What of the body during ascension by Gaia Ascension Forerunners

What of the body during ascension?

There seems to be a bit of confusion about what is happening / will happen to one’s body during the ascension process.

Many have said that this time we are “taking our bodies with us”.  What is meant by that is that we do not have to die to leave this world.  Instead we can ascend.  But technically, these bodies we are NOT taking with us.  We are taking our human FORM, but not these actual bodies.

We are talking about two different bodies here – the 3D physical carbon-based body and the 5D physical crystalline body.

Well, we could also include the light body but when it comes right down to it, we are not “creating” a light body, but our human self is just reconnecting to it in a conscious way.  The light body is the vehicle / vessel that our soul resides / travels in, no matter what dimensional level we are in / at.  It’s always with us.

The physical 3D carbon-based body does go through much change during the ascension process.  It needs to in order to facilitate the energetic, frequency and consciousness changes that we go through.  More DNA is activated,  pineal gland activated, etc.  Without these physical activations, we  cannot FULLY access our Divine essence.

And yet these physical “upgrades”, well, technically, they are not something “new”.  They are part of being in 3D!  They’re part of our 3D physical vessel.  They’ve always been available to us, whenever we are here, but we, as the human race, hadn’t been using our 3D vessel to its capacity for quite some time.

You could look at this as the 3D body’s awakening, if you will.  Just as you, your mind, has come to “re-member” (put the members back together – body, mind, emotions, spirit) things from before you incarnated, your carbon-based body is also remembering what potential and access it has, here in 3D… it’s FULL 3D-level potential.

Just remember, WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED, right here, right now, always, all ways.  Everything we need to pull this off is available to us and always has been.  That includes the proper food to eat provided by the planet, the physical vessel having all it needs BY DESIGN, access to the Divine for guidance.  All we need to do is make the right choices and we’re set.

And your awakening assists in your body’s awakening because your body’s cells respond to their environment.

Receptors on the cell membrane “read” what’s outside the cell.  It’s at the cell membrane / wall where it’s determined what will be allowed in.  (hope I get this right, from memory, what’s that?)

The proteins inside the cell, align themselves with the… whatever it is outside the cell that wants in –  a food or water molecule, whatever.  Then the proteins makes a mirror image of it.

If what’s outside that wants in is a common, regular thing, that the cell has seen a lot of, then the cell will recognize it as such and knows just what to do.

If it’s something new, then the cell takes that mirror image, that the proteins created, to the DNA, which is just a map, a blueprint.  DNA doesn’t change or control anything, it’s just a reference that provides the cell with an answer to “What is this and what do we do with it?”

And that right there is some clue to “junk DNA” or what had been unused in most silly humans for far too long.  No “junk” to it.  It’s very valuable.  Once something new comes along in the environment and stimulates the “need to know” if you will, then all that so-called junk now has purpose.

Your thoughts, beliefs and state of consciousness are ALSO a part of your body’s “environment”!  Ya know, that “environment” that your body’s cells are responding to.  

When your beliefs and your attention shift, that shifts your body also.  Our bodies are the outward manifestation of our energy.

If you’d like to learn more along the lines of what I’m talking about here, then cellular biologist Bruce Lipton is your guy.

And yet, there is only so much shift your 3D carbon-based body can do.

One thing to remember here is that not only has Earth been 3D and Duality, but due to past traumatic collective catastrophes and the cabal’s influence, people have been even more dumbed down, have succumbed to the separation paradigm and disempowerment to the point where some don’t even know what spirit or the Divine is anymore.  And we hadn’t used some parts of our DNA because of it.

And through poor diet and brainwashing, our pineal gland got calcified and deactivated.  I’ve heard some say “well how do you know this?”  Well, how one can know such is through Divine communication and doesn’t have to be through medical means.  But what the Divine tells me on this is this: calcification of glands does happen.  The reason for it is nutritional, not the least of which being magnesium deficiency, which is very common and not by accident.  For more on that, see the post Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body… and some other things.  And yes, you can bet that calcification does affect the pineal’s ability to function fully.  But yes, just flat not using one’s pineal / third eye can cause it to “get out of shape”, if you will.  But being out of shape is a bit different than the calcification.  I can’t stress enough the importance of a natural, whole, organic diet.  See post Healing – Physical.

And… it is my understanding that we are NOT getting more strands of DNA as many like to report.  I can’t say such things don’t ever happen.  It’s a mutation.  Mutations happen.  But additional strands of DNA is NOT ascension-related.  We don’t need more than the standard 2 strands of DNA to ascend.  We just tap into / utilize more of our DNA that we weren’t before.  It wasn’t that what we are now utilizing wasn’t there before and we had to create it.  It’s been there waiting for us to wake up enough to use it.

Here’s something to run past your own inner knowingness to check for resonance – our new 5D crystalline bodies won’t even have glands or DNA.

As I’ve said elsewhere, when it comes right down to it, our 3D carbon-based bodies are “smarter” / more conscious than our 5D crystalline bodies are / will be.  Why?  Because they need to be.  At this dense, slow, 3D level our lower minds have enough to deal with without having to monitor every little body function.  When we are in 5D, our own consciousness will be much higher and our crystalline bodies will just resonate, literally, with whatever it is we are asking of them.  And we can and will control our body functions at the same time we’re doing whatever we care to do.  And we’ll have plenty enough consciousness for all of it.

Our 3D carbon-based bodies also feel things about our energetic state – blockages and the release of them.  Your energetic blockages are ultimately what is responsible for “ascension symptoms”.  The ultimate solution is to do your inner work, but in the moment, treat the physical symptoms – if you’re tired, rest; if you crave a certain something, then eat that.  Get the food and supplements you know will help with the physical-level symptoms.  Listen to and take care of your body.  (See info on ascension symptoms at end of Useful Healthful Tips post.)

Then, past your own personal completion, then there’s the whole human antenna energetic service work, which takes even more toll.  So plenty going on with the 3D carbon-based body during all of this and it would serve you to honor and support, nutritionally and through your thoughts / communication,  your carbon-based body as it will need all the help it can get.

But during our ascension process, one of the things that happens is we create our 5D crystalline bodies.  Where are they?  In 5D!  … along with the rest of our 5D Gaia creation.  While you’re still in 3D, get used to not physically seeing “out there”, in a manifested way, most of what you are creating.  Why?  Because you are not creating it in 3D.  You are making a 5D creation.  You’ll have to use your higher consciousness if you want to “see” it in a clairvoyant way while still residing in 3D / 4D.

At the point of transition, our consciousness will move from the 3D carbon-based body to the 5D crystalline body.  The same thing is happening with Gaia.  She will leave her old 3D body, Earth, behind.  Now with us, our old carbon-based bodies will just turn into energy and go back to Infinite Light / All That Is, so no carcasses laying around in 3D.  lol  But Gaia’s old carbon-based body provides a home to billions of people and many more lifeforms so it kinda needs to be here for them.

Also see post 3D Earth.