You Are The Way Showers ~ Yeshua Emanuel, Mary Magdalene, channeled by James McConnell April 5, 2018


Yeshua / Jesus aspect of Lord Sananda   

I AM Yeshua, Jesus, as many of you know, and an aspect of my higher self, my Father, Sananda. For when I spoke of “I and my Father are One,” this is what I spoke of at that time.

At this point I wish you a happy Easter, but even more than that, ascension. For this is what this moment, this is what these moments are about: your ascension.

I came those thousands of years ago to show you the way, to prepare the way, so that you might one day follow in my footsteps which all of you that are listening to this broadcast, listening to my words, and even then reading and resonating to my words at a later time, all of you came here to do this as well. All of you came to show the way, to be the way showers. For that is what each of you are. You are the way showers. You are the ones to come before, to prepare the way for others to follow after. Just as I prepared the way for all of you to follow after.

But I was only one that did this. Many came before me and then even many came after me. I was only one to bring the light and love to the planet. But each of you now as a collective are doing that and much, much more. For at that time I showed what was possible, what could be done when you bring your Higher God Self through you. But I also said, “All of these things that I do, so can you do also,” for we are all One with the Father connection within us; all One with the Source that moves through us. We, each one, are the light and the love. We, each one, are bringing that light and love back to the planet back to the collective consciousness. We are all the ones to do this.

But as you have heard many times and I repeat this, we cannot do it without you. Just as you find it difficult to do without us.

We are in this together, you and I, brothers and sisters, friends. And many of us have a connection from long ago either as myself Yeshua, or as Sananda, or the many others that work through us and with us. We are all here one now to bring this about, to bring this plan forward, to bring it to the crescendo that was meant for.

We are the ascension. You are the ascension.

At that time long ago when I hung on the cross – and yes, that really did happen. I was there. I did experience. — But know that I did not experience the pain and the suffering as you might think. The only pain and suffering that I felt was the loss for a brief moment of the connection with my Father, with my Higher Self. That was the dark day, the dark night of the soul that you hear of.

And my physical body did expire, did die. And three days later I did arise. Just as you are arising now. Just as you are rising up in frequency and vibration into the higher dimensions, into what would be considered Heaven just as I rose up into those heavenly clouds which as you know now were not clouds but ships. A ship. Just as you are rising up. Some, yes, will rise up into the ships. Others of you will remain here on the surface. And many of you will also journey into the Inner Earth and join once again with all of your brothers and sisters, those of the lost families that you have left behind. But you will meet them again for it is destined for all of us to come together again as one as one family as one light and one love.

I AM Yeshua and I leave you now at this time. But always know that I AM here with you, I have been here with you, and at a moment’s notice I can always be with you. And always remember that where two or more are gathered in my name there I will be amongst you. I, being the Christ Consciousness within you.

All of my peace and love be with you. I turn this over to my dear Mary now to share with you briefly.

Mary the Magdalene

Greetings to you all. I AM Mary. Mary the Magdalene. Mary Magdalena.

And I come to be with you now to share the love and the light that we all are, to let you know that all is in readiness, all is in preparation for all that is yet to come.

You are in those moments now that you have felt for a long time. That you have wondered about from past lives where you have stood on the shores of the ocean and you have gazed across those waves, across the vast expanse of the ocean and you wondered, at a deeper level you wondered, when will this all come together. When will we all be back together again? For in those moments you had a glimpse, just a slight glimpse, of what was yet to come. You knew that one day, at one time in the future you would be standing on that shore again or wherever you find yourself, and realize that all those moments that you have wondered in the past, all those times you have wondered when is it going to be, now you are standing there and you are realizing that those moments have arrived. That you have arrived at that time and place where you are once again to realize that you are all one, that we are all one.

And as dear Yeshua said, we are all one family. All one family to bring this all together.

Those moments where Ashtar has spoken, or Sananda has spoken of the coming of the ships, the coming of the many contacts that are ahead, what is being called Disclosure, is fast upon this now. But what they bring is the light and the love to spread out across the planet for each of you as the conduits, as the messengers of light and love.

In those moments where I knelt at my dear Yeshua’s feet as he hung upon the cross, and I gazed up into his eyes and yes, I wept, because I knew that his physical body was expiring. But I also knew that my dear love was going to continue on just as we are all continuing on. And I knew that we would be together again just as all of you know that we will all be together again.

Deep down within you, you have that knowing, that understanding. Just let yourself move out of that illusion that has been created here, the programming. And once you have moved out of that you will feel the connection again. You will feel the connection of your Higher Self, the Source within you. That is what is ahead for all.

I love you all dearly and deeply. More than you can imagine. And more than you can imagine, many of us have been together before and are coming into a reunion that is much closer than you can believe at this point.

I AM Mary. And I leave you now in peace and love, and send you out across the universe to share the love and the light that you brought here.

Believing is Seeing