Telepathic Communication Experiences and Galactic Updates by Ria/Athena

Dear Family 🕊💕

Dearest hearts ❤️ 🙏🏽 Last night the 27th February in my meditation ‘ I had wonderful telepathic confirmation from “Ashtar ‘ Telepathic communication was before I looked at “cobras blog “ and “Sheldon Nidles blog “ this-morning !! Ashtar Confirming what they say to me last night  !

“ That our beloved family of light were in celebration ‘ why ‘ because of the confirmation that backs up what Dear brother Cobra “ is saying in his latest blog that (  L2 clear, wipeout L1 ) L meaning Lunar and what’s left to clear is L0 which is the actual planet itself the surface ‘ , and yes cobra is right ‘ in fact Ashtar expressed to me this !

Beloveds 🕊 we have cleared out “all “ underground bases and Surface  bases of remaining Chimera strong hold ‘ this includes Antarctica !

All negative non- Human entities that did not choose to return to the light ‘ are now either quarantined “of planet”  ‘ or have been completely removed ( with in this now moment )

This means you are now free of Archonic presence  “ on ‘ and “inside“ our world .

This is now 100% federation territory.

I have also had confirmation of the Toplet bombs ‘ they pose no threat !!! In sublunar hemisphere anymore ! This means the war in space is over !!!

However ‘ the last now to complete is the  “ L0 “ surface ‘ this is remaining.

The remaining ancient Ashkenazi ( Kazarians ) and the descendants of the Italian Medicis empire echelons are what’s left on the “L0 “ and there lower puppets/ Cabal Minions , many have returned to the light ‘ and many unfortunately have not!

So still the surface clean up is very much imminent …. they are censoring many fellow light workers & light warriors Media accounts ‘ they are censoring and removing their YouTube accounts & Facebook Google account ect ( so the truths don’t come out )

So you Must stay vigilant and steadfastness within this ( now ) moment’ continue to do your meditations’ working in groups is stronger ( strength in numbers ) but understandable if your meditating within ‘ , all your “light “ helps.

Go about your missions groundcrew ‘ continue to wake people up , ‘ if they are taking your hand’ in this now moment’  as our beloved Yeshua says ( Take my hand let me show you the way ) !!!

So Spread your Truth ‘ your  information and wisdom & light far and wide ‘ within this now expression. As there is still much to do on the surface of this beautiful orb ‘now ( nova Gaia ) x

Beloved family Im sending you unconditional love & blessings  💕🕊🌸🙏🏽❤️🌈💕🙏🏽❤️

Ashtar I am with you always 🕊

As always family “ go within “ to seek the information ‘ you will be pleasantly surprised what you find blessings 🙏🏽🙏🏽🕊🌸

Ria – Athena 🕊