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MARCH 7, 2018 AT 9:05 PM

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Dear Ascending Family,

Our planet is evolving into a coalescence of collective race fields which create Group Consciousness and this is not a choice, it is a fact during the Ascension Cycle. This means we will need to become aware of what Group Consciousness means and how it impacts us in our day to day life, as well as every relationship we have on this planet.

In any type of organization or Group Consciousness it is extremely challenging to navigate in uncleared individual and group Negative Ego behaviors. Negative Ego behaviors are usually entwined with low ethical conduct which damages building trust between people in order to communicate transparently and honestly about a variety of topics. In order to evolve and learn how to build basic Group Consciousness communication skills we each must develop commitment to hold Accountability to our personal circumstances and the GSF Behaviors that each of us choose to demonstrate every day.

Trust is everything in building relationships and building Group Consciousness.

Without comprehending the necessity of building trust and consistent trustworthy behaviors, the entire foundation of Group Consciousness and community structures based to help humanity will crumble. Group consciousness without balance fractures into the hive mind mentality, people that refuse to think for themselves and react in a mob frenzy. It is important to understand the “divide and conquer” NAA agendas that operate in Negative Ego that will attack any Group Consciousness from being successful models of supporting peace, humanitarian interests, and helping one another. Any kind of group, whether spiritual groups, humanitarian organizations are entirely built upon the requirement of building trust in all relationships – people must face the direct strategies of the NAA attempting to infiltrate negativity and thus, destroy group cohesion or group trust.

This is why I have spent a lot of time discussing components of Trust, Building Trust, and how to recognize behaviors and communications that allow trust and the attribute of “trustworthiness” to be modeled and cultivated within Group Consciousness, such as within spiritual ascension and related humanitarian communities, to emphasize our personal responsibility in all of those interactions. ~Lisa Renee, GSF Steward

Transcending Ego In Community

All of us have been trained extensively in the Negative Ego beliefs that have defined our materialistic and selfish 3D existence. The polarity of these forces amplified our personal beliefs to sway between independence and codependence when neither state is in energetic balance or healthy for the entire human organism. (or our planet) In our materialistic greed the select privileged (False King of Tyranny) raped and pillaged their way to the top of the independent food chain while disempowering others in codependent survival mechanisms. This way of existence among Ascending humans is ending. In certain stages of developing personal self mastery, in order to become clear about your true core essence, one must learn to be confident and independent. However, as we evolve from the polarized forces of 3D duality, we must also leave the imbalances created between codependence and independence.

The Unity Source Code is about self-actualized people in community learning to depend on each other, without hate (negative ego) governing their behavior. We are evolving into Group Consciousness on this planet and we have to learn how to behave egoless in community.

In becoming unified we must learn to understand interdependence within community as a spiritual principle and then as an actualized reality. When one is in group consciousness, one must retain his/her individual identity, however, also maintain a conscious group identity. Once one is living in group consciousness, one realizes all aspects are God consciousness and the energetic reality is then learning to live harmoniously as a Cosmic Citizen. One can maintain a sense of individual identity and group identity simultaneously. When learning principles of interdependence, there is no action or behavior that does not have some result upon another person. That requires transparency, self responsibility, accountability and personal integrity to express the core values of spiritual principles or God realization, and to demonstrate that to the community as best as you are able. Every person is valued for their personal contribution, yet the group consciousness is the emphasis rather than the personality needs.

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  1. Ifolloe your lead because my divine intuition say to do so

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    1. We are all being guided to do such consciousness work together as one ☝🏾 It’s a co creative divine plan to be here. Thank you for saying that. We are masters in these forms. It’s now time for us to rise and serve.

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      1. a humil servant Vladimiro Di Vito is tired after years of turbolance but ready for start new jorney for the best of all Universe. NamasteAmen

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      2. Yes sir the weary road of self mastery is challenging not easy but rewarding all the better for our journey upwards higher and higher in consciousness to blissful ness instead of all the forgetfulness of the Matrix Veiling Hologram.

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  2. I folloWING your lead because my divine intuition say to do so

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    1. Following your inner guidance with outward confirmation of your inner reality.

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  3. Vladimiro Di Vito
    Published on Dec 13, 2017
    Santa Claus this year 2017 , cant stay all smiles and gifts but need spend
    in silent and expose is big concerne for our Planet All , expecially for the Global Warming,Violation Human Right,Cruelty of people towards Immigrants,Slavery,Ignorance,Ego,Indifference,Greedness.
    He is very upset and heartbrocken, so in some moment he will loose the””HO,HO,HO” and seriously start
    pointing fingers too damaging situations for the Planet.
    But at the end he still Santa and he smile again and beggin for HOPE to all living Creatures and Humans.
    Merry Crystmas and Happy New Year by SANTA…ooppps…”HO..HO..HO”
    Vladimiro Di Vito
    Bless you All in the name of WorldPEACE,Universal Love and Resolutions.

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    1. I like this message I heard at some level Santa 🎅 Claus St Nick got the cure for a lot of the ills of the world 🌎 and it’s the joy of Christmas 🎄 the love of Christmas the Christ in us all which can do away with the ugliness of humanity by gifts of love. Santa Claus every year gives Unconditionally and comes every year to spread cheer and it’s the most magical time of the year. Thanks for sharing how even Santa has concerns.

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