect. For the changes that you are currently undergoing are massive, to say the least, and you are proving yourselves (not that you ever needed to prove anything thing to us, but perhaps to the more skeptical races from afar who are observing as well your progress with excitement).

Children, all is proceeding, changing, evolving, such that when you go away on a journey and return later, you are not who you originally left as. No. Rather, you are changed, altered by experience, expanded into ever more of yourself, which is why you are here now; to lend support to the Mother, and to heal yourselves and your aspects in the process. For all must be healed. All must be made right and pure and illuminated with the inner truth light of unconditional love that can never be snuffed, for it is the firelight of creation. Love is all. Love is the breath of creation, is it not? I believe you agree and are beginning to see as you individually and collectively expand.

Yes Humanity, you are truly expanding and co-creating with us of the fairy kingdom, of the mythical realm where misty dreams come into form and experience. Many of your aspects are here, waiting to be of service to you. Send them love light and let them know you are ready for full integration.

I am Starlight the unicorn. I see creative potentials and probable futures and your future, Humanity, is bright. You are loved and honored for your great service and sacrifice for the Mother of all. Come with me to the healing fields of green, besides the crystal-clear blue water lakes where you can become replenished and rest. I can meet you here in your dream state. Remember all is well. Remember you are much loved.

Rest now. Your bodies require much of this of late, which is to be expected with the degree of metamorphosis you are undergoing. I am Starlight the unicorn. I touch my horn to your third eye. It is time to see clearly from your heart, and the depth of clarity waiting for you is worth following the journey to find. Remember please, it is within you. That is all.

~ galaxygirl


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