Happy Valentines Day {New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Progress} | Self Love Affirmations For Valentines Day, Loving And Accepting Myself (4 Minutes)


By Jason Stephenson
hello my friends and just wanting to reach out and
wish you all a happy
Valentine’s Day from myself and the team
that relaxed me online Australia now
whether or not you have a partner husband wife
in a relationship at
this time with the significant other
I send you love and more importantly
I hope that you take time out to give love to yourself you see as you may already
be aware we can only give love unconditionally and completely to others
when we have love within ourselves and if we don’t love and accept who we are
the love we give to others will be fragmented and incomplete so today
on this Valentine’s Day I ask you to consider giving love to yourself just
that little bit more

I know this might sound greedy to some however it’s not
it’s filling your very own cup first so that you can overflow with love

and then give love fully to others in need I would like to leave you with a few
affirmations for you to reflect on

listen to them and then repeat them mentally to yourself

get comfortable now close your eyes and
let’s begin today’s the beginning of a brand new life

I am filled with love and joy my cup overflows with love I love and accept all I am
love surrounds me both inside and out

I am proud of proposal I am my relationship with others is loving and Jenny each day I wake
and expand and gradual I am worthy of love and happiness

my heart is a piece I am healthy I am

I manifest love and confidence

I honor myself

happy Valentine’s Day my friend and goforward with love


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