Arcturian Group: Be Alert

Posted on 02/26/2018 by EraOfLight


We of the Arcturian Group honor you who have chosen to assist
 Gaia and her people during these times of change and awakening. Thanks to
 you, many are beginning to see for he first time which is adding more
 light to world consciousness.

Many young ones on earth at this time have incarnated for the sole purpose
 of assisting the ascension process through their Light and awareness. They
 carry with them no karma to balance, no lessons to learn, and no energy to
 awaken, but rather chose to incarnate out of love, for the sole purpose of
 assisting in the awakening of a world still held in, but ready to graduate
 beyond the third dimension.

Many of these evolved children and teens have been categorized as
 "problems" simply because they do not fit into the accepted third
 dimensional "belief box". They are out of sync with many concepts and
 beliefs regarding body and mind simply because they do not resonate with
 that energy.

The commonly accepted use of prescription drugs to "cure" them has caused
 many of them to lose sight of why they came and who they are. Drugs must
 be used with great discretion and with the awareness that they effect the
 energy of an individual.

Many in today's world are expressing anger, fear, frustration and other
 negative emotions because the false sense of security that comes with many
 universal beliefs is dissolving. Try not to become too involved in the
 nitty-gritty of world appearances. Be aware of them, do what you are
 guided to do, but continue to understand them for what they are,
 expressions of duality and separation. This does not make them any less
 painful for those experiencing as well as those observing, but when you
 hold fast to the higher truths, it helps dissolve the impersonal beliefs
 manifesting as these things.

There is an element working very hard to prevent mankind from awakening
 because if the majority was to awaken they would lose the "power over" and
 control they feed on. These dear ones function from a consciousness of
 fear and separation, and so fear mongering is their favorite tool for
 controlling the masses and blocking Light.

BE ALERT to anything you find yourself fearing and you will soon recognize
 the particular concept or belief you hold as power. Then you can take back
 that power and say to your mind-NO MORE.

The earth still carries energies created over eons of time by people fully
 programmed into a third dimensional belief system. The human mind is a
 powerful instrument of awareness but when conditioned by these beliefs can
 only access what is floating about in an impersonal world
 consciousness-that which is already known.

Every thought ever thought and every belief ever believed makes up the
 consensus consciousness accessible to everyone. The contents of this
 consensus consciousness are impersonal and never become yours until you
 claim them as yours. When the energy of a person's consciousness is in
 alignment with the energy of certain concepts and beliefs, they
 unknowingly attract them.

For example; a person who has experienced many lifetimes of disease and
 ill health is often wide open and receptive to thoughts, beliefs, current
 ideas etc. regarding physical health simply because he is still carrying
 energy that aligns with them. Individuals living fully from a third
 dimensional state of consciousness will often accept whatever floats into
 their head, allowing the suggestion to become theirs, and then declare
 themselves "victims".

Stay alert to what comes into your mind knowing that now matter how
 obnoxious a thought, it is not yours until you accept it as personally
 yours. Everyone has experienced some negative thought and wondered; "Where
 did that come from?" Whether it is old cellular programming surfacing or
 something from the un-awakened consensus consciousness, it is never real,
 permanent, or yours unless you allow it to be. The only real qualities you
 have or can ever have, are God qualities.

That which flows from Divine Mind is power. That which flows from the
 human, conditioned, un-awakened mind is not.

Nothing new can flow from a strictly "human" mind simply because the human
 mind has no way to access anything other than what is already known. When
 an individual begins to spiritually awaken, heretofore closed energetic
 doors begin to open, allowing the Source of creativity to express.
 Example-Music created around some cliche or from concepts already known,
 can never be powerful and inspiring because the substance from which it
 was formed is already "old".

New ideas regarding every facet of life on earth can only flow from the
 Source of creativity which lies within. The world often terms new ideas as
 breakthroughs-deeper, higher, better, advanced ideas of science, art,
 music etc. but many of these so called breakthroughs were actually
 "whispered" into the ears of a spiritually and technologically prepared
 scientist, musician, artist, healer, etc. by those on the other side
 seeking to advance the consciousness of mankind.

There are some very creative people able to access their inner creativity
 without spiritual awareness. They usually believe that they personally are
 the creative source and that it is coming from their mind which can lead
 to the development of a large personal ego. They have opened their
 creativity in other lifetimes through either spiritual work or through
 actual practice and have carried it with them into this life. There are no
 child prodigies, only souls who over lifetimes have perfected some

You can talk to your mind just as you can talk to your cells and tell
 certain thoughts and beliefs; "No, mind, we are not doing it that way any
 more". This practice is not done with resistance, judgement of self, or
 fear, as this only gives these things a power they do not have. Do this
 exercise simply as an acknowledgment of habits and concepts still clearing
 or broadcasts from an impersonal universal human mind.

See the world you want and feel the emotions that come with it. Let your
 creativity flow in the directions of peace and enlightenment for Gaia and
 all forms of life upon her.

There is a war going on-a battle raging between the old and the new, the
 false versus the real. However, since nothing real can ever become unreal,
 you need not battle. Everything real already is and forever will be. What
 do you accept as real? This "war" can only be fought through the
 consciousness of its unreality and non-power thus starving appearances of
 their substance.

Many traditions taught and still teach ceremonies, symbols, words, and
 actions for protection. The need for protection was and still is based in
 the belief of two powers, good and evil. This continues to be promoted
 through film, TV, books, etc. Long ago, knowledge attained in the mystery
 schools and even before they came into being, was misused by those not
 spiritually evolved enough for the information. They saw it as an
 opportunity for self gain and a way to control and manipulate others.
 These activities are now termed the "black arts", still practiced by some
 for self gain and "power over".

You need not fear these things. With evolution comes the realization that
 you need no protection-protection from whom or what, if God is all that
 is? Lower resonating frequencies cannot enter into the higher unless you
 align yourself with denser energies through fear and the belief that they
 have power. Protection simply is-a facet of the conscious realization of
 ONE POWER- your consciousness when imbued with Light and truth.

Yes, but, you say; "Look at all the people being harmed by others at this
 time." Know that these types of situations are usually not random. More
 often than not, especially in these times, they involve souls who have
 agreed either as a group or individually to experience something for the
 purpose of; 1.-clearing some personal or group karma, or 2.- providing
 some unselfish service to mankind's ascension process through an event or
 experience that will impact a lethargic world into awakening in some
 necessary way.

There are no "good" people, only enlightened ones. There are no "bad"
 people, only hypnotized ones. God is the only person there is.

God does not love or seek pain and suffering. Suffering is not and never
 has been a facet of Divine Consciousness. If it was, pain and suffering
 would be eternal realities held in place by Divine Law. The days of
 hairshirts, flagellation, and "offering it up" in the misguided belief
 that pain and suffering pleases God and makes a person more "holy" are
 finished. The past must be let go of.

Ascension means evolving into a higher dimensional energy. In spite of
 what so many believe, the third dimension is the bottom wrung of a very
 high ladder. You have all worked hard to get to where you are now and Gaia
 is ready as well. You were fully aware of these times as being times of
 change before choosing to incarnate. know that you are are Light workers
 and no longer victims regardless of any past experiences.

Everything surfacing at this time is doing so because of the expansion of
 consciousness taking place as so many begin to awaken. These energies of
 enlightenment are serving to expose everything hidden and dense both
 within and without. The temptation for everyone at this time is to slip
 back into the past, where things were familiar and comfortable, and where
 the "bad things" were hidden from view. Nostalgia has become very popular.

Try to stay present in each now moment, for when a person continually
 looks to the future, they are actually in the past, seeing and pondering
 things from what is finished. Stay present doing the best you can in each
 moment while living from your highest state of awareness. This is the

Many are hurting and suffering at this time, love them in the ways you are
 able to. Love yourselves, for you block the flow unconditional love if you
 eliminate yourself from the wholeness of ONE (belief in separation). Love
 as well, the troublemakers through your realization that they also are
 expressions of Source, in spite of their ignorance.

Love, pure unconditional love is the answer to everything because it is
 the only Reality.

It is the realization of a consciousness of ONEness.

It is your essence.

It is your soul.

It is God.

We are the Arcturian Group.

>> Source - Channel: Marilyn Raffaele