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You Are The Way Showers

Yeshua Emanuel, Mary Magdalene, and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our Easter and first Sunday of the month Blog Talk Radio edition of the Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on April 1, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

Zoe:  Hello everyone. It is with much gratitude and love that we welcome you to Ancient Awakenings – Prepare for Change. Since it is the first Sunday of the month, we’re on BlogTalkRadio as we are every first Sunday of every month. Continuing with the tradition that our beloved Anne DeHart started, we come here once-a-month to give non-members a chance to mingle with our energy and see if they resonate with us as a light warrior and a way shower. And if you feel the same pull, if you resonate with us, your soul group, we are pleased to meet you.

If you find yourself here, it is because you desire to remember the ancient wisdom we were all so familiar with so, so long ago. We are gathered here to prepare for our missions. It’s time to return to that wisdom. It is time now, to awaken to who we truly are.

My name is Zoe. I am your call facilitator. And, as always, I’m joined by the lovely Pallas Athena/Rita, our resident numerologist, astrologist, spiritual counselor, singer, musician, and teacher of many things including NESARA and Common Law. Hi my dear.

Athena/Rita: Hi! How are you?

Zoe:  Wonderful!

A/R:  Good to hear your voice.

Zoe:  Yours too.

This is a momentous time, right now. A confluence of all things Great and Small. Today is Sunday, April 1st, 2018. Pesach began Friday. (Passover) … commemorates God liberating the Jews from slavery in Egypt. How’s that for timely?! In some areas, today is known as the Great Day. It’s Easter. The Resurrection. Biblically, the New Covenant between God and his people. And also APRIL FOOL’S Day. That would be one in the Small category but often great fun.

Oh, and to be ever so slightly political, we’re being asked to boycott YouTube today because of their censorship. You know that new algorithm that cabal-owned social media is shutting down any account that threatens them. Consider the boycott if you would, please.

And one of the really big things that fits in the Great category: another serious hit of the Wave of Love is supposed to be on its way or here at this point. And personally I just want to see it rolling in. I want to see that massive haboob of rainbow glitter, just barreling toward me. I think it is going to be such an incredible kick!

All right. Let’s get back to business. Let’s talk about remembering.

We’re all in various stages of remembering the ancient wisdom we all have buried deep within us. That’s why we’re gravitating toward the natural sciences, the ancient sciences, the true sciences. We are coming to remember the uses of numerology, astrology, healing with light and sound and frequencies, — just like we were talking earlier – also the sacred geometries, the use of crystals and particularly devoting ourselves to the Earth and the cycles of nature. That’s why you’re hearing voices and seeing things that others don’t see, and feeling things that others don’t feel. Because we’re remembering.

And we are grateful that this knowledge is coming back to us – for re-member-ing us as Deepak [Chopra] used to say. And we are immensely grateful for all the children coming in fully awake, fully remembering, and refusing to accept the old status quo. They are fully equipped and ready to lead us with love and integrity. Thank you for that! And for kids like Valentino who has joined our group and we’re all rooting for you in all the ways we possibly can.

So with that, let’s get Athena/Rita on and have her teach us something. What have you got for us today dear?

A/R:  Well, hello everyone. I love you all. I have a little something different today because the One Who Serves has told us that there will be astrology and numerology taught in the schools in our future … near future may be. So today I would like to show you how astrology and numerology are hand-in-hand.

Well today is the first and we have had a beginning last October when our first show came on, and it was a number one which means new beginnings right? Here we are again at number one. You know that’s no accident. (There’s no accidents anyway.) But James must’ve been told or he knew to have the Blog Talk Radio on the first Sunday of every month because look how it turns out. It absolutely, we are going into new beginnings. Let me get back to the subject.

You know Aries is in from March 20th or 21st to April 19th. Well whose birthday was yesterday? I’m dedicating this to Sananda today. He was born here and incarnated here on March 31st. That makes a four but that’s not what we’re into. We’re into the sign Aries. Now Aries is a very, very beginning, which is a one, it is the beginning of the zodiac. It starts with Aries and goes around Pisces, as you know, the 12 signs.

Now Aries represents the ram, is what the symbol is. What do we think of a ram? I don’t want to go into that because I’m not into the animals right now, but the thing is a number one does represent — and Aries is number one — is also attainment, independence, executive ability, a good mind, a good leader. Well what would we say about our brother? He was all that. Now we have 12 signs of the zodiac and each one has a number which is numerology. And there are lessons that we learn with each sign and we choose what lesson we wanted to learn when we came down because there are 12 lessons. I don’t know if that just includes all the lessons we have to learn, but there are 12 lessons that we must learn and then we get off of the wheel of the 84. Now we have seven lives and each one of those to learn that lesson. And the number one we might not learn the lesson. And if we don’t learn it by the half of the seventh time then it gets harder each life until we wake up and learn that lesson. Well 7 x 12 is 84 and then we get off of the wheel of the 84. Which I think right now the 144,000 — I’m not sure maybe I could ask the One Who Serves — has already gone through those lessons and have learned them but then we came down again now and chose.

The Aries, they have a word too. Now Aries is I Am. How about that! I Am God. God’s name. Well wouldn’t you think that Jesus would choose Aries? And also the thing that Aries must learn is love and he came with love. I don’t know if Jesus had to learn that when he was growing up. I do not know that. But I have a feeling he already came with that love. He taught us love. He taught us how to be kind to our neighbor.

And I say this morning this is called the Resurrection Day. Well we are all resurrecting into love. And we want to say this: we honor you, Sananda, for your dedication, for your love that you have shown this Earth. And we are also helping as we know. And I thank everyone for having the ability and the courage that we must have to continue with our mission. And I say salute to Sananda for his love. And so it is. Thank you.

Zoe:  And so it is. Thank you very much Rita. Always lovely.

To let you know how this usually works, James will start the meditation. Sananda then steps in and takes over. Unless of course they yell April Fools and it’s somebody else taking over. But after the meditation, we move right into channeled messages.

And of course, our long-time hosts, the ones who started the One-Who naming craze, the original One Who Serves! (Yay!) They’ll pick it up right after the other guests, to wrap up the messages or reemphasize various points. And then on to our questions.

Rita, would you like to introduce our guests today?

A/R: Yes, it’s Sananda, Mary Magdalene, and also the One Who Serves all channeled through James McConnell.

Zoe:  Wonderful. Thank you. As most everyone already knows, One Who Serves is a misnomer. This is a group – a collective of Ascendeds who choose not to be individually identified while dedicating themselves to teaching and guiding us through ascension. However, they hinted at the possibility/ probability of introducing themselves at the Advance. (Well no, actually they said “soon” maybe at the next Advance.) But that in and of itself speaks volumes since they wouldn’t have even made a suggestion like that if they didn’t think everything was going to be progressed far enough by then for an introduction to be on the agenda. [Rita: Right!] So that’s big, folks! No wait …what do they say? That’s a hint people!

Oh and besides the Masters who James brings through, as Athena was saying, we now also are being joined on a regular basis by Shoshana via Joanna McConnell. I’m not sure if she’s available at this moment, I haven’t heard her voice but… [off-mic confirmation Joanna/Shoshanna not available] Oh, okay. Thanks.

So again, welcome everyone. James, it’s all yours!

James:  Thank you Zoe and Rita for a wonderful introduction and for everything that you brought here.

I’m going to start the meditation and then as usual Sananda — although in this case it’s going to be Yeshua which is an aspect of Sananda or Sananda is a higher aspect of Yeshua — And he well take over. He is standing right here with me now so he’s pretty much ready to go. So we’re going to start the meditation.

Yeshua/Sananda Guided Meditation

[Sananda’s guided meditation, which is best experienced directly, and can be heard on the recording beginning at 15:51 minute marker]