The Great White Brotherhood via Johanna, March 1st, 2018

Per Staffan March 1, 2018

The Great White Brotherhood

You are greeted, dear fellow man and woman of East and West and of the

world you live in. We come from another universe, a sun centra far away

from the world where you are now. We come with greetings of love, we come

with greetings of peace – Of peace in your hearts, of joy and restraint,

of need we come. We are for you in your hearts.


We are for there for you

when you ask and we are there for you for ever, my dear ones. My brothers,

we have come now. We have come to take you forward on your path. To show

you the right path to follow with contentment, to show you the right path

to follow towards peace.


We will show that which we have come with. We

will show you the right path forward. For now just receive our greetings

and our revered revered calls. As brothers and friends we now reunite and

greet each other with warmth and understanding. In true togetherness with

each other we meet each other again and in joy we all shine from our

reunion, from again meet our equals, our Brothers are here.


We greet you. We call you. We bow. We take action. We have come now, the

time is right and we start now.


We greet you and we shall meet again. Thank you for this greeting, thank

you for this reunion in our common cause – the one that never can be

created in any other way than when we are in it. We come to you. We have

started. We are here. Be greeted!




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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