Archangel Michael on the Mass Exodus Underway and Post-Reval Fears March 3, 2018 By Steve Beckow


This time has been referred to as a “time of separation.” In this excerpt from my reading, Archangel Michael explained that the mass exodus from the planet has begun.

This is an excerpt from a personal reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon and Steve Beckow, on Feb. 20, 2018. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Archangel Michael: Gaia returns to the planet of love. Those who do not wish to be the love and to be part of that recreation and return to the original plan will depart. That is why they will be leaving and there will be mass leavings, as well.

Steve Beckow: Mass… Can you put a number to “mass”?

AAM: Well, you are seeing it. You are seeing it with the death not only by [inaudible] but by malaria, leprosy, pneumonia, flu. This is a mass exodus.

Later I questioned my fitness for doing financial work. I had no expertise in the area. His response was helpful.

Steve: By the way, one of the things that came to me out of looking at this boycott of Monsanto was, again, seeing just how little I know about finances. Can you reassure me on that score? I know I’m going to use experts…

AAM: You’re going to have experts but you also have, dearly beloved, an innate sense of value. What is money and currency, except the value that you place on things and the fairness of that value which has become completely off kilter, in terms of the human realm.

And so it is for you to know that you have a sense of fairness and equality and that the person that you hire and the persons that you hire to assist you in finance must share that sense of fairness. It is not about throwing around money and it is not about skimping. It is about fairness.

Steve: Okay, that is very helpful.

AAM: So when you are questioning yourself, just simply say, “What feels fair?”

Steve: Yes, of course all justice is based on that, is it not?

AAM: It simply has been lost in the current structure.


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