ALICE BAILEY @ In5D – Spiritual Message – Great Invocation of the Shamballa Of Light – 3-30-18

ALICE BAILEY @ In5D – Spiritual Message – Great Invocation of the Shamballa Of Light – 3-29-18



by Nikolai Artiukhov,
Guest writer,

Question: Hello, dear Alice Bailey. What is the meaning of the Great Invocation of the Light of Shamballa?

Alice Bailey: The Meaning of the Great invocation awakens in mankind the great yearning to merge with the Cosmic energies of Shambhala. The energy spectrum of my soul is predominantly violet, which activates the Highest love for the Consciousness of Christ and Other Supreme Masters of the great Shambhala in mankind. At the same time, it awakens in people a conscious desire to serve the Highest Hierarchy of Light and their brothers in mind. That is why my mission was to serve humanity greatly by awakening in people’s souls the genuine desire for cooperation, movement, and evolution.

Q: How did you see the Masters of Shambhala of Light?

C: Lords of Shambhala of Light have been seen by me on several levels of perception. The first level is the vision of the great Lords of Shambhala as energetical Light Spheres of a certain level and range of energies, that is, the Lords came to me on a subtle plane as Light Bunches of divine Energy. The second level is the vision of the Lords in subtle energy bodies, that is, I saw the lords of Kut-Humi, Illarion, Saint-Germain and El Morya come to me in visions and spoke with me in a voice. The third level is the manifestation of the Masters of Shambhala of Light in the material world and their influence on the events of my life and my disciples in a constructive and transforming way. If a person with the truly High level of Divine aspiration needs a Higher support and intervention, the Lords of Light will intervene and help this man. For this, is the Great Cosmic Law which means the need for constant and inexhaustible help and support for those souls who are directed to the knowledge of the Higher Worlds of divine beauty and harmony. There is also a fourth level of communication with the Lords of Light – a vision of the Higher Signs in ordinary human life in all situations, and not only during energy communication with the Lords of Karma. In this case, the person will see in each situation the action of the hands of the Lords of Karma and will be ready to accelerate the resolution of this situation in a positive and benevolent direction.

Q: What is the peculiarity of your mission for mankind in terms of informational presentation of your fundamental esoteric works?

C: I had to pass esoteric works for the people of the Earth, which explain the global evolution of mankind in terms of its relationship with Space Psychology, Astrology and the Highest white Magic. That is, the Great Shambhala of Light in my writings is shown as the Abode of the Highest Light, in which The Divine Hierarchs possess the Magic of Goodness, Love, Beauty and Divine Light. This magic of Light is the weapon of the World of God, which brings to people the highest beauty of the United Cosmos and at the same time protects people from the Hierophant of Evil. It was I who gave people Knowledge of the victory of the Hierarchy of Light and how the Supreme Divine Teachers will lead humanity to the final world unification, which will create Divine living conditions for all people on earth.

Q: How were you able to create a popular all over the world esoteric arcane school?

C: This was my main mission on Earth – to create a School for Esoteric Training of people and bring to earth the highest Divine Light of my soul through writing a series of books about the great Shambala of Light and its inhabitants. First of all, I am grateful to all the souls who supported me in my life on Earth. A huge thank you for all your help and support!!! Thank you, dear Nicholai, for your boundless love for my work, for your desire to cooperate with me and with other Higher Teachers. Your contribution to the transmission of information from the Higher forces of Light is very important and significant to us, your favorite Teachers of Light. I wish you and all my readers true happiness through Great Unity with the great Shambala of Light.

Information from The Hierarchs of the Shambala of Light about Alice Bailey’s mission

Alice Bailey – a highly developed Soul with energetic and informational systems who had become a follower of the esoteric school of Blavatsky, summarized the knowledge of other messengers, and created her own esoteric school, in order to streamline the esoteric knowledge and make new information stream. Bailey’s soul is the highly developed Light Essence which constitutes a single Substance of the energetical and informational layer. The essence is in the form of a Light Sphere, the color is violet.

Q: What role did Alice Bailey and her Arcane School play in the transition of mankind to the sixth race?

C: Alice Bailey’s goal was to create a new teaching that would have a very strong relationship with human psychology and with the global challenges of modern time. That is, Alice Bailey expanded Elena Blavatskaya’s teaching (which was the Main Messenger of the Highest Mind in the 19th century), adding to it the aspect of a strong relationship with the global problems of humanity. Also very important task of Alice Bailey was to be a Teacher for a large number of people. That is, in her life program was laid a task by Ascended Masters of Shambala to unite humanity within a single great goal of cooperation with the Shambhala of Light through the knowledge of the mechanisms of the functioning of the divine Hierarchy. The Great Invocation,that was transmitted to Alice Bailey by the Supreme Divine Mind, made it possible to combine the aspirations of the multiple consciousnesses of people to work on a common goal, on one energetical exchange between humanity and the Divine Hierarchy of Light.

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