~~Mother God~~ Via Galaxygirl


hello I’m Julie joy of the young

lightworkers and I have a message for

you today from mother god as channel by

galaxy girl on February 7th 2018


she says dear beloved children it is I your

mother God please know how I look upon

you and delight and affection


I long to comfort you and I see your tears or feel

your pain please allow me the joy of

this connection of comfort and of your



for truly I am here for you you

are surrounded by love if you could

start to feel and to appreciate this so

much more joy will be available to you


dream with me create with me all as well

and all is truly unfolding and

proceeding marvelously for we see you

all as the superheroes of this universe



and we are so excited to see what you

human children will do


next the darkness is being cleared do not fear the changes


ahead for they will be gripping intense

and we need our ground crew to hold the

light the peace and the neutral point to

balance these energies of high intensity

that are streaming in through your



breathe me in and let us co-create together as one

this one is fatigued so we will keep it

short and sweet tonight be at peace I am

always available for you I am your

mother God


this is a message from mother God as

channeled by galaxy girl this is

presented on the sananda dot website my

name is Julie joy of the Young

lightworkers and it was my pleasure and

honor to bring you this lovely touching

inspiring message from our own dear

mother god