The Collective of Guides a Message from Your Guides

   A Message from Your Guides

   February 28, 2108


   Beloved Ones,

   It is with great love that we greet you on this and every day. We are as
   one with you and we endeavor to assist you with the uplift of your hearts,
   minds, bodies, and souls. We are referring to a confluence of cosmic
   energies that you are moving into. These energies are the result of much
   cosmic activity which will manifest as a perfect storm of sorts which
   will catapult you into a new awareness and experience of your current
   existence. That which has been difficult for you will ease. That which has
   come easily for you will seem so much more basic than you previously
   perceived it to be. Most of you will have the experience of feeling
   that you have graduated in some way. Just as when you complete a course of
   study and receive a diploma and the title of `graduate', you do not feel
   much different but your perspective has shifted. You feel more confident
   in yourself, more accomplished, and you appreciate the growth
   you experienced throughout your time of study. That does not mean you are
   supremely confident with every step going forward, or that you will not
   feel some uncertainty or anxiety about stepping into the unknown or next
   step of your life. It simply means that you have completed an initiation
   of sorts and that has been excellent preparation for you to walk into
   the next phase. In this sense, you have all completed a time of
   preparation and initiation in recent years with varying degrees of ease or
   challenges, and you have all succeeded. Some of you experienced the
   equivalent of many pop quizzes along the way where you learned to think
   more quickly, be prepared at any time, and assimilate change much more
   easily than had been your experience previously. Others of you have
   plodded along doing what you believed was expected of you to succeed only
   to find that in some ways, meeting the expectations of others was not the
   best preparation for the next steps. Therefore, some of you are
   re-evaluating your education, your values, and how well you navigate
   as your own authority versus living by the standards, expectations, or
   values of others.

   Beloveds, this time is quite pivotal for you in a number of ways. We
   invite you to consider what you previously conceived of as `normal'
    within your society and what is accepted as normal now. We invite you
   to consider this in terms of national, racial, ethnic, professional, or
   gender barriers. If you take all of these aspects of society into
   consideration, having the most rudimentary level of awareness, we think
   you will agree that many barriers have either completely fallen away
   or become much more obscured than they were prior to the year 2000. With
   the exception of a few small minorities, most people are accepting of
   these changes. This is evolution, Beloveds. It is progress. Yes, there are
   those with the desire to turn back the clock and perpetuate their
   misconception that not all of the human family are born equal. They are
   very much a part of the beauty and diversity of the human family. Just as
   many of you feel that you have reached a level of understanding
   and proficiency with newer technologies, there are also many of you who
   have reached a level of understanding and proficiency with spiritual
   ideas, practices, and understandings. Without that level of spiritual
   growth, you would not enjoy the level of acceptance of those who you
   perceive as different that you currently do. Without that spiritual
   progress, there would still be many laws restricting individual rights
   of expression regarding gender, sexuality, multi-racially integrated
   schools, and interracial marriages. More and more laws will be enacted
   worldwide that recognize the sovereignty of each individual. Your society
   will continue to flow in a way that is more inclusive.

   We would like you to think of your societal changes as concurrent with the
   technological advances you have enjoyed in the same time frame. Now, think
   of continuous advances in technology and similar and simultaneous
   `advances' in society until you realize that some of the ills that
   are currently plaguing your society will become a thing of the
   past relatively quickly. We ask you not to concern yourselves with the
   possibility of more conscious, egalitarian, humanistic laws being
   overturned or, outdated, obsolete, and seemingly unconscious
   laws remaining. Your evolution will not support that. You are all part of
   the whole and the vast majority of you support the collective growth you
   are experiencing, whether consciously or unconsciously. Maintaining a
   level of consciousness that supports the rights and equality of all is all
   that is needed to ensure that. The vast majority is in favor of this and
   so that is what will be. Beloveds, we do support you being vocal and
   mobilizing around what you want. We do not support you being vocal and
   mobilizing around that which you do not want. It is as simple as that,
   Dear Ones. Focus on that which you desire, not on that which disturbs you.

   Know we are loving you powerfully in every moment with every breath.

   And so it is.

   The Collective of Guides



   This message was channeled by Salena Migeot. Feel free to forward, share,
   or re-post this message in its entirety with proper attribution. For
   inquiries about private readings or group channeling events, e-mail

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