Angels in White by Karen Vivenzio March 10, 2018


People of planet Earth, you are rising up in vibration to a holiness you have not seen or heard of in many many nations. Stepping forward into the rebirth of a brand new way of life. Sharing and caring and holding the light. Loving tenderness is what is most needed at this time. Just as you would send love to a mother giving birth, hold now that intention for your sweet Mother Earth.
For she supports you and holds you every day and every night and she needs your healing and your support now – newness to flow forward in the Spring, when the flowers emerge, so will new blessings. Speak not of fear nor hold fearful thoughts, limitations are being removed, positive energy scarce. Shore up the blessings of blessed Mother Divine, and hold the light for your time to shine.
Speak not and want not, be grateful for the time that lasts, for these are the last of the old days come now to pass through onto the other side, Earth is renewed, set up in a brand new vibe. The old has given way to the past, newness flowing through Her veins at last. Breathe in the new beginning. Set the stage of infinite light. Love each other and the lessons you have put to rest.
Open your hearts and be blessed. Let us take care of the rest. Let us take care of the rest. For we are your angels in white, the ones taking care of the infinite mind, tending your vibrations and opening the hearts of the angels of light – sending infinite love and infinite light – opening the hearts of the human angelic tribe.
For that is what you are tonight, beautiful beacons meant to shine – brighter and brighter as days give way to a much lighter vibe. Peace, Love, and Blessings – Via Karen J. Vivenzio,, Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!