Your awaited appointment time is now by the Teachings of The Masters. March 28, 2018



Dear Brethren of the Light,

Your awaited appointment time is now. Now is the time you have been seeking, searching out, now is the time that has been forecasted for a millennium. So what to do with it? You have been calibrated, recalibrated for freedom, for enlightenment. It is literally yours for the taking. So, as you receive the energies of the portal that you crossed through look to Your Truth to find your passageway Home. ANYTHING can be cleared, when held up to the Light. You are working with a bit more energy now and you will have more of an impact. Your words have meaning, your thoughts have meaning. Use your trial by error approach to sift through the illusion of your life and create your true mastery program, here and now. Truly, the veil has been lifted. You are working with higher realm energy now. Can you feel it? Establish your right to release anything that is not fit for a King or Queen. Establish your sovereignty over your land. Many of you are awakening to the awareness that it is truly all in your hands. It is up to you in each moment to become not a servant to your life, but an orchestrator of it. How to do that? Establish some authority ground rules. I, in my I AM presence now choose to reign with Light. Therefore my Light, from my I AM consciousness is now en-lightening me of the need for change, the need for healing and the need for releasing of all that does not serve my true I AM. I AM at the helm. I welcome now all opportunities that help me to recognize old patterns of belief that I can now let go of. I dismiss and release these old patterns to the Light. I have the tools I have been searching for, for I recognize that I am actually the Light itself. I proclaim my right to be a sovereign master of my kingdom. The kingdom that I am now creating through my consciousness. I AM easily allowing anything unlike LOVE for my I AM presence to come up for healing, for the AWAKENING of ALL.  I gladly go first in this procession of TRUTH, making the way clear and easy for ALL others. I AM AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS now, and I easily and graciously serve as a MIRROR of TRUTH for ALL others. May ASCENSION occur easily and effortlessly for all my brothers and sisters that are to follow in my footsteps as my I AM presence leads the way for us ALL. And so it is.

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