Blessings on Valentine’s Day!



Blessings on Valentine’s Day!

May the Love that is sweeping around the globe sweep through your heart and lift you off your feet into the heaven world. Today, as well as every day, is a day to feel the love of the Creator and to return this love back in an arc of reciprocity.



Endless Days

Greetings from Telos. We stand beside you as you type our words onto your computer. We are so glad to be with you this grand morning on Earth. Soon the weather conditions will drastically change on the surface so that all your days will be like our days—perfect. Now, when this happens, what will the populace talk about? Now, your favorite topic is the weather. Well, won’t you be surprised. There will be so many surface changes that you’ll never run out of topics to talk to your neighbors or postmen about. Everything will be a topic of conversation, and everything will be so new it will light up your eyes and put smiles on every face and hope in every heart. For at last, you will all see and feel the Creator’s love being physically manifested for humanity in tangible form.

How excited we are for you all. And how excited we are for ourselves, for with this happening, we will also be given the divine signal to emerge. Yes, we are ready. We are all “packed” as you would say, and ready for the trip up. Our hearts are brimming with such love for you all, and soon we will be able to display our love for you, by bringing you all our technologies to clean your pollution and heal your beautiful bodies. Our love for you has no boundaries, and soon you will learn to love unconditionally and profoundly as we do. Love is all there is, and it too is a free commodity, and the best investment you can make in this lifetime.

And now we would like to talk to you about time frames. Time frames for change. Time frames for travel. Time frames for healing yourselves.

All time is non-existent. Yes, that is correct, it doesn’t exist. It only exists in your third dimensional world so that you can learn your lessons in some kind of progressive order, to keep track of your progress and to see how far you have come. But on other worlds of higher dimensions, there is no time; everything spins around in a circular fashion, thereby occurring simultaneously. But here, you need this linear way of seeing events in your world unfold.

So our beloveds, don’t be surprised by the way time is seemingly speeding up. It appears to be speeding up, because your consciousness is expanding. As your consciousness expands, your perceptual vision and awareness expands, taking in more of what exists around you on higher planes of thought and feeling. Thus, time appears to speed up, because you are taking in so much more that your days just seem to race by.

Soon you will dispense with your calendar, and instead of counting the days, you will count the weeks, then the months, and then you will stop counting completely, because you’ll be living in an uncountable time frame noted by cosmic events and using a cosmic calendar. This is how you stay Immortal. You don’t count days, you count stars. And since there are an infinite amount of stars in the heavens, you’ll soon give up and resign yourselves to the fact that you are Immortal beings with nothing to count. Only endless days to live and grow and love and evolve in the image of the Creator. My, what a relief this will be for you. Don’t you agree? No more counting, no more racing to get things done on time—just knowing that you have an eternity to complete your soul lessons in a loving and peaceful environment, just the way we do in Telos.

This is what life is about. It is a slow, easy, calm, rhythmic pace, allowing for change to happen gradually and in a way that lifts your soul in increments so that every once in awhile you stop and reflect and say, “My, how did I get to this place in my understanding? I wasn’t even aware I was moving in this direction, and now I am suddenly here, and have reached this plateau without any effort or strain.” Well, we can answer and say that it just happened because there were no outward constraints to prevent it. When you are part of the environment, all moves together, and you don’t notice the movement, because you are in the flow. This is how evolvement takes place. No stress, no strain, just being in the oneness with the flow.

This coming attraction is soon to come to the surface—it is making its preview now. Do stay for the movie; it will be the best yet.

I am Rosalia, with Adama by my side.


Rosalia is an Elder in Telos. She migrated there at the onset of the Atlantean-Lemurian wars over 12,000 years ago.




The way to TELOS is through the pages of this book – it is the vibration that will carry you there!
~ Adama


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