Sandra Walter: The March Event: Gateway of Divine Will March 13, 2018


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe

Empaths, Sensitives and Gatekeepers have seen and felt this for months: The
Big Thing happening mid-March. Here we glow.

March 15-17 has been on our Gatekeeper radar since last December. This
presented as an alignment of Cosmic Stargates, interacting with Solaris (the
SUN) and enveloping Gaia in the consciousness-shifting, veil-dissolving
frequencies. A complete infusion of high-frequency energies unlike anything
that has come before.

While this passage (March 15 – 22) is critical to those on the path of
Ascension, it is part of our Divine Service to anchor, amplify and
distribute these dramatically different light codes, harmonics, rays and
New Earth experiences and Primary Christed Timelines into the collective

The message is direct: This Gateway alignment will set off a series of
waves, dramatically increasing the flickering, flashing,
dimensional-barrier-dissolving, consciousness-expanding light. The
intensity and uniqueness of this influx presents in a completely new way,
triggering consciousness-shifting energies on both cellular and lightbody
levels. Anxiety is common as Unity Consciousness is a collective feeling
activity. Your body and lightbody are experiencing a whole new range of
DNA activations as these frequencies activate 13th and 14th strand 5D
levels, as well as 7D and 9D 144 strand and 244 strand patterning
(multidimensional strands.)

Lightbody Changes: Upgrading for the New Light Level

Our recent Lightbody upgrades have enabled us to accommodate this next
level of Light. Heart centers, the three levels of crowns, and Solar
plexus have been active, since they support the next level of Ascension
Embodiment. Your Light signature is also purifying, Divinitizing to enable
the New Earth experience as the dominant reality. No more distorted
illusion at this level; the purified geometry of the new crystalline
structure may present in vision.

The bizarre and strong activations within the crystalline Lightbody over the
last few weeks were direct preparation for this influx. We can feel it in
our activations as the collective and personal trajectories shift. Some will
be transforming to Lightbody level this year, a decision made at OverSoul
level. That process is a deep remembering, activated by the release of
ancient codes through Gaia herself.

We continue to activate and distribute these ancient codes within Gaia.
The codes do not operate like a collective all-on or all-off switch.
Information is interpreted differently in every vessel’s DNA, directed by
the free will of each unique expression of consciousness. However, global
revelation of higher levels of consciousness is on track. We receive the
pure photonic light available in this area of space, which un-veils
collective and personal darkness – as well as Pure LoveLight.

Choose your focus wisely. Remember that focus on darkness keeps it running
in the collective consciousness. Time to create the New, or at least your
highest vision for HUmanity, rather than marinating in the flotsam of the
old paradigm.

Preparation: We are ready. Call it Forth.

Many of you received the message to be as calm, rested and focused as
possible for this month’s changes. I just returned from four days of
restful retreat by the Ocean, which had to be complete by the 12th. Allow
yourself to breathe and feel the Divine Will of this wave’s intent. It has
a significant effect on crystalline Beingness, accessed through the Heart.

Keep in heart that these frequencies amplify everything. They turn up the
volume on every thought, word, emotion and intention. This is when the
refinements in global clearing occur, as requested by the awakened
collective. Stay in a neutral and pure heart-space, remembering that Unity
Consciousness is your safe place. Divine Service is as Divine Service

Fears, doubts and emotional instability are amplified, as are Pure Heart
Creations of New Earth. Choose wisely, the amplification will get quite
intense. You can shift anything in the Now moment. If you find your self
swayed into fearful thoughts or emotions, this is your self-empowerment
challenge. Step up into your Creator Beingness.

If you have a wide-open Divinitized heart, this amplification is going to be
a brilliant, blissful and expansive new experience. Embodiers, this is when
we shine. Expect the unexpected, as the global trajectories will shift on
behalf of all concerned. To my consciousness, this is a passage of
meditation, prayer, cleansing, highest trajectory choices, creativity, and
total surrender in the moment.

Staying Aligned with Highest Trajectories

Recent messages and team meetings are indicating the enormity of this
event. Even my dreams about this have been lucid and prophetic. We
continue to call this forth as a palpable, positive global shift in
consciousness for all concerned. At this juncture, we step into our
Creator State and move forward with the highest of highs. All focus goes
to the LoveLight of highest outcomes. Period.

Our Inner Work: Questions to Assist with Focus

* What is Divine Love asking of you in this Now?
* How is your unique expression of Source changing? Witness this, feel
this. Meditate on it.
* Light-ground your experience (Write, Create) as we go through this
influx. It will assist with collective clarity and calm as this
unusual experience unfolds. Many are not able to identify what they
are feeling.
* What are your Higher levels requesting you to do in this Now? Notice
the changes in trajectory, rather than repeating the familiar. All is
changing to accommodate the Primary Christed Timeline experience.
* Whatever provides heart-based clarity, joy, balance, calm, healthy
energetic and emotional support – do it Now.

It may be helpful to drop extraneous/unnecessary tasks for the rest of the
month. Let go of anxieties or worries about how Gaia or HUmans will handle
the light, and envision global positive change. Live it, Feel it, Be it.
All creations are amplified; use it for the good work.

Forgiveness is a huge part of revelation; it truly reveals your heart
coherence. Grant clemency to all of the past, including yourself. We are
brand new each moment. Match that vibration. This is New, Pure Light to work
with; harmonize with it, co-create with it. Be in that space. Prepare your
internal and external temple, clean your home and consciousness. The
Christed State sheds material baggage; give away what is no longer needed.

The Experience is the Experience

A large group participated in New Earth timeline work at the Conscious
Media Festival. We guided a New Earth Experience, utilizing pure
Co-Creation for three timeline outcomes, each progressively more
expansive. While this was a strong precursor to the upcoming influx, it
also demonstrated how these energies may be experienced by the collective.

Some wept with freedom as pure joy turned on their DNA. Some went direct
and unified with their Higher levels, Some had difficulty letting go of
doubt, or were shy about feeling themselves as Source. Timeline work takes
complete dedication; In the absence of doubt, we are all God.

Regardless of the level of consciousness, the final highest experience was
palpable, and sent waves of New HUman creation rippling out through the
field. It felt like sealing the deal; a Divine YES to the upcoming influx.

For the Beloved ones going all-in, this is a Divine initiation to a new
level of Self-Realization. Let us unify for maximum amplification. We are
ready, let us have our accelerated Ascension.

Light Tribe: This is a huge opportunity, let us Unify.

Here is our Higher level overview:

March 15-17: Cosmic Stargate alignment, opening the Solar and Gaia
Gateways. Beloveds with skills, please participate. It might feel a bit
March 17: New Moon 6:14am PT. Gates open. Calling in Highest timelines for
all concerned.
March 18 SUNday Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5;11pm Pacific
Time. You know what happens in these sessions; start feeling what is
possible as this influx enters on the same day as our meditations. Call
everyone available to participate; Unity is our Safe Haven, and our
March 18-20: Influx intensifies via the SUN (Solaris) BEFORE EQUINOX.
Solar flashing, flickering activity may be witnessed in the etheric as
well as the physical; stronger than previous flashing activity we have
seen. Do not hide from these light codes. Breathe. Stabilize. All is well.
Tuesday, March 20 at 9:15am PT: Equinox – Wayshower Global anchoring.
March 21 – April 7: Strong Transitional Embodiment phase for those
integrating the multidimensional 5D-7D-9D Lightbody through the physical.
Keep focused on highest trajectories for all concerned.

May all of creation be Blessed by our Unity

Gratitude to all who are overriding and overwriting the lower realities
each moment with your love, dedication and pure Service. We see you, we
feel you. We love you, we bless you, we thank you.

May all of Creation be blessed, renewed and purified into Divine Beingness
by this Divine Light. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with

In Love, Light and Service,

“The March Event: Gateway of Divine Will,” by Sandra Walter, March 12,
2018, at

Source link: Sandra Walter Creative Evolution