The Moon Event Was A Catalyst For The Next Waves Of Energy That Are Coming ~Sananda, Saint Germain, OWS via James McConnell

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What a great Blog Talk Radio Show following our regular call.  We heard messages from Sananda and St. Germain and then OWS was with us for question/answer session. They again reminded us to be in the NOW and create the future we want to see and also to get ready for the waves of energy that are coming following our recent Moon catalyzing event.
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Believing Is Seeing!
February 4, 2018
“The Moon Event Was A Catalyst For The Next Waves Of Energy That Are Coming”.
Sananda, Saint Germain, and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell
These messages were given during our first Sunday of the month, BlogTalkRadio edition of the Ancient Awakenings-Prepare For Change meeting on February 4, 2018
[Music out 3:50]
Zoe:  Hello everyone. Welcome once again to Ancient Awakenings – Prepare for Change, BlogTalkRadio edition on the first Sunday of every month.
My name is Zoe. I’m your call facilitator and I’m joined by our co-host Athena/Rita. Hello Athena and hello everyone in the house.
Well let’s get the dateline in:  Today is Sunday, February 4th, 2018, and it’s our 4th BlogTalk broadcast! And, (fun fact) when I was writing my notes for the show it was on the 4th Word document I had opened. And I happen to be a 4 by my birth number, according to Joanna. Coincidence?! I think not … well maybe except for the Word document. I’m sure that was random.
We’re in the house of Aquarius so happy birthday to all Aquarians out there. Particularly James whose bday was yesterday. Happy birthday JM. I managed to get a birthday greeting off to Rita on time but it took great effort on my part up because my calendar in my head is not lining up with the date itself. So, for instance, I was talking with a friend of mine and I mentioned that her birthday was coming up on the 25th. She was just staring at me incredulously because it was already the 28th… so… happy birthday all you guys.
Getting back to numbers, we’ve learned that numerology, like astrology, light healing, sound healing, and all the other natural, ancient sciences are finally coming back to the forefront as the true sciences.
So we always look forward to hearing what Athena has to teach us about numerology. Besides being our resident numerologist, Athena is also an astrologist, musician, artist, and spiritual counselor.
So what have you got for us?
Athena/Rita: Well thank you so much Zoe. That was so precious. And thank you all. This will be [Pallas] Athena today giving the numerology.
Today is the 4th. Well in ancient numerology, which I practice, is on the 4th which is of the Earth. Fourth represents the Earth. Well, during the month we have the 4th day, the 13th day, and the 31st. Well now since we’re on the 31st and it goes to a 4, let’s go back to the 31st of January and what did happen. Oh what a great eclipse we had. So now, it says, that when we have an eclipse our bodies are cycling with the moon. As the moon goes through phases our bodies also go through phases getting back to our astral body. So here’s what Athena says:
So here we are on the full moon of the 31st. Oh it’s a lunar eclipse also. So now you will get a double entry of light, full light. It is amazing full light and you getting ready for it. It’s as though it is a cleansing; everything out for things you can’t use anymore and make sure you make room for this new light. In that new light, such a beautiful blast, because in that light it is made up of pure love.
You would not have any light in the universe if there wasn’t the presence of pure love. The power of love: it’s the one thing that cleanses and creates the light because that is the Creator, our Mother/ Father God and all the light is created everything is the Creator. But when you connect with the light of who you are through the beautiful times, you get to have more of who you are and be charged in the way that serves you with your situation and sustains you. Now that it is why you are the eclipse. And you and your astral body is actually growing. It’s getting larger and larger and more intense and that is because of your ability through the surges of all of this light to hold onto more light. Yes. It goes to everything in the universe. But your also [astral?] body has not been able to grow before for centuries and I could say even for thousands of years. But now we’re at the time when all this excitement is happening, when you establish this light in your body and this love your soul creates your chakras to anchor itself in your body. Then all your other energetic bodies are created into this moment around you to sustain the wellness and consciousness that you have not been able to do.
Now I will say we are 70% of our body is water. And this is how you get more light is drinking water and having more water, pure water. And I am going to say here now that that astral body field we’re getting more into it by everything in the universe it makes it possible for this beautiful world to exist. It makes it possible for us to exist. That’s how it is connected and who we are.
And I want to say in closing — let’s say it together even though we can’t hear [each other]:
I AM Love. I AM Love. I AM Love.
Thank you so much.
Zoe: That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you Athena.
Let’s all come back into our bodies here so I can let you know how this usually works and how we are going to proceed with this call.
We start off with a guided meditation which James will lead us into. Once we get situated, Sananda steps in to take over.
After he closes the meditation we move right into channeled messages starting with Sananda’s own message and then he’ll bring forward other guests who want to bring us information.
After our guest speaker, we then turn the show over to our usual hosts, the One Who Serves, who will continue with needed guidance and emcee the Q&A portion.
And normally I would ask Regis you introduce who is coming on but I just heard that we don’t know. So will just leave it with Sananda and the One Who Serves will always be speaking through James McConnell, the founder of the Prepare For Change/Ancient Awakenings group.  And lately we have been hearing from Shoshanna who is bringing us morsels of clarity and being given voice by Joanna McConnell.
So again, welcome everyone and here’s James. [Long pause]  … Maybe …  [Long pause]
It is Sananda. I AM going to speak first here and then I will bring my dear friend St. Germain and he will share with you much more.
But for at this point now as you continue on in your various missions, as you continue to work through all of these things that you are dealing with in your daily lives, it is important for you to know that we are all with you. Each of us are with you more than you can possibly imagine.
There is so much that is in the process of happening, as you hear many times. And many of you become concerned that these things are not happening, that all these things that you’ve been hearing about are not yet occurring. But I tell you now, as Sananda, they are occurring.
There is so much that is happening if not outside of yourself, inside of yourself. So many changes that are developing within you because you are metamorphosing into that beautiful butterfly that comes from the caterpillar.
You are the one that is moving through this transition and you are becoming that beautiful being that you are intended to be, that you once were and you are going to be again. Not that you are not now, for you certainly are. From where we see you, you are all beautiful beings. But from where you see yourself many of you do not believe that you are. Many of you believe that you are less than. But I tell you that you are more than you can imagine at this point and you are going to yet be so much more.
But as you look toward the future — and a wonderful future it is — always remember that you need to be in the now at all times. Do not forsake the now for the future. Do not wait until tomorrow comes before
you live for today. That is important. Because even though everything is changing and about to change tremendously more, because you are beginning to see these things — and yes, you cannot in many ways feel like you can tell your neighbors, tell your friends, your family even of all of these things that you know of because they look at you like you are … what is your term … nuts. They look at you like you don’t know what you’re talking about, like you’re living in that La La Land. But you are not living in La La Land.
You are the ones that are living in a reality. A reality of your own making. A reality of the collective conscious making. And as you continue to make this reality it is going to come into being. You aregoing to move into this new Golden Age. You are already moving into it.
What just occurred with this celestial event that just happened with your moon, it was a catalyst to bring about the next waves of energy that are coming. And they are coming. And they’re going to be here with you very soon and you are going to experience much more within you. Many more feelings of bliss are going to come over you. You are going to be going through your various days and you are going to wonder, why do I feel so good, whereas before you would ask the question, why do I feel so bad. Now it is going to be mostly good, mostly positive.
But you must believe that. You must believe that good times are ahead and the old paradigm, the old times of the past, the ones that kept you depressed and down and feeling like you are lost and alone, those times are over my friends. My dear brothers and sisters, those times are over and now it is time for you.
I AM Sananda and I will leave now and bring St. Germain.
Yes, I AM St. Germain.
It is always a special time to be able to be with you in these ways. And as you are knowing these ways that we come to you now, are not going to be for too much longer because those times are approaching where we will be more physically with you even to the point of view of sitting across from us at the table.
But we want to caution you before this occurs we do not want any of you to supplicate yourselves in front of us, in front of any of us. That goes for Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara and Sananda and Ashtar. None of us want that because if anything, we would bow to you because you are the ones that are bringing this entire process forward. You are the ones that are creating this ascension not only of yourselves but of the entire planet. That is what you have to come to understand.
Yes there are going to be many things that are going to begin to shift and they are already in that process now. Some of you cannot yet see them. But if you look carefully enough, if you look with those eyes that are open, you will see many more things that are coming to fruition now, that are becoming not only a potential but a probability at this point now. And as these things continue to develop and happen, you will see in the financial system that you are in, come into a complete state of balance. You will see all of the things that you have been hearing such as arrests, such as disclosure, such as bringing forward all of the truths revealed. These are coming as well. NESARA, GESARA, all of this is not only just a potential now, it is a probability that it will be in this year that you find yourselves now.
The only thing that can hold this off now is you: you the collective you, you the ones that are bringing this forward. You are the only ones that can stop it. And as you each one know that is not going to happen because you have worked so hard, each and every one of you have worked so hard lifetime after lifetime after lifetime to bring you and the collective consciousness of this planet to this point now.
And I speak in terms of ‘now’. As Sananda said find yourself in the now, in the perfect now, because this is the perfect now. There is nothing to be in the past, nothing to look back over your shoulder at. There is much to look forward to.
But in order to look forward to all that is coming, you first need to be in the perfect now and then that perfect future will manifest itself. Look now all around you look, within you for those continuing changes to develop outside of yourself but even more importantly within yourself, because those things you have been asking for when you do ask the question ‘why doesn’t it happen to me’? It has not happened to you because you do not yet believe that it can. But as soon as you believe it can — truly believe — then anything and everything is possible.
I AM St. Germain. I will leave you now with all of my love and peace and the Violet Flame to continue to merge within you and purge all that is of the negative yet within you.
Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!
You have the crazy accents coming through here! Someone new on the phone might be thinking ‘who is this crazy person coming through with this insane type of accent’ and all of this! For they just heard Sananda and St. Germain coming through the James here with no accent whatsoever and now we come through. But we are special are we not?!
We are special. You are special. We are all special. We are also one together. One, one in family, one in love, one in consciousness. We are all together in this entire process. And all of us, all of us as One Who Serves, and all of the Company of Heaven, and all of the Galactics and the Agarthans, and the all the ‘thans’ out there, we are all here to be a part of this incredible expression of consciousness transitioning through the many shifts and changes that it is going through at this very moment. Those television shows and movies that you watch that you call science fiction, they are not science fiction people! They are science. You will come to see that. Much of what you watch in these shows are real. There is reality behind all of them. And it is important for those, not of you, not those of you but those that are not quite awakened, to see these things in there. And yes they may believe they are fiction and they are not real but there is coming to the forefront more and more. Much is being revealed and shown in ways of disclosure. You can call it soft disclosure you can call it hard disclosure it does not matter it is all disclosure. It is all the truth being revealed. And the truth is being revealed and the truth is going to set all of you free.
Do you have questions now for One Who Serves? We will start with the ones here in this room and then we can move from there. And Zoe do you want to make the parameters here?
Zoe:  Absolutely. Thank you. And first may I say thank you Sananda, thank you St. Germain, and thank you One Who Serves. We always appreciate everything you have to say.
So regarding the process the question process, I’m sure you all remember the drill:
To get into the queue and ask your question, press 1 to raise your hand. When you’re called upon, tell us your name, and location.
And very importantly, ask your one question briefly, con
 and succinctly. Be brief with your conversation.  Understand that the more specific or succinct the question is, the better the answer is going to be. So try not to formulate your question while you’re asking it. Use your wait time wisely and formulate your question before you get to the open mic. And the more people your question will benefit, the better the answer will be so consider questions of a general nature that would be of interest to all.
And, as always, if there is background noise on your end, please mute yourself. Otherwise we’ll do it for you. And then please, please, please, once you receive your answer, press 1 to remove yourself from the queue.
So come on into the queue and let’s see what kind of topics we can stir up. We’ll give it a minute to populate and while we do that, let me mention to those of you who are new to our group, OWS is a collective of ascended beings who choose not to be individually identified and whose mission it is to teach us and guide us thru to ascension; and to show us how to teach and help others to awaken; and occasionally – although very lovingly – kick us in the rear.
So go ahead. Let’s start with questions in house.
OWS:  Just so you know here we are just going to throw this in here, into the hat you might say. But when you say we are a collective, yes, we are and we have chosen up to this point to not have our identities known other than One Who Serves because that is what we are all about. But just so you know that is going to change here in not too far off, where we are going to share at some point here –possibly in next Advance, or next one after that or so … we will see when we do. But we are going to share our personal identities, who we have been before  [Exclamations of excitement] and you will know a little bit more about us at that point. That is to let you know. And this is a big hint people that things are really changing if that is going to happen here. So we will see how it goes but that is the plan here at this point.
Now for your questions.
Q & A
Q:  We have a question from one of our phone audience who sent this in. He said, Sananda and Ashtar both said to start telling the masses about the changes to come but I can’t do that until some rock-solid proof of what has been foretold is presented and can be duplicated if the first piece of truth does not state. I don’t want to be a pessimist however I know for a fact that when I tell someone, such as my family members about this, they will ask for proof. And so far I have not seen or heard any proof that I can pass along to them. I know that you and One Who Serves will say to go within for the proof but that definitely will not work at this present time with me or my family. I still don’t have the connection that you do, so as long as I am still 3D or 4D more tangible proof of what is foretold will need to be provided before I will try to pass along any knowledge. I want to help wherever I can but I can’t tell other people without proof.
OWS:  Here is what you need to know about this. And this is for all here, not only this one who has asked this question and this is a wonderful question. But you need to know that it is not up to you to provide proof. It is up to you to throw out the seed, you might say, and let the seed become germinated. Let it take root here if it can. If it cannot then let it go. It is not important if it cannot. Only to those that are ready to begin the awakening process. This is what Sananda and others have spoken about; to reach out to those that are ready, those that are asking a question, those that want to begin their own awakening process. You will know it when you come to them. You will know it when they come to you even more importantly. Let them come to you. You do not go to them. You do not go knocking on doors and this type of thing. This is not the way of spreading spiritual principles and ancient wisdom and all of this. It is done by word of mouth, slowly, carefully, as it needs to come up, as it is asked for. And if it is asked for, then you speak about it, then you bring it out. And if they are requiring proof, then that is for them to do. That is for them to look for. Tell them to Google it or whatever it might be and they can find these things out for themselves just as you have. Just as you have gone through the awakening process, so too must they. You see?
Q: Sounds like he needs proof too.
Shoshana: Message coming in. Proof requires more proof. It’s a never ending stream. And those that seek proof and then seek more proof to prove the proof they found is true, will continue to seek proof and they will not grow.
OWS:  Wonderful! Very well said Shoshana.
Q:  According to NESARA history introduced to the US government in the 1990s but was rejected by George H.W. Bush, the NESARA concept proposes to replace the income tax with a national sales tax abolishing compound interest on secured loans and return to a bimetallic currency. President Trump’s tax reform does not reflect removal of income tax nor sales tax neither, abolishing compound interest on loans. The question is how does the true NESARA concept associate with the current US tax reform and who introduced the NESARA concept to our new administration?
OWS:  The current US tax reform that is going on is not NESARA it is not a portion of it yet at this point. It is moving in that direction but it is mutually exclusive at this point. When NESARA is announced the idea of a tax reform will be no more because it will not be the taxes to reform. You see? So much is going to change when this is announced. When the Republic is announced, when NESARA is brought forth, there is going to be no need for the idea of taxes as you know them now. Because when you tax someone you take away their freedom. You take away their freedom to live the lives that they want to live and it becomes more of a type of survival type of living. And this is not the case with NESARA and with this program that is coming forward here. So to equate the two you cannot do, but you can look at this that is going now, at this point right now, that is being shown to you, you can look at this as reform, you can look at this as moving in the direction to bring about the announcement of NESARA. When that is going to occur we cannot yet say, but it is going to be. And it is going to bring much change to your higher financial system and your entire lives. And we are speaking not only of this country, America, we are speaking of the entire world through this process.
As to who introduced the NESARA concept, we can tell you the one who initially introduced this entire concept and that was none other than the one who spoke earlier, St. Germain. He is the founder of this. He is the catalyst of this. He is the one that is behind the scenes working throughout all of this. And sometimes he is not behind the scenes, he is right there in the midst of it.
Q:  It has been stated that the Galactics cannot intervene unless we would ask, we have to ask them to. And if we then ask, has it not been manifested?
OWS:  First of all, you have been asking, have you not? Have you not all been asking? “Please come! Please intervene!” Please help here!” The entire planet has been asking for their help and they are here and they have been helping. They have been intervening.
But they are bound by the laws, the Universal Laws, predominantly the one you know of is The Prime Directive. They cannot interfere unless they are asked. And you have been asking. They are doing their part at this point as much as they can do. But they cannot fully come in and assist at a personal level to all of you — individuals here and there, yes, they can and do — but at a personal level to all of you where you see them in the skies and they are landing and your airports become spaceports and all of this type of thing. That cannot happen until those that are blocking this up to this point are taken out of the picture. Whatever that might occur, whether it is to Guantanamo Bay, whether it is to Saturn, or wherever they are taken to they must be removed. And they are going to be removed and they are being removed at this very moment as we speak here. So have good faith here. Know that all is occurring. All is being orchestrated as we say many many times, and it is all going to come to fruition. And you are all going to reach that crescendo that Sananda has spoken of so many times. It is coming, it is a part of the process here and you are all bringing this about because of your diligence and because of who you are as the light workers and now many of you, the light warriors, that are moving into action, moving ahead, going about your missions, speaking where you can speak, sharing where you can share.
And even if you do not share — and this goes back to the question earlier — even if you do not share with your voice speaking out in that respect, you can share with the light. You can share with your love. You could spread that just by walking into a room and having the vibrations in that room change because you walked into it.
Q:  Hello beloveds. You just said that maybe at or soon after the Advance you’ll disclose who you individually are but I just want to know, in your precious spare time that you have, are you allowed to tell us what you like to do? For example, many of us love to sing or dance or paint or do lots of things like that. I absolutely love singing. It’s my highest joy. I expect you all have heard me wailing. But I would love to know what you love to do. What’s your highest joy in your downtime?
OWS:  All of the above. All of the above. Singing and dancing traveling all of these things we do. But take it for a little bit further here in terms of travel. If you like to travel if you like to go to parts of the planet here that you have not been to before and you enjoy that, imagine what it would be like if you can travel not only across the planet but to other planets, to other galaxies. Now you are getting the idea of travel here. You see? And as far as other things, would it not be wonderful to be able to be in one place talking to someone and then all of a sudden be completely across the entire planet or even again across the galaxy and talking to someone there as well at the same time? That is called bilocation. That would be fun, would it not? Would it not be fun to go up on a ship and experience being up there and going where no one has gone before from your Star Trek? You see? Are you getting the picture here?
And St. Germain is over there saying to us, ‘don’t forget we also like to sit down and have a nice glass of wine as well’. [Laughter] We like to imbibe at times whenever we can. And we don’t necessarily have to change the substance either. We don’t have to do that if we don’t want to. It is what it is. You see?
Q:  That is correct yes he was wonderful when he told me, “When I walked the Earth I actually did like a nice glass of rum.”
OWS:  That is why he just said that. Yes. He is referring to that in speaking with you. That is correct.
Q:  First time caller. Long time listener. Something that I’ve been interested to know for a while. Why do whales beach themselves and when is that going to stop?
OWS:  What we can tell you about this is this is times when the energies are driving those particular species, not only whales but many other types of species as well, where the energies are not prone to what they are wanting, so they find themselves moving to find other energies that are more acclimated to where they are at that point. And they move to that direction and there are times when they are literally ready to leave the planet as well. And they purposefully will beach themselves so that they can do this. They, you might say, they have had enough of the various energies that are predominantly around the planet and certainly, for this particular situation, within the waters themselves. This is what we can tell you about this.
There are scientific theories about this as far as magnetism and all of these things and these are also somewhat correct but there is much about the idea of vibration that they are akin to that they need to have. You can simply go to your idea of again, your Star Trek as we are finding it through the James here, he is saying Star Trek IV where the ones of the whales are there and they have to go back to the … not ”Back to the Future” but into the past here and they have to find the whales from long ago and bring them into the future because they have been extinct, have become extinct. So there is much to this and but your question hopefully we have answered here directly enough for you to understand this. Does this make sense to you?
Q:  Hello One Who Serves. I’m so excited to hear we’ll know all about your different personhood someday. So as you were talking about germinating a seed, what came up for me is what Yeshua/Jesus had said about putting a seed on the fertile ground and the rocky ground. You will spread the seed but some is going to go to the fertile ground, some is going to go to the rocky ground, and some will start to grow but then the weeds will come up and snuff it out, if you will. So I assumed that’s in the same world of it; that’s actually what he was probably talking about. And I wanted to check this understanding about this quote because I believe he was also talking about the mind itself. And how in the mind you could drop these thoughts and our negative thoughts sometimes will smother them out, or sometimes there is just total rocks there and they’re not going to grow at all. And other times we’ve cultivated our minds to such an extent that it’s a fertile soil. So would that be true and can you say more about that?
OWS:  Yes, we can tell you that you are very correct here. And we can take it a step further in the idea that every single thought that you have goes out into the collective consciousness. So if you are having thoughts of light and love and oneness and consciousness and transition and ascension and all of these types of things then you are having an effect on all of the collective consciousness that is out there. Because those thoughts are things and they can be grabbed up by anyone out there as a thought that comes into them. They do not know where it came from but it sounds good. And then it moves them to begin to look into some of these things that they might have heard within themselves, and they might look it up and find something there that piques their interest. And they read it or hear it or whatever it is, and then they say, ‘Oh that sounds interesting. We just met someone just not too long ago, or one of our family members is into this crazy stuff, let’s find out a little bit more’. You see how it works here? So this is why some time ago … [long pause]  Hold please …
This is why some time ago that Sugat Gu Ra Ru who came through the James quite a while back and spoke about your thoughts. Controlling your thoughts and controlling or letting go of all attachments. But predominantly here the controlling of the thoughts. And if you can learn more and more to control your thoughts then you can be sending those wonderful beautiful thoughts of oneness out into the collective consciousness out into the universal consciousness that is then picked up by anyone that is out there that is ready for it. You see? Does this answer your question?
OWS:  We apologize. We had a momentary disconnect here. It is like your cell phones that you can be talking to someone and having a wonderful conversation and all of a sudden they are no longer there. That is what this is like as well at times.
Q:  A question about the speed at which things are manifesting. Would it be that we are in 4D? Is that something to look at in terms of where we are in our ascension process? Just in terms of what you were talking about the controlling of our thoughts and emotions and bringing that forth into the collective for it to be effective in whatever it is that is manifesting, awakening, or just our spiritual growth. I’m just curious about the serendipity, the synchronicity’s of where are we. Are we in the 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D? You know I’m just curious about the dimensional process of where we are and just manifesting so quickly that time [for the manifestation to appear] is just kind of going lightning fast.
OWS:  Many of you are operating in between the various dimensions or between the various densities here. Between third dimension and fifth dimension, going back and forth between third, fourth and fifth. And you are doing that in an unconscious level for the most part. When you find yourselves, especially when you are out in nature and you are admiring the beauty, and even more importantly than seeing the beauty but feeling it, feeling the consciousness all around you, then you are operating in the fifth dimension. Then you are operating at the higher vibrations. When you feel that sense of bliss come over you, you are operating at those higher vibrations and higher fourth and fifth dimension.
When you are down in the doldrums, when you are feeling depressed, when you are going oh woe is me, life is terrible, and all of these kinds of things, you have slipped back into the third dimensional paradigm, the illusion, once again and you are there in the three dimension. And then the next moment when everything gets wonderful again you pop back up into the higher vibrations again. So you see you are going back and forth, back and forth. But the idea, the goal, is to not go back and forth anymore. The idea is to just go forth. You see? Continue on. Stay in those higher vibrations as much as you possibly can and one day you will find yourself there permanently. Okay?
Q:  My question about the manifestation, so when you’re in a high vibration, high love, high light, those things that you’re seeking to master, is it speed is not relevant? You’re in the now. Is that that 5D; I’m in the here and the now. I’m not in time, I’m out of time.
OWS:  That is correct.
Shoshana:  Creator energy only exists in the now and that one speaking has mastered that.
[Repeating for clarity] Creation energy only exists in the now and the one speaking is mastering the creation energy. And out of mastering the creation energy he is finding his manifestations quickly.
Q:  Yesterday I read a channeled message from Judas Iscariot. He says, “I’ve come today to tell you that the prosperity programs can now start. Some will start right away while others are phased in as it is deemed safe to do so.” Can you comment on that please?
OWS:  What we can tell you is the prosperity programs the various financial system changeover here is in process. It is not come to your awakened knowing yet at this point but it is all being worked out in the background still at this point. And it is all going to come forth when the frequency, not when the time is right but when the frequency is right, for this higher vibrational aspect of this financial system to come forward here. That is to bring, as St. Germain said, to bring about balance into the situation. Bring balance to the world so that all are fed, clothed, sheltered, all of this, so no one is in lack. That is what this is all about. It is not about to make people rich from the prosperity programs or from the currencies or anything. That is not the purpose. The purpose is to provide a balanced situation so that those of the light warriors out there — the workers and warriors — those that now have an influx of money and all of this can utilize it for good instead of what it has been used for greed in the past. You see? Does this answer your question?
Q:  I have a question about something that occurred in my life back in the ‘70s. I was having reoccurring dreams at that time. And to my mindset at that time I was thinking that I was having dreams of the end of the world. So what would occur is – and it would always happen at 11 o’clock P.M. in the dream — I would look outside, knowing something was happening, and it would be very bright out like the sun came back out or something. I would think, oh my God! What’s happening here? It’s the end of the world. But what would occur after that is, I would step outside and there would be hundreds and hundreds of UFOs flying above me and shining lights down on me and so forth, but they would be over my house. And they would be everywhere! That would frighten me so bad because I would think we were being attacked, and that’s how the world would end. Can you shed some light on that because now that I’m in the awakening state and more and more information is coming through my being, I now feel that that may have been a premonition of some sort when the UFOs and when our star family start to appear. Can you shed some light on that for me?
OWS:  Yes. We can speak in terms of back in those times where the idea of extraterrestrials coming and becoming a part of this civilization there was much fear around this. There was much thought of invasions and these types of things. Even when the James first heard of this in, we find 2011, he asked the question, well are they here to be good or bad? Are they here to invade us? And we simply answered him at that time we said, if there was going to be an invasion they would have already happened. Why would they wait until you were more technologically advanced? You see? So that was in itself enough to quell that type of fear. But in those times there was much in the way of that but that is changing now. As you speak to more and more people out there they, first of all they believe that there is life out there. You will find very few people that think that we are alone; that all is alone here on this planet, that there is no life in the universe. If you can imagine such a thing that someone would still believe that. And then once they do believe that then they are also believing that it is mostly not invasion or anything of this nature but benevolent beings that are here. They are feeling it. They know it within themselves as they are moving into their awakening process. So in those times there was much fear. That is why you are getting the end-of-the-world. That was the old timeline as well that the cabal was working toward to bring about that particular timeline. They wanted that. They wanted not the end of the world, but the end of civilization as you know it now because they wanted to be in control. They wanted to be the rulers of the entire planet and be elevated above everyone else. You see?
So that was the time then that you had that, but there is also the other part of these particular reoccurring dreams in that you had the sense of it being a precognitive type of dream as well because you were seeing ships. But those ships that were everywhere could be bad at the time that you were seeing them but good now as you are seeing them now. Even better than the word good, benevolent. You see?
Q:  Yes I am completely grateful for them and feel connected with them now.
OWS:  Then we are ready to release channel here. We appreciate everyone that is being here and being a part of this program. We are not speaking only of this radio show program but the entire program. Because you are all, as a group here, you are all on a program. You are all working within this process and we are working directly with you in this process.
And the process is to bring you along individually so that your DNA is shifting and changing, and your third eye is coming awake again, and your high heart is becoming activated again, and all of these things. This is what we are doing with you. You may not be aware of it all the time, but each and every time you come on these in this group and listen to our words, our ancient wisdom here you might say, you are benefiting from this greatly. Much more than you can imagine at this point. And changes are happening within you and as these changes continue to happen within you it is also happening outside of yourself as well. So within, so without.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.
Zoe:  Well pretty great call. Pretty great questions today too. They brought some rather profound insights for me so thank you. Thank you guys all who asked the questions and who participated, and thank you all for joining us today.
Our website is a
nd there you can find some interesting blog posts on various topics we’ve discussed, recordings of weekly channelings, transcriptions, translations, and all kinds of things to explore. And it’s being updated constantly so we hope you’ll return often. And I was going to recommend — but One Who Serves beat me to it — and that was for anyone who is new or relatively new to go into the archives and listen to some of the older shows, or read the transcripts or whatever you want do, however you want to get that information. You’ll find that there is an awful lot there that will help you catch up in terms of what he is speaking of and what everybody else is speaking of. So keep that in mind.
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So that’s all I’ve got. James …
James:  Absolutely. Thank you Zoe for coordinating and Rita for the beautiful words that you gave earlier. We appreciate everybody, all your questions, and everybody that participated, everybody who listened. You know it’s all a part of the whole. So whether you listen, whether you talk, whether you share, it’s all part of the same thing so we’re all here together. I appreciate all of you and I don’t have a whole lot to say. Anybody have anything they want to close with here before we close with a prayer?
Zoe:  I would actually. Did I just go through a time loop myself or, why was there no meditation? Did I miss it?
James:  While I was getting ready to bring them on they just came in. [Wow. Unusual.] I’m not sure why at this point.
Joanna/Shoshana:  I got a very enlightened message which I really didn’t share very well. When Darrell was asking about how fast manifestations were happening. It was 100% clear to me that creation energy, which creates the manifestation, exists on a higher plane. And maybe you all know this but the fifth dimension is where creation energy resides. And the third dimension is so chaotic that people generally don’t manifest what they want because they spend a lot of chaotic time, a lot of chaotic thought, a lot of distractions, things that are happening all the time, the minutia, etc. So when one rises into the fifth dimension and creates and has an experience of pure creation and the energy that’s required for pure creation, the distractions are gone and then they can drop it down into the third dimension and manifest it. So I believe that if your manifestations are happening quickly, you’ve learned how to put yourself in that dimension of creative energy because it’s so pure and allows you to manifest quickly.
James:  Absolutely and it goes back to the last Advance when we did that meditation, causal plane meditation, where we dropped down the tunnel or whatever it was, down the Pillar, what it was we wanted to manifest. And it happens, they’ve always said many times, it happens first at the higher levels and then filters down to the dimension we’re in here, the third dimension. And the more that you can believe that it’s going to happen, that it’s going to manifest, the more it will. And where they say about the fifth dimension, your imagination is thought at the fifth dimension.
So thank you everybody again. I’ll get that information out on the next Advance to everybody. And if you don’t get it for some reason, let me give you my e-mail:
Closing Prayer:  [Marilou] We reach out in appreciation for the blessings and not only the wonderful energies but the knowledge and the love that has been given to us today as we gather together, to love one another and to fulfill our mission on this planet this time, that is finished. And we are finishing it with the Divine help and guidance of our mentors and our beloved family that we are relating to and moving beyond when necessary. I firmly decree Divine Love flow through each and every one of us now and forever. Amen.
James:  It is finished!  [It is!]
Alright everybody, take care, love you all. See you next week. Thank you for being a part of this with this.
Love you, bye!
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 Channeled by James McConnell
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